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11:00 paul ;-)
11:00 Genji at least i have an idea whats in it now.
11:01 Genji taking an eternity to reach the end.
11:01 paul mysql restart is a good solution ;-)
11:01 Genji nope. ends almost here.
11:05 Genji 3124 | 245a        |        6 |             1 | love | L100
11:05 Genji that 245a should be 650a somewhere, right?
11:09 paul yep
11:09 Genji select * from marc_word where tagsubfield="650a"
11:09 Genji | bibid | tagsubfield | tagorder | subfieldorder | word   | sndx_word |
11:09 Genji +-------+-------------+----------+--​-------------+--------+-----------+
11:09 Genji  | L100      |       |        7 |             3 | Love
11:09 Genji | M200      |        |        7 |             2 | Magic
11:09 Genji  | S400      |       |        7 |             1 | Soul
11:09 Genji +-------+-------------+----------+--​-------------+--------+-----------+
11:09 paul no bibid ???
11:09 paul then, your MARCmodbiblio call is buggy
11:09 Genji wierdness going on here. doesn't seem to be.
11:10 Genji and the tagsubfield is invisible too.
11:10 Genji but the query still works.
11:10 Genji okay, i get a bibid from this:
11:10 Genji select bibid from marc_word where tagsubfield="650a"
11:11 Genji select tagsubfield from marc_word where tagsubfield="650a" gives me 650a in the tagsubfield.
11:12 Genji | bibid | word   |
11:12 Genji +-------+--------+
11:12 Genji  |3124 | Love
11:12 Genji | 3124 | Magic
11:12 Genji  |3124 | Soul
11:12 Genji +-------+--------+
11:12 Genji comes from  select bibid, word from marc_word where tagsubfield="650a"
11:12 Genji wierd formatting.
11:14 paul mm... really strane
11:20 Genji interesting.. same kind of formatting is found in bibliosubject. Think subjects entered into need trimming.. you know. chopping and taking out of other os's newline characters.
11:21 paul :-(
11:23 Genji Yay!
11:23 Genji fixed it totally!
11:23 Genji got a search going even.
11:23 paul great !
11:23 Genji im putting in some explainatory notes as to what my code does.
11:27 Genji okay, doing some diffing now.
11:27 Genji any graphical based proper diff programs?
11:28 paul not that I know
11:28 Genji right. my code in my last email to koha-devel wasn't a proper diff?
11:30 Genji 72c72
11:30 Genji <   &branches
11:30 Genji ---
11:30 Genji is a valid diff?
11:31 paul yep
11:32 Genji your email addy, paul?
11:41 Genji how are those diffs?
11:42 paul seems OK
11:45 Genji cool. im going to bed now. im going to do a small update script later, to convert all bibliosubjects to MARCbibliosubjects.
11:46 paul no other patch ?
11:46 paul everything is fixed with those 5 lines ???
11:46 paul wow...
11:46 Genji nope. thats it.
11:46 Genji and of course, the
11:46 paul really great !
11:46 paul which i already have ?
11:46 Genji sent it to you.
11:47 paul what is missing is the name of the .pl where the diff comes from
11:47 paul but ok, 2nd mail recieved
11:47 paul and i know that it concern
11:51 paul have a good night anyway
11:52 Genji so, all good?
11:52 paul seems yes.
11:52 paul 2.2.0RC4 release in a few hours ;-)
11:52 Genji good. eh.... hold off, so i can put in my update script?
11:52 paul which one ?
11:53 Genji one that does a foreach on the entire subject list, and puts them into marc.
11:57 paul usefull when ?
11:58 paul note : the patch was wrong.
11:58 paul cuold you confirm this portion of code :
11:58 paul sub newbiblioitem {
11:58 paul    my ($biblioitem) = @_;
11:58 paul    my $dbh        = C4::Context->dbh;
11:58 paul    my $bibitemnum = &OLDnewbiblioitem( $dbh, $biblioitem );
11:58 paul    my $MARCbiblio =
11:58 paul      MARCkoha2marcBiblio( $dbh, 0, $bibitemnum )
11:58 paul      ; # the 0 means "do NOT retrieve biblio, only biblioitem, in the MARC record
11:58 paul   my $bibid =
11:58 paul      &MARCfind_MARCbibid_from_oldbiblionumber( $dbh,
11:58 paul        $biblioitem->{biblionumber} );
11:58 paul    &MARCaddbiblio( $dbh, $MARCbiblio, $biblioitem->{biblionumber}, '',$bibid );
11:58 paul    return ($bibitemnum);
11:58 paul }
11:58 paul ??
11:59 Genji whats wrong with it?
11:59 paul patch: **** `>' expected at line 4 of patch
11:59 paul no idea what it means.
12:00 Genji right. probably means i have to use gnu diff since my windows diff is not standard enough.
12:03 Genji okay, gnu diff shows exactly the same as windows diff.
12:04 paul i think it's because my original is different from yours
12:04 paul (&branches already removed, for example)
12:04 paul just check the newbiblioitems that i copy here
12:04 Genji ah, that would be why.
12:04 paul all the rest is OK i think
12:05 Genji yup. how about sending me your, and i can diff off that?
12:06 paul sent
12:09 Genji just my luck, yahoo's down. send the file to please.
12:09 paul sent again
12:10 Genji what addresss did you send it to?
12:11 Genji got it i thnk
12:20 Genji sent. take a look.
12:26 kados hi all
12:26 kados paulBed when you wake up :-) ... I noticed that the latest release of Koha didn't include the z3950 server ... also, I noticed that instead of having seperate index.htmls in koha/koha-html/opac-html and koha/koha-html/intranet-html dirs there is just one in koha-html dir ... was that by design?
12:27 kados did you see that message paul? :-)
12:27 paul genji => still no mail
12:27 paul g'morning kados
12:27 paul yes, & i answered
12:27 paul kados, i wake up (had a good night)
12:27 paul [09:44:46] <paul> to answer your question : i delete outdated translations and themes just before releasing (spanish, german, unido,...)
12:27 paul [09:44:58] <paul> i may have deleted a little bit too generously ;-)
12:27 kados ahh ... my history doesn't go back that far ... /me checks the logs
12:27 kados ahh :-)
12:32 Genji got it yet, paul?
12:32 paul still not
12:33 Genji okay... can i msg you the diff?
12:35 paul if you want, but 6-8 lines at a time
12:35 paul otherwise, you'll be kicked
12:49 Genji night channel.
19:22 tim I'm trying to install  Koha 2.0.2 on a different server (Debian) and am getting a syntax error on line 30 of /etc/koha-httpd.conf
19:23 tim it's the first SetEnv line.
19:24 chris ahh probably dont have the loadmodule for Env uncommented
19:24 tim   SetEnv PERL5LIB "/usr/local/koha/intranet/modules"
19:24 tim I added LoadModule env_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/ to httpd.conf
19:25 chris ahh maybe not then
19:25 chris LoadModule setenvif_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
19:25 chris could try that one
19:26 tim This is the one I tried with the error in line 19 of one of the 2.0 pre versions.  I'll give that a try.
19:33 tim [warn] module setenvif_module is already loaded, skipping
19:33 tim Then the syntax error.
19:34 chris right, whats the text of the syntax error?
19:34 tim Syntax error on line 30 of /etc/koha-httpd.conf:
19:34 tim Invalid command 'SetEnv', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration
19:35 tim I'll check the spelling in the original line I added...
19:35 chris LoadModule env_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
19:35 chris is what i have
19:36 chris which looks the same as yours
19:39 tim I typed that into IRC.  I'll copy it from the terminal...
19:39 tim LoadModule env_module /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
19:40 tim Sill looks right.
19:40 tim Apache 1.3.33 if that makes a difference.
19:49 chris weird
19:51 chris ls -l /usr/lib/apache/1.3/
19:51 chris works eh? the file is all there?
19:53 chris and its definitely not commented out in the apache conf?
19:55 tim it's not commented out in httpd.conf
19:56 tim The file's there.
19:57 tim Do I need to put the LodModule line in a certain place in httpd.conf?
19:57 tim I just put it at the top.
19:57 chris is it by all the other loadmodule calls?
19:57 chris ahhh
19:58 chris take a look
19:58 chris is there a file /etc/apache/modules.conf ?
20:00 tim Yup.  There is.
20:01 tim That did it!  Thanks!
20:02 chris cool
20:02 tim Ok.  Now I get the splash screen and a 500 server error.
20:03 tim Thanks again for the help.
20:53 kados chris around?
20:54 kados I just wrote a small script that will dynamically generate any data from amazon based on an isbn
20:55 kados and I need some help with the script/tmpl
20:55 kados I can't figure out how to get my script to make a variable available to the template
20:55 kados here's the script:
20:56 kados
20:59 kados so I can get say the item description into a scalar pretty easily
21:03 kados what I can't figure out is how to generate the ISBN from within
21:03 kados and I also can't figure out how to add a new variable (like Description) and pass it to the template as an array
21:05 kados I'm thinking that I'd like to have a subroutine within a perl module named "get_description" that takes as an argument $isbn and outputs an array -- and I'm pretty sure I can handle that part of it ... it's just knowing how to get $isbn and what to do with the array when I'm done
21:05 kados and I'm fully willing to write some docs on how works if you explain it to me :-)
21:14 kados OK ... I've built the module ...
21:14 kados
22:05 kados hey chris I figured it out myself !
22:05 kados hehe
22:06 kados​/
22:24 Genji whats volume desc for, as opposed to volume and number?
22:28 Genji Kados, what information did your script supply to koha?
22:34 Genji ah.. read it properly.
22:34 Genji you might as well get ratings at the same time.
22:42 Genji you there Kados?
23:01 kados yea I'm here Genji
23:01 kados I'm re-writing the module to get all the info:
23:02 Genji whats the purpose of volumeddesc in contrast to volume?
23:02 kados um ... not really sure
23:03 kados that's not an amazon deal
23:03 kados the amazon script is no-more ... it's now handled in a module
23:03 Genji okay. cause my xls2koha script put volume column in the volume field... prehaps it should of gone into volumeddesc.... im talking the biblioitems table here.
23:10 Genji hey rach, know the difference of usage of biblioitems.volume and biblioitems.volumeddesc?
23:12 rach hmm yes
23:12 Genji what are they for, then?
23:12 rach volume is like the actual volume number
23:12 rach - say Vol 1234
23:13 rach volume description is a "plain text" description for the volume - say "January issue"
23:13 rach so for use mostly with periodicals, most specifically magazines
23:13 rach so you'd get Vol 3 issue4 of the listener
23:14 rach with a volume description of 1-14 March 2004
23:14 rach say
23:15 Genji so, for a book, not a serial, its best if i store "Vol 2. Anthropogenesis" inside volumeddesc?
23:16 chris yep thats right genji
23:16 Genji yup. done. for serials, im going to add a field in the template, to make vol and number show, right?
23:16 chris cool
23:17 chris yep, that should be whats needed
23:17 Genji what does the 'serial' module do?
23:18 chris dont know anymore for the 2.2 or 2.0 series paul has reworked a lot of the serial stuff
23:18 chris if you are lucky there will be pod in it so
23:18 Genji right.
23:18 chris perldoc should tell ya
23:19 Genji I and paul, btw, have had great latenight/early morning (nz time) bugfixing sessions.
23:19 chris excellent ill read the logs
23:27 kados hey chris ...
23:27 kados I made an module that gets amazon data and it works! :-)
23:27 kados I"m working on refining it right now ...
23:28 kados for some reason ... this code doesn't work:
23:28 kados my $isbn=$dat->{'isbn'};
23:28 kados my $amazon_details = &get_amazon_details($isbn);
23:28 kados $template->param(item_description => $amazon_details->{ProductDescription});
23:29 kados in &get_amazon_details it returns a reference called $result
23:29 kados like this:
23:29 kados foreach my $result (@{$response->{Details}}){
23:29 Genji your using asin search, instead of isbn search.
23:29 kados return $result;
23:30 kados asin is the same as isbn Genji
23:30 Genji Wrong.
23:30 kados hmmm ... according to Amazon it is :-)
23:31 kados well ... there is one difference ... an isbn has dashes and an asin doesn't
23:32 kados but the dashes are only there when the number is printed ... they aren't in the UPC
23:33 Genji ah? Okay.
23:33 kados chris is there some reason that the $result reference won't carry it's values over to the that you can see? (must be a syntax error or something)
23:35 chris so you have a loop that runs and returns things? afaik it will only return the last thing then, or it may be the first
23:35 chris you are better off to return $response
23:35 chris and let the foreach over it
23:36 chris or, build a nice hash and return a reference to that for to use
23:36 kados ahh good idea
23:36 Genji hmm.. interesting, this whole asin/isbn thing.
23:36 kados thanks
23:39 Genji now that i have to copy volume to volumeddesc, and update volume to ''.. i have to also run Marckoha2marc and do MARCmodbiblioitem yes?
23:40 chris pass
23:40 chris probably :)
23:41 kados I'm not sure either ...
23:41 kados so chris ... now I have:
23:41 kados my $isbn=$dat->{'isbn'};
23:41 kados my $amazon_details = &get_amazon_details($isbn);
23:41 kados foreach my $result (@{$amazon_details->{Details}}){
23:41 kados $template->param(item_description => "$result->{ProductDescription}");
23:41 kados }
23:41 kados in
23:41 kados and ...
23:41 kados my $response = $xmlsimple->XMLin($content,
23:41 kados  forcearray => [ qw(Details) ],
23:41 kados );
23:42 kados in my module ... and it's not returning the description ...
23:43 kados wait ... I think it's working ... I was looking at a record that didn't have a description :-)
23:43 chris heh
23:43 kados[…]
23:44 kados this is by far the best programming I"ve done
23:44 chris so that queries amazon in realtime?
23:44 kados yep
23:44 chris right ... can you set a timeout?
23:44 kados I'm going to add the rest of the vars ...
23:44 kados yea ... I've thought about the load issues
23:44 chris just thinking for libraries who have a slow connection to the world, it would slow down ur internal opacs a lot
23:45 kados definitely...
23:45 chris but it could be a system preference
23:45 kados that's what I'm thinking ...
23:45 Genji kados, probably should make it a batch script, something to run on offpeak traffic.
23:45 kados cause they will have to enter their amazon associate and developer ids
23:46 kados Genji that's a possibility ... but it might conflict with the terms of use:
23:46 chris bbiab visitors
23:46 kados[…]me=A36L942TSJ2AJA
23:47 kados they allow cacheing of some info for only 24 hours ... other info for 3 months
23:47 kados I'm going to finish this part of the module and then expand it to do cacheing afterwards
23:48 kados chris how would you recommend doing a timeout?
23:53 kados chris do you know how I would do this:
23:53 kados <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="image" -->
23:53 kados    <tr><th>Image:</th><td><img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="copyrightdate" -->"/></td></tr>
23:53 kados <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
00:39 kados chris you back yet?
00:39 kados foreach my $result (@{$amazon_details->{Details}}){
00:39 kados $template->param(REVIEWS => $result->{Reviews});
00:39 kados }
00:39 kados problem is that Reviews should be an array ...
00:40 kados I get :
00:40 kados HTML::Template::param() : attempt to set parameter 'reviews' with a scalar - parameter is not a TMPL_VAR! at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/ line 82
00:40 kados my template looks like this:
00:40 kados <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="reviews" -->
00:40 kados <tr><th>Amazon Reviews:</th><td><ul><!-- TMPL_LOOP NAME="REVIEWS" --><li><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="reviews" --></li><!-- /TMPL_LOOP --></ul></td></tr>
00:40 kados        <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
00:55 kados this ...
00:55 kados <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="image" -->
00:55 kados    <tr><th>Image:</th><td><img src="<!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="image" ESCAPE="URL"-->"/></td></tr>
00:56 kados <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
00:56 kados is turning into ...
00:56 kados this
00:56 kados    <tr><th>Image:</th><td><img src="​2FP%2F0380973464.01.MZZZZZZZ.jpg"/></td></tr>
01:33 kados chris if you're around ... things are really coming together:
01:33 kados[…]
01:33 kados I still haven't figured out how to pass arrays tho
02:06 kados chris around yet :-)
02:06 kados I've still got probs with these damn arrays
02:06 kados I'm doing:
02:06 kados foreach my $review (@{$amazon_details->{Details}->{Reviews}}){
02:06 kados        $template->param(amazon_ratings => $review->{AvgCustomerRating});
02:07 kados when I use this TMPL_LOOP:
02:07 kados <!--TMPL_LOOP NAME="RATINGS" -->                                                <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="amazon_ratings" -->                                          <tr><th>Amazon Ratings:</th><td><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="amazon_ratings" --></td></tr>
02:07 kados <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
02:07 kados <!-- /TMPL_LOOP -->
02:07 kados it gets stuck in the loop and the server load skyrockets
02:08 kados is my foreach wrong?  What is the right way to loop through those data structures?
02:13 chris ok
02:13 chris a TMPL_LOOP
02:13 chris wants a reference to an array, of references to hashes
02:15 chris so if you want to use a LOOP you will need to build a structure like that to pass it
02:16 chris eg
02:16 chris $hash{'rating'}=1;
02:16 chris $array[0]=\%hash;
02:17 chris $thingtopasstotemplate=\@array;
02:17 chris then at each iteration of the loop in the template you have access to the hash
02:17 chris does that make sense?
02:24 kados ok I think I've got it
02:24 kados lemme try
02:25 chris cool, i think the man page probably explains it nicer, with examples
02:26 kados \%hash means "dereference" this object?
02:27 kados I guess my problem is getting the object out of the xml
02:27 kados I'm unsure of the structure of the objects when there are more than one of them
02:28 kados say I've got
02:28 kados <Details>
02:28 kados  <Reviews>
02:28 kados      <AvgCustomerRatings>4.8</AvgCustomerRating>
02:29 kados   </Reviews>
02:29 kados </Details>
02:29 chris $reference=\%hash;
02:29 chris \ = reference
02:29 kados ahh
02:30 kados my problem is pulling the array out of XML::Simple
02:30 chris right
02:31 kados foreach my $review (@{$amazon_details->{Details}->{Reviews}}){
02:31 kados        $template->param(amazon_ratings => $review->{AvgCustomerRating});
02:31 kados }
02:31 kados doesn't cut it
02:31 chris nope
02:31 kados cause it's treating it like a scalar?
02:31 chris you cant use a templatel loop with that
02:31 chris all you are doing there
02:31 chris is settinh
02:31 chris and resetting
02:31 chris amazon_ratings
02:31 kados hehe that would explain the mad server load and looping :-)
02:32 kados
02:32 chris so amazon_ratings will end up being the last $review->{AvgCustomerRating}
02:34 kados that link shows a sturcture similar to mine with the <author> field
02:34 kados and it prints the values with
02:34 kados print "  $_\n" foreach(@{$book->{author}});
02:34 chris yep
02:35 kados so I guess I need to do (@{$amazon_details->{Reviews}}) ?
02:35 kados foreach my $review (@{$amazon_details->{Reviews}}) {
02:35 chris not really what you need to do is build an array to pass thru to the template
02:35 kados ahh
02:35 chris instead of constantly overwriting amazon_ratings
02:35 kados right
02:36 kados now I understand
02:37 kados so should I use a push?
02:38 chris yeah
02:38 chris make an array of refs to hashs
02:39 kados foreach (@{$amazon_details->{Reviews}}) {
02:39 kados push my @newarray $_;
02:39 kados }
02:39 kados will something like that work?
02:40 kados foreach my $review (@{$amazon_details->{Details}->{Reviews}}){
02:40 kados        push my @newarray $review->{AvgCustomerRating});
02:41 kados        $template->param(amazon_ratings => @newarray;
02:41 kados oops I forgot } before that last line...
02:43 kados hehe that doesn't work ...
02:43 kados hmmm
02:43 chris no u have to make up an array of hash refs
02:43 chris and pass a ref to that array
02:43 chris eg
02:43 chris foreach my $review (etc){
02:44 chris  push @newarray,$review;
02:44 chris }
02:44 chris $template->param(reviews => \@newarray);
02:45 chris then in ur template
02:45 chris <TMPL_LOOP NAME=reviews>
02:45 chris <TMPL_VAR NAME="AvgCustomerRating">
02:45 kados ahh
02:45 chris etc
02:45 chris i think that oughta work
02:47 kados hmmm
02:49 kados foreach my $review (@{$amazon_details->{Reviews}}){
02:49 kados        push  @newarray,$review;
02:49 kados }
02:49 kados $template->param(reviews => \@newarray);
02:49 kados and
02:49 kados <!--TMPL_LOOP NAME="reviews" -->
02:49 kados <!-- TMPL_IF NAME="AvgCustRatings" -->
02:49 kados <tr><th>Amazon Ratings:</th><td><!-- TMPL_VAR NAME="AvgCustRatings" --></td></tr>
02:49 kados <!-- /TMPL_IF -->
02:49 kados <!-- /TMPL_LOOP -->
02:49 kados isn't working ... and I'm about to get kicked out of this coffee shop :-)
02:52 chris if you put ur code somewhere ill try to take a look later on
02:52 kados thats ok ... I've gotta run ... I'll crack at it tomorrow...thanks for all the help!
02:53 chris no problem
02:53 kados one day I'll get these structures down
02:53 kados maybe tomorrow :-)
03:07 JYL57 hello koha world !
03:07 JYL57 should someone explain me something about the 'more fields' in the catalogue search ?!
03:08 JYL57 How is it that the field list I'm getting is not the full list of Marc fields ?!
03:08 JYL57 Can I change, limit or extend this list ?!
06:51 Genji hiya paul
06:51 Genji got my diffs?
06:51 paul yep
06:51 paul working with them
06:52 Genji cool. all good so far?
06:52 paul yes, except you speak of detail-opac.tmpl, and you should not
06:52 paul because detail-opac.tmpl is useless (or at least should be)
06:52 Genji hmm? well, its still there.
06:53 paul yes, some cleaning to do...
06:53 Genji and is in opac-cgi, where it shouldn't be?
06:53 paul templates for opac are all in opac
06:53 paul in opac-cgi ???
06:53 Genji lemme check.
06:53 paul i don't have this
06:54 Genji yup. in opac-cgi. lemme check the release directory.
06:54 Genji yup
06:54 paul ???? really strange ????
06:54 paul has nothing to do here
06:54 Genji in rc3 opac-cgi.
06:55 Genji and too.
06:55 paul is in opac. and is for intranet
06:55 paul maybe it's copied by buildrelease/installer.
06:55 paul but it should not be used by any script
06:55 paul (unreachable)
06:56 paul look at
06:56 paul login test/test
06:56 Genji dunno. i untar what i download straight into my working koha dir, without changing the location of files.
06:56 paul search petrochimie
06:56 Genji or directories or anything.
06:56 Genji don't have a opac or intranet directory.
06:57 Genji just have intranet-cgi, intranet-html, opac-cgi, opac-html, modules, scripts and config.
06:57 Genji so its not my doing, nor that of a
06:57 Genji cause i never use it.
06:57 paul ok, it's a buildrelease problem
06:58 Genji what you think of my updatemarc script?
06:58 paul ok, got it in buildrelease :
06:58 paul # Copy files from intranet-cgi to opac-cgi
06:58 paul system("cp $rootdir/intranet-cgi/ $rootdir/opac-cgi");
06:58 paul system("cp $rootdir/intranet-cgi/ $rootdir/opac-cgi");
06:58 paul system("cp $rootdir/intranet-cgi/ $rootdir/opac-cgi");
06:58 paul system("cp $rootdir/intranet-cgi/ $rootdir/opac-cgi");
06:58 paul system("cp $rootdir/intranet-cgi/ $rootdir/opac-cgi");
06:58 paul system("mv $rootdir/intranet-cgi/opac/* $rootdir/opac-cgi");
06:59 paul They are useless (except maybe for logout)
06:59 paul oups... and the last line, of course
06:59 paul in CVS opac scripts are in a subdirectory of main directory
06:59 paul it's moved during buildrelease process to have both interfaces isolated
07:01 Genji tried it twice today. once on my home pc, and once at the library. it works quite well.
07:01 paul sound good to me.
07:01 paul will commit it, then complete release notes
07:02 paul then release 2.2.0RC4
07:03 Genji yup. you have to work out where the script goes though. maybe script/misc will do for it. only needs running if the library finds that their subject searches don't work.
07:04 paul yes, that's what i'm doing now. + some POD doc
07:05 Genji hmms? adding pod doc to what?
07:05 paul to your script. to explain what it does.
07:05 Genji Cool. thanks.
07:05 paul try perldoc C4/
07:05 paul a little question :
07:06 paul why is misc/ not enough ?
07:06 Genji hmm?
07:06 paul it does almost the same thing, but for all biblios.
07:06 paul (not just biblios with a subject)
07:07 paul and it must be launched when moving from 1.2 to 2.x
07:08 Genji mine does a specific problem, therefore it is much faster than
07:08 paul right
07:09 Genji much faster. at least 50 percent faster.
07:09 Genji as it doesn't deal with items. doesn't need to.
07:09 paul right. OK, i commit it with some POD docs
07:10 Genji include me in credits?
07:10 paul sure
07:11 paul now, you are co-owner of Koha and we can't change the licence without your permission.
07:11 paul kudos ;-)
07:11 Genji whoa! maybe i should become a fully bonafide devel and get cvs rights and everything.
07:12 paul just tell me your sourceforge login, and i do it immediatly
07:12 Genji one sec..
07:13 Genji never trust cvs's automagically diffing though, so would ask for tutoring on cvs'ing.
07:14 paul look for graphic cvs tool
07:14 paul better : install linux.
07:14 paul with KDE, there is a great tool called Cervesia
07:14 Genji username: genjimoto
07:16 Genji ah.. your addy.. has an infinite loop of meta refresh, and a jpg.
07:16 paul ???
07:16 Genji
07:17 Genji whoa, im now a full devel. awesome.
07:17 paul[…]hp?group_id=16466
07:18 paul welcome ;-)
07:18 paul (not yet : a full devel don't use a computer with a stupid OS ;-) )
07:18 Genji okay, okay, ill get Linux inside windows.
07:18 Genji CoLinux.
07:18 paul (was in <polemic ON> mode ;-) )
07:19 paul great : then you will have bug of windows with linux :-D
07:19 Genji but why do i need linux? windows seems to work great with koha.
07:20 Genji whats good about Cervesia?
07:20 paul graphic environment for CVS
07:20 paul but it's good to have a devel under Windows
07:20 Genji eh... that url isn't accessable by me.
07:20 paul so, stay on it.
07:21 paul oups, right, you're not project admin...
07:22 Genji okay. so I download something like WinCVS?
07:23 Genji
07:24 paul seems good in screenshots
07:24 Genji nice indeed.
07:25 Genji has so many feature requests its not funny though.
07:32 Genji ill just use WinCVS. more mature and complex.. I like complex.
07:33 paul note that we could move to arch soon, so it will be something new to learn ;-)
07:33 Genji when you committing my fixes?
07:33 Genji whats arch?
07:33 paul search gnu arch
07:37 Genji aww man. looks like i have to get linux installed.. all this posix shell stuff
07:37 paul ??? Know that the opac rubbish isn't needed, but what else isn't needed?
07:38 Genji okay. what ive given you, is the opac changes, detail-opac changes, template changes, changes, changes and my script... right?
07:39 paul yes
07:39 Genji what of that do you consider not needeD?
07:39 paul nothing.
07:40 paul i mean there is more than your code to commit ;-)
07:40 Genji ahhh.
07:41 Genji doesn't seem to be a arch client for windows.
07:41 paul no.
07:41 paul arch is mostly command line managed
07:42 paul (even on linux)
07:42 Genji ah crap. not good.
07:43 Genji WinCVS in particular has a really cool graphical branch viewer that makes it easy to see what happened in the past.
07:43 Genji used it once, and it was nice.
07:43 Genji so, im really going to be hating arch.
07:44 Genji Why is it going to arch?
08:03 paul arch has many interesting features.
08:03 paul and is completly distributed.
08:03 paul has 2 defaults imho :
08:03 paul * mostly command-line
08:03 paul * the centralised architecture of CVS also has some advantages
08:04 paul but for thes 2nd, it seems there are hints to "simulate" a centralised architecture
08:33 paul 2.2.0RC4 is available.
08:33 paul[…]release_id=288415
08:33 Genji Congrats paul.

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