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16:28 owen hi rach, hi tim
16:28 tim hi owen
16:28 owen how's everything in the Koha world for you tim?
16:29 tim Trying to set up a better server for it.
16:30 tim I need to mess things up faster :)
18:42 jo si: are you about
02:06 jferraro quit
02:36 kados paulBed when you wake up :-) ... I noticed that the latest release of Koha didn't include the z3950 server ... also, I noticed that instead of having seperate index.htmls in koha/koha-html/opac-html and koha/koha-html/intranet-html dirs there is just one in koha-html dir ... was that by design?
05:44 paul kados, i wake up (had a good night)
05:44 paul to answer your question : i delete outdated translations and themes just before releasing (spanish, german, unido,...)
05:44 paul i may have deleted a little bit too generously ;-)
06:29 Genji hello paul. im back
06:33 Genji l
06:42 Genji paul?>
06:42 paul yes ?
06:42 Genji hi
06:42 paul good evening/morning
06:43 Genji when i do the fix, i email you with the additions, rather than the full file, right?
06:43 paul yes, with a "diff" (i'll do a "patch")
06:45 Genji hmm, you committed the newbiblioitem fix?
06:45 paul not yet
06:45 paul you want me to do it immediatly ?
06:47 paul okay
06:48 paul i have no MARC=OFF DB, so I can't test my fixes correctly
06:48 Genji what diff program should i use? im using windows.
06:48 paul gnu diff
06:49 paul otherwise, send me your files, with a .genji extension
06:49 paul i'll diff & patch myself
06:49 paul is your frien
06:49 paul d
06:50 paul contains all the tools you could find useful to have unix under windows
08:48 Genji ah, paul, i note there is no one koha2marc routine but a whole group of them. I have to only use koha2marcBiblio, correct?
09:08 Genji eh, paul, wake up, whats $frameworkcode?
09:56 Genji okay paul, im going to assume that the $frameworkcode parameter isn't needed.
09:56 paul genji
09:56 paul i'm here
09:56 Genji ah.
09:56 Genji hi.
09:57 paul hi, when MARC=ON
09:57 paul there is a possibility to define more than 1 framework, to enter monographies, serials, old books... with differents fields
09:57 paul when MARC=OFF, the only framework that should exist is '' ;-)
09:57 paul HTH
10:00 Genji And modsubject is only used in a MARC=OFF enviroment right?
10:00 paul should not.
10:00 paul because subjects must be populated also when MARC=ON !
10:00 paul (i mean the bibliosubjects table)
10:02 Genji right... hmmm... right. so our problem of bibliosubjects not updating marc, only happens when marc=off, due to the alterations in the MARC editor being capable of saving subjects properly in MARC and bibliosubjects, right?
10:03 paul yep
10:03 paul that's why 3 libraries here in france (customers) uses Koha 2.2.0 without problems
10:04 Genji right. Therefore, if(C4::Context->systempreference(MARC) eq
10:04 Genji '0'){do fix marc biblio table} right?
10:06 paul probably yes
10:07 paul ok, i wait impatiently for your patch then ;-)
10:13 Genji connection died.
10:17 Genji $bibid is biblionumber right?
10:18 paul no
10:18 paul there are 2 differents "biblionumbers"
10:18 paul the biblionumber that is in biblio & biblioitems & items tables
10:18 paul and the bibid that is in marc_* tables
10:19 paul I agree it's stupid.
10:19 paul but $bibid is NOT $bibilionumber
10:19 paul you have find_bibid_from_old_biblionumber to find one from the other
10:19 paul (& the reverse sub is also available iirc)
10:19 Genji Understood.
10:30 Genji okay, code done, now testing it on my installation.
10:43 Genji okay, marc subjects now working, but still not searching.
10:46 Genji okay. paul, you active?
10:46 paul yep
10:47 Genji
10:47 Genji and /cgi-bin/koha/ once logged in.
10:49 Genji 3 says that subjects are entered into marc table, right?
10:49 paul yep
10:49 Genji so, why didn't the search work?
10:51 paul could you copy here the log ?
10:51 paul the query is shown in the log
10:51 paul Q : select * from ...
10:52 Genji Q : select distinct m1.bibid from biblio,biblioitems,marc_biblio,marc_word as m1 where biblio.biblionumber=marc_biblio.biblionumber and biblio.biblionumber=biblioitems.biblionumber and m1.bibid=marc_biblio.bibid and (m1.word  like 'Magic' and m1.tagsubfield in ('650a')) order by biblio.title at c:/usr/koha200pre2/modules/C4/ line 269., referer: http://222-152-212-196.jetstre[…]arc/
10:56 Genji any ideas/
10:56 Genji ?
10:56 paul no
10:56 paul should work...
10:57 paul are you sure m1.word is filled ?
10:57 paul what did you use to fill marc_subfield_table ?
10:58 Genji MARCmodbiblio updates subject from old db.
10:59 paul so, marc_word must be filled too.
10:59 Genji eh, bad mistake doing select * from marc_word. Very bad mistake.

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