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15:14 JYL57 Hello !
15:14 JYL57 Paul working around ?!
15:15 JYL57 Nope, Ok I'll come back later on
15:16 JYL57 See you, JYL57
16:37 chris morning owen
16:37 owen hi chris
16:37 owen I've been looking through some old bugs
16:39 kados hi guys
16:39 owen hi Joshua
16:41 chris ahh yep i see that
16:44 owen I'm never sure when to call a bug fixed.  I guess if it's fixed in 2.2 but the bug says 2.0 it doesn't count as fixed?
16:53 owen "If it's an old CVS bug, please relabel its version to 2.0. If it's a 2.2 fix of maj or higher that you think is probably in 2.0, please relabel it to 2.0. If it's lower than maj and for 2.2, please just mark it resolved. "
16:55 chris that sounds like pretty good advice actually
16:55 chris for any bug that is fixed in 2.2 anyway
16:57 owen chris, do you do any bug-fixing for 2.0?  Or is MJR the only one doing that.  2.0 is pretty much off my radar since it's not handled in CVS anymore.
16:57 chris its mostly just mjr
17:04 chris right gotta got catch the bus into town bbiab
17:07 kados owen have you looked at all at item restrictions?
17:08 kados stephen just sent us an email on it ...
17:08 owen No, not at all.
17:08 owen ;)
17:09 kados :-)
17:09 kados the only place I can find that deals with item restrictions is in the patron categories
17:10 kados our patrons are currently limited to 99 items
17:10 kados s/items/issues (the same thing)
17:12 owen it would probably be a worthwhile thing to add to Koha--issues restrictions based on item types.
17:12 owen Seems like Paul has been incorporating more controls like that in his upgrades
17:14 owen Oh, so you *can* maxissues by item type
17:14 owen But there's no way to group item types
17:14 owen[…]n/
17:17 owen Check out the help for that page too
17:17 owen "Issuing length and quantity"
17:21 kados right ... but stephen's email sounded like he wanted a solution for Koha 2.2
17:21 kados oops ... I mean Koha 2.0 ;-)
17:22 kados maybe not (/me re-reads the email)
17:22 kados grouping item types would be the key then :-)
17:22 kados maybe we need a higher level item category
17:25 kados maybe we need a higher level item category
17:28 owen ...or just a way to group item types when talking about restrictions.  Although there are other times I wish we could create higher level item categories too
17:28 owen that favicon thing was weird...I don't even know why requests were coming in for that file in that location
17:29 kados it might just be a browser thing ... are browsers requesting them now?
17:29 kados automatically?
17:29 owen Yes
17:30 owen Internet Explorer I think only when you bookmark something.  I'm not sure how Firefox handles it, whether it's passive or active
17:30 kados BTW: owen, I noticed that on a default install of Koha 2.2RC3 npl templates have some npl specific stuff on the sidebar ...
17:30 owen Yeah, I just committed a correction for that
17:30 kados cool
17:32 owen ...Although maybe it'd improve our Google rankings?  :)
17:34 kados hehe
17:34 kados also, I noticed that when another language is selected it defaults back to a really old html template
17:35 kados and it's still english
17:36 JYL57 can someone tell me what means 'npl' ?!
17:36 owen Nelsonville Public Library
17:36 owen (our library):
17:36 JYL57 Ha sure! Ok !
17:37 JYL57 I want to change font for the librarian intranet, how to do that ?!
17:37 owen The font choices are controlled by one or more stylesheets in the /includes directory
17:38 JYL57 Ok, no unique css then ?!
17:38 owen Sorry, I don't understand the question
17:39 JYL57 I was looking for a unique file 'css' to drive some general options everywhere
17:40 owen Which template are you talking about?
17:40 JYL57 Well, not the npl for sure !
17:40 owen :(
17:40 owen ;)
17:40 JYL57 Sorry LOL
17:41 JYL57 I think I used the default RC03 one
17:41 JYL57 which is ??!! I don't know...
17:41 kados it's css
17:42 kados you can see which one you're using in system parameters->preferences
17:42 owen There's a stylesheet in the intranet-tmpl/default/en/includes directory called 'common-style.css'
17:42 JYL57 Ok, wait a few minutes I'll launch my debian box...
17:43 JYL57 That can be what I was asking then this 'common-style.css'
17:43 owen the very first style declaration in that file reads  "body { font-family : arial, helvetica..."  If you change that it should change most fonts I think.
17:43 JYL57 But I'm probably using the french template also
17:43 owen The language shouldn't matter.  It should work the same for all
17:44 JYL57 Ok !
17:45 JYL57 I will try it also
17:47 owen Yes, it looks like that body declaration controls almost all the fonts in the template.  The only exceptions are a couple of places where a generic sans-serif font is being specified.
17:48 JYL57 I found the file also in the french tree, I'm going to change it
17:55 JYL57 BTW I'm confirming the 'default' template I use
17:56 JYL57 The change of default font hasn't changed the catalog search result list...:-,
17:59 owen What change did you make?
18:00 JYL57 Just changed the font size from 10 to 12 pts
18:01 owen The declaration for the body tag affects the font-family (arial, helvetica, times, sans-serif, etc), but not the font-size.
18:01 JYL57 The source of the HTML page does mention the common-style.css though
18:01 owen At least not in all cases
18:03 JYL57 But the font is in the body {  } declaration though
18:04 owen It looks like the search results table is inheriting a reduced font size from somewhere...I'm trying to figure out where
18:07 owen There's a font-size declaration for tables: table { font-size:10px
18:08 owen It's around line 69-73. Try changing that
18:12 JYL57 Yep, I tried but that didn't change.
18:13 JYL57 I'm thinking to change something in the resultlist part, line 215
18:13 JYL57 Owen, I'm quite impressed by your Library
18:13 owen Thanks!
18:14 owen Hmmm... if I change the font-size declaration under table { that changes the font size.  I'm not sure why it's not working for you.
18:14 JYL57 61 items for 'chess' search (that one of my criteria ! :-))
18:16 JYL57 you mean the size of the resultlist ?!
18:16 owen The size of the text within the resultlist table
18:17 owen (titles, etc)
18:18 JYL57 Not for me... ?? why ? I don't understand
18:19 JYL57 I've changed font-size to 30 px
18:20 JYL57 Should I disconnect or delete cash in the browser ?!
18:20 JYL57 No, the other titles have changed dynamically
18:21 owen You could hold down shift while you click the refresh button to make sure the browser is loading a new copy of the stylesheet
18:22 JYL57 Ok
18:22 JYL57 Owen, you're the best !
18:22 owen :)  Only now you've got 30px-high text!
18:23 JYL57 Yes, 4 items per list :-D
18:23 JYL57 My librarian can't complain anymore .. hahah!
18:24 owen I agree that that text is too small.
18:24 JYL57 yes, the tuning isn't obvious
18:29 JYL57 owen, in my search for chess I found a strange result
18:30 JYL57 'Lydia Cassat : Reading the morning paper'
18:30 JYL57 the author is named 'Chessman'
18:31 JYL57 shouldn't we add blank before and after the word searched to avoid that ?!
18:32 owen I think the idea is to be able to have a search like "dog" return items with the word "dogs"
18:33 JYL57 I thought we had the '%' or '*' for that kind of searches
18:35 chris that was confusing to a lot of patrons (the *)
18:35 chris i dont know if 2.2 has this, but 1.2 used to have an option, loose or exact search
18:35 JYL57 then it's ok for me
18:36 chris that you could toggle, loose would find you dog, dogs, doggerel
18:36 chris etc
18:36 chris exact, only dog
18:36 JYL57 Have you in Nelsonville already switched to 2.2 ?!
18:38 owen Not yet
18:39 JYL57 Ok, time to take some rest
18:39 JYL57 owen thanks again for your help
18:39 owen Sure, any time.
18:39 JYL57 Have a nice day
18:39 JYL57 Bye all
18:52 owen Did I already say that?
18:53 chris does it call a getbranches subroutine or something?
18:54 owen yes, "my $branches = getbranches();" at line 59
18:54 chris right it will be that subroutine i rekon
18:54 owen then later "foreach my $branch (keys %$branches) {" at line 68
18:54 chris ah ha
18:57 owen I don't know why the drop-down list has to be built by the script anyway.  Seems like there should be an array of branchcode/branchnames to output as a loop in the template
19:01 chris yep it should be passed thru, no html should be in the scripts
19:02 chris then u can uses the scripts for whatever .... html .. xml, gdk etc whatever interface you want
19:03 chris bug it owen, its something that should be fixed at some point
19:38 kados chris around still?
19:39 kados how do I access the koha intranetdir and opacdir variables for a script I'm writing?
19:40 kados i.e., instead of typing out /usr/local/koha/intranet is'nt there a variable I can use?

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