IRC log for #koha, 2004-12-01

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16:28 rach hello
16:38 owen hi rach
16:40 chris morning owen
16:40 owen hi chris
16:41 owen Did your ex-pat wife make you celebrate Thanksgiving?
16:42 chris not this year
16:42 chris but she did find yesterday
16:43 chris so we have somewhere we can get pumpkin in a can :) so maybe we will make a pumpkin pie for xmas instead
16:45 owen I love pumpkin pie.  I made two for Thanksgiving this year.
16:45 chris i quite like them too
16:46 chris you cant get the same sort of pumpkins here though
16:46 chris so every year its a hunt to try to find some pumpkin pie mix :)
16:48 owen What about turkey?  Do NZ'ers ever fix whole turkeys?
16:49 chris yep often of christmas
16:49 chris in fact that is about the only time nzers usually eat turkey
16:50 chris of=for
16:51 chris my uncle cooks xmas dinner on his bbq every year, turkey included
16:51 owen American's pretty much only cook a whole turkey for Thanksgiving and maybe Christmas.  Too bad, though, 'cause turkey's so good.
16:52 owen I guess NZ is suited to BBQ on Christmas in a way the US isn't :)
16:53 chris :-) yep xmas on the beach ... ive done that before
16:54 owen I think you'd find many here who wouldn't mind x-mas on the beach, but few who would put up with wintery Independence Day fireworks.
16:56 chris heh
17:03 rach hi
17:15 chris heh ive already given my parents and my sister one (not as presents though)
17:18 rach more as punishment :-)
17:19 owen You'd think techies got enough requests for technical support from the family!

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