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16:41 owen So Koha has a system preference for date format, right?  Does anyone know of an example in the code where that date format is applied?
16:54 owen Oh, I see.  Right in front of me.
19:59 kados chris around?
19:59 kados I've got a quick apache security question
20:00 kados I'm wondering whether it's any less safe to setup Koha on only port 80 and use the virtual host ServerName directive to distinguish between opac and intranet (opac.athen.. and intranet.athen...)
20:01 kados so use <VirtualHost *:80>
20:01 kados for both
20:01 ambrose i don't think it's any less safe, fwiw
20:01 kados cool, thanks
20:02 chris nope no less safe really
20:02 kados do you know what the reason for putting intranet on 8080 was originally?
20:02 chris lots of ppl dont run their own dns
20:02 chris originally it wasnt on 8080
20:03 chris that came in round 1.2.0
20:03 kados oh :-)
20:03 chris because people often only had somehting.something.something
20:03 chris and couldnt make the koha.something and opac.something etc
20:04 kados ahh ... makes sense
20:04 kados thanks chris
20:04 chris at hlt koha.something resolves to an ipnumber that is only available internally
20:04 kados yea that's what I'm thinking of doing
20:04 chris cool
20:04 kados too bad our network is a bit fragmented these days
20:05 kados we used to have strictly internal ip ranges that all branches could access
20:05 kados but now we've got several branches using dsl and cable modem and they only have one IP ...
20:05 kados I suppose i could setup virtual tunneling
20:06 kados but not on our routers as they stand ...
20:06 kados Stephen liked the idea of using fanless OpenBSD boxes so that may happen here soon
20:06 chris sweet :)
20:07 kados for now I'm trying to figure out a way to get our next Koha 2.2 machine securely configured without those nifty BSD guys
20:08 kados We have to use a public IP since several of our branches have to cross the internet cloud to get to our main branch
20:08 kados any suggestions?
20:08 chris ipsec tunnels?
20:08 kados hmmm ...
20:09 chris ie build a little vpn
20:09 chris and have the librarian interface available on that
20:09 kados yea ... but we can't do that with our current routers
20:09 chris ahh right
20:09 kados and I dont' think we'll get the BSD boxes for about 6 months or so
20:10 kados Is there some way to limit connections to an interface in Apache to certain IP ranges?
20:10 chris you could put some basic http auth on the libraian interace
20:10 chris certainly
20:10 chris in your virtualhost you can have
20:11 chris <Limit GET POST>
20:11 chris Order allow,deny
20:11 chris Allow from
20:11 chris </Limit>
20:11 kados cool ... and I suppose I could have Allow from too?
20:12 chris yep, but that is
20:12 chris 66.213.78.*
20:12 kados ahh
20:12 chris i think is the syntax
20:12 kados thanks chris that will do it I think
20:12 chris otherwise u just have lots of Allow lines
20:12 kados I can narrow down the IP addresses of our remote branches
20:12 chris one per ipnumber
20:12 kados and limit connections to those IPs + our class 3
20:13 chris right
20:13 chris souunds like a pretty good start
20:13 chris every other ip will get a 403
20:13 kados I suppose IP spoofing is always a possibility
20:14 chris yep but its raising the bar
20:14 chris and thats what security is all about really
20:14 kados right ...
20:14 kados so one more question now that we're talking about security
20:15 kados do you see Koha ever using ssh for data transfer on the opac side?
20:15 kados (patrons data is currently clear text until it hits the server)
20:15 kados and even then only the password is encrypted
20:15 chris right you could put the opac on https://
20:16 kados can I do that with virutal hosts?
20:16 kados I thought I couldn't ...
20:16 kados would we have to buy a certificate or something?
20:16 chris yep
20:17 chris and you can only have one secure site per ipnumber
20:17 kados how seamless would that transition be do you think?
20:17 chris ie you cant have https://koha.someth and https://opac.something if they both resolve the same ipnumber
20:17 kados ahh
20:17 kados well we could just use another IP for that on the same machine tho, ne?
20:18 chris exactly
20:18 chris and you could have http://opac just redirect to https://opac
20:18 kados hmmm ... any good docs on how to do that?
20:18 chris set up a secure site? or do a redirect?
20:18 kados both
20:19 kados I guess the first first :-)
20:19 chris Redirect / https://opac.something
20:19 kados hehe
20:19 chris you just put that in ur http opac virtual host config
20:19 kados ok ...
20:19 chris you run apache2 right?
20:20 kados yea ...
20:22 chris right
20:23 chris[…]?p=30115&seqNum=3 might be some help
20:23 kados cool ... thanks
21:09 kados thanks for the help chris I think I've got a really killer httpd.conf now I just have to wait till our ISP adds the DNS so I can test it (I self-certified for now just to test)
21:09 chris sweet
21:10 kados I'm gonna head out ... see you tomorrow
21:10 chris cya
21:34 tungsten can someone give me a hand getting my borrower data in?
21:34 tungsten thanks
22:13 tungsten got it in will report to wiki thanks
05:25 genji hiya. help! problem. Subjectheadings textarea is not getting into the database.
06:16 genji BUG FOUND!
06:28 genji then again, bug not found. gah.
09:15 genji hey paul, you active?
09:15 paul lucky man ;-)
09:16 genji hiya. help! problem. Subjectheadings textarea is not getting into the database, using in acqui.simple. call to modsubject is correct, as ive tested it in perl -d.
09:16 paul you have MARC=OFF in systemprefs ?
09:17 genji yup.
09:17 paul so I can't help you. You need to ask chris, he & katipo are the MARC=OFF guys. I'm the MARC=ON one ;-)
09:17 genji k. maybe i put marc=on and try it?
09:19 genji okay... where the... where do you put subjects in the marc biblio?
09:19 paul in the marc biblio, everything is stored in :
09:20 paul * marc_biblio for header
09:20 paul * marc_subfield_table for subfields
09:20 paul * marc_word for all words of a subfield
09:20 genji http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/a[…]mple/ marc=on. where do i put it?
09:20 genji there isn't any subject field.
09:20 paul the C4::Biblio/MARCkoha2marc sub will transform a non-MARC hash info a hash one.
09:20 paul you need to modify your cataloguing setup
09:21 paul (Koha >> Parameters >> biblio frameworks)
09:21 paul then select your "item" MARC field
09:21 paul and just add your subject somewhere.
09:21 paul in tab 10 (items), with any other constraint.
09:21 paul oups, no
09:21 paul sorrys.
09:22 paul nothing to deal with "items".
09:22 paul so :
09:22 paul go to biblio framework
09:22 paul select the tag (MARC field) where your subject is stored
09:22 paul "activate" it in any tab (except 10, that is for items)
09:22 paul add any other constraint (like "mandatory" or not...)
09:22 paul and that's all.
09:23 paul your MARC editor will now show it & koha will store it
09:23 paul if you want to do everything :
09:23 paul "link" this field to bibliosubject.subject in the non MARC DB
09:24 genji eh.. too difficult. ill talk to chris tomorrow.
09:24 paul too difficult, but very powerful.

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