IRC log for #koha, 2004-11-25

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11:36 kados paul around?
11:36 paul yes, but on phone
11:37 kados ahh ... well when you get a chance, I'm wondering which files you have updated so that the koha.upgrade will work (I don't have symlinks setup for my install at this time)
11:37 kados I will test the upgrade when I get those files
11:37 paul & koha.upgrade
11:37 kados thanks
11:39 kados ahh in misc I see now
11:44 kados paul I still get an error:
11:44 kados touch: cannot touch `/usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/opac': No such file or directory
11:44 kados print() on closed filehandle FILE at line 1679.
11:44 kados can't chown /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/z​3950daemon/ No such file or directory at line 1684.
11:44 kados can't chown /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts​/z3950daemon/processz3950queue: No such file or directory at line 1685.
11:44 kados and then ...
11:44 kados Choose MARC definition [1]:
11:44 kados ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'kohaadmin@localhost' (Using password: NO)
11:44 kados ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'kohaadmin@localhost' (Using password: NO)
11:44 kados but it looks like it might have worked better than last time ;-)
11:45 paul an upgrade that fails keeps Koha in a strange state...
11:46 kados I'm going to try a regular install next
11:53 kados hmmm while installing I get a red 0:
11:53 kados Creating the MySQL database for Koha...
11:53 kados 0
11:53 kados but install continues
11:53 paul I have absolutly NO IDEA of why this red 0 appears. i've it too, and it has no consequences it seems...
11:54 kados ok install works fine
11:54 kados right :-)
11:54 kados so paul do you use symlinks to a cvs repo for your koha installs?
11:55 kados like NPL does?
11:55 paul yep
11:55 paul oups, no
11:55 paul do you think for MY computer of for my customers ?
11:55 paul think/mean
11:55 kados your customers
11:57 kados paul looks like stephen accepted your offer :-)
11:58 paul no, for my customers, I use an official release
11:58 paul looks like yes ;-)
11:59 kados how do you handle bug fixes? on an individual basis by replacing specific files?
12:00 paul I never replace specific file.
12:00 paul it's too dangerous.
12:00 paul i buildrelease with cvs update commented => 10 seconds,
12:00 kados oh ... I don't know that command
12:01 paul then copy the 5 directories intranet/opac - cgi/html + modules, and that's all
12:01 paul misc/buildrelease is the tool that creates tarballs
12:01 paul is quite long if you let the system(cvs update) line
12:01 paul but if youcomment it, it's all local, so done in 10 seconds !
12:02 kados I see ... so it only grabs the latest files?
12:02 kados latest "new" files?
12:02 paul ??
12:02 kados I still don't understand what command you use to update systems
12:03 paul i create a tarbal on my local computer
12:03 kados I have a cvs repository /build/koharepo
12:04 paul then scp it to the customer server
12:04 kados right
12:04 paul then tar xvfz the tarbal
12:04 paul then copy/move the 5 directories
12:04 kados right
12:04 paul works only if there is no DB change, of course.
12:04 kados ok ... but I just move one directory cause it's symlinked to the 5 :-)
12:05 paul (There's More Than One Way To Do It :-D )
12:05 kados :-)
12:05 kados I just like to compare notes sometimes :-)
12:06 paul ok, I have to leave for some minuts (1 rough hour)
12:06 paul going to look for childrens at school exit
16:33 Genjinap hya all.
16:33 genji Back from sleep.
16:39 genji can someone help me fix this marc search problem?
17:00 rach hi - I;m here, but won't be any help by the sound of it
17:01 genji oh, yes you can. i need new access to koha-dev, as i think the koha list might get sick of my dev ramblings.
17:01 genji don't have posting access due to my change of smtp server.
17:01 genji new email address: .. so delete the old one, put in new.
17:02 genji please?
17:02 rach yep -the dev one runs on sourceforge
17:02 rach so you might need to sign up with your new address there?
17:02 genji ah.. good point.
17:06 rach :-0
17:06 rach hey look at that, I did help
17:52 kados genji , still having problems?
18:00 genji yup.
18:01 genji Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at c:/usr/koha200pre2/intrane​t/modules/C4/ line 239., referer: http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/s[…].pl?type=intranet while trying to use search.marc in marc=off mode, cause catalog button automatically goes to search.marc, not
18:07 rach ok sorry genji but that's all just words to me
19:36 kados genji ... looks like you've found a bug.  I'd use bugzilla ( to submit it... have you tried replacing the call to search.marc to in the template?
19:37 kados genji another question: why are you not using marc?  Koha 2.2 will work much better with it ... if you don't need marc I'd use Koha 1.2.3 series
19:56 genji well.. for one it still doesn't work with marc=on. yes, the normal works.
19:58 genji i should use for now, instead?
20:08 genji hmm.. no obvious way to make the submit go to means i have to use the old catalog-main page?
22:34 genji any coder active?
22:59 genji fixed. Item to include in first setup, must have at least one stopword.
07:20 genji hiya all.
07:20 genji Note: first install must include at least one stopword, else search.marc fails.
10:17 paul hi Genji
10:17 paul i'll add this

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