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18:03 chris gonna need some news on the site
18:03 chris 2.2.0RC3 is out
18:03 paul hi chris
18:03 paul yep ;-)
18:03 chris :)
18:03 chris ill get someone to put the info on the site
18:04 chris i hope to spend some time this weekend testing the acquistions
18:05 chris but I think they are all ok, and id like to tweak the templates up a bit (just cosmetic stuff, make them look a bit prettier) but other than that I think its pretty close to 2.2.0
18:06 paul test heavily with MARC=OFF !
18:06 chris will do
18:06 chris it seems to work fine as long as you have you mappings ok
18:07 chris gonna watch the rugby this weekend?
18:07 paul no, i'm on a meeting for brothers/sisters of handicaped persons
18:07 chris ahh
18:07 paul (the sister of my wife is handicaped)
18:07 paul (i'll take care of the baby Jeremie while my wife is at the meeting)
18:08 chris :-) that makes sense
18:08 chris you remember finlay? who works at katipo, and did some koha work?
18:08 paul (but I must be with my wife, because she give jeremie milk ;-à) )
18:08 paul yes,
18:08 paul i wanted to ask you where he was, because i didn't saw him since almost 1 year
18:08 chris he and his wife have just had a son
18:09 chris
18:09 paul really nice baby
18:10 paul (& happy to see finlay !)
18:11 chris ok, i should let you go to bed, sleep well :)
18:12 paul ok, have a good day
18:59 tungsten In a spirit of praise and thanksgiving please accept my thanks on Thanksgiving Day.
21:18 jo hello
21:18 chris hi jo
21:18 jo is Rosalie about by any chance?
21:19 jo howaya Chrsi
21:19 jo at katipo office ..... just a long shot
21:19 chris umm dunno
21:21 chris no one seems to be answering in the office
21:21 jo ok -
21:21 jo maybe they are all outside in the sun ...
21:21 chris looking at building stuff probably
21:31 jo hehe
22:22 jo hullo Rach
22:22 rach hi jo
22:22 jo Is Rosalie with you or is she galivanting around Wellington?
22:22 rach I hear you're missing rosalie :-)
22:22 jo not a lot
22:22 jo just a little
22:22 rach she's not here (well that I'm aware of)
22:22 jo asleep upstairs maybe ......
22:23 rach hah - not with that racket going on, it is full on bathroom building today
22:23 rach
22:23 jo thats cool. very exciting stuff.
22:23 rach yep - but been a bit loud the last few days
22:25 jo what a mission
22:26 jo ok. no worries. just beavering away on the orcon email about worrying away at the vast number of phones lines we have and wondering vaguely if we really need quite so many and which ones I shall put jetstream on etc etc. Wondered if she had any critical information I need ....
22:27 jo but I think I've got it sussed ...
22:30 rach :-)
22:31 rach ah well if she turns up I'll put her online
04:53 rach morning paul
04:54 paul hello rachel i leave in a few minuts to see a customer
04:57 rach[…]koha/

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