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18:19 tungsten hi
18:20 tungsten got 2.2 up read for opac test looks great
18:44 tungsten except no call numbers on opac?
18:44 tungsten dewey?
18:44 tungsten no dewey?
18:48 JYL57 Hello !
18:49 tungsten hi
18:56 tungsten I see now. I change to item.itemcallnumber and I get an error in check-marc?/
18:57 tungsten ITEM FIELD ERROR
18:58 tungsten be mapped to same tag
18:58 tungsten must be in 10(items)tab
18:58 tungsten ?
21:38 tungsten cna I get 2.0.1?
21:39 tungsten soource forge no longer has it listed?
23:11 Genji hiya all. anyone active?
23:16 Genji Any logic to sorting the virtual shelf contents by barcode? Why not by Title, or Author?
23:34 Genji hmm.. looking at converting the virtual shelf system from % based to @based.
23:55 rach hi - I'm just guessing but there probably isn't any sorting being done, so barcode is analogus to database number thingy, so it appears to sort by that
23:55 rach but sounds like no logic has been applied (IMO)
23:59 Genji right. hmm.. and what wierdness prompted the Bookshelf writer to make it a % list? difficult to work with it.. abit more typing.
06:12 Genji hey, whos alive?
06:16 Genji hey paul, i know your active. how goes?
06:16 paul fine thanks
06:17 paul your question on virtual shelves is quite good
06:17 paul some things have to be improved in virtual shelves. i'll take care of them after 2.2.0 official release
06:17 paul (& when i have some minuts)
06:22 Genji hmm.. might get ahead of you there.
06:22 Genji all the stuff with virtual shelves is in,, and the associated tmpls?
06:24 paul no, there is another feature in librarian interface that must be added to opac :
06:24 Genji oh, i wish i had a paying job working on perl. it is a beautiful easy language for the logically minded.
06:24 paul bookshelves/
06:24 paul is a very interesting feature => adding a biblio in the bookshelf when you see it (like for opac baskets)
06:25 Genji ahh.. right. and its not in opac yet?
06:25 Genji at all?
06:25 paul just has to be copied to opac. no, unfortunately
06:25 paul yuo just can add a biblio by entering the barcode when you are in the shelf
06:25 paul really a shame...
06:26 Genji k. hey, has MJ done that bnotes to notes yet?
06:26 Genji don't want to update to rc2 and have my alterations undone.
06:27 paul no, no answer from MJ
06:27 paul I think your modif breaks something else when MARC=ON
06:27 paul i still have to investigate.
06:28 Genji right. but when marc=on, it breaks anyway... since there is no bnotes field in biblioitems.. give me a second to get my second monitor running again, and ill point it out to you.
06:36 Genji look in in intranet/admin, line 97 to 99.
06:37 paul i'm here
06:37 paul and ?
06:37 Genji does biblioitems have a bnotes field?
06:38 Genji no. yet this file thinks there is.
06:38 Genji why?
06:39 paul i explain...
06:39 paul there are 2 fields called "notes" : 1 in biblio, & in biblioitems
06:39 paul the koha2marc & marc2koha can't deal with 2 fields wtih the same name
06:40 paul so only 1 note is available in fact. both fields contains the same thing.
06:40 paul which is a shame.
06:40 paul so, slef had an idea...
06:40 paul he "hided" the biblioitems.notes by renaming it biblioitems.bnotes in Perl scripts
06:41 paul but NOT in DB sctructure
06:41 paul so, the line you point show "bnote" field where there is no
06:42 paul and when you if you look in
06:42 paul sub MARCmarc2koha {
06:42 paul (line 1081)
06:42 paul you see the opposite
06:42 paul is it clear now ?
06:44 Genji not really, since each marc2koha refers to different tables, and therefore, different notes.
06:44 paul yes, but the hash has only 1 {notes}
06:45 paul that should store both biblio & biblioitems notes
06:45 paul with the trick, {notes} stores the biblio.notes
06:45 paul {bnotes} stores the bibliitems.notes
06:45 Genji what about the itemnotes?
06:45 Genji they are also called notes.
06:46 Genji yet, in 1098-99, there is no mention of itemnotes.
06:47 paul yes, it's because biblio/biblioitems and items are never in the same MARC::Record
06:47 paul so, the MARC2koha deals either with biblio/bi or items
06:48 paul so, there's no opportunity to have the problem !
06:48 Genji hmm? never in the same record?
06:51 Genji ah, a definate error here.
06:52 Genji line 1133.
06:52 Genji $sth->execute($frameworkcode, $kohatable . "." . $kohafield ); ... $kohafield will equal bnotes.
06:52 Genji $kohatable will equal biblioitems.
06:52 Genji there is no bnotes field.
06:52 Genji therefore, this query fails?
06:52 paul in marc_subfield structure, there is one no ?
06:53 Genji what exactly is $frameworkcode?
06:57 Genji of course, i can be wrong.
06:57 Genji im not a marc minded person.
06:57 paul frameworkcode is not MARC oriented
06:57 paul it's a new feature in 2.2
06:58 paul you can define more than 1 cataloguing framework for the marc editor
06:58 paul one for monographies, one for films, one for serials...
06:58 paul with MARC=OFF only the default framework is defined, so $frameworkcode=''
07:03 Genji anyway, with marc on, can you check and see if notes, bnotes and item notes are entered and shown on the templates? had to change a template too, as a getiteminformaton was using the db, and not getting the notes for biblioitems due to the notes being stored in notes, not bnotes as the template was expecting.
07:06 Genji wheres bibitemdata?
07:06 paul C4/
07:07 paul [paul@bureau koha]$ grep -R "sub bibitemdata" *
07:07 paul C4/ bibitemdata {
07:07 Genji k got it up.
07:09 Genji Select *,biblioitems.notes as bnotes from biblio .... what does this mean?
07:14 Genji as creates a alias, but this from biblio bit... means that bnotes comes from biblio table?
07:21 chris Select *,biblioitems.notes as bnotes from biblio, biblioitems,
07:21 chris biblioitem.notes = bnotes
07:22 Genji okay. why the 'from biblio' though?
07:23 chris cos its selecting *
07:23 Genji ?!
07:23 chris its doing a join of 3 tables
07:23 chris "Select *,biblioitems.notes as bnotes from biblio, biblioitems,itemtypes
07:23 chris its getting everything from biblio, biblioitems and itemtypes
07:24 chris but biblio and biblioitems both have a notes field, so we alias biblioitems.notes to be bnotes
07:24 chris so it doesnt clash in the hash
07:25 Genji ?! it doesn't clash in the hash because only biblioitem data should be stored in that result hash.
07:25 chris no
07:25 Genji since its called bibitemdata?
07:25 chris we are selecting from biblio, biblioitems and itemtypes
07:25 Genji bibliotable has its own sub.. bibdata.
07:26 chris which fetches more than just biblio also
07:26 chris bibdata fetches stuff from bibliosubtitle and bibliosubject
07:27 chris if you look in the pod
07:27 chris eg perldoc
07:28 Genji eg read the comments in that i already have open..
07:28 chris it has a good description
07:28 chris Looks up the biblioitem with the given biblioitemnumber.
07:28 chris         Returns a reference-to-hash. The keys are the fields
07:28 chris         from the "biblio", "biblioitems", and "itemtypes" tables
07:28 chris         in the Koha database, except that "biblioitems.notes" is
07:28 chris         given as "$itemdata->{bnotes}".
07:28 paul Genji, i'm back (was on phone)
07:30 Genji okay, what im going to do, is back up my koha files, and install rc2... then im going to do a acquir.simple new biblio, new biblioitem, new item, with different notes, then im going ot look at the catalog to see if it comes through.
07:31 chris id look in the database also, to make sure that it is being stored
07:32 chris but now im going to bed
07:32 paul good night chris
07:32 paul i've sent a mail to rach
07:33 paul about a trip to nelsonville for me in january. ask her
07:41 Genji okay. rc2 is installed.
07:45 Genji oooooh. in rc2, the templates work with ie!
07:46 paul strange... nothing changed iirc...
07:47 Genji well.. don't know what happened.. but my previous templates,  rc1 i think, didn't work.
07:49 Genji additem-nomarc is 6kb in rc1, 5 in rc2. rc2 has more css.
07:52 Genji eh, there were database changes between rc1 and rc2? my simple catalog search is missing.
07:55 Genji Can't use an undefined value as a HASH reference at c:/usr/koha200pre2/intrane​t/modules/C4/ line 239., referer: http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/s[…].pl?type=intranet while trying to use search.marc in marc=off mode, cause catalog button automatically goes to search.marc, not
07:56 Genji same error with marc=on.
07:56 paul ah, you're right, i've changed & cssed -nomarc.tmpl
07:56 paul i've also changes the search.
07:57 paul BUT : if your mapping is OK, and it MUST, even if you have MARC=OFF
07:57 Genji thats why im not getting the old search interface? i actually liked the simplicity of it.
07:57 paul it will work fine & show the non marc biblio when you click on it in search result
07:57 paul because is deprecated & poor on important DBs
07:57 paul (in performances)
07:58 Genji $fields{'first'} = 1 if($i == 0); at line 239 of search.marc/
07:59 Genji and its saying undefined value as hash reference.
08:00 paul mmm... you probably have no MARC in your marc_*_structure ?
08:00 Genji eh?
08:01 paul do you have something in marc_tag_structure & marc_subfield_structure tables ?
08:01 Genji http://intranet/cgi-bin/koha/a[…]pl?frameworkcode= shows a pretty well defined marc structure.
08:01 paul ok, so that's not it.
08:01 paul strange, works fine even with MARC=OFF for me...
08:02 Genji did you start at the very beginning.. ie fresh install? could of changed something to make it work and forgot to commit it.
08:02 paul no, i didn't (i know it's bad, but i'm really busy...)
08:03 paul & testing french librarian interface
08:03 Genji cool. could you take the relying on posix out of it, so us win32 users can use it?
08:04 paul ???
08:04 Genji hmm.. one momment while i get the error message.
08:06 Genji POSIX::termios not implemented on this architecture at line 109.
08:06 Genji Compilation failed in require at koha.upgrade line 5.
08:06 Genji BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at koha.upgrade line 5.
08:06 Genji its windows xp.
08:08 Genji of course, i could make a really cool install and update interface, using visual basic.
08:11 Genji ah. is still there.
08:11 paul yes
08:11 Genji and that doesnt work with ie. obviously not cssed.
08:12 Genji cya later?
08:12 paul yes, in an hour or 2
08:13 Genji okay, in the itemnotes, it instead has the bibioitemnotes, and the biblioitem notes has nothing.
08:17 Genji fetching 2 hours of sleep.
10:01 Genjinap okay, back from my gratefully received nap.
10:02 Genji In order to report this bnotes problem, i need to get search.marc going without error?
10:19 Genji oh stuff it.. im going back to bed. back at 8:30am nztime

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