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18:44 chris hi tim
18:46 tim hi chris
18:51 chris hows life in iowa?
18:56 tim Not bad.  Been in Canada till last night.
18:56 tim How was your time in the states?
18:56 chris ohh, cool, vacation?
18:57 chris it was great thanks
18:58 chris the northwest is really pretty, washington and oregon state along the coast are beautiful
18:59 tim Visiting relatives.  First time outa this country for me.
18:59 chris where abouts in canada ? ive only been to toronto
19:03 tim Saskatchewan.  I think I spelled it right.  A small town about half way between Regina and Saskatoon.
19:04 chris ahh yes, on the plains eh? I hear it can get pretty cold there in winter
19:04 tim Yeah.  It wasn't too bad yet, but not as good as I'd like at times.
19:16 owen chris, it sound like you were talking last night about the same issue I bugged yesterday:[…]ow_bug.cgi?id=854
19:17 chris yep thats it
19:18 chris its the lock tables privilege
19:19 owen I wasn't even sure if those pages were still in use, but I guess they'd have to be if people can turn MARC off.
19:19 chris yep
19:19 chris HLT will want to use them
19:19 chris that priv thing may well bite in other places also
19:20 chris (since turning the MARC off only means u dont have to see it when ur acquisitioning, it still puts all the stuff in the MARC tables anyway)
19:21 owen I was curious to see how the marc record looked when an item got added in non-marc mode.
19:21 chris i can find you one if you want
19:21 owen No, I'll just wait for a fix.
19:22 chris right the fix will be to
19:22 chris cos its setting the mysql permissions slightly wrong
19:22 chris you can manually fix it by jumping into the mysql db
19:23 chris and running update db set Lock_tables_priv='Y' where user='yourkohauser';
19:23 chris then mysqladmin reload
19:24 chris and the permissions will be fixed
19:24 chris otherwise it will take a new install
19:24 chris (if that makes sense)
20:27 tungsten hi
20:47 tungsten hi
21:16 rach hi
21:20 tungsten still strugling with item count zero
21:21 tungsten could it be a difference from microlif and marc21?
21:22 tungsten if I ener manually everything works fine
21:22 tungsten 2.0.1 item count zero in opac
21:31 rach so if you look in the intranet, you get an item
21:32 rach but if you look in the opac you don't?
21:39 tungsten no items all zero
21:40 tungsten zero through out
21:40 chris and if you look in the database, in the biblioitems table, they all have an itemtype set?
21:41 chris do you know how to get into mysql from the commmand line?
21:42 tungsten I getting ready to bulk import on a fresh install
21:43 tungsten yes I know a little mysql
21:44 tungsten should I look at something now before I install
21:44 chris yes please
21:44 tungsten I'm at the mysql prompt as root now
21:44 tungsten use koha
21:44 chris yep
21:44 chris then
21:45 chris select itemtype from biblioitems limit 5;
21:45 tungsten empty set
21:46 tungsten marc-check ran fine
21:46 chris hmm so you have no biblioitems at all
21:46 chris can you try a bulk import
21:46 tungsten no data loaded yet
21:46 chris and then try the select again
21:47 tungsten a couple of records will do?
21:48 tungsten 3 records three null
21:49 tungsten 3 records loaded three null reported
21:49 chris right
21:49 chris there the problem
21:49 chris for some reason itemtype isnt being set
21:50 chris what does
21:50 chris select * from itemtypes;
21:50 chris give you
21:50 tungsten I pulled these three records off the original install they do have tag 90 subfild c and d
21:50 chris yep
21:51 chris its not getting set in the db tho
21:51 chris does
21:51 chris select * from itemtypes;
21:51 tungsten BOOK book 0 0 0.0000
21:51 chris right
21:52 chris can we try this
21:52 chris select * from items;
21:52 tungsten I set my itemtype to BOOK
21:52 chris you should get 3 items
21:52 chris if so
21:52 chris then if we go
21:52 chris update biblioitems set itemtype='BOOK';
21:53 tungsten empty set for items
21:53 chris ahh
21:53 chris 2 problems then, its not setting the itemtype, and its not adding items
21:54 chris so something is broken in bulkmarcimport
21:55 chris i know nothing about how bulkmarcimport works, so i wouldnt know where to start fixing it, if you report it as a bug and hopefully someone who knows about it will work on it
21:55 tungsten is this common error
21:56 chris im not sure
21:57 chris do you know if the marc data has item data attached?
21:57 chris like barcode etc
21:57 tungsten not specially
21:58 tungsten yes in 852 holdings
21:58 tungsten I have changed it to 952 to match koha import same thing no count
21:58 chris and that is mapped to items.barcode?
21:59 tungsten is there a diff in microlif and marc21
21:59 chris im afraid im at the end of my suggestions, i know very little about MARC
21:59 tungsten yes
22:00 tungsten is that an address like
22:01 chris thats right
22:01 tungsten thanks
22:18 tungsten the really interesting thing is I took the record I made manually which shows item count and did an export and then a bulmarcimport same prob no item count
22:19 tungsten I see that you reported the bug thanks
22:19 tungsten the really interesting thing is I took the record I made manually which shows item count and did an export and then a bulmarcimport of that record which I know works same prob no item count
22:20 chris well thats expected behaviour, the export doesnt export the item data, only the bibliographical data
22:20 chris so export->import wont work
22:21 tungsten no the biblio and holdings 952 are all their
22:21 tungsten the export extract the whole reocd
22:21 chris Note : the items are NOT exported by this tool
22:23 tungsten I have the xml I'm looking at it
22:23 chris yep im reading the comments in the code
22:23 tungsten it has all the local holding info stored in 952
22:24 chris it must be missing some information still im guessing
22:25 tungsten thanks again you are very patient
22:26 chris no problem .. i wouldnt expect and export->import to work .. but if you got full marc records from another library system, then that import should work
22:27 chris the export is so you can share bibliographical data with other libraries, ie they can use it as a starting point for their catalogue
22:28 tungsten g2g
05:51 rach hello & good night paul
05:51 paul good night to you rach
05:52 paul (good morning for me...)
05:52 rach yes good morning to you :-)

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