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13:06 kados hey owen
13:06 owen Hi
13:06 paul hi owen
13:07 owen The Amazon question sure got lots of attention.
13:07 kados yea it's interesting stuff
13:07 kados I emailed amazon to find out about legal ramifications of grabbing images, etc.
13:07 paul you speak of cpan search::amazon package ?
13:07 owen I don't know anything about it, paul
13:08 paul good idea. Tell me the answer if you get one, and if may be concerned
13:08 kados will do
13:50 owen Hey, Gutenberg even has an RSS feed for adds and updates
13:50 kados so we could add a link to the details page for items that queries project gutenburg based on title and author
13:50 owen
13:52 kados we could also display a "perform this search on project gutenberg to find relevant e-book results" link on our main opac search results page
13:52 kados again, for title and author searches
13:52 kados there's no keyword search
13:52 owen wow, they even have digitized sheet music!
13:53 kados that's e-book #
13:54 owen The trouble is that isbn is edition-specific.
13:54 kados er ... EText-no
13:54 kados yea that's true
13:54 kados hmmm
13:54 owen Multiple isbn's could relate to a single e-text
13:54 kados right
13:55 kados it'd be nice to offer items that we don't have in the library in electronic format
13:56 owen Well, that's where the link on the search results page could come in
13:56 owen Unless you want to actually merge their catalog with ours.
13:57 kados right I thought about that
13:57 owen I guess you could catalog each of their e-texts as a www resource
13:57 kados but the database is HUGE
13:57 owen Create a MARC record for it.
13:57 owen "more than 13.000" items
13:57 kados wow ... 13 items isn't bad ;-)
13:58 kados actually 13,000 isn't bad either
13:58 kados I thought there were more than that
13:58 owen I'll bet someone out there has already cataloged them.
14:01 kados hmmm : http://www.netlibraryebooktool[…]rc_publicsets.asp
14:02 owen But that's for *their* catalog.
14:02 kados right and they've only got 3400 titles
14:03 kados I bet I can write a script to parse through their catalog and build a bulk marc import file
14:03 kados it won't have everything but it should work
14:03 kados the gutenberg catalog that is (not netlib)
14:04 kados and we could build it into Koha to automatically do this nightly :-)
14:08 owen Makes sense to me.  It should be fairly simple to break it down to MARC fields.  You'll have to figure out what the gamut of headings are, and how they match to MARC.
17:03 chris joshua/owen either of u about?
17:05 chris[…]
17:08 chris just the amazon ratings thingy, bob did some tricky html stuff i dont quite understand, with divs to make the right number of stars show
17:08 chris[…]
17:09 chris work ok in ur browsers?
17:11 owen Works in Firefox 1.0, IE6, and Opera 7 on my PC
17:12 chris thanks :)
17:13 chris morning rosa
17:13 rosa hi chris
17:13 chris i was just showing joshua and owen this[…]
17:14 chris i think the worldcat idea is a good one also
17:15 owen Joshua and I were talking this morning about how to provide links to available Gutenberg online texts from Koha
17:15 chris ohh, good idea also
17:15 chris right, i must go drink coffee before my meeting at 10 now, back later .. have a good evening ohioites and a good morning rosalie :)
17:16 rosa may your day be caffeine enriched
18:23 kados chris I will be around a bit later today
18:23 kados I'd like to discuss amazon/worldcat/gutenberg possibilities if possible
20:15 chris back now joshua, so whenever u get time
20:34 emiliano Hi everybody
20:34 chris hiya emiliano :)
20:35 emiliano Hi Chris how're you?
20:35 chris doing good thanks, getting back into work still after my months vacation .. how are you?
20:36 emiliano needing vacations!!!
20:36 chris :-)
20:37 emiliano Chris, do you know if is there a way to map more than one MARC subfield
20:37 emiliano to a Koha field?
20:38 emiliano (I have records with 100,110,111,700,710,711 that should be mapped to or biblioaditional)
20:38 emiliano 100 or 110
20:38 emiliano and so on
20:38 chris i dont think there is, paul will know for sure, additionalauthor is a repeatable field in the koha db
20:39 chris so it should be possible, but i dont think its been set up
20:39 emiliano I have seen the database but could not find, think it's impossible
20:39 emiliano but want to be sure
20:40 emiliano we made a turnaround making local MARC fields
20:40 chris ahh right
20:41 emiliano I find very interesting the actual discussion related to webservices
20:41 emiliano Amazon, Barnes & Noble and so on
20:41 chris | author                 | biblionumber |
20:41 chris +------------------------+--------------+
20:41 chris | Loveday, Evelyn V.     |            9 |
20:41 chris | Wolfe, Ralph           |            9 |
20:42 chris thats how koha stores more than one author
20:42 emiliano yep
20:42 chris so i think it would be possible, just isnt currently
20:42 emiliano but the problem is that you could map only one subfield
20:42 chris yeah
20:42 emiliano I mean could be
20:42 emiliano 100^a
20:42 emiliano sorry
20:42 emiliano 100$a
20:42 emiliano and aditionallauthor
20:42 emiliano 700$a
20:42 emiliano for example
20:43 emiliano but 110,111,710 or 711
20:43 chris yeah, i dont think it lets you map more than one field currently
20:43 chris speaking of the webservices
20:43 chris[…]
20:44 chris i have a script that fetches the average rating from amazon and stores it in koha, that you can run as a cron job
20:44 emiliano Yes
20:44 emiliano I have seen it
20:44 emiliano it's wonderfull
20:45 emiliano I think next year
20:45 chris cool, i think we can extend this quite easily ... the worldcat idea sounds great too
20:45 emiliano another SouthAmerican institution will join
20:45 emiliano us
20:45 emiliano from Bolivia
20:45 chris ohh cool
20:46 chris then it will be time to start a south america koha users group :-)
20:46 emiliano yep!
20:46 emiliano I was there about a month ago
20:47 emiliano talking about MARC21 and Koha
20:47 chris cool
20:47 emiliano one of their requirements
20:48 emiliano was about obtaining price lists
20:48 emiliano for adquisitions module
20:48 chris ahh yes
20:48 chris that would be a very useful thing
20:48 emiliano I was thinking that could be done via webservices
20:48 chris yes i think you are right
20:49 emiliano ...if any editor has implemented...
20:49 emiliano today I've only found Amazon & Barnes-Noble
20:51 chris hmm
20:53 chris those are certainly the big two, .. some smaller bookstores in new zealand have some of their catalogue online .. is one
20:53 chris or in australia
20:53 emiliano but not implemented over SOAP isn't it?
20:54 chris nope, you would have to screen scrape
20:54 chris i think only amazon and barnes and noble have accessible API's
20:54 emiliano I've tried to interest our local editor organizations
20:55 emiliano but today, no success
20:56 emiliano :-(
20:56 emiliano (I was looking Katipo's OPAC in maori
20:57 emiliano how many K's!)
20:57 emiliano :-)
20:57 chris ah yes, we've only translated a little bit of it, that was to show how its possible to let the patron choose their language .. or their theme
20:58 chris ie, instead of maori, it could be WAP .. or no graphics .. or something so ppl can look at it on their cellphone
20:58 emiliano wonderfull!
20:58 chris just need to make a different set of html::templates
20:58 emiliano yep
20:58 emiliano we need to start english translation for 2.4 templates
20:59 emiliano we modified many things
20:59 emiliano :-(
20:59 tungsten hi
20:59 emiliano hi tungsten
20:59 chris id offer to help, but i know very little spanish
20:59 chris hi tungsten
21:00 tungsten I'd like to add own's script to add amazon to opac search
21:01 chris cool, you'll need to talk to paul poulain, (the 2.2.x release manager about that)
21:02 emiliano Chris, for using this Amazon's API you need an Amazon account isn't it or it's access free?
21:02 tungsten<!--TMPL_VARNAME="isbn"-->
21:02 chris right, so its just a template change?
21:03 tungsten I read the license user account or regisration is not required
21:03 chris thats cool, are you on the koha-devel list tungsten?
21:03 tungsten where is the template in 123
21:04 emiliano ok
21:04 chris only the opac is fully templated in 1.2.3
21:04 tungsten no koha-devl
21:05 chris actually i lie, i dont think any is templated in 1.2.3
21:06 tungsten really I'd like to go with 2.0.1 but same thing as six months ago I can't get around the no item count number
21:06 chris i suspect the no itemcount is because holdingbranch isnt being set
21:06 tungsten my marc does not support item types
21:07 chris you could look in your items table, and if items.holdingbranch is null
21:07 chris then the itemcount wont work
21:07 tungsten 123 gets around this by using if then else on the deweys in 852 holding if numeric JNF if not fic
21:08 chris yep
21:08 chris 1.2.3 also set the holdingbranch properly
21:09 tungsten I'm pretty facile in using macr2xml then sed for search and replace
21:09 chris the count in 2.0.1 depends on the itemtype and the holdingbranch being set in koha
21:09 tungsten I then use marc2xml and do bulk import
21:10 chris[…]Terry%20Pratchett  thats a 2.0.1 install
21:10 tungsten is that done in parameters and marc-tag struture
21:10 chris i think so, it may be a bug in C4::Biblio that isnt setting the holdingbranch though
21:12 tungsten I opened the url there a re two pages of docs which one?
21:13 chris that was just a page showing the itemcount working
21:13 tungsten nice
21:13 tungsten are item types in your marc and of so what tag
21:14 chris we dont use marc
21:14 tungsten what then
21:14 chris just the non-marc acquisitions
21:14 chris in that install anyway
21:15 tungsten could I take my marcs and transform them into non-marc using xml
21:15 chris there is no bulkimport for nonmarc tho
21:15 chris so what i would try to do
21:15 chris is a bulkimport
21:15 chris then look at the biblioitems table in koha
21:16 chris check that they all have something set in biblioitems.itemtype
21:16 chris then check the items table
21:16 chris and check items.holdingbranch
21:16 chris also check the itemtypes table .. to make sure that what is in biblioitems.itemtype matches something there
21:16 chris for eg
21:18 chris +----------+------------------+
21:18 chris | itemtype | biblioitemnumber |
21:18 chris +----------+------------------+
21:18 chris | BF       |                5 |
21:18 chris | BF       |               11 |
21:19 chris select * from itemtypes where itemtype='BF';
21:19 chris +----------+--------------+------------+----------​-------+--------------+------------+------------+
21:19 chris | itemtype | description  | loanlength | renewalsallowed | rentalcharge | notforloan | publictype |
21:19 chris +----------+--------------+------------+----------​-------+--------------+------------+------------+
21:19 chris | BF       | Free Fiction |         21 |               1 |       0.0000 |       NULL | book       |
21:19 chris +----------+--------------+------------+----------​-------+--------------+------------+------------+
21:20 chris | holdingbranch | homebranch |
21:20 chris +---------------+------------+
21:20 chris | L             | L          |
21:20 chris | L             | C          |
21:21 chris and those branches should match something in the branch table also
21:21 chris does that help?
21:21 tungsten there was just another post today on help list about this item type not working I know types are defined in my 008 tag
21:22 tungsten what tag is the bulkmacr import looking for
21:22 chris i dont know
21:23 tungsten then my question is wrong?
21:23 chris no, just i didnt write bulkmarcimport .. so i cant answer
21:23 tungsten do I need to look at this anohter way
21:24 tungsten be patient
21:24 chris one thing to check is after you have run the import, is biblioitems.itemtype not empty ie is it getting set
21:25 chris if it is empty, then either the parameters arent set right, or bulkmarcimport has a bug
21:26 tungsten I set the holding brach and item type to AF I then run marc check all is well
21:27 tungsten however no item count
21:27 tungsten I'll run it again
21:27 chris do you have an itemtype AF set?
21:27 chris and a branch AF?
21:27 tungsten and look at the database
21:28 chris ie there will need to be an entry in the itemtypes table for AF
21:28 tungsten no branch MAIN itemtype AF
21:28 chris ahh ok
21:29 chris so
21:29 chris select * from itemtypes where itemtype='AF';
21:29 chris works fine?
21:30 tungsten I need to drop 123 and change my 852's to 952's and then I can repotr
21:30 tungsten I need to drop 123 and change my 852's to 952's load 2.0.1 and then I can repotr
21:31 tungsten one more thing
21:31 chris yes?
21:31 tungsten are you in ohio?
21:32 chris no, im in new zealand
21:33 tungsten it might be nice to show pictures of a system which is running koha
21:34 chris of the librarian interface?
21:34 chris we could do something like that, there are lots of opacs around, but we could probably take some screen shots of the librarian interface
21:34 tungsten I'm interested in the barcode reader set up i.e. pictures of the computer and where the barcode reader hooks in
21:34 chris right
21:34 tungsten what kind of reader etc.
21:35 chris ill ask rosalie what she thinks, (rosalie is the head librarian at HLT, the first Koha install ever)
21:35 chris im fairly sure she'll let me wander around with my digital camera :)
21:35 tungsten great
21:35 chris also, joshua and owen from Ohio might be able to take some pictures also
21:36 tungsten also of interest is the inventory method
21:37 chris inventory?
21:37 tungsten is it done on a palm? laptop with a barcode reader practical things like that
21:38 tungsten notwithstanding the item count thingy being goofy
21:38 chris ahhh right
21:39 chris you could do it all with RFID without having to even move :-)
21:39 chris im not sure how people have been doing it, it would be a good question to ask
21:40 tungsten I'll ask the list
21:40 tungsten thanks
21:41 tungsten time to reload...
05:30 paul rach, are u here ?
05:30 paul (chris, same question)
05:30 si hiya paul
05:31 si she's about somewhere
05:31 paul Hi simon
05:31 paul Hollers ???
05:31 si (shouts)
05:31 chris hi paul
05:31 paul (ok, thanks)
05:31 paul good evening chris (morning for me)
05:31 paul (i'm GMT+1 for 5 months : it's 9:30AM here)
05:31 si paul: she's a few minutes away from her pc
05:32 paul ok, i stay close. I want to speak of 2.2 release date
05:32 si that's easy, we're +13
05:32 si so you're a simple am<->pm shift away
05:32 paul exactly 12H differences ;-)
05:32 paul 9PM and you're all 3 still at work...
05:33 paul what are usual work hours in NZ ?
05:33 si maybe chris is working
05:33 si and contemplating playing with asterisk
05:33 paul so it's a bot that writes for you ?
05:33 si it's hardly work
05:33 si I've just walked the dogs
05:34 si paul: we're getting our house renovated at the moment
05:34 paul so you sleep at work ?
05:34 si
05:34 chris irc at home
05:34 si I'm thiking about it
05:34 si it's really loud when the builders start up
05:34 chris im using a laptop in my lounge watching tv at the moment
05:35 paul (i remember seeing the gallery/rennovation link a few days before.
05:35 si ahh, todays photos are up
05:35 si wool going into the walls
05:35 rach hello
05:35 paul hi rach
05:36 paul do you have a few minuts to speak of release date ?
05:36 rach certainly
05:36 paul i planned to have a 2.2.0RC1 at the end of this week.
05:36 rach that is great
05:36 paul then an official 2.2.0 at dec, 1
05:37 paul (unless too many problems with RC1. but i'm not afraid of this)
05:37 rach :-)
05:37 paul 2.1.3 works fine at EMN
05:37 paul nelsonville seems to be able to play with it too.
05:37 paul just misses some translations (turkish...)
05:37 rach we have a copy up and running
05:37 rach but haven't got far with it
05:38 paul but a 2.2.0RC1 could help translators to speed up the translation process ;-)
05:38 rach yes that is true
05:38 paul I agree there are some tests to do with MARC=off
05:38 paul that i haven't done.
05:38 rach with marc off there is somethign fairly basic amis with acquisitions
05:39 paul amis ?
05:39 chris a miss
05:39 paul (in french : ami = friend ;-) )
05:39 rach[…]
05:40 rach we're not getting past the first screen of data entry, if you try to do one without a reseviore record to help
05:40 rach that is with acquisitions set to simple
05:40 rach Just getting an internal server error unfortunatly
05:41 paul do you plan to hunt bugs for this ?
05:41 paul or just report them ?
05:41 rach we can do both
05:41 paul i'm not sure to be able to fix them
05:41 rach I was going to start with hunting them :-)
05:41 chris DBD::mysql::db do failed: Access denied for user: 'qaadmin@localhost'
05:41 paul so i'm OK to let you hunt then kill ;-)
05:42 chris is whats happening
05:42 chris which is weird
05:42 rach and I wasn't sure here the problem might be - wether we'd need your help
05:42 rach here = where
05:42 chris i think its a mysql permissions thing
05:42 paul unless there's a bug, ALL db delarations should use
05:42 chris something to do with do
05:43 paul my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh
05:43 paul that should be enough to get a working handler
05:43 chris yep, its the 'do' that is failing
05:43 paul which script/line ?
05:43 chris C4::Biblio
05:43 chris line 330
05:44 chris i can work on fixing the non-marc acquisition bugs
05:45 paul I bet EUR10 that $dbh is wrong in parameters
05:45 chris ahh the lock
05:45 chris thats whats its grizzling on
05:45 chris i dont think so, since it works for the rest of koha
05:45 rach ok - so basically, chris might need some pointers from you I think paul?
05:46 paul yes rach
05:46 paul chris, in, with MARC=OFF, MARCaddbiblio is called by "sub newbiblio"
05:46 paul my opinion is that the problem is in newbiblio
05:46 rach we are doing some training with a new koha client next week though, which is great :-)
05:50 chris found the problem paul
05:50 chris | Lock_tables_priv |
05:50 chris | N                |
05:51 chris i think it might be a problem in , not setting the right permissions in mysql
05:51 paul what's strange is : why does it works with MARC=ON ???
05:52 rach does it work with marc on?
05:52 rach we didn't actually verify that by turning Marc on I think
05:52 chris havent tried, can u check the permissions for the user in a mysql there?
05:52 rach so I didn't actually try and turn marc on and see if it magically worked
05:54 rach which now I come to say that would actually have been a good idea
05:55 paul in
05:55 chris line 1790 of
05:55 chris is the problem i think
05:55 paul yep ;-)
05:56 paul (that's what i wanted to say)
05:56 chris that will only work with older mysqls
05:56 chris right, we should fix that before dec 1 :-)
05:56 paul 1790 ? what does it contain for you ?
05:56 rach so paul, do we need to get busy on a list of blockers basically?
05:56 rach if there are any
05:56 paul for me it's a comment ???
05:56 paul the list is empty on bugzilla
05:57 rach yes that is what worried me
05:57 paul yep.
05:57 rach I think that there might be bugs that haven't been reported :-)
05:57 chris system("$mysqldir/bin/mysql -u$mysqluser mysql -e \"insert into db (Host,Db,User,Select_priv,Insert_priv,
05:57 paul releasing a 2.2.0RC1 could help ppl trying & testing
05:57 rach yes I think so
05:57 paul for me it's 1762
05:57 rach gives people something to work on
05:57 paul (1765)
05:57 chris ah this is 2.1.3
05:57 rach doh
05:58 chris so maybe its a bit different in cvs
05:58 paul yep
05:58 rach ok so first we need a new one?
05:58 chris but still, no lock_tables_priv
05:58 paul yes chris.
05:58 chris rach: 2.1.3 is the latest release
05:58 paul but cvs has changed (a little) since 2.1.3
05:58 rach sorry loosing the plot a bit
05:59 paul mostly bugfixes.
05:59 chris i think fixing the lock_tables_priv will fix quit a few bugs
05:59 chris quite
06:00 paul yes for me. good night
06:01 rach thanks paul - and good night :-)
06:01 paul 9AM for me...
06:01 rach 10pm now for me
06:01 paul bed is not now
06:01 paul ;-)
06:01 rach and the builders arrive at 6am tommorrow morning!
06:01 rach so I chat again in a few hours
06:02 paul go to bed quickly then
06:03 rach thanks
06:03 rach nite
06:04 chris paul: i saw a tv program on sunday about a chef school in marsielle .. it looks like a beautiful place
06:04 paul oh, yes Marseille is a VERY cool place.
06:07 chris its on my list of places to visit
06:08 paul don't forget to tell me when you come. I'll be happy to meet you
06:08 chris cool
06:08 paul (and maybe/probably to give you a bed to sleep)
06:08 chris :)
06:08 chris the same if you ever come to nz
06:09 paul yes, of course. But maybe we could find a good Koha reason to meet.
06:09 paul I plan to organize a meeting in Paris, in January, with french libraries interested by Koha
06:09 paul to have a brainstorming on Koha future.
06:10 chris excellent
06:10 chris i visited paris in 1998
06:10 paul for soccer world cup ?
06:10 chris id love to have an excuse to go back
06:10 chris just for a vacation
06:11 chris when united airlines flew from nz, you could get a good value fare to europe
06:11 chris i visited munich, and paris that way
06:13 chris 1899$nz to paris at the moment
06:13 chris return
06:14 chris i think i wont be able to come this january, (no money after the wedding/honeymoon) :)
06:14 paul no problems. january is cold/snowy anyway
06:14 chris :-)
06:14 paul not the best quarter to visit France
06:15 chris true
06:16 chris perhaps sometime in 2005, maybe 2006 we could have a koha europe conference
06:17 paul yes, good idea.
06:17 paul of maybe in South america.
06:17 paul if emiliano & he's team want to make some noise around Koha in Argentina
06:17 chris yes that would be good too
06:18 paul i'm invited in a conference in Ouagadougou (burkina faso) in January/February
06:18 chris euro, and nz$ has good buying power in south america .. so would be less expensive for us to travel to there, than for them to travel
06:18 paul of course !!!
06:19 chris what is the conference for?
06:20 paul it's about culture/developpement
06:20 paul and Koha is very interesting here :
06:20 paul * free software
06:20 paul * librarian software
06:20 paul so he's interested for both reasons !
06:21 paul librarian soft => culture
06:21 paul free software => economic development
06:22 chris right
06:22 chris thats cool
06:22 paul another cool thing : i've 9 RFP on my desk to install Koha ;-)
06:22 paul 3 are OK for sure.
06:22 chris woo excellent
06:22 chris thats great
06:23 chris :)
06:36 chris right, bedtime for me i think
06:37 chris cya later paul

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