IRC log for #koha, 2004-11-12

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12:27 paul hi owen
12:27 owen hi paul
12:28 paul working on online help (wiki => koha 2.2) today
12:29 owen That's great.
12:29 owen I eagerly await the online help for Authorities.  I have no idea how that works!
12:30 paul mmm... bad news, i havent worked on them yet ;-)
19:07 tungsten hi
19:10 tungsten if I were to populate a marc with 245h =book do I need to do anything other than notify itemtype =BOOK in the parameter itemtype screen?
19:11 tungsten I'm not making the connection of exactly what tag is involed in defining itemtype is it user specified or hidden?
19:12 tungsten thanks
19:14 owen Did you define your item types in parameters?
19:19 owen The way I understand it, there are 3 things that have to happen
19:19 owen 1. You have to set up item types.  You do this by going to the Koha Intranet: Paramters section and clicking on 'item types'
19:20 owen Next, you have to set up the link between the item type and the MARC tag where you're storing item type information
19:20 owen To do that you go into 'Links Koha - MARC DB' in Paramters and choose 'biblioitems' from the drop-down menu
19:22 owen Then edit the 'itemtype' entry.  For instance, we store item type in 942 c, so we have that selected here.
19:22 owen I think that's all the pieces.  I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong--I'm not the one who set it up in our system.
19:26 tungsten thanks owen that's a big help
19:48 owen 'evening all
20:10 tungsten item count still zero
20:12 tungsten using  default Link-Koha__MarcDB in parameters choosing biblioitems from the drop down menu tag 300 subfield f
20:13 tungsten I set the tag ==BK and the parameter to BK
20:15 tungsten the 300f shows up in a search  of the biblio as well as local datas like barcde dewey and price
20:15 tungsten I set the 300f tag ==BK and the parameter to BK
20:42 rach and you made an itemtype bk?
20:42 rach can I see it at all?
22:11 tungsten i'm back
22:11 rach hi
22:14 tungsten I think I might need to do some work on branch and holding branch the holding branch in my marcs is undefined it be nice if there were an expression like itme count = biblioitems.itemtype+...+...
22:16 tungsten i'm manipulating my marc tags to fit the koha default structure for the [1]marc21 installer option
22:19 tungsten thanks
22:39 tungsten got item count yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:40 tungsten now to test for a biblio with multiple copies
22:40 rach yeah ha
22:52 tungsten works perfectly
22:52 chris sweet
22:54 tungsten I intend to write a detailed report of my experience. It should be on the wiki by this comming monday
22:55 chris excellent that will be very handy, we can bundle it in as part of the installation documentation
22:56 tungsten be somethink like marc21 852 holdings to koha 2.0.1
22:57 tungsten a catchy title
22:57 chris :)
22:57 tungsten thanks again
22:58 tungsten g2g

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