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16:22 kados MJ around?
16:22 kados guess not
18:17 kados chris you around?
18:17 kados do you have the 'borrower selects language' link up still?
18:17 kados I'd like to demo it for my presentation if possible
18:19 richard hi kados - chris is on holiday at the moment.
18:19 richard so him actualy being online might be a bit variable
18:19 kados ahh
18:19 kados :-)
18:20 kados you don't happen to know of any demos of that feature do you?
18:20 richard not off hand, sorry
18:21 mikem richard - do you know if Russ in the office today?
18:22 russ morning all
18:22 mikem hi russ ... just wondering if you were going to be in the office later .. so I can give you a call
18:23 russ ah yep
18:23 russ i have one meeting this avo
18:23 mikem what time in the arvo are you free-ish?
18:23 russ at 1pm till 2:30
18:23 mikem kewl will ring after 2:30
18:23 russ righto
18:27 russ kados are you still there?
18:27 kados yep
18:27 kados what's up>
18:27 russ hi with the translation button thingy
18:28 russ i'll get you a url
18:28 kados oh yea?
18:28 kados sweet
18:28 kados thanks
18:28 russ[…]ha/
18:28 russ only thing is
18:28 russ that the translation is incomplete
18:29 russ so i think only that search page
18:29 russ is working
18:29 kados ok ...
18:29 russ hope that helps anyway
18:30 kados yea ... thanks a bunch!
18:30 russ np
18:32 kados russ ... is there also an electronic journal Koha site somewhere?
18:32 russ um not sure what you mean by electronic journal
18:32 kados well Chris demoed a site that had electronic resources (online accessible) and it was cataloged in Koha
18:33 russ oh right
18:33 russ yep sure
18:33 russ[…]ha/
18:33 kados sweet
18:33 russ this uses the katipo cms (kea) to upload a pdf or create a webpage
18:34 russ and then it shunts you through to koha to catalogue it
18:34 russ rachel wrote a little news bit on it for our site
18:34 russ[…]r1084515440.shtml
18:35 russ ack morons on that page
18:35 russ i'll get someone to tidy that up
18:43 emiliano hi everybody
20:03 kados does anyone have the list of 2.4 features proposed?
20:53 russ emiliano has done a site
20:53 russ i think the url will be in the meeting minutes
21:13 mikem kados - not sure if you found it ... but is this the one you are looking for ..
21:19 russ mike - i will be in the office for the rest of the day
21:20 mikem ok ... will just finish up what I am working on, and the give you a ring
21:20 russ cool
08:01 matias hi all...
08:02 matias you know if MARC21's searches are working well?
08:49 kados paul ... that link should be fixed now :-/
08:49 paul still not
08:49 paul hi joshua
08:50 kados ok ... try now :-)
08:50 paul but the html version is OK
08:50 paul ok, works
08:51 paul what is "full text electronic journal support" in 2.2 ?
08:51 paul and you have missed the main feature with serials : MARC support for authorities as well as biblios
08:52 kados[…]ha/ (for the full text electronif journal)
08:52 kados ohh I did!
08:52 kados thanks Paul :-)
08:52 paul another question
08:53 paul which tool did you use for koha.html slides ?
08:53 kados it's just html/css/javascript
08:53 kados it looks funny in some browsers
08:53 kados but works well in mozilla
08:54 kados OOo?
08:55 kados it's basically just an html file ... you can grab the css and javascript from my website
08:55 paul OOo :
08:55 kados I can't recall who wrote it ... lemme check
08:55 kados ahh ... not that I know of
08:55 paul no, just to be curious
08:55 paul don't spend time to search.
08:55 kados html is really easy to use in this case
08:56 paul yep.
08:56 paul may I write a suggestion ?
08:56 paul (for further presentation)
08:56 paul I would have add that there are close cooperation btw France & US.
08:57 paul just to say that Iraki history did not change anything for us ;-)
08:57 paul (anyway, I speak of you every time I present Koha in France)
08:57 kados yes ... I do speak of you too ...
08:57 paul every french librarian will know Nelsonville here soon :-D
08:57 kados :-)
08:58 kados If you have any specific things you want me to say let me know
08:58 kados I usually say that france is leading the development of Koha
08:58 paul ok, but i'm not sure i'll have a lot of time for this.
08:58 kados and paul poulain is the key
08:58 paul i'm working on a hack for LDAP for EMN
08:59 kados ahh
08:59 paul this hack is very nice : get user information from LDAP AND create borrower entry in Koha
08:59 paul no need to export/import into the borrower table.
08:59 kados sweet
09:00 paul i'll put it on cvs, but as, with some explanations for libraries interested. It will have to replace official
09:04 paul kados, could you remember me where are the maps on Can't find them now...
09:07 kados right ... here are the images ... but I can't recall where they are on the website :-)
09:07 kados
09:08 kados we should have

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