IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-28

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13:18 kados hiya owen
13:18 owen Hi.  How's it going?
13:18 kados pretty good
13:18 kados I'm frantically trying to finish everything for OLC
13:18 owen Yeah, I'm working on my slides right now.
13:19 owen You must have a lot more than me, too.
13:19 kados well I spent about 4 hours just writing emails on Friday
13:19 kados this program committee thing is for the birds
13:20 owen Yeah, I'll bet.
13:20 owen Do you feel like you were able to have a positive influence compared to last year?
13:21 kados nice!
13:21 owen Works pretty well, particularly since I'll have control over the browser
13:22 kados :-)
13:22 owen It's in beta, so the display's not necessarily perfect on all browsers.
13:22 kados ah
13:22 owen Pretty easy to adapt, though, once you've got the hang of the stylesheet.
13:23 kados are you using Opera as a browser?
13:24 owen No.  I hear it has some built-in technology for presentations
13:25 owen Have you used Opera before?  It's pretty nice, but I hate the cluttered interface--particularly in the free version, since there's a banner ad built in (can't blame 'em for that, though)
13:25 kados it looks pretty crappy in my version of opera (7.2)
13:26 kados it's pretty lightweight and fast
13:27 kados I think bloglines finally fixed the bug that was causing probs with my feed BTW
13:27 kados it's been working for two days not
13:27 kados s/not/now/
13:30 owen Hey, those funky characters are even showing up in your blog title.
13:32 owen I'm sorry I won't be able to be in two places at once and see your presentation too.
13:32 kados yea ... I was thinking the same thing
13:32 kados (I wish I could see the web-standards talk that is)
13:33 kados yea ... I figured out the xml parsable greek chars
13:34 owen See, if you were riding with us we could practice our speeches on each other! ;)
13:34 kados erp...
13:43 owen Good luck in the rest of your preparations
19:19 tim You there kados?
04:26 jean Hi
04:54 paul salut jean

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