IRC log for #koha, 2004-09-30

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12:04 owen Hi chris
12:04 chris heya owen
12:04 owen Still in SF?
12:05 chris yep fly out tomorrow
12:05 chris waiting for laurel to get up :)
12:05 chris she has a bit of a sore tummy ... readjusting to american food i think :)
12:06 owen What, you don't have grease in nz? ;)
12:06 chris hehe
12:06 chris i think its more portion size
12:06 chris and shes gotten used to the nz "finish whats on ur plate" attitude
12:07 owen Yeah, America's definitely a more-more-more kinda place.
12:07 owen ...where they make it cheaper to buy more food than you want than just the right amount.
12:08 chris yeah, portions are pretty big alright .. its ok once u remember is acceptable to leave stuff on ur plate
12:08 owen Will NZ waitresses scold you if you leave something on the plate?
12:09 chris no, but ur mother will :-)
12:09 chris and say someting about starving kids in africa or something hehe
12:09 owen Sadly we've come to the conclusion that our daughter is not ready for the flight to NZ, so we'll have to postpone our trip until she's older.
12:09 chris fair enough, its a long way
12:10 chris id recomend going thru sf rather than LAX when u go :-)
12:10 chris the airport here is a ton nicer
12:11 chris man people do a lot of work in starbucks
12:11 chris the woman next to me is organising a fashion show it sounds like
12:11 chris maybe no one here has offices
12:12 owen Maybe they're all addicted to overpriced burnt coffee.
12:12 chris hehe could be
12:15 chris oh hey, if you come in 2006 plan to be in wellington feb 6 & 7 :)
12:16 owen Okay...?
12:17 chris its the world rugby sevens tournament
12:17 chris well the wellington leg of it
12:17 chris 16 teams from around the world, its a lot of fun :)
12:18 owen Let's see...Chloe will be three by then.  Yeah, that's about the time to start 'em on rugby, right?
12:19 chris yeah :-)
12:19 chris if they can stand, they can play :-)
13:27 kados hey .. I missed chris :-/
13:34 owen He was checking in from an SF Starbucks
13:35 owen By the way, I just got a message from Stephen--we are booked at the same hotel as the conference.
13:35 owen And I called the hotel, and internet access is standard in all the rooms.
13:36 owen (it sounded like it was wireless, but the operator didn't really know)
14:22 richard hi all
15:18 kados owen: that's great about the internet ... yahoo!
15:18 owen Yeah--*whew*!
15:19 owen I guess the profit margin on guests is higher than the one on conferences
15:19 kados good thing too :-)

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