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13:56 kados owen around?
13:56 kados :-)
13:57 kados so I'm thinking of hacking on the cataloging stuff for a bit
13:58 owen Yeah?  What'd you have in mind?
13:58 kados well for starters I thought I'd update .60's z3950 folder to the latest 2.0 (but that's not in cvs now is it)
13:59 kados or are we going to try the 2.2 stuff (are there any bugs?)
14:01 kados asside from the self-checkout stuff I don't think we're running any koha stuff on .60 at the moment
14:02 kados do you have any objections to me grabbing the latest cvs (2.2) and trying to get cataloging working with that (or would you rather stick with 2.0)?
14:04 owen You mean putting 2.2 on .60?  I don't have any work on .60, so it doesn't make any difference to me.
14:05 kados ok ...
14:05 owen Regarding the z3950 server...if it's working now on .60, couldn't we simply point the z3950 search on 76 to 60?
14:06 kados are we trying to do a z3950 search of our catalog ... I thought we were trying to search other catalogs
14:06 kados the z-server is just for our catalog
14:07 owen Then what's on 60 that 76 doesn't have?  What is it Stephen was asking about yesterday?
14:07 kados I think the goal is to be able to go out to LOC, and other places and retrieve marc records ... edit them ... and insert them into our catalog
14:07 kados there's a big on 76
14:07 kados s/big/bug/
14:07 kados that prevents any yaz stuff from working
14:07 kados so that's why I had to move our server to .60
14:08 kados and that's why we need to do the z3950 searcehs on .60
14:08 kados but that's prolly the only thing we need to do on .60
14:16 emiliano Hi everybody
14:16 owen hi emiliano
14:16 emiliano Chris, are you on line?
14:16 emiliano hi owen
14:19 emiliano ok
14:19 emiliano I wish to ask about some commit
14:19 emiliano in OPAC but I will download from CVS to test if it's uploaded
15:01 owen Nice new irc log, chris!
15:02 emiliano oooh where could I find it?
15:02 owen
15:02 chris should redirect you to it
15:02 owen I miss the calendar interface, though
15:03 chris owen, shall i make it automatically set up saved queries for each day?
15:03 owen I guess that's a yes :)
15:03 chris cool, ill get rach to help me tweak the html/interface too
15:04 owen Yeah, we need some nicer colors!
15:04 chris heh
15:15 ToyKeeper Looks fine to me, but then, I'm looking at it without CSS.
15:15 chris it randomly picks colours
15:16 chris # from the first 3 letters, build some kind of pseudorandom checksum
15:16 chris # which is then transmogrified into an hex colour code,
15:16 chris # with each of r,g, and b being between 80 and ff (ie, at least half bright)
15:20 ToyKeeper You could just assign colors as part of a random gradient instead.  At least they'd go together, then.
15:22 ToyKeeper Like, set one color randomly with an average brightness of 30% and another with a brightness of 80%, and assign colors to each person evenly between those two.
15:22 chris yeah could do
15:22 chris ill let the html/css/designy ppl at work look at it
15:23 chris lord knows i should never be allowed to write html :-)
15:25 ToyKeeper BTW, has anyone given any thought to handicapped accessibility in koha?  ("section 508" stuff, in the US)
15:25 ToyKeeper Just curious; it's not very hard to do, but it may be a concern of some libraries.
15:26 owen Did you have anything particular in mind?
15:26 chris yeah, we have e-govt guidelines here that are similair to those, with a big section on accessability
15:27 chris i think we could do a compliant theme without to much effort
15:28 ToyKeeper It's more of a design pattern than a theme, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be hard to do with koha.
15:29 chris (theme in koha = set of html::templates)
15:30 ToyKeeper Just looking briefly at the opac, it seems pretty accessible to text-only browsers already.
15:31 chris thats the default theme ?
15:31 chris[…]ha/ <-- vanilla theme
15:32 chris[…]koha/ <--hlt theme
15:32 chris whats NPL's opac owen?
15:32 owen
15:32 chris ta
15:35 ToyKeeper Hmm.  I see one thing so far I'd change for better accessibility...  using css to lay out the main page sections.
15:35 ToyKeeper That would allow the main page content to be right at the top when css is turned off, but still be laid out nicely in standard browsers.
15:36 chris yep
15:36 ToyKeeper (alternately, some people add a "top" link to the top-left of each page, to skip to the content)
15:36 chris[…]ha/  see here it has a change to maori button .. that could be extended to change the theme too, not just the language
15:37 chris it sets a cookie and from then on ur served the pages in that look/language
15:37 chris i thought it might be good to make one with big fonts for old patrons etc ...
15:38 ToyKeeper Or they could use mozilla/opera, and change the "zoom".  :)
15:39 chris they could, the hlt opacs run mozilla .. but we dont give them access to the menus etc
15:39 chris yay for XUL
15:40 chris actually you could do a koha mozilla theme (actually they run firefox i think)
15:41 ToyKeeper BTW, the for maori identifies its mimetype as application/x-perl instead of text/html.
15:41 chris ta, ill fix that
15:41 ToyKeeper Yeah, the page could do different stylesheets for different font sizes.
15:42 ToyKeeper This demonstrates several good ideas:
15:44 ToyKeeper They handle font size with javascript and css.  It does a few other nice things, too.
18:45 ToyKeeper Hmm.  I noticed the default front page in koha uses a meta refresh to direct to the correct page.
18:45 chris only if you want it to
18:45 chris you can make that index.html page anything you want
18:45 ToyKeeper Yup.
18:45 chris or just do the redirect in apache
18:46 ToyKeeper The default should probably use a http moved error though, since w3c recommends avoiding meta refresh.
18:46 chris yep, you could file that as bug .. or better commit a fix to cvs :-)
18:47 chris geeez
18:47 ToyKeeper I haven't looked at koha's cvs repo..  is it anon-write?
18:47 chris whoops wrong window
18:47 chris ahh nope, but if youre keen, and have a sourceforge account i can give u write access
18:48 ToyKeeper That would probably just give me more reasons to procrastinate.  :)
18:49 chris :-)
18:49 chris filing a bug at is the next best thing :)
18:49 ToyKeeper I'd end up fixing stuff instead of working on what my employer told me to.  :)
18:50 chris :-)

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