IRC log for #koha, 2004-08-13

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17:18 rach logbot is on the job :-)
17:18 chris yep
17:18 rach thanks chris that's ripper
17:19 chris ill just rewrite and put it up on so that the logs are viewable
17:22 rach cool
17:38 chris hows that look?
17:41 rach ugly but good :-)
17:41 chris :)
17:42 chris we can tweak the html if we want, but it does seem to be all logging now
17:44 rach cool
17:50 ToyKeeper Yeek!
17:50 chris hehe
17:50 chris bigbrother is watching u
18:27 chris the client or the server?
18:30 chris to use the client u have to start the daemon, then make sure u have marc switched on in system preferences .. go to acquisitions, search on title, choose add new, then u should be at a page that has a z3950 search button on it
18:30 chris if u type an isbn number into the isbn number box on that page
18:30 chris and hit z3950 search, off it will go
18:31 chris oh, in admin/parameters .. you will need to have set up a list of z39.50 servers to use
18:31 chris is the script to start the daemon
18:32 chris it lives in /usr/local/koha/intranet/scripts/z3950daemon
18:32 chris if /usr/local/koha is where u installed koha
05:24 chris paul: are u about?
05:24 paul yes.
05:24 paul g' day
05:24 chris ignore the bot if it messages u, ill fix that
05:24 paul (waiting for a friend, for lunch)
05:25 chris does work for you now?
05:25 paul yes
05:25 paul
05:25 chris cool
05:25 paul that was all ?
05:25 paul me i've a question.
05:25 chris fire away
05:26 paul what about changing my status to project admin on sf ?
05:26 chris can do
05:26 chris ill do that now while i remember
05:26 paul ok, if you do it now, i'll add veleda as commiter
05:26 paul and the 2.1.1 will have a new module to print barcodes ;-)
05:26 paul (i've read their code, it's clean. really=
05:26 paul )
05:27 chris for the changing language thing .. im working on a nice way so it only shows u the languages that are available in the theme ur in
05:27 paul nice.
05:27 paul there's a sub  for this in
05:27 chris excellent ill use that :(
05:27 chris :-) even
05:28 paul getalllanguages
05:29 paul it's in
05:29 chris try that
05:29 paul (don't ask me why, i'm not the author ;-) )
05:29 paul ok, i leave for lunch. My friend is here.
05:29 chris ahh that might be a different thing
05:29 chris i think thats for the catalogue, ie the language a book is published in
05:29 chris have a good lunch
05:30 paul_lunc no
05:30 chris right .. in that case i might see what calls it and move it out of
05:30 chris cos i thought it was for the catalogue since it was in there
05:31 chris put it in C4::Koha instead
05:32 chris since will die when the new fast search comes along
05:32 chris anyway, ill talk to you later, and ur now an admin
10:06 owen Hi logbot!
10:06 paul is new.
10:06 paul hosted by katipo
10:06 paul hi owen
10:08 owen Hi paul
10:08 owen Will there also be an interface that lets you see logs for each day?
10:10 owen Okay

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