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00:02 oleonard-away thanks for the suggestion davidnind, unfortunately that doesn't work for me
00:51 aleisha joined #koha
00:51 aleisha hello
00:52 aleisha im starting to feel really fed up by background jobs :( we have a whole lot of jobs stuck on New with null/X progress, and the worker-output.log is full of logs like "No job found for id=X"
00:52 aleisha
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02:17 mtj hi aleisha, what version and do you have message-broker set to rabbitmq?
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05:35 Joubu tcohen[m]: perltidy's output depend on the version. We discuss that several time, and some work is still needed, see original bug (last comments).
05:36 Joubu @later tell cait translations broken on sandboxes - certainly because of[…]cker/-/issues/405
05:36 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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06:57 reiveune hello
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07:54 Joubu /!\ I am going to upgrade gitea
07:56 ashimema 👍
07:57 Joubu done
07:58 ashimema That was quick 😁
07:59 Joubu well it was up-to-date already :D
07:59 ashimema Feels quicker
07:59 ashimema Lol
07:59 Joubu I need a new version of tar on the docker image :-/
07:59 ashimema I see
08:00 Joubu I wished a pull of the docker image would just "fix it"
08:00 ashimema I'm travelling most of today so won't be around much btw
08:00 ashimema Shame
08:00 ashimema Is this for automating the tar builds
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08:00 Joubu yes
08:01 Joubu I am always hitting something I hadn't expected...
08:06 Joubu well, the version is actually hardcoded in the docker compose file..
08:12 ashimema I for one am really happy to see some of this stuff being worked on. Automating away infra stuff is great,
08:12 ashimema Hopefully means we have more time for Devs to work on QA and code improvements
08:13 ashimema Pedro is doing a presentation at our company meeting the next of days around encouraging better more maintainable submissions
08:13 ashimema Finding the right pragmatism line is hard
08:13 ashimema I'm looking forward to his presentation, should be good and add weight to the argument for spending more time upfront doing things properly
08:20 Joubu so, tar in alpine is busybox tar, which is missing some basic options of tar... great
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10:30 cait Manifestation designation of sequence statement (translating... )
10:42 tcohen[m] Joubu what are you gonna do with GPG signing?
10:43 tcohen[m] Joubu: let me know how I can help you with the release-tools
10:43 tcohen[m] Maybe we can explicitly install another tar
10:44 tcohen[m] Or just make it base on debian instead. I picked alpine only because of the size
10:46 tcohen[m] ashimema: 'Searches regular'
10:47 tcohen[m] what does that stand for
10:57 Annelisterman[m] <cait> "Manifestation designation of..." <- It's fun to translate when you don't understand the meaning of the original sentence. :D
11:04 tcohen[m] How do y'all translate the 'preservation trains'
11:06 Annelisterman[m] tcohen what is the context? Where is it used?
11:10 Annelisterman[m] PreservationNotForLoanDefaultTrainIn?
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11:19 oleonard Hi #koha
11:24 ashimema huh?
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11:24 ashimema what's the context of 'Searches regular' Joubu?
11:24 ashimema sorry. on a train so my internet is rather intermittent right now
11:26 tcohen[m] Anneli Österman: 'train item'
11:27 Annelisterman[m] I see, this new feature: https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30708
11:27 huginn` Bug 30708: new feature, P3, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Pushed to master , Creation of a new 'Preservation' module
11:28 Annelisterman[m] If I understand correct what this feature does I would translate that in Finnish as "Käsittelyjono".. perhaps
11:32 tcohen[m] O 'processing queue'
11:32 tcohen[m] *oh
11:32 tcohen[m] I like that
11:33 Annelisterman[m] yes :)
11:37 oleonard I could really use help testing API access via OAuth2 client credentials... Anyone around who has done that with Postman or something like that?
11:38 oleonard What is "Access Token URL" in this context?
11:46 cait Annelisterman[m]: it was also discussed if "batch" could be a synonym
11:46 cait oleonard: sorry to be of no help there :(
11:46 cait only ever used the simple one
11:49 cait can someone translate YOP for me?
11:49 cait i thin it's an abbreviation to do with ERM
11:50 oleonard I'm guessing Year Of Publication... but it's a guess
11:51 oleonard It's probably not Yellow Oleander Poisoning or Yersinia Outer Proteins
11:53 cait aaaah
11:53 cait but that makes a lotof sense, thx!
11:54 cait I'll use the poisoning ;)
11:55 oleonard You can keep that one in your back pocket until you need it :)
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12:08 Joubu I have created a key for the git user and I will use it to sign the tarballs
12:08 Joubu is that ok for you?
12:09 Joubu tcohen[m]: I have installed tar (using apk add), but I don't know how to make it persistent
12:09 Joubu I could just run apk add everytime the hook is triggered, but it's a bit ugly
12:10 Joubu ashimema: "Search regular", what is the context?
12:12 Joubu tcohen[m]: I am actually not using the docker image for the tarball, just running some bash commands
12:12 Joubu tcohen[m]: so using gitea docker image (where alpine is used)
12:14 ashimema Ooh, sorry it was tcohen
12:17 ashimema > ashimema: 'Searches regular'
12:17 ashimema Confused
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12:37 tcohen[m] Joubu: can't you just use the release-tools image instead?
12:39 Joubu it's less easy
12:39 Annelisterman[m] <cait> "Anneli Österman: it was also..." <- That would have been consistent with the previously used terminology, yes.
12:40 Joubu The image requires a git repo of Koha src. And... paradoxically I don't have it on the git server
12:40 Joubu well, maybe I could, but I also needed a config file, which I will need to generate depending on the tag pushed
12:41 Joubu really my script is 10 lines length, and I using the docker image will require more work + changes to release tools
12:41 Joubu 10 lines long*
12:42 Joubu MatthewBlenkinsop[m]: could you confirm bug 35374 is not breaking anything for you?
12:42 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=35374 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Translations contain config from ERM/data providers
12:46 tcohen[m] Joubu: I trust you a lot. Just count on me if you need some help, more eyes or work on a change on the release-tools image
12:50 Joubu I am missing a ssh key on the server and I am done with the tarballs. I have asked Chris
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16:35 oleonard ashimema around?
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16:50 ashimema Erm
16:50 ashimema I'm in the bar
16:50 ashimema But.. fire away
16:51 oleonard Nope, not gonna do that ashimema :)
16:51 oleonard Enjoy!
16:51 ashimema Haha, it's all good
16:51 ashimema I'm still in the coke for now.. it's not even 5 yet here
16:51 ashimema Company meeting travel day
16:52 cait left #koha
16:54 oleonard And I answered my own question, so you're off the hook :D
16:55 caroline I really didn't read that like it's about a soft drink...
16:57 oleonard So that's what caroline's meetings are like !
16:57 caroline lol!!
17:00 ashimema I love being a rubber duck.. especially when all I do is suggest I'll answer without having it actually do any answering
17:00 ashimema Hehe
17:08 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] <Joubu> "Matthew Blenkinsop: could you..." <- Code looks fine, I'll try and test it later
17:11 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] oleonard: I'm looking at bug 34479 (a follow up to your enhancement in bug 29971). We have a customer having issues with patrons being carried through into merges that shouldn't be merged - I'm looking at a possible solution of having a modal pop up after each operation (add to list, merge or batch mod) to show which patrons are selected and asking if the user wants to keep these saved for another operation. In a merge, the merged
17:11 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] patron would be removed from the list by default. Does that sound like an acceptable solution?
17:12 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=34479 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Clear saved patron search selections after certain actions
17:12 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29971 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Remember selections across patron search pages
17:12 * oleonard pondering
17:12 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] If the user selects no, then the history will be wiped clean or they could opt to de-select some patrons
17:13 oleonard MatthewBlenkinsop[m]: The other option I've kicked around in my head would be to clear the selections automatically after each of those operations
17:14 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] That was my first thought
17:14 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] But was considering the scenario where a user may want to batch mod a load of patrons, and then add those patrons to a list
17:14 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Or some other combination of running multiple actions on the same selected patrons
17:15 oleonard Yeah that's true
17:16 oleonard I think your proposal sounds logical
17:16 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Another suggestion from Aude was to have a checkbox on the operation screen along the lines of "Keep patrons selected after this operation"
17:16 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Rather than a popup every time you use one of those operations
17:17 aude_c[m] (I'm here too. Sorry, maybe should have thought about where I was writing!)
17:18 oleonard I like the checkbox option too
17:19 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] Ok cool, just wanted your thoughts before I start working on a solution
17:19 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] I'll work on something later this week after our company get together
17:19 oleonard Great, I'll keep an eye out for it
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17:27 MatthewBlenkinsop[m] <MatthewBlenkinsop[m]> "Code looks fine, I'll try and..." <- Just tested and all seems fine, have signed it off 👍️
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17:49 reiveune bye
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18:37 davidnind Joubu++ // for fixing installation of translations in KTD
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19:23 mtj hi #koha
19:24 mtj Joubu: ill take a look at the arm KTD stuff now
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19:59 tuxayo @later tell khall bywater sandboxes don't work :(
19:59 huginn` tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
19:59 * kidclamp cries
20:00 tuxayo @later tell ashimema ptfs-e sandboxes don't work :(
20:00 huginn` tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
20:02 tuxayo ok, turns out the same cause is affecting all 3 sandboxes servers.
20:07 tuxayo cc khall_ ↑↑↑
20:08 khall_ looking into it right now
20:08 tuxayo khall++
20:09 magnuse \o/
20:13 tuxayo hi magnuse :)
20:13 magnuse kia ora tuxayo
20:15 * magnuse loves weblate
20:15 magnuse Joubu++
20:57 aleisha hello
20:57 aleisha hey mtj sorry i missed your earlier message , you were on the right track - we didnt have the message broker section in koha-conf! think that's fixed it :)
21:25 davidnind mtj++
21:25 davidnind aleisha++
21:37 davidnind Should you be able to edit the authorized value categories? Where do you add the description?
21:47 mtj hi aleisha, glad that i could help :) 🦆
21:49 caroline davidnind, it didn't used to be possible (I just checked 23.05)
21:49 mtj hi davidnind, you can, via Administration > Authorized values
21:49 caroline did you mean edit the category of a particular authorized value?
21:50 mtj aah, oops ... categories
21:50 caroline in 23.05
21:51 mtj looks like there is no description for auth_value 'catergoies'
21:52 mtj hi caroline 🐹
21:52 mtj Joubu: i fixed the ktd builds, will send a patch to koha-l10n[…]elines/1079632356
21:53 caroline hi mtj! :)
21:54 davidnind I mean the category itself (rather than the values in a category) - like AR_CANCELLATION (or any of those listed udenr Administration > Basic parameters > Authorized values)
21:56 caroline No I don't think you can, you can delete a category if there are no values in it, but I don't think you can rename it
21:56 caroline if that is what you mean
21:57 davidnind Thanks caroline, I was just wondering why, and where the description are added. Looks like it has been that way for a while - I tried a 22.11 demo site, and you couldn't there either.
22:00 mtj davidnind: i think its never been an option?
22:00 caroline I think it's because the category name is used in the db and in the code. If you change the category name, the values won't have a valid category anymore...
22:00 davidnind Must just be a "feature", or tied up somehow with translations - probably doesn't make sense to rename the actual category. You can't add a description when you add a new authorized value category
22:00 caroline there a bug about that
22:01 caroline the descriptions are currently hardcoded directly in the templates for translatability
22:02 caroline bug 23861
22:02 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=23861 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add authorised value categories description option
22:04 davidnind that explains it! thanks caroline (I should have checked Bugzilla first! 8-))
22:04 davidnind caroline++
22:04 caroline no worries!
22:05 caroline I'm not sure where Weblate gets its "reused" strings. This one tells me "Not an authorized value" has the same translation as "New authorized value"
22:05 caroline But when I search for "(Not an authorized value)" I can't find it?
22:06 caroline
22:06 caroline Unless I'm really not looking at the right place, which is entirely possible
22:07 caroline It's a new system so I may very well just be lost, heh
22:13 davidnind git grep "Not an authorized value" says it is coming from koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog​/en/modules/circ/
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