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00:23 mtj hi M439bananasThomas[m]: try using element as your matrix client
00:23 mtj[…]ment-acquisition/
01:26 mtj M439bananasThomas[m]: fyi: the command writes some text to a file
01:29 mtj $ echo 'some text' | tee file.txt
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07:37 reiveune hello
07:51 krimsonkharne[m] morning #koha
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08:09 magnuse \o/
08:14 Zahid[m] Hello and morning
08:18 cait good morning #koha
08:23 Zahid[m] i have a problem with my Koha 22.11.07, i have enable koha plack to search faster works correctly. when i print report of all accession number from koha in report module. it print correctly but after that koha stops working. it does not respond. it does not display first page or any other page of koha. why it is so? is there some thing i am missing here. i have also restart apache2 and mariadb services but does not displays.
08:23 Zahid[m] in which log file should i look and get the error; or is there any other services should i restart again?
08:23 Zahid[m] urgent help needed.
08:25 cait you could do
08:26 cait tail -f /var/log/koha/your_intance_name/*.log when you reproduce the error
08:26 cait there is a koha-plack-error log that could have information
08:26 cait but maybe something is timing out? (how long is your list of numbers?)
08:28 Zahid[m] 236487
08:29 Zahid[m] number of rows about 236487 accession records
08:29 cait do you see the problem with all export formats?
08:29 cait yeah that is a lot
08:29 Zahid[m] look fine
08:30 Zahid[m] after i restart my server it works fine but i cannot get the error
08:30 Zahid[m] koha pages open correctly
08:31 Zahid[m] i will look into the log file
08:34 Zahid[m] koha plack-error.log shows these errors... (full message at <[…]zbJJZSsqPlHbrvjMD>)
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09:28 ammarspv[m] Hi,
09:28 ammarspv[m] Can I checkout an item for patron using the API?
09:29 cait Zahid[m]: I don't se anything unusual there.. I wonder if ti could be also Apache if it takes too long to create/download the file or if it gets too big
09:30 cait ammarspv[m]: I think only in the very new versions - maybe not before 23.11 is out
09:30 cait ammarspv[m]: you can check here
10:09 ashimema davidnind++
10:09 aude_c[m] davidnind++ for sign-off and comments on cookies improvements
10:10 Zahid[m] <cait> "Zahid: I don't se anything..." <- i have restart the apache2 and mariadb service but did not go well so i restart the server after this it work fine but still i am working to get the error
10:13 davidnind ashimema: I'm stuck on bug 35348 (Cookies in the footer is not linked) - I will have another tomorrow morning (for me).
10:13 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=35348 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Cookie information should be available regardless of whether you are logged in or not
10:14 Zahid[m] <ammarspv[m]> "Hi,..." <- > <> Hi,... (full message at <[…]qQvydFpMycqvKdMfF>)
10:32 ashimema Thanks for all the testing davidnind
10:34 cait ammarspv[m]: I am sorry, I don't think i can help muchmore - I am not a system administrator
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10:59 ammarspv[m] <cait> "ammarspv: I am sorry, I don't..." <- Your answer was above and beyond what I needed to know 🤩
10:59 ammarspv[m] Thanks a million for your help
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12:20 cait Joubu: around?
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14:12 caroline cait around?
14:17 cait yes
14:19 caroline someone told me the link to kohacon24 here leads to the 2023 kohacon
14:20 caroline whenever you have the time, can you change it to
14:21 cait oh no
14:22 cait sorry for htat, copy and paste error
14:22 cait fixing it now
14:23 cait caroline: please test!
14:23 caroline no worries!
14:24 caroline It works! thanks!
14:27 cait also signed up for the newsletter nwo :)
14:27 caroline woot!
14:28 cait should I get a confiramtion/verification
14:28 cait ?
14:28 caroline I think so?
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14:34 cait wondering if I typoed, i got a green success on the page, but was wondering if I shoudl also have an email
14:35 caroline I,M pretty sure you should. It's on mailchimp so it's pretty standard I think
14:36 caroline it should come from
14:36 cait hm I'll just try again
14:36 caroline i'll try it too with another address to check...
14:37 cait hm typed carefully this time, but no email yet
14:39 caroline I didn't recevie one either... I told Eric
14:39 cait ok, let me know if you need another test :)
14:39 caroline thanks!
14:41 caroline bbl
15:26 oleonard I guess the translation update/install process is still broken?
15:45 cait hm not ure what the current status is
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18:20 davidnind oleonard: I got the translation process to work in KTD by: 1) ktd --root --shell  2) using misc/translator/translate update xx-XX and install xx-XX 3) changing file permissions 4) then exiting and using normal user ktd --shell
18:29 reiveune bye
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18:30 davidnind see bug 31694 comment #27 for the errors I was getting
18:30 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31694 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Signed Off , MARC overlay rules presets don't change anything if presets are translated
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