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06:36 marcelr hi #koha
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07:36 ashimema Morning
07:41 marcelr hi ashimema
07:49 marcelr i am looking for the easiest way to add to a date in a tt file; when I pass a dt object I can just do [% testdate.add( days => 1) %] but how do I handle a date field ?
07:53 ashimema er...
07:53 ashimema good question.. I have no idea off the top of my head
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07:55 marcelr probably need a convert to dt object in KohaTemplatePlugin
07:56 alex_ Bonjour
07:57 ashimema how is the field getting passed to the template?
07:57 ashimema I'm confused
07:58 ashimema the KohaDate filter already accepts both a string and a dt object (dt_from_string is used, and that accepts both)
07:59 marcelr i would like to do e.g. borrower.dateexpiry.add( days => 1 )
07:59 ashimema I would think [% testdate.add( days => 1 ) | $KohaDates %] woudl work
07:59 marcelr yes it works but i need to pass a dt object
07:59 marcelr and now i want to do it on a regular db field
07:59 ashimema ah, so dateexpired isn't expanded
07:59 ashimema I see
07:59 marcelr so i need the dt conv
07:59 marcelr and it seems not to be there yet
08:00 marcelr Template's use date is not enough
08:00 ashimema so yeah.. I think you're right.. perhaps add a parameter to the KohaDates filter
08:01 ashimema we accept as_due_date
08:01 ashimema you could add 'add', 'subtract' to what it accepts
08:01 marcelr ah this works: [% KohaDates.dt(borrower.dateexpiry).add( years => 2 ) | $KohaDates %]
08:01 marcelr when i add a small dt sub
08:02 ashimema maybe?
08:02 ashimema oh.. interesting
08:02 ashimema cool
08:02 ashimema me was thinking
08:02 ashimema `[% borrower.dateexpiry | $KohaDates add_days => 1 %]`
08:03 ashimema or something along those lines
08:03 ashimema but it could be a pain adding a bunch of 'add_' and 'subtract_' options to the filter method
08:03 marcelr yes it looks nicer but seems to be more code
08:03 marcelr will have a try
08:03 ashimema indeed
08:03 marcelr thx
08:04 ashimema it's a nice idea.. though I'm somewhat intrigued by the use case.
08:04 ashimema part of me is surprised the requirement hasn't come up before in my memory
08:04 ashimema part of my can't think of a reason you'd need it.. haha
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08:04 ashimema doh.. I've just been QAing another bug where one of my team did the SO!
08:04 marcelr want to calculate a date three weeks further from issue date
08:05 ashimema I need to start paying more attention.. not used to having an awesome team supporting me here and munching through the signoffs 🙂
08:05 marcelr more attention is always good :)
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08:27 ashimema @later tell oleonard any chance you could take a look at my comment on bug 33190 ?
08:27 huginn ashimema: The operation succeeded.
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10:05 marcelr ashimema: i think we can use both approaches
10:06 ashimema 🙂
10:06 marcelr they have their own advantages
10:06 marcelr the use case of kyle is quite different
10:06 ashimema just looking at your patch 🙂
10:06 ashimema indeed
10:21 marcelr @later tell khall please test 33242
10:21 huginn marcelr: The operation succeeded.
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12:31 marcelr o/
12:41 magnuse \o
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12:56 marcelr kidclamp++
13:11 TriveniChandriki[m] Can we do increment fine in koha. Without development
13:15 cait what do you mean by increment?
13:15 cait Koha does add x to your fine every y days until ... if you configure it
13:16 ashimema which LTS method did we pick in the end Cait?
13:16 cait look at koha versioning in the wiki ;)
13:16 ashimema https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]workflow_proposal
13:16 cait no, but seriously, I documented it so it won't get lost - I'll quickly find it for you
13:17 cait ah yep, i put the link to the decision on the top of that page
13:17 cait link to the meeting and link to the docs
13:18 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ning#LTS_Releases
13:18 ashimema thanks
13:20 cait mtj, ashimema: no problems building 22.11.03 packages on our end
13:21 ashimema excellent
13:21 TriveniChandriki[m] <cait> "what do you mean by increment?" <- 1 week 5 rupees and 2 week 10 rupees and 3 week 15 rupees need fine in koha
13:21 cait additional 10 and additional 15 or +5 each week?
13:29 TriveniChandriki[m] Yes sir
13:29 cait which one?
13:32 ashimema "5 + 5 + 5" or "5 + 10 + 15" Triveni Chandriki
13:32 TriveniChandriki[m] 5+10+15
13:33 cait Koha can't do that out of th box yet
13:33 ashimema you could sponsor development of it 😜
13:33 TriveniChandriki[m] Ok sir
13:33 ashimema cait is a girl Triveni 😜
13:34 TriveniChandriki[m] ashimema: Any charge on this sir
13:34 ashimema sponsor = paying for it
13:34 ashimema you can of course search for an existing bug, submit a new bug and even submit code against a bug yourselves
13:35 ashimema my point is.. we all have to feed our families and can't produce all features and all code for free
13:35 ashimema the developments that progress quickest are those that are paid for
13:53 mtj hi cait, good to hear about packages
13:53 cait coworker told me that the last 2 times he had trouble withmissing dependencies, but maybe this was fixed already
13:56 mtj we need to update the wiki page, as there are now some extra steps with installing yarn/nodejs/gulp packages
13:57 * mtj will update wiki page later today
13:57 cait yes please
13:57 cait we are alwys building our own
14:01 caroline cait, if you have time can you give your opinion on bug 33237 ? I think it's a bug, but I wanted the opinion of someone else who uses Koha in another language
14:01 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33237 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , If TranslateNotices is off, use the interface language includes in slips
14:28 marcelr i would expect if translate is off, always use default language ?
14:28 marcelr default (notice) language
14:29 caroline marcelr, well, in that case, it's always english
14:29 marcelr yes but you could enable Translate
14:29 marcelr just what you want..
14:29 caroline yes that's what I did, but I think it is unnecessary for installations with just one non-english language
14:30 marcelr their notices could be vernacular anyway (as recorded in default)
14:30 caroline but the "includes" are not translated
14:30 marcelr ok
14:31 caroline For example, the slip will be in French, but the accountype will print in english
14:32 marcelr yeah thats odd
14:32 tcohen marcelr: we can no longer get useful error informaiton on the API, can you check what's going on?
14:33 marcelr what do you mean ?
14:33 tcohen we used to warn "$exception" somehow
14:33 tcohen now we call $c->log->error ...
14:33 tcohen and that goes nowhere
14:34 marcelr ok i will have a look
14:35 cait hm commented on the bug
14:35 cait caroline:  ^
14:35 cait i think interface language shoudl work for us, but another option could be to use the first in language list as the default
14:35 cait you can reorder them because there is already some kind of fallback behavikour
14:37 caroline cait, thanks! I like the idea of the first language being the default
14:41 marcelr tcohen: if I add a die in REST/V1/Patrons::get, I see the following in my plack-api-error.log:
14:41 marcelr [2023/03/16 14:38:31] [ERROR] GET /api/v1/patrons/51: unhandled exception (Mojo::Exception)<<Died at /usr/share/koha/Koha/REST/V1/ line 79.>>
14:41 marcelr is it related to permissions on that file or specific log4perl configuration ?
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15:00 cait caroline: my thinking was that it could also work when you don't have an interface language - sending mails maybe?
15:00 cait not sure if we have that issue there yet
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15:13 cait caroline: that's funny - I was going to suggest using itembarcodefallbacksearch as an option for your dinosaurs yesterday - but then the list didn't show which was already checked out. And now AndrewFH filed bug 33246
15:13 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33246 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , itemBarcodeFallbackSearch search results should show whether or not items are available
15:14 cait like... search for a prefix-barcode that is on the sheet, pick one that was not checked out out of the list
15:14 caroline yeah he wrote on the ML with that option and said there were bugs
15:15 caroline It's an interesting approach that I hadn't thought of at all
15:15 cait ah, didn't se the ML mails yet, willcheck later
15:18 caroline re: sending mails maybe? interesting. So would it be if interface, then interface, if not, then first language?
15:20 cait could be a plan
15:21 cait or even more: Patrons peferred language if a notice template exists for it - interace - first language?
15:22 caroline the notice template is not really the problem, it's the "includes"
15:27 caroline If the patron has a preferred language both the notice and the includes will be in the correct language
15:29 cait aah ok
15:29 cait so maybe it just neeeds more fallbacks then
15:29 caroline yes I think so... and not assume that "default" is "english"
15:30 caroline that's why I liked your first language idea
15:32 caroline I'll try to summarize this in the bug
15:32 cait thx :)
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16:01 aude_c hello! Hoping there are other people around for the Documentation meeting (and that I haven't got the timing wrong again!!)
16:01 caroline oh yes I forgot it's now!
16:02 caroline let me get my things and we'll start
16:02 aude_c Haha! ok
16:03 caroline #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 16 March 2023
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16:03 caroline #link agenda https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ing_16_March_2023
16:03 caroline #topic Introductions
16:03 caroline please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes
16:03 caroline #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inlibro, Montreal QC
16:04 thd #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
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16:04 aude_c #info Aude Charillon, PTFS Europe, UK
16:05 lucyvh[m] #info Lucy Vaux-Harvey, PTFS Europe
16:06 aude_c Oh hello Thomas! Have you been to a Docs meeting before? :)
16:06 caroline davidnind sends his apologies, will not be joining us today
16:06 thd Yes, but not for a long time.
16:06 aude_c Cool. Always nice to see more people!
16:06 caroline i'll ping our other regulars
16:07 caroline cait ashimema
16:08 caroline marie-luce
16:08 aude_c are we allowed some small talk in the meantime? :D
16:08 caroline #topic Review of action points
16:09 caroline The two who had action points are not there lol
16:09 caroline cait to close the Docs mailing list - I know she sent an email to paulp, but I don't think it's been done yet
16:10 caroline ashimema to check for the manual keyword vs Needs documenting status - not sure about this one
16:10 aude_c I don't remember what exactly we meant by that
16:10 ashimema ho.. hello
16:10 caroline I think we wanted to change the bugs that have "Manual" keyword to "Needs documenting" status
16:10 ashimema #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
16:11 aude_c ah yes.
16:11 ashimema I've not found a moment
16:11 ashimema but.. hackfest is around the corner
16:11 ashimema perhaps aude_c can beat me with a big stick at hackfest to make sure it's done 😜
16:12 caroline we can drop it, it was a nice idea, but we can continue with the dual status/keyword
16:12 * ashimema is a tad distracted right now writing tender response text for the high ups ;P
16:12 ashimema ah.. yeah..
16:12 caroline eesh, everything ok?
16:12 ashimema that's easy enough but needs a rangi
16:12 aude_c ... a big stick of bread? Yep, that's definitely possible ;)
16:12 caroline lol!
16:13 ashimema else we'll spam anyone ever associated with those bugs with the mass edit.
16:13 ashimema 🙂
16:13 aude_c but as caroline says, not essential
16:13 ashimema I was also going to try and enhance the dashboard a little more to improve the stats and recognise you guys a bit more 🙂
16:13 ashimema that's what I was thinking about
16:14 aude_c nice. We can talk about it next week or at hackfest
16:14 caroline cool!
16:15 caroline #action followup on mailing list close down
16:15 cait oh sorry - meeting still running?
16:15 caroline yep
16:15 cait Mailing list is not close yet I think - I still get daily moderation requests
16:16 cait we can ask in Marseille I think
16:16 caroline +1 thanks! seems a lot will get done then
16:16 caroline #topic Project updates
16:16 cait #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
16:16 caroline speaking of Marseille...
16:16 ashimema nothing like threatening people with baguettes ;)
16:17 caroline Did we have anything else to hash out for the screenshot update?
16:17 aude_c lol
16:17 aude_c Yes: do we have a video link?
16:17 cait for the mass edit: I sometimes put Manual in QA step
16:17 caroline as long as it's fresh, it shouldn't hurt too too much
16:17 cait so the status would not be necessarily be pushed always
16:17 cait not sure we can just update them to "Needs documenting"
16:18 cait they might be stuck in some other status
16:18 caroline ok no prob, we'll continue as is... I think we had an idea to do it, but needed to check the consequences and these are it
16:18 aude_c Marseille: can we send a message out in advance to the Koha mailing list, explaining how we're going to do it, what time people can start joining via the video link, also what we agreed last time about the copy of the images file?
16:18 ashimema I could try to dig out the removal of the 'manual' keyword and use that in the dashboard stats
16:18 aude_c I'm happy to do it myself - just wanted to check we were all ok on that
16:19 ashimema alongside the change from 'Needs documetation' to any other status
16:19 ashimema .. I might even be able to update the link/counts to search on status or keyword?
16:19 caroline ashimema, it could cause noise no?
16:19 ashimema cait.. you might be able to guide me there a bit 😜
16:19 cait um where to?
16:20 caroline aude_c, good idea, I'll draft something
16:20 aude_c thanks :)
16:20 caroline I'd also like to do a trial run if anyone is interested... maybe tomorrow since I know some of you work on community stuff on fridays
16:20 ashimema has anyone talked to Paul about vid links?... biblibre's internet sometimes creaks a bit under the load of all of us
16:20 aude_c caroline: yes
16:20 aude_c ashimema: ah. No...
16:21 * ashimema makes a mental note to ask about roaming and our current mobile contracts at ptfs-e
16:21 aude_c meant to ask you about sandboxes too, ashimema
16:21 caroline that way we can see what goes wrong before there are too many of us doing it at the same time
16:21 ashimema wonder how good marseille is with 5g
16:22 cait maybe email paul_p directly for options, he might be able to help
16:22 cait I seem to remember that we plugged into the network last time and that was better?
16:22 caroline I'm here for your afternoon, so we can try something tomorrow in your afternoon, I could ping you guys to send a couple of submissions in and see how the work flows... is that ok?
16:23 aude_c looks like several phone operators cover Marseille for 5G (no idea what we get switched to when we're there with our UK phones)
16:24 ashimema the 5G at my house is faster than my fiber to the home connection.. it's crazy
16:25 caroline any other project updates?
16:25 aude_c caroline: yes. I'm not usually on IRC so you may have to email (sorry!)
16:25 caroline thanks aude_c and lucy for the EDI stuff! I'm really excited about having one chapter 100% up to date
16:26 caroline ok I'll send you all an email then
16:26 aude_c I was just about to say: lucyvh has been working on the EDI chapter following your request
16:27 caroline yes she sumbitted it and I merged it should be up-to-date here[…].html#edi-process
16:27 aude_c :)
16:27 caroline aude_c++ lucyvh++ :D
16:28 lucyvh[m] Still updates to do on the images!
16:28 caroline in other project, I decided to update the Notices & slips list following a question on the mailing list... a lot are missing still
16:28 * ashimema can nag aude_c and lucyvh to join irc if you need them any time caroline ;P
16:29 cait aude_c++ lucyvh++
16:29 caroline I'm working on it little by little adding links in respective sections so people searching for it can link back to the notice, etc.
16:29 caroline lol thanks ashimema!
16:29 aude_c I'm working on documenting the pseudonymization sys prefs.
16:29 caroline ooh great!
16:29 cait Inoticed that we don't have infomration on Elasticsearch specifics for searching
16:30 cait especially when using "expert" search - I am going to file a bug
16:30 aude_c I was also answering questions on the Patron import tool earlier this week and spotted some Documentation bugs about it so I added those to my to-do list.
16:30 caroline ok I could try to get someone from bws to look at ES documentation... they were complaining about it
16:31 aude_c ah yes, it would be nice to have more information on Elastic searching
16:31 cait bywater had a nice cheat sheet in a blog post recently, that might be a nice starting point
16:31 caroline could you link it in the bug?
16:32 cait i have to do my first training with an elasticsearch intallation soon, I can try to add info tot he bug that I find, but might not be able to actually work on the manual anytime soon
16:32 cait yes I will
16:32 cait it came up in our workshop yesterday, I am still workign through my notes :)
16:32 caroline ok thanks!
16:33 aude_c we've got some info somewhere too
16:33 aude_c we could start by all adding what we have and then expand later
16:33 caroline #action caroline to send an email to the mailing list about hackfest screenshot update details
16:34 caroline #action caroline to ping docs team member friday march 17 to do a test run for screenshot update
16:35 caroline #info aude_c working on patron import docs
16:35 caroline #info aude_c working on pseudonymisation sysprefs
16:36 caroline #info caroline working on notices and slips
16:36 caroline am I missing anything?
16:36 aude_c all to look into Elasticsearch?
16:36 caroline #action all to look into their own docs for ES related info and submit it to have a starting point in the manual
16:37 aude_c that's us held to account now! haha
16:37 cait :)
16:38 caroline yours and bws' would be easier to use... mine and cait's are more likely to need translation before sumbitting :)
16:38 caroline moving on?
16:39 aude_c good point! I think what we have is a "advantages of Elastic" doc, but there are some actual point I could pull out
16:39 caroline #topic What's been done so far
16:39 caroline not sure what this topic is compared to the previous one...
16:39 thd People should know that at the present time wiki email is broken again which prevents new account creation and password resetting.  I can reset passwords on the wiki docker container command line and could presumably create new accounts on the command line.  Probably some Postfix security update at tcohen's SMTP server has made things too secure.  Gabriel, his systems administration person will fix it sometime soon we hope.  Running the wiki i
16:39 thd n a Docker container complicates email authentication which is already complex enough because of spam prevention issues but a mail system on the same server would not be localhost when the wiki is in a Docker container.  Several hours fiddling with wiki settings did not fix the problem but Gabriel can adjust both the SMTP server and the wiki.
16:39 thd Sorry that was a bit verbose ..
16:40 caroline #info wiki email is currently broken, no new account/password reset for the moment
16:40 cait thx for letting us know thd
16:40 thd If you really need password reset I can do it from the command line.
16:41 caroline should I info that? Not sure I want to advertise contacting you directly...
16:41 thd We hope it will be fixed soon by Gabriel who has access to the tcohen's SMTP server which I do not.
16:41 caroline #info Theke working on resolving the wiki email issue
16:42 caroline thanks for the update thd!
16:42 thd You could try sending a message to td-koha-wiki-admin AT and check your spam box for a couple of weeks as I may not satisfy some email authentication systems.
16:46 caroline #info if urgent help needed for wiki password reset/account creation send message to td-koha-wiki-admin AT
16:47 caroline #topic Content development guidelines
16:47 caroline there is nothing here in the agenda, does anyone have anything?
16:48 aude_c no
16:49 caroline #topic Next steps
16:49 caroline #info see agenda for links to to-do lists
16:49 caroline I don't have anything to add...
16:50 caroline #topic General discussion
16:50 caroline ashimema, you wanted to talk about video calls?
16:51 aude_c shall we try it for next meeting?
16:51 aude_c It would mean writing minutes separately
16:53 caroline #info video calls discussion postponed to next meeting
16:53 caroline #action caroline to add video calls to next agenda
16:53 caroline #topic Set time of next meeting
16:53 caroline april 13?
16:54 aude_c yes
16:54 caroline just looking at the times...
16:55 caroline it's really hard to get both europe and nz lolo
16:56 caroline 14UTC is 10am eastern america/canada, 3pm london, 4pm central europe
16:56 caroline (2am nz... :/ )
16:57 aude_c we'll never find a time that's in the workday for everyone
16:57 caroline #info Next meeting: 13 April, 2023, 14 UTC
16:57 caroline #endmeeting
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16:57 huginn Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]16-16.03.log.html
16:58 caroline thanks everyone!
16:58 aude_c I don't mind if it's later in the evening Uk time every couple of months, if it makes it easier for NZ time
16:58 thd We can find a time when some people will not have to be asleep.
16:58 caroline I'll try to alternate next time
16:58 caroline unfortunately, I can't stay very late on Thursdays
16:59 thd Thursdays are not the best for me either.
16:59 aude_c thanks. Bye for now!
16:59 thd Why do people want video?
17:00 thd Why do people want video meetings?
17:00 caroline not sure... we'll see next meeting :)
17:00 aude_c it's more sound I'm personally interested in. Makes it easier to talk over things
17:00 thd Zoom is the road to proprietary doom for a free software project.
17:01 aude_c that's why we're looking at Jitsi Meet, I guess!
17:01 caroline @later tell tuxayo can you run the meeting script of the docs meeting for me? thanks!
17:01 huginn caroline: The operation succeeded.
17:02 caroline off to lunch, talk later!
17:05 lucyvh[m] Thnx all
17:16 cait bug 33255
17:16 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=33255 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Update the manual with information on searching with Elasticsearch
17:34 cait bye!
17:34 cait left #koha
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18:10 zimbo_[m] hey, wasn´t the chat in the koha interface once?
18:12 caroline zimbo_[m], if it ever was, it was before my time
18:14 zimbo_[m] since when r u working on koha?
18:14 caroline 2017
18:14 zimbo_[m] no i defintetly saw it like a few months ago
18:15 caroline in the staff interface?
18:15 zimbo_[m] yes
18:16 caroline And you would chat with...? other staff members?
18:16 zimbo_[m] no i saw the devs talking on it
18:17 zimbo_[m] about the new things about koha
18:17 caroline it's really not ringing a bell, sorry... :/
18:17 caroline although in my defense, my memory is very poor... so I might just not remember it
18:18 ashimema I've never seen that
18:18 ashimema Not since I've been in Koha since 2009
18:18 ashimema I like the idea though
18:18 zimbo_[m] I´m losing my mind lmao literally no one remembers it but i went on it so many times
18:19 zimbo_[m] yeah it was pretty cool if it ever was a thing (I´m not sure anymore lmaooo)
18:19 caroline It might have been a local customization of like integrating an IRC client into Koha?
18:19 ashimema I imagine it wouldn't be crazy hard to embed an element client
18:20 zimbo_[m] ughh idk, thanks for the help tho! :)
18:21 ashimema I'd love a way to get more people involved int he Koha chatter
18:22 ashimema IRC still holds some back I think.. though I do think the matrix bridge and link to element from the website has helped a little
18:22 ashimema Maybe I'm imagining that though
18:22 caroline Yeah, I'm not sure having it in the staff interface would be such a great idea... we'd be only answering support questions from random library staff
18:22 zimbo_[m] i don´t remember being able to write in it tho
18:22 zimbo_[m] just read the messages
18:22 ashimema Indeed, that is true
18:24 caroline zimbo_[m], are you supported by a company? Maybe it was a special thing to present new features that your company did?
18:25 zimbo_[m] no we also have that but my company is a non english one and there were just english comments in it, saying whats new and kinda answering questions
18:26 caroline it's a cool idea, kind of like an AMA on new features
18:27 ashimema Interesting
18:28 ashimema I do love the idea
18:28 ashimema In a way
18:28 zimbo_[m] I always looked into it when i was bored at work :`) it was really great ngl i found it so interesting
18:29 * ashimema might need to think more about what he writes if the whole world was watching
18:30 caroline this channel here is very interesting. I always have it open on my second screen and read. even if I don't understand everything you learn a lot
18:30 ashimema Scary prospect
18:30 ashimema Yeah, I love it here
18:31 ashimema It would be good to have some more librarian focused chatter somewhere easily accessible though.. I've often thought that
18:31 caroline well, based on the number of people connected, there are a lot of lurkers
18:31 ashimema There's the mailing lists of course.. but they're not quite the same
18:31 ashimema We host a slack for our customers but actually getting them to really adopt it is proving really hard.. the forum we hosted didn't work either.. not did the mailing lists we did
18:32 caroline I was looking into discourse for our customers, but I really don't want to become a community moderator
18:34 ashimema It's not easy
18:34 ashimema We do all sorts of things
18:35 ashimema But it's really hard to get traction
18:36 caroline I guess it depends on the purpose or what you're trying to achieve with it?
18:37 caroline For me, I was looking for a way to field questions like "what do other libraries do for {insert very specific situation I have no idea about}"
18:38 caroline I wanted them to be able to ask each other those questions rather than going through me
18:38 ashimema Yup
18:38 ashimema Same
18:39 ashimema We see such questions pop up on their slack but we don't know the answer ourselves and there's no one lurking from other customers regularly
18:39 ashimema So it always dead ends
18:40 ashimema I'm really interested to know if anyone out there does have more luck with such an effort
18:40 caroline hm... so maybe a forum type thing would be better?
18:40 ashimema Tried that
18:40 ashimema Same problem
18:40 ashimema Discourse
18:40 ashimema We replaced it with slack
18:41 caroline hah! I'll know not to try it then ;)
18:41 ashimema The core issue was timing.. people had questions.. rarely did they have answers
18:42 caroline A user meetup?
18:42 ashimema And they tended to only come by when they had such a question.. so even if they had answers when they finally came to look it was often weeks or months after a question had been asked and garnered no interest
18:43 caroline yeah... people want to take but not necessarily give back
18:43 ashimema We do that too.  Those are a bit more successful... Though also difficult to attract people to .. travel budgets and things
18:43 ashimema We tried going online, hosting zoom.. also struggled a bit
18:45 ashimema Only seems to really work online when we lead the discussion.. we do our 'open discussions'.. an open invite zoom + YouTube call about random topics we pick to try and evoke chatter
18:45 ashimema Those work better
18:46 caroline interesting
18:46 ashimema It's funny.. because there's are lots of really cool really knowledgeable people out there
18:46 ashimema When we do manage to get them all taking magic happens
18:46 ashimema Just really hard to open the door
18:47 caroline we did our first "upgrade webinar" last fall and we surprisingly had a lot of people coming
18:47 caroline I think I had one question... but a lot of them told me they enjoyed it
18:48 ashimema I wonder if an inter-koha instances chat inside the staff client would work?
18:48 ashimema Where your admin could pick the libraries it connects to
18:48 caroline interesting
18:49 zimbo_[m] ohhh that sounds like it could work
18:51 CaptainNero[m] 😶‍🌫️
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