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01:56 tuxayo mjkerpan:
01:56 tuxayo > the 4gb Pi 4 that's our current server
01:56 tuxayo Nice to see a Koha there!
01:56 tuxayo How many concurrent users? What sort of operations? How much 4Gb is the database?
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02:15 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
03:38 tuxayo *How much Gb is
03:38 tuxayo To see how much can fit in innodb cache. Is the server dedicated to Koha?
08:02 mtj mjkerpan[m]: try upgrading to a cheap laptop - 2nd-hand thinkpad t420s are $10-ish US
08:03 mtj ..and 4x times the geekbench score
08:03 mtj 2408
08:03 mtj
08:03 mtj
09:19 mtj
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12:41 dalatoma I'm following the 'Koha on Debian' guide but have got stuck at the 'Create a Koha instance' part.  This section doesn't say anything about supplying the 'koha-create' command with a MySQL username and password.  I don't see how 'koha-create' can create the database if it doesn't know the MySQL root password
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