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06:48 reiveune hello
06:48 wahanui que tal, reiveune
07:08 magnuse bonjour #koha
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07:54 ashimema Morning
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09:39 Joubu ashimema, tcohen:[…]10482e8d90c9d94a4
10:03 * cait1 wave
10:03 * cait1 waves
10:12 MarkHofstetter good morning
10:14 cait1 good morning MarkHofstetter :)
10:18 MarkHofstetter how do I adress paths eg for OPACXSLTResultsDisplay within ktd?
10:19 cait1 hm let me check my notes where I put them
10:21 Joubu MarkHofstetter: you can created a file named shared/custom.sql at the root of your koha src dir
10:22 Joubu put there some SQL queries and they will be injected at the end of the installer process
10:22 ashimema ho.. that's awesome
10:22 ashimema I didn't know ktd did that.. we deffo need to document that!
10:22 cait1 hm I don't have a version for ktd yet, with kohadevbox I used:
10:22 cait1 /home/vagrant/kohaclone/koha-tmpl/intrane​t-tmpl/prog/{langcode}/xslt/MARC21/...xsl
10:23 cait1 ashimema: not ktd, koha
10:23 ashimema oh really..
10:23 wahanui it has been said that really is out of date on how our jenkins workflow all fits together these days
10:23 cait1 it's part of the installers - we use that so pre-set some stuff to German
10:24 cait1 ok, and I might have amended the file for soem more specific stuff, but you should find examples in Koha
10:24 ashimema :confused:
10:26 ashimema don't you mean this cait:[…]ysql/localization
10:26 ashimema Joubu said /shared/custom.sql
10:26 cait1 ah ok, i might mean a different thing, but same file name
10:26 cait1 installer/data/mysql/localization/de-DE/custom.sql
10:27 ashimema yeah.. I knew about that one
10:27 cait1 sorry for confusion
10:27 cait1 and we should document that shared one :)
10:27 ashimema I want something that's not tracked by git that I can add testing data to to customise my ktd with much more demo data to play with during dev
10:28 MarkHofstetter the full fs path /kohadevbox/koha/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/boots​trap/en/xslt/MARC21slim2OPACResults-xx.xsl does not seems to works
10:28 ashimema perhaps check your baseurl prefs too.. i find those sometimes cause issues with relative paths
10:29 ashimema tin this case that doesn't sound likely to me.. but might be worth a punt
10:30 Joubu cd $SYNC_REPO ; mkdir shared ; echo 'update systempreferences set value="/kohadevbox/koha/koha-tmpl/opac-tmpl/bo​otstrap/en/xslt/MARC21slim2OPACResults-xx.xsl" where variable="OPACXSLTResultsDisplay";' >> shared/custom.sql
10:31 Joubu that will set the value you want at start up time
10:32 MarkHofstetter the problem is, that it is not found "in the web" ie it's not working I get two 404s in the log
10:32 MarkHofstetter sorry I didn't make myself clear enough
10:33 Joubu xslt sysprefs can be abspath
10:33 cait1 Joubu: i think you are talking about different things
10:34 cait1 the problem seems to be finding the right path
10:34 Joubu yes that's possible, just ignore me if I don't make sense
10:34 cait1 not setting it into the pref
10:36 MarkHofstetter abspath is working now
10:36 MarkHofstetter thx
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11:29 oleonard Hi all
11:36 PedroAmorim[m] hiya
11:40 PedroAmorim[m] don't mind if I share my message from yesterday again hoping for some ILL insight. The short version is, working on bug 19822, I see 2 configs that aren't used anywhere in Koha: staff_request_comments and reply_date I was hoping if others could confirm this and that if instead of moving them to sys preferences, perhaps removing them altogether would make more sense. Also checked some backends and, of the ones I checked, none are using
11:40 PedroAmorim[m] these (FreeForm, BLDSS, Libris, Koha2Koha and NNCIPP)
11:40 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=19822 enhancement, P1 - high, ---, pedro.amorim, In Discussion , Add system preferences for ILL Module
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12:00 tcohen hola #koha o/
12:01 tcohen PedroAmorim[m]: I confirm I haven't used them in 2 backends
12:23 AgustinMoyano[m] Hi everyone, I've been doing son Vue stuff, and I noticed there is a qa rule that don't allow you to use bacticks in js files because gettext breaks (https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]bug.cgi?id=24725). I believe that rule doesn't apply anymore.. could we check and remove it if it doesn't apply? (backticks in js is great)
12:23 huginn Bug 24725: normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, CLOSED FIXED, xgettext does not support (yet) ES template literals
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12:37 tcohen AgustinMoyano[m]: how could we test that?
12:40 AgustinMoyano[m] In a js file put a text inside backticks and run 'perl translate update es-ES'
12:40 AgustinMoyano[m] When i tested that with my vue files that had a lot of backticks, it worked fine
12:41 tcohen you should add it to next dev meeting's agenda, for changing guidelines
12:42 tcohen it would be good if you added a way to check it
12:42 * ashimema loves js template literals too
12:43 AgustinMoyano[m] great, I'll add it then
12:43 AgustinMoyano[m] * tcohen: great, I'll
12:44 tcohen next meeting?
12:44 wahanui next meeting is probably https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]Next_IRC_meetings
12:46 cait1 in 2 hours today i think
12:47 Joubu tomorrow
12:47 Joubu yes AgustinMoyano[m], I noticed that as well
12:52 tcohen wednesdays
13:48 oleonard cait I'm glad you noticed Bug 32888 too, I didn't understand what was going on
13:48 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32888 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Ordering from staged records will use first fund from list when none was set
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14:26 ashimema anyone here know the history of the autoBardcode pref and code around it?
14:26 * ashimema finds himself asking why it's not handled at Koha::Item->store level (with a skip if the new item data passed include a barcode)...
14:27 ashimema looking at the various calls littered around the codebase, we seem a tad inconsistent with it's implementation.
14:27 Joubu asking because of the comment I let this morning?
14:27 ashimema er...
14:27 ashimema no.. where did you leave a comment?
14:27 Joubu 31799
14:28 Joubu "I don't think you are supposed to check the uniqueness of the barcode, it's at the DBMS level already."
14:28 ashimema haha.. I just left a very similar comment on bug 31798
14:28 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31798 new feature, P5 - low, ---, agustinmoyano, Failed QA , REST API: POST endpoint for Items
14:28 ashimema so tangentally related
14:29 ashimema our PUT vs PATCH is a bit of a pain point too
14:41 ashimema Would you agree to us unifying the autoBarcode handling inside Koha::Item->store Joubu ?
14:41 ashimema it feels really odd to have it littered around controllers
14:41 ashimema I can understand the value_builders so you get to see the barcode it's going to attempt to assign
14:42 ashimema but for other cases where we're assigning in the background and trusting the system to get it right.. we should just be doing it centrally rather than in each of the different controllers
14:48 Joubu yes, I think it makes sense to have it in store
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15:12 ashimema Recorded a bug
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16:13 reiveune bye
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17:04 oleonard Cataloging plugins are not user-friendly.
17:11 * cait1 hands oleonard the cookie jar
17:12 cait1 sounds like you need a cheer up :)
17:12 cait1 bye all, cya tomorrow!
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19:52 davidnind Is it cataloguing plugins or value builders? In the staff interface (when editing subfields it is plugin). Elsewhere, such as the manual value builders is also used.
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