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00:00 davidnind Happy for you to try when you get time
00:00 davidnind I've got to go for a few hours, will be back later this afternoon or evening
00:00 tuxayo ok, I'm trying to find my last attempt
00:00 tuxayo see you next then o/
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07:01 paxed is there a way to see how elasticsearch has indexed a record?
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07:30 fridolin paxed: you can via the Elasticsearch API or Kibana
07:31 fridolin GET <index name>/data/<biblionumber>
07:31 paxed ah. i was looking at the ES API, but hasn't yet spotted that. i knew how to search it ;)
07:32 paxed thanks
07:32 fridolin your welcome
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07:35 reiveune hello
07:35 wahanui bidet, reiveune
07:46 NikolayGospodinov[m] Hello. We are currently developing a new site for our library. I have the following question: We have settled on the choice of developing an API fro communication between the site an Koha and my question is whether it can the API be integrated with SIP protocol to communicate with Koha!
07:48 fridolin NikolayGospodinov[m]: mmmm Koha can behave like a SIP server form circulation, but its not realy an API
07:48 NikolayGospodinov[m] Okey
07:49 NikolayGospodinov[m] but if i want to create an API so it can take information from Koha.
07:49 fridolin https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]SIP2_server_setup
07:49 fridolin the "real" API is a REST via HTTP
07:50 fridolin https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]T_API_Users_Guide
07:51 fridolin You may have a look at
07:52 fridolin looks like a similar project
07:55 fridolin have fun ;)
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08:00 alex_ Bonjour
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08:22 cait1 good morning #koha
09:07 paxed hmm... i can't seem to be abel to search language code |||
09:07 paxed able*
09:07 paxed ln:|||
09:08 paxed -> no results.
09:08 paxed i've tried all kinds of escaping.
09:08 paxed otoh, can't get results via ES API either
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09:09 Sk_Nasim i want to know the details of package of koha in windows
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09:21 cait1 paxed: I assume it might be one of the characters set to be ignored
09:21 cait1 by Zebra at least... or even interpreted as or?
09:23 paxed cait1: yup, that's my suspicion too, but i have no idea how to debug it
09:24 ashimema morning #koha
09:54 Joubu davidnind, tuxayo: re the dev meeting script - please don't do anything manually, try the latest version of the code and see if it fixes the problem. If it does not, report the problem on the gitlab's issue.
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11:16 oleonard o/
11:37 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:37 oleonard welcome back tcohen
11:58 oleonard ashimema around?
11:58 ashimema hola
11:59 oleonard I'm looking at your patch for Bug 32733
11:59 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32733 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Needs Signoff , Add more page-sections to basket summary page
11:59 ashimema 🙂
12:00 oleonard I'm wondering about the headings, and whether we can reorganize information based on the categories
12:00 ashimema I'm confident it can be done better with less code.. but my brain has completely faded around the 'rows'/'row' classes and how they fit together
12:00 ashimema hell yes.. I was thinking exactly that too
12:00 ashimema I was kinda hoping someone might make that suggestion 😄
12:00 oleonard My thought is that maybe "Settings" is for fields that can be changed via this interface (managed by, managing user, basket group)
12:01 oleonard Information == display only, settings == might be changeable if you have the right permissions
12:01 oleonard The division won't be as distinct if you don't have permissions
12:02 oleonard Maybe cait1 or cait[m] has an opinion
12:03 ashimema I think that makes sense too
12:03 ashimema I wondered about splitting out 'Notes' as it's own thing too as I think those can grow right?
12:04 ashimema I find the order of those fields a bit arbitrary at the moment.. I don't know how we arrived at their display order right now.
12:04 oleonard I don't really know what notes are used for in practice.
12:04 ashimema me either
12:04 ashimema well..
12:05 ashimema I know the 'Vendor note' can be used by EDI for a vendor to give a status update.. usually some detail around why an order may be been cancelled.
12:05 ashimema I think
12:23 oleonard I submitted a follow-up ashimema
12:24 ashimema awesome
12:24 ashimema will take a look
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12:31 marcelr o/
12:32 ashimema looks nice to me 🙂
12:33 ashimema just taking the dog out for a walk then will sign off your follow-up 🙂
13:29 cait1 oh, reading back now
13:31 cait1 without seeing it waht I read made sense
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14:22 magnuse wow, so many shiny new things in 22.11!
14:22 cait1 oh yah
14:25 * magnuse will be doing a presentation of "what is new in 22.11" for the swedish user group tomorrow :-)
14:26 caroline magnuse++
14:26 ashimema nice
14:29 cait1 magnuse: alredy did mine :)
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15:02 huberto Hello everyone.
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16:08 * cait1 waves
16:13 reiveune bye
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18:19 tcohen @later tell thd please ping me to schedule a chat about Canasta 1.2.2
18:19 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
19:10 tuxayo @later tell Joubu «re the dev meeting script - please don't do anything manually» Of course, I tried yesterday and did not have the time to fix dependencies (I messed them up when troubleshooting for the ticket) so I'll retry asap.
19:10 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
19:21 davidnind tuxayo: I have posted on the issue - I set things up again on my new laptop, after installing all the dependencies (also managed to get gcalcli configured) I was unsuccessful in getting the script to run. I've noted the errors on the issue.
19:26 tuxayo Thanks! I'll check it out before continuing.
19:30 marie-luce <
19:30 marie-luce oups. sorry. wrong window
19:30 marie-luce Have a lovely day

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