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00:43 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
01:08 magnuse thanks for your help and support, cait & rangi! much appreciated!
01:18 tuxayo davidnind thanks for putting the meeting of tomorrow if that's you who did that
01:21 tuxayo magnuse: note that MySQL 5.7 isn't support. Unless something changed, since two years, the CI doesn't test it anymore
01:23 tuxayo Glad that you managed to seemingly have a working update in the end. But you instance isn't safe relating to data integrity and additional bug related to MySQL 5.7
01:26 tuxayo Hum, 22.05 doesn't even have mysql 8 in CI
01:26 tuxayo On MariaDB 10.1 10.3 10.5 10.6
01:27 tuxayo Master still test MySQL 8 so it's kinda covered
01:28 tuxayo Ok we don't have any kind of MySQL support advertised: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]d_recommendations
01:28 tuxayo Not even experimental
01:58 tuxayo mtj: "no nodes found" for https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_22.05_D11_OS7/
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02:06 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
02:07 rangi[m] ahh i found what is killing the logbot
02:07 rangi[m] its the emojis
02:07 rangi[m] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\xA4\xB7' for column 'line' at row 1 at ./ line 33.
02:07 rangi[m] ill see if i can fix it
02:08 tuxayo XD
02:08 tuxayo rangi[m]:  utf8mb4 migration then?
02:09 tuxayo [alohalog]( somehow doesn't crash
02:09 tuxayo lol, Element fails on alohalog having a ` in the nick
02:09 rangi[m] yeah it'll be a db setting, it only started after the dist upgrade
02:10 tuxayo Ah right, we have emojis since some times here
02:11 tuxayo Sad that gitlab's online editor fails so much in creating merge request
02:11 tuxayo It could be very handy to submit trivial patches
02:11 tuxayo "You can only create or edit files when you are on a branch" I am!
02:11 mtj rangi[m], hiya, i dont seem to have the problem on an ilbot, running..
02:12 mtj[…]16dd2c499e3d8ba3f
02:13 rangi[m] ah right
02:14 tuxayo > Sad that gitlab's online editor fails so much
02:14 tuxayo Their online IDE also...
02:14 mtj mariadb-server-10.3                    1:10.3.36-0+deb10u2
02:14 mtj perl                                   5.28.1-6+deb10u1
02:17 rangi[m] 😀 test
02:18 rangi[m] changin the collate and charset on the column worked
02:18 rangi[m][…]3-01-25#i_2469489
02:19 tuxayo rangi++
02:19 tuxayo 🎉
02:19 tuxayo mtj: fix for 22.05 CI :)[…]erge_requests/412
02:20 mtj 🍻
02:22 tuxayo thanks!
02:22 mtj tuxayo: thank you :)
02:23 tuxayo yw
02:23 tuxayo let's rebuild!
02:47 tuxayo 8 min build???
02:48 tuxayo mtj: oh is that a build that only tests ES stuff? https://jenkins.koha-community[…]S7/77/consoleText
02:48 tuxayo cool!
06:28 davidnind rangi++
06:28 davidnind The IRC log bot is back!
06:29 davidnind tuxayo: I don't think it was me that did anything for the next development meeting
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06:35 fridolin yellow
07:09 magnuse \o/
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07:19 reiveune hello
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07:27 melya Hi everyone.
07:27 melya Sometimes I have trouble following the Perl codes when working with the koha codes. I want to improve myself in Perl. Can you recommend a resource that teaches perl from beginner to advanced? It can be a web page, youtube channel or udemy course. Thank you very much in advance.
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08:12 cait1 good morning #koha
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08:34 magnuse after upgrading to 22.05.08 i am getting 404 errors when the patron search tries to call /api/v1/patrons. anyone else seen that? it could be a local customization, though
08:35 magnuse i have a 22.05.06 where this does not happen
08:36 magnuse there is also a js modal thingy that says "Something went wrong when loading the table. 404: Not found"
08:38 magnuse if i try to open the api call in a new tab i get a light blue page with a broken-image-icon and the text "Bye!" the source for that page contains "<img alt="Bye!" id="noraptor" src="/mojo/noraptor.png">"
08:44 cait1 do other API work ok? no problem with Auth?
08:55 magnuse Auth seems ok
08:55 magnuse i can't think of other tables that use the api in the same way as the patron search?
08:56 magnuse i have a hunch it might be related to a plugin
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09:50 magnuse seeing a bunch of this in the api-error.log: - /definitions/acquisitions_baskets_yaml-1ac​quisitions_1baskets_1managers-cda29c4aa9: Properties not allowed: get.
09:50 magnuse does that ring a bell for anyone?
09:56 mtj hi magnuse, do you have any cpan modules installed?
09:57 magnuse mtj: possibly
09:57 mtj https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/REST_API_Debug
09:58 mtj ^ try looking at the page, to make sure your openapi/mojo stuff is working ok
09:58 magnuse oh, that looks super, thanks!
09:59 mtj hmm i see you are on 22.05.08... so you should be ok
10:00 mtj anyhoo... its worth confirming, just in case
10:02 magnuse nope, not ok
10:02 magnuse Mojolicious JSON::Validator Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI are all too low versions, and JSON::Validator is in /usr/local/
10:02 wahanui Hmm.  No matches for that, magnuse.
10:03 mtj magnuse: great news - you have found your problem :)
10:03 magnuse woohoo!
10:03 magnuse now i just need to fix it :-)
10:04 mtj magnuse: if you do need to have other cpan stuff installed... you can just delete the mojo/json/opanapi stuff
10:05 mtj pmpath Mojolicious JSON::Validator Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI | grep '/usr/local/share/perl'
10:05 mtj ^^ those ones
10:06 mtj hmm, i thought 'apt install koha-common' would have upgraded those for you?!
10:07 magnuse yeah, that's what i thought too
10:10 mtj $ apt list -u
10:10 mtj magnuse: what does that say? ^
10:11 magnuse "Listing... Done"
10:12 mtj apt policy libmojolicious-perl
10:12 mtj apt policy libjson-validator-perl
10:12 mtj apt policy libmojolicious-plugin-openapi-perl
10:12 mtj ^ how about those?
10:14 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "apt policy" (38 lines) at
10:15 mtj magnuse: looks ok
10:16 magnuse hm, looks like i got myself into a bit of a catch 22 here
10:16 mtj how so?
10:16 mtj the cpan stuff?
10:17 magnuse think i fixed it
10:17 magnuse i deleted /usr/local/share/perl/5.30.0/JSON/Validator/ but not /usr/local/share/perl/5.30.0/JSON/
10:17 magnuse the paths look ok now
10:18 magnuse and the versions look good
10:18 mtj aah yep :)
10:18 magnuse and the patron search works!
10:18 magnuse mtj++ a thousand times!
10:19 magnuse you are a lifesaver!
10:19 mtj 🥂
10:19 mtj always a pleasure
10:21 magnuse you are just awesome!
11:24 oleonard Hi all
11:58 * cait1 waves
12:00 tuxayo hi :)
12:07 oleonard Thanks for the dev meeting reminder tuxayo !
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12:17 marcelr o/
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13:18 cait1 no tcohen yet?
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13:59 ashimema he's in theory back today I believe
13:59 ashimema but I've not seen him yet
14:23 caroline what could be a source of wronng csrf token when taking a picture of a patron?
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15:02 cait1 caroline: there is a bug for that
15:02 cait1 let me find it
15:02 caroline is there?
15:03 cait1 bug 31492
15:03 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31492 normal, P5 - low, ---, lucas, Pushed to oldstable , Patron image upload fails on first attempt with CSRF failure
15:03 ashimema a hackfest project I'm intending to do with a group is get these blasted csrf patches done once and for all
15:03 caroline thank you!
15:03 * ashimema has a pet hate
15:03 cait1 for me it's links named 'here' - what's yours?
15:04 caroline like "click 'here' to do X" ?
15:07 caroline cait++ thanks for the link :)
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16:17 cait1 caroline: like: you can find more information about our services here with here linked
16:18 cait1 ashimema: you never told us yours...
16:18 caroline wasn't it the csrf?
16:19 ashimema huh.. sorry
16:19 ashimema lol
16:20 cait1 so?
16:20 wahanui well, so is the koha ON the mac?
16:20 ashimema that would be a long list 😜
16:20 caroline lol! I love wahanui's responses sometimes
16:20 ashimema but I was menaing the csrf stuff
16:20 ashimema and translations
16:20 wahanui translations is another endpoing IMO
16:20 ashimema and.....
16:20 cait1 you are mean
16:20 cait1 ah, I should scroll down
16:21 ashimema we really need to sort out translations.. it just took us hours to sort out all the issues for release
16:21 cait1 mistakes?
16:21 cait1 i think the suggestion to mark them fuzzy was ok
16:21 cait1 and script that
16:23 ashimema there's much more than that now
16:23 ashimema yes, we fuzzied a bunch
16:24 ashimema but you also need to add the plurals headers
16:24 ashimema and get them right
16:27 cait1 ah, i thought you'd get the empty ones at least
16:27 cait1 orcould fuzzy them too
16:50 reiveune bye
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16:51 tuxayo ashimema :) Audes sandbox disapeared on PTFS sandboxes ^^"
16:51 tuxayo It was http://sandboxes.ptfs-europe.c[…]ocker_log/serials
16:51 tuxayo It's still there but somehow not listed :o
16:54 ashimema pass
16:55 ashimema never seen that happen before
16:57 tuxayo Maybe the same happened on biblibre's server
16:58 tuxayo It was full with only 5 sandboxes over 6 possible
16:58 tuxayo So it might have been the same
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21:09 tuxayo @later tell davidnind "next meeting: 8 February 2022, 15 UTC". So it's planned, just need put it in the minutes. And then plan the next meeting for this timeslot. So in ~4 weeks. If I didn't mess up timezones, it could be moved at 22 UTC so it's 9am for east Australia covers better Americas.
21:09 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
21:26 davidnind taxayo: thanks, that is a great help
21:27 davidnind tuxayo: thanks, that is a great help 😁
22:30 cait[m] mtj: could you maybe have another look at bug 10112 to see if it's still needed?
22:30 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=10112 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtj, In Discussion , add test for ./debian/control file
22:31 lukeg tuxayo++
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22:57 tuxayo folks, don't forget to refresh meeting agenda, last minute change
23:01 davidnind #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 25 January 2023
23:01 huginn Meeting started Wed Jan 25 23:01:03 2023 UTC.  The chair is davidnind. Information about MeetBot at
23:01 huginn Useful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.
23:01 huginn The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_25_january_2023'
23:01 davidnind #chair tuxayo
23:01 huginn Current chairs: davidnind tuxayo
23:01 davidnind Does anyone else want to be added as a chair?
23:01 davidnind #info Agenda https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_25_January_2023
23:02 davidnind (Please refresh t pick up the latest changes)
23:02 davidnind #topic Introductions
23:02 davidnind #info David Nind, New Zealand
23:02 tuxayo #info Victor Grousset, Taxayo Accounting Ltd., France
23:02 lukeg #info Lucas Gass, ByWater Solutions
23:04 tuxayo Yay someone from the Americas (I only noticed recently that part of the continent couldn't attend the other timeslot)
23:04 * tuxayo might not be there for long
23:04 tuxayo (waiting for a call)
23:05 davidnind no worries
23:06 davidnind right, hopefully some others will turn up as we go through the agenda
23:06 davidnind #topic Announcements
23:06 tuxayo rmaints?
23:06 wahanui somebody said rmaints was liliputech, wainui, lukeg and ashimema
23:06 tuxayo qa_team?
23:06 wahanui i heard qa_team was cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp,  lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
23:06 davidnind Any new announcements that anyone is aware of?
23:07 tuxayo Hackfest! (earlier meeting might have been before the anouncement)
23:07 lukeg Rmaints are doing the monthly releases. 22.11.02 is ready, 22.05.09 will be here tomorrow
23:08 tuxayo #info Hackfest in Marseille, France, info and registration: https://lists.koha-community.o[…]nuary/047486.html
23:08 davidnind Thanks tuxayo!
23:09 davidnind Also the KohaLa ( hackfest was on - great to see some sign offs and other work going on (23-25 January)
23:09 davidnind #topic Update from the Release Manager (23.05)
23:10 tuxayo Ah yes I forgot the the KohaLa hackthon!
23:10 davidnind Were you there?
23:11 lukeg I think Tomas is just returning from vacation and will be back tomorrow
23:11 davidnind no tcohen, so no update for this meeting
23:11 tuxayo > Were you there?
23:11 tuxayo Yes, will detail in the QA section
23:11 davidnind thanks lukeg!
23:11 davidnind #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
23:12 lukeg We begun January releases. 22.11.02 is ready, 22.05.09 should be ready by tomorrow
23:12 davidnind Excellent!
23:12 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
23:12 tuxayo Wainui reverted the unneeded security fixes on 21.05.x
23:12 tuxayo No re-release since no packages were releases.
23:12 tuxayo That's the info I got.
23:12 lukeg I believe Arthur is working to get tests passing before he releases 21.11.20
23:13 tuxayo Great, I email them about that to see if they needed help
23:14 tuxayo lukeg: yesterday you got a free fix for your 22.05 CI with OpenSearch ^^
23:14 davidnind Always a nice challenge! Also, I think mtj and others have also been working on Jenkins improvements for testing and running tests locally (from previous chat discussions).
23:14 tuxayo Something in the ktd config that was forgotten to backport to 22.05 ktd branch
23:15 davidnind Release Maintainers++
23:15 tuxayo > mtj and others have also been working on Jenkins improvements for testing and running tests locally
23:15 tuxayo locally I don't know, but running the security branch yes!
23:15 tuxayo It seems the last part is chalenging.
23:15 lukeg OK. Thanks tuxayo!
23:15 tuxayo It should always work locally
23:15 davidnind #info Maintenance releases: 22.11.02 released, others in progress and expected soon...
23:15 tuxayo But having the CI is a much more reliable workflow
23:17 davidnind It's all a "magic box" to me (CI), but great to see work on improving things
23:17 tuxayo mtj++
23:18 davidnind Is OpenSearch Ci testing new, and what versions (so I can add an info for the agenda)
23:18 tuxayo > is OpenSearch Ci testing new
23:18 tuxayo no
23:18 tuxayo It's just a fix on 22.05, the other most recent branches had it since a few months
23:19 davidnind Thanks tuxayo for the clarification, good to have it working for 22.05!
23:19 davidnind If there are no other release-related updates, I'll move n to the next agenda item
23:20 tuxayo And on the CI was broken (OpenSearch setup was wrong), not when using it IRL.
23:20 tuxayo *only the CI
23:20 tuxayo yes
23:20 davidnind good to have it fixed
23:20 davidnind #topic Updates from the QA team
23:21 tuxayo qa_team?
23:21 wahanui hmmm... qa_team is cait, marcelr, khall, kidclamp,  lukeg, aleisha, fridolin, ashimema, tuxayo, nugged, petrova, Joubu and dcook
23:21 davidnind It's a bit late for cait, and I think she sends out a regular update to QA Team members
23:22 tuxayo Yes, late for Europe
23:22 tuxayo > I think she sends out a regular update to QA Team members
23:22 tuxayo yes
23:22 tuxayo With a list of notable ticket
23:23 tuxayo And queue since
23:23 tuxayo Not much in particular except "Please QA!"
23:23 tuxayo ^^
23:23 tuxayo Related to QA: patch testing during the KohaLa hackathon
23:24 davidnind #info QA queue is quite high at the moment (145!), please QA if you can
23:24 tuxayo 3 attendants, 2 new people trained on patch testing. Results for attendants: 11 tickets out of the Needs Signoff queue: 5 signoffs and 6 failed QA. And 2 attempt with a comment let on the ticket to ask for more details about how to test.
23:24 davidnind That's great!
23:24 tuxayo Compared to the time planing and announcing, the results are worth it this time ^o^
23:26 tuxayo #info If any local community or company organizes a remote hackathon or so other hands-on event, I'll be glad to make a workshop for patch testing :)
23:26 davidnind #info Association KohaLa hackathon was held 23-25 January 2023
23:26 davidnind tuxayo++
23:27 davidnind #info 3 attendees, 2 new people trained on patch testing. Results: 11 tickets out of the Needs Signoff queue: 5 signoffs and 6 failed QA. And 2 attempt with a comment let on the ticket to ask for more details about how to test.
23:28 tuxayo Next up is updating the sandboxes documentations with all the stuff learned since the last month of usage to make testing as autonomous as possible. I'll ask for feedback when I complete the draft for changes and merge into the page. Hopefully soon ^^
23:28 davidnind Thanks for the update tuxayo, great to get new people involved (and thanks to those who organised and helped!)
23:28 tuxayo As yes I have something to info actually
23:29 davidnind The notes on the talk page look great!
23:30 davidnind #info Updated sandbox documentation being worked on by tuxayo, see the talk page and feel free to comment and contribute https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]_testable_tickets
23:30 tuxayo #info Here are criteria for what can and can't be tested on sandboxes. Feedback, completion, correction welcome to make make testing as autonomous as possible: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Talk:Sandboxes#3
23:30 tuxayo ha ha, same
23:31 davidnind It's good to know what can't be tested using the sandboxes
23:31 davidnind #topic Status of roadmap projects
23:31 tuxayo So many cases 🤯
23:31 davidnind No tcohen, so I will defer top the next meeting
23:31 davidnind top = to !
23:31 davidnind #topic Actions from last meeting
23:32 davidnind I'll just action the items for those not at this meeting so they appear on the next meeting agenda
23:32 tuxayo 👍️
23:32 davidnind #action cait add to RMaint documentation to run the test suite locally for security release
23:33 davidnind I vaguely remember seeing something, so it may have been done already (but can't quickly find it)
23:33 tuxayo Yes, done
23:33 davidnind you can do yours now if you like tuxayo
23:33 tuxayo «tuxayo reach wainui about the broken 21.05 release and investigate the failures. »
23:34 tuxayo «    Done, 21.05 not affected by security issues so the fix broke it. Revert pushed, no new release done since the packages by chance ^^" weren't published. Hopefully no one gets 21.05 via the tag, because no new tag done.»
23:34 tuxayo we already went through that
23:34 davidnind Don't think I can undo an action, but will leave off the next agenda
23:34 tuxayo no worries
23:34 tuxayo «tuxayo forward to the Forgejo/Gitea news and question to koha-devel »
23:34 tuxayo done: https://lists.koha-community.o[…]nuary/048013.html
23:34 tuxayo «tuxayo try to sum up ideas about guideline for SQL and sent to koha-devel for completion, rephrasing and terminology fixing. »
23:34 tuxayo done https://lists.koha-community.o[…]nuary/048016.html
23:35 tuxayo ok my stuff
23:35 tuxayo *for my stuff
23:35 davidnind #info Broken 21.05 release: 21.05 not affected by security issues, so the fix broke it. Revert pushed, no new release done since the packages weren't published
23:36 davidnind #info Forgejo/Gitea fork and what we should do - tuxayo posted to the development mailing list
23:37 davidnind #action Please reply to the mailing list about Forgejo/Gitea fork and what we should do
23:37 tuxayo thanks for having found this issue out davidnind++
23:39 davidnind I have started using as an experiment, and it was mentioned on a Mastodon post
23:40 davidnind #info  tuxayo has summed up ideas about guideline for SQL and sent to koha-devel for completion, rephrasing and terminology fixing https://lists.koha-community.o[…]nuary/048016.html
23:41 tuxayo So Codeberg is "just" a public Forgejo instance with a respectable governance and funding model, is that how it is?
23:41 davidnind #action Guidelines for SQL - please provide feedback on the mailing list https://lists.koha-community.o[…]nuary/048016.html
23:42 davidnind I think so, trying to provide an alternative to GitHub and GitLab
23:42 tuxayo Good ^^
23:42 davidnind #action tcohen To schedule/call a "CSRF day" to work on related patches together (previously deferred until after the 22.11 release).
23:43 davidnind #action tcohen To draft proposal for master→main change and draft of action list (previously deferred until after the 22.11 release).
23:43 davidnind #action oleonard ashimema Draft in the developer handbook how to form our modals. With template of a simple case and a case with form inside. Update: focus is currently on staff interface redesign changes, see the draft style guide:[…]-styleguide-draft (previously deferred until after the 22.11 release).
23:43 davidnind I think that is all the actions from the previous meetings!
23:43 davidnind #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
23:44 davidnind Any general items attendees would like to raise?
23:44 tuxayo I forgot to postpone topic "ACK pre vs post processing for background jobs "
23:44 tuxayo «Bug 32573 - should ACK a message before it forks and runs the job suggests we should ACK of STOMP messages before we begin processing which would avoid the issue 30 minute time issue among other problems. It appears that the STOMP documentation and the RabbitMQ documentation do not agree. We should have a vote if needed»
23:44 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32573 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Passed QA , should ACK a message before it forks and runs the job
23:44 tuxayo from last meeting, so it almost was lost
23:46 tuxayo hi again, oops, I closed my chat by accident
23:47 tuxayo I guess postpone it again ^^"
23:47 davidnind cool
23:47 tuxayo #action tuxayo postpone to next meeting this: "ACK pre vs post processing for background jobs" from https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]g_11_January_2023
23:49 davidnind It is also great to note that rangi has fixed the bot for IRC logging (problems caused by recent server updates), so the IRC logs are back!
23:49 wahanui okay, davidnind.
23:49 tuxayo lol wahanui
23:49 davidnind #info IRC logging is now back working (thanks to rangi for fixing!)
23:50 davidnind #topic Review of coding guidelines
23:50 tuxayo See second IRC logbot to see stuff that was missed by the main bot
23:50 tuxayo #info See second IRC logbot to see stuff that was missed by the main bot
23:51 davidnind That's great, didn't know the URL for that!
23:51 davidnind mtj++
23:51 tuxayo mtj++
23:51 tuxayo I learned about it due to the other one not working ^^
23:51 davidnind There were no coding guideline agenda items, so moving on to the last item
23:52 davidnind #topic Set time for next meeting
23:52 tuxayo btw, I was emojis that made the main logbot crash ^^"
23:52 davidnind good to know
23:52 davidnind Next meeting time already decided
23:52 tuxayo (database not configured to support wide enough character ranges)
23:53 davidnind #info Next meeting: 8 February 2023, 15:00 UTC
23:55 davidnind #info For the 22 February 2023 meeting, the time is already decided: move to 22:00 UTC so that it is 9am for Australia (Sydney) and better covers the Americas.
23:55 davidnind Anything else for this meeting?
23:55 tuxayo nope :)
23:56 davidnind lukeg?
23:56 wahanui lukeg is around now :)
23:56 tuxayo lol
23:56 davidnind wahanui is being funny today!
23:56 tuxayo wahanui botsnack cookie
23:56 wahanui :)
23:56 davidnind #endmeeting
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23:56 huginn Minutes (text): https://meetings.koha-communit[…]3-01-25-23.01.txt
23:56 huginn Log:            https://meetings.koha-communit[…]25-23.01.log.html
23:57 tuxayo davidnind++ thanks for chairing :)
23:57 davidnind thanks tuxayo and lukeg!
23:57 davidnind maybe slightly earlier next time we may get some more attendees
23:57 davidnind did you manage to egt any of the meeting script working?
23:58 davidnind if not, I'll add manually later today
23:58 tuxayo @later tell lukeg tell your colleges this timeslot works for most of them. They might be used to the other timeslot since years that is too early for the USA
23:58 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
23:58 tuxayo > did you manage to egt any of the meeting script working?
23:58 tuxayo As much as you but Jonathan push a fix!
23:58 tuxayo So we can try it now :)
23:59 tuxayo It seems to be due to captchas (new since the migration)
23:59 davidnind That makes sense
23:59 tuxayo But Jonathan account is privileged and doesn't get them, so it's use who will really test it ^^
23:59 tuxayo *it's us

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