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00:02 davidnind Sounds about right - if you have the Google Calendar access you could try that as well, but I guess the first step is to get the Wiki updating
00:03 davidnind I added a log of the output I got to the issue in GitLab (forgot I did that!)[…]etings/-/issues/4
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10:22 librariana hello i need help with error encountered with marc editor
10:34 davidnind librariana: ask away (it's normally pretty quiet around here over the weekend)
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21:37 tuxayo dcook++ thanks for the SSO testing guiding, that will certainly come handy.
22:27 tuxayo koha-koha-1       | Running [sudo koha-shell kohadev -c '(cd /kohadevbox/koha ; PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/koh​adevbox/bin:/kohadevbox/koha/node_modul​es/.bin/:/kohadevbox/node_modules/.bin/ yarn build_js)']...
22:27 tuxayo koha-koha-1       | Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/root/.config/yarn'
22:27 tuxayo koha-koha-1       |     at Object.openSync (fs.js:498:3)
22:27 tuxayo Anyone heard of this when spinning up koha testing docker?
22:27 cait[m] do a chown on your repo
22:27 cait[m] to your user outside of ktd
22:28 cait[m] and then rerun
22:28 tuxayo :o
22:28 cait[m] I think I hit that a little while ago
22:28 tuxayo I try deleted node_modules which indeed was messed up with permissions. So it's the git repo!
22:29 tuxayo *tried deleting
22:29 cait[m] well, try it first, but I am hopeful it will help
22:30 tuxayo I did and it didn't do anything. But I didn't suspect it was the same issue but for .git
22:32 tuxayo same crash :o
22:32 cait[m] you did the chown on your koha repo, right? to your normal user?
22:32 tuxayo I updated the images, koha's code and ktd's code an our ago.
22:33 tuxayo > you did the chown on your koha repo, right? to your normal user?
22:33 tuxayo Yes, the whole directory. `sudo chown victor:users -R .` with the same user and group as the files in my home directory
22:33 cait[m] sudo chown -R user:user /home/user/git/koha is what I use
22:34 cait[m] and a ktd down?
22:34 tuxayo I messed the params order!!!
22:35 tuxayo It's sudo chown -R user:user /home/user/git/koha as you said.
22:35 tuxayo Not sudo chown user:user -R /home/user/git/koha
22:35 tuxayo I wonder why it didn't complain about not find the file "-R" or something like that
22:35 cait[m] i usually just C&P what i was told
22:35 tuxayo wait it works.
22:35 tuxayo both are valid
22:36 tuxayo It's just that starting ktd makes my .git/config comes back to root:root
22:36 tuxayo which is fines I guess if that happens to everyone
22:37 tuxayo So ownership is good but it still fail
22:39 cait[m] hm
22:39 tuxayo yes, hm
22:39 cait[m] sorry, I thought it would work
22:40 tuxayo That was still a good hint, thanks ^^
22:43 tuxayo !
22:43 tuxayo The ubuntu 18.04 image that i use is disabled in the ci!
22:44 tuxayo (it was the lightest in size)
22:44 tuxayo so maybe it got dropped
22:44 tuxayo
22:44 tuxayo Security Support
22:44 tuxayo « Ends in 2 months and 3 weeks
22:44 tuxayo (02 Apr 2023)»
22:44 tuxayo That might be why
22:46 cait[m] fingers crossed
22:46 tuxayo master-bionic   28 hours ago
22:46 tuxayo Images they are still generated but if no CI then it could break
22:46 tuxayo without being noticed
23:06 tuxayo It works wtih Ubuntu 22.04!
23:07 cait[m] great :)
23:07 tuxayo gotta report this, to drop or fix 18.04 master images

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