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07:37 reiveune hello
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07:53 alex_ bonjour
07:53 wahanui hi, alex_
08:09 thibaud_g hello all
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11:22 oleonard o/
11:33 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:33 cait[m] \o
12:06 oleonard
12:09 cait[m] lol
12:21 tcohen hahaha
12:22 oleonard Why do I have to RECHOWN my clone every time I want to run the qa tool?
12:23 cait[m] finally someone else is asking this!
12:23 tcohen oleonard: because you're running it as root inside a container?
12:24 cait[m] nope
12:24 tcohen do you have
12:24 tcohen export LOCAL_USER_ID=$(id -u)
12:25 tcohen in your bashrc
12:25 cait[m] what I mean is that I still see that beaviour in hte most recent where you cant run it outside kshell
12:25 tcohen my bet is your host OS has more than user configured, and yours is not the first one created
12:26 tcohen and thus doesn't have the uid == 1000
12:26 tcohen it would be interesting to see the permissions for the conflicted files before you chown
12:26 tcohen I can help with that info
12:26 cait[m] i have that line
12:27 tcohen it is not common for us to introduce bugs LOL
12:27 tcohen but if you give me more info we can track it
12:27 cait[m] I'll check on them next time i thappens
12:27 cait[m] but maybe oleonard is faster?
12:28 tcohen at some point I've been carrying permissions issues for days before noticing
12:28 oleonard If I "echo $(id -u)" in my macOS terminal it says 501
12:28 tcohen that's fine, oleonard
12:28 tcohen as long as the LOCAL_USER_ID variable is set
12:29 tcohen my mac is upgrading, but can check in a bit
12:29 tcohen I use it for the RM tasks often
12:29 tcohen with no issues, so there's hope :-D
12:29 cait[m] 1001 for me
12:30 cait[m] echo $LOCAL_USER_ID says 1001 too
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12:34 oleonard Looks like my files are a mix of kohadev-koha and root
12:49 cait[m] tcohen: ^
12:50 tcohen yeah, that's known
12:50 tcohen running things as root yields that
12:50 tcohen yarn, git, qa, etc
12:51 tcohen all should be run as the instance user
12:51 tcohen if there's a pattern you're following that yields that situation, file an issue on KTD
12:51 tcohen and maybe we find a way to make it work
12:52 tcohen for node deps
12:52 tcohen we set a separate dir, for example
12:52 cait[m] so i should run yarn buld from kshell?
12:52 tcohen in /kohadevbox/node_modules, and commands were adjusted to use that
12:53 tcohen only admin commands should be run as root
12:53 cait[m] so what is an admin command?
12:53 tcohen the kohadevbox used the vagrant user as the default
12:54 tcohen koha-plack --restart kohadev?
12:54 cait[m] ok, all the koha- commands
12:54 tcohen it is easy, anything that touches files will probably generate files with the current user as owner
12:55 tcohen if it is the root user, it gets problematic outside the container, because most of us don't use the root user
12:55 tcohen for our regular tasks
12:55 tcohen so, avoid the root user inside the container
12:55 cait[m] hm
12:55 cait[m] git bz
12:56 tcohen ashimema proposed we somehow made ktd --shell jump directly into kshell
12:56 cait[m] i use that inside the container... it sets it up for me, it's nice
12:56 cait[m] when you are inside kshell you don#t see what branch you are on
12:56 cait[m] etc.
12:56 cait[m] running git ocmmands in there is not nice right now
12:56 cait[m] also git so doesn't set the right user etc.
12:57 cait[m] or doesn't even work I think
12:57 tcohen we could add a nicer prompt in the instance shell
12:58 tcohen but those permissions issues are related to running things as root
12:58 tcohen so the instance user cannot manipulate the git db
12:58 tcohen I'm not sure about git bz
12:58 tcohen if it is set correctly or not
12:58 cait[m] I seem to remember it doesn't work
12:58 * tcohen tries
12:59 tcohen nope, it is not set
12:59 tcohen file an issue
12:59 cait[m] try git so - it won't work either
12:59 cait[m] if we are supposed to run things inside kshell there is a lot left to do
13:00 tcohen I only do qa -c XX --run-tests inside the container
13:00 tcohen all my work I do it on the host OS
13:00 cait[m] then you have to set up more tools
13:01 cait[m] like git bz and hooks
13:01 cait[m] if we aim to provide  a dev env that works out of the box, that doesn't make sense to me
13:01 tcohen hooks are set at the clone level
13:01 cait[m] i mean git so
13:01 cait[m] sorry
13:01 cait[m] alias?
13:01 wahanui alias are ok
13:01 tcohen I understand
13:01 cait[m] so what I am going to file?
13:01 cait[m] make git bz work in kshell for a start?
13:02 cait[m] make git so work in kshell?
13:02 tcohen maybe
13:02 tcohen yes
13:02 tcohen we just need to c&p what we do for the root user, I guess
13:02 tcohen or just move it to avoid confusing devs
13:02 tcohen and we need help with the docs
13:03 tcohen but I think I covered this topic to some extent
13:04 cait[m] hope i said it right:[…]cker/-/issues/331
13:05 tcohen does anyone have marcel's phone nomber?
13:05 tcohen *number
13:06 cait[m] sorry pass
13:06 tcohen we have a problem with his patches, when applying to 21.11
13:31 oleonard tcohen: You say avoid the root user inside the container, but what does that mean? I have to use kshell to run the qa tool, and I apparently have to chown everything to root to get the qa tool to work
13:32 cait[m] it usually all works for me if I own it all to my user outside of ktd
13:32 cait[m] but have to do that oftne
13:34 oleonard cait[m]: When I own it all to my user outside of ktd that results in the files being owned by root inside ktd. Is that expected?
13:35 cait[m] maybe? I am not sure about those permission things ,just sharing what works for me so far and how I was told to do it
13:36 oleonard Yeah it sounds like we're doing the same thing... chowning everything often
13:36 cait[m] possibly
13:36 cait[m] i filed the 2 issues as discussed earlier - maybe switching it all to kshell would not be too bad
13:38 cait[m] if that helped the permissions and allowed access to all needed scripts/tools
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14:08 oleonard Surely there is a way to globally set things like [% USE raw %] in the templates
14:12 oleonard Yep, of course there is.
14:17 oleonard Oh wait I'm misreading...
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15:03 oleonard tcohen: Master needs CSS to be rebuilt
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16:09 reiveune bye
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17:04 tcohen oleonard: we decided not to push css and related things to the repo
17:05 cait[m] did we update documentation yet?
17:05 cait[m] I am ont sure what I need to do now
17:05 tcohen oleonard: on macOS it is weird
17:05 tcohen because it is a VM, as in Windows
17:05 tcohen in my case, I
17:05 tcohen - have LOCAL_USER_ID set correctly
17:05 tcohen - always pull the latest image
17:06 tcohen - just in case, chown everything (outside KTD) before launching
17:06 tcohen you need to be aware (the startup script for KTD)
17:07 tcohen will pick LOCAL_USER_ID and change the UID for the kohadev user
17:07 tcohen to match
17:07 tcohen so, in general
17:07 tcohen I'd ktd down
17:07 tcohen then chown -r <your user> ~/git/koha
17:07 tcohen then start over
17:08 cait[m] what if I have a patch with CSS changes? any changes to the yarn build commands and such I need to be aware of when testing?
17:10 tcohen those things need to be built
17:11 tcohen KTD already does on startup, for Vue
17:11 tcohen we could add for the others
17:11 tcohen the current status is not ideal, but ideas are welcome
17:11 cait[m] i thought that was done already
17:13 cait[m] so right now it's a must to run the yarn builds every time I do a ktd up?
17:13 cait[m] I noticed that there were css changes when I rebaesd my 22.11 branch that I needed to submit, so there is an additional step now too when you built your own packages
17:13 cait[m] we probably need to communicate this change better
17:20 tcohen I think I will go push a commit with the built CSS for now
17:20 tcohen and next week, with some fresh brain I'll comment about options and propose a discussion/vote on a dev meeting
17:20 cait[m] sounds good thank you
17:21 cait[m] should also make sur eit makes it to the 'how to write a patch' things in the wiki
17:21 cait[m] people might be using jus tgit without ktd
17:21 cait[m] need to make sure we tell them how to make CSS changes
17:22 tcohen FTR: yarn commands need to be run inside kshell because they implant new versions of files
17:22 tcohen in the git clone
17:22 cait[m] hm I can check if that works for me sec
17:22 cait[m] yep that works ok
17:22 cait[m] hm ok, not totally
17:23 cait[m] Error in plugin 'sass'... (full message at <[…]sTpmzvjjjEtkWBleg>)
17:23 cait[m] that's for yarn build --view opac
17:25 tcohen oleonard-away: thanks for reporting it, and sorry for the confussion
17:26 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Yarn on kshell" (15 lines) at
17:26 cait[m] I am running a yarn install... to see if that makes it go away, not sure if it's a real error - taking forever tho
17:27 cait[m] .... and it did make the error go away, we are good
17:27 tcohen Another comment about yarn and friends: node dependencies will typically be bundled already in KTD if you use a recent image. If you are facing issues, it might be just that your stray node_modules/ in your clone is getting in the middle
17:28 tcohen cait[m]: don't do a yarn install
17:28 tcohen what I was saying
17:28 tcohen that's problematic, because (say) we change the node.js version from node v12 to v14
17:29 tcohen and some libs are pre-compiled for an older runtime, things fail
17:29 tcohen we wanted some consistency between dev environment and CI
17:29 tcohen so we bundled in KTD
17:30 tcohen talking about master
17:30 tcohen ^^ just in case
17:32 cait[m] we should write all that up somewhere :)
17:32 cait[m] ok, I'll do a fresh ktd pull instead now - think that is what you were saying?
17:32 tcohen nope
17:32 tcohen that's always good
17:33 tcohen but the important bit was to clear your node_modules dir
17:33 cait[m] should the rebuilding of the env have the same effect? or do i need to do something still then?
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17:33 tcohen cait[m]: I'm not sure
17:34 tcohen but please do inside kshell :-D
17:34 cait[m] i meant doing a ktd down ktd pull ktd up... cannot do that in kshell ;)
17:35 tcohen[…]ckerfile#L147-151
17:35 cait[m] i got that I should prefer kshell, but we also established not everything works there today :D
17:35 tcohen to make it clear
17:35 tcohen we already do the yarn install step
17:35 tcohen in the build step
17:35 tcohen and put the deps in /kohadevbox/node_modules
17:35 tcohen I'm repeating myself as my grandpa does
17:35 tcohen sorry
17:35 cait[m] nah that's good; knowing we do the yarn helps
17:36 cait[m] i thought it was only the vue
17:36 tcohen one thing is Docker image build time...
17:36 tcohen which I'm showing
17:36 tcohen the other is ktd up, which is run time
17:36 tcohen vue is done when starting ktd
17:36 tcohen and I'm not sure about that, but we keep it for now
17:36 cait[m] yes, understood
17:37 cait[m] trying to follow
17:37 tcohen we really need to think of a proper way to work with this built things, that traditionally don't go to the repo on other projects, so not kosher what we've been doing
17:37 tcohen we need ideas
17:37 tcohen vue has a gulp watch or smth
17:37 tcohen we could do that for all things taht are built
17:38 cait[m] my main concern is things changing fast and people getting stuck - documentation etc
17:38 tcohen and there's been talks with mtj about adding this build step in the packaging
17:38 tcohen yeah
17:38 tcohen as long as I'm the only one patching the README we are in trouble :-D
17:38 cait[m] I'll keep poking and nagging
17:38 cait[m] i'd do it everytime i am sure i could do it right
17:39 cait[m] but most of the time I don't undestand it well enough yet to be the one documenting
17:39 tcohen all the aliases section in the README have too much precedence
17:39 tcohen compared to more useful things like
17:39 tcohen the included aliases and which user needs to be used to run
17:39 tcohen inside ktd
17:39 tcohen which is documented far below
17:40 cait[m] maybe something like a 'quick guide' to get started at the top?
17:40 cait[m] for hte most common use case
17:40 tcohen next week
17:40 wahanui next week is unknown for me.
17:40 tcohen :-D
17:40 tcohen I know how I'd change the README
17:41 tcohen he
17:41 tcohen just lack of brain at the moment
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17:53 cait[m] heh
17:53 cait[m] enjoy your weekend
19:10 jzairo caroline++
20:28 cait[m] caroline++ jzairo++
20:42 philor guessing not many people cancel background jobs?
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22:45 tuxayo hi # koha :)
22:46 tuxayo davidnind: around? I was wondering if from your experience of the meeting script, only the connection with the calendar had issues?
22:50 tuxayo At some point I was leaving two #info next meeting in the meeting due to the two timeslots but I stop doing that a few months ago (I made the N+2 different enough so the script doesn't pick it)
23:09 davidnind tuxayo: it used to work up to updating and creating the pages on the Wiki, but not updating the calendar (mainly because I couldn't get that bit to work with th elibrary used)
23:09 davidnind The last time I tried all it would do was update the Next IRC meeting page....
23:10 davidnind The last couple of meetings I've setup, I've just done manually.
23:11 tuxayo > The last time I tried all it would do was update the Next IRC meeting page....
23:11 tuxayo So it missed: the calendar, the current page to add the logs, creating the next meeting page
23:13 davidnind Yep - the calendar part was because I couldn't get the library/script used to connect to the Google Calendar to work
23:14 davidnind I was trying to find the URL for the test Wiki, but it is escapong me at the moment
23:15 tuxayo Ah it was during the meeting switch?
23:18 davidnind ?
23:21 tuxayo > I was trying to find the URL for the test Wiki
23:21 tuxayo Where your issues related to the ongoing upgrade of the wiki?
23:23 davidnind with the calendar, no - I think the script stopped working as expected for updating the Wiki after the Wiki upgrade
23:26 tuxayo > I think the script stopped working as expected for updating the Wiki after the Wiki upgrade
23:26 tuxayo oh this is bad :o
23:27 davidnind I think it is open for someone to fix -[…]2-12-19#i_2467648
23:27 tuxayo Is the script code hosted somewhere? So I can check if it has an outdated dependency to interact with mediawiki
23:32 davidnind it used to be here as koha-meetings - but it isn't showing for me....
23:36 davidnind just to clarify that the meeting script used gcalcli to connect to the Google Calendar API - that was the part I couldn't install/get to work (as I was previously on Ubuntu 18/.04)
23:39 davidnind Here it is (I wasn't logged in to GitLab) - can you see it?
23:42 davidnind here is the test Wiki
23:46 tuxayo davidnind++ I was digging everywhere but this didn't pop on searches
23:47 tuxayo even though it's indeed named
23:53 tuxayo I'll try the script on next meeting for the wiki part and check if more recent versions of MediaWiki::API will work
23:53 davidnind you could test on the test wiki if you are really keen....
23:56 tuxayo Ah yes, I don't have to wait and risk having mess to clean up
23:57 tuxayo yay I can login there
23:59 tuxayo So to test I should... (full message at <[…]FkrrynxfAkuyVsKaQ>)
23:59 tuxayo Anything more?

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