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05:24 rajkumar5525[m] joined #koha
05:25 rajkumar5525[m] i am getting perl dependencies errors while installing koha on ubuntu , how to fix that?
05:26 rajkumar5525[m] anybody can help?
05:58 rajkumar5525[m] The following packages have unmet dependencies:... (full message at <[…]WqjgJyKXwKplxXgUF>)
05:58 rajkumar5525[m] these erros
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08:05 cait joined #koha
08:11 cait good morning #koha!
08:16 magnuse \o/
08:17 cait oh good, someone else is here :)
08:17 magnuse :-)
10:03 jabiertxof joined #koha
10:06 jabiertxof Hi all, I have a issue running, I use debian and run as "koha-shell -c misc/ -v centrodedocumentacion"; and get no rights issue. I found this bug with no info https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31899
10:06 huginn Bug 31899: normal, P5 - low, ---, david, NEW , [DOCS] Document misc/ script
10:41 thibaud_g joined #koha
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10:57 jabiertxof Hi I fix changing misc/ with the folder where realy be
10:57 thibaud_g joined #koha
10:58 jabiertxof bye all!
10:58 ashimema cait around
11:06 thibaud_g joined #koha
11:14 magnuse plack.psgi checks/uses $ENV{KOHA_HOME} and $ENV{DEV_INSTALL}, but where are those supposed to be set?
11:15 magnuse ktd makes no mention of them, as far as i can see
11:46 tcohen hola #koha o/
11:59 thibaud_g joined #koha
12:03 cait back now
12:22 info joined #koha
12:53 thibaud_g Hi everyone :)
12:53 thibaud_g If someone got a solution for an issue with KTD (inside a lxc container) I have a problem with the apache service apparently not wanting to restart during a 'ktd up' command. If anyone has an idea ^^
13:06 magnuse thibaud_g: anything in the apache logs ?
13:16 ashimema where did you find info about @data-sort cait
13:18 thibaud_g magnuse: nope cause I can't access to the docker session "apache logs" inside my lxc container :/ but I'm on the way apparently, I miss the install and forgot to create a "koha" user... actually I restart but still blocked during rabbitmq-server start
13:20 cait ashimema: ah... google
13:20 cait it was one coment in a forum, I just tried it out, I have no idea where the proper documentation for it is :(
13:20 cait I did look for it
13:21 ashimema I 'think' that says 'treat the column as data'.. did you test it with different date formats?
13:21 ashimema I added a followup..
13:21 cait I have a working theory...
13:21 cait that is it overwrites some auto-detection telling it to use the data-sort for sorting
13:21 cait instead of the visible value
13:22 ashimema I'm just adding data to my database to properly test
13:22 ashimema I think my followup should work.. but it does raise question of how the cancellation date stuff should work
13:40 cait ashimema: why the follow-up?
13:41 ashimema just to clean up a little and make it more consistent with everywhere else we're doing this.
13:41 thibaud_g joined #koha
13:45 Dyrcona joined #koha
13:47 cait aaah
13:47 cait does it work without the th change once moved? or did you test by chance?
13:48 cait maybe it was the culprit in the first place
13:48 ashimema I need more data to test.
13:48 cait the 3 dates I had shoudl work for all formats I thin
13:48 cait k
13:59 thibaud_g joined #koha
14:02 ashimema ok.. the follow-up works
14:02 ashimema but I can't work out how to display the cancellation request stuff
14:03 cait ashimema: does the folow-up works on itself? without the @data-sort?
14:03 ashimema or rather.. how to trigger those
14:03 ashimema yup
14:03 cait aha!
14:03 ashimema well..
14:03 cait that's good
14:03 ashimema I left one data-sort in.. for the cancellation request dates stuff..
14:03 ashimema but I'm struggling to replicate the data for that
14:04 cait ah
14:04 cait that is the new feature, let me find it
14:04 cait you can request a cancellation for a waiting hold from the opac
14:05 cait that's actually tcohen's feature i think - but we don't want to distract him :)
14:06 lukeg joined #koha
14:06 cait Bug 22456
14:07 cait ashimema: you n eed to allow cancelling from the circulation rules
14:08 cait a new table in the middle of the page
14:08 cait then cancel request from the OPAC
14:10 ashimema 🙂
14:17 thibaud_g magnuse: everything is now going fine :) thanks
14:18 magnuse thibaud_g: cool!
15:38 thibaud_g magnuse: I have one last question if you can get the answer that will be great :) I'm tried to jump on another koha version, ex 21.11 , I follow the KTD repo instructions but I'm still get this error about 'Base class package "Crypt::CBC" is empty. ' and this fails compilation just after :/
16:00 bag joined #koha
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17:34 davidnind thibaud_g: for normal KTD for an older version of Koha I 1) For Koha, checkout the version (for example: git checkout 21.11.x 2) in your KTD's .env file change KOHA_IMAGE from master to 21.11 3) ktd up (pulls images, etc required for that version)
21:04 JBoyer joined #koha

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