IRC log for #koha, 2022-12-28

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07:49 magnuse \o/
08:00 thibaud_g joined #koha
08:01 alex_ joined #koha
08:02 alex_ Bonjour
08:03 cait joined #koha
08:18 magnuse guten morgen cait & alex_
08:19 triveni joined #koha
08:42 matts hello #koha !
09:04 thibaud_glt joined #koha
09:05 ashimema Morning #koha
09:12 cait good morning #koha, magnuse and ashimema, magnuse and alex_ :)
09:27 magnuse hiya ashimema
09:58 paulderscheid[m] morning #koha
10:00 cait morning paulderscheid[m] :)
10:04 paulderscheid[m] morning cait
14:07 Dyrcona joined #koha
16:58 cait left #koha
17:39 lukeg joined #koha
17:39 lukeg hi
17:51 bag joined #koha
19:43 * cait[m] watches her ktd pull
20:26 cait[m] can someone help me with ktd? any recent changes that I woudl have to make or so?
20:26 cait[m] pulled the latest patches, ktd pull... always running into an early exit when trying to up
20:27 paulderscheid[m] When did the problems start? Just today?
20:29 cait[m] i think last time i gave up without solving it really pre-christmas
20:30 cait[m] could this point to something? koha-koha-1       | [webpack-cli] [Error: EACCES: permission denied, open '/kohadevbox/koha/koha-tmpl/intran​et-tmpl/prog/js/vue/dist/main.js'] {
20:31 paulderscheid[m] I think this has popped up a few times already, maybe there's some way to search the irc logs?
20:31 paulderscheid[m] Unfortunately I don't know what the cause is.
20:32 cait[m] thank you still :)
20:32 cait[m] ... maybe cross fingers... i just cleaned up permissions on the repo
20:32 cait[m] worth trying
20:33 cait[m] we got a Koha!
20:34 cait[m] it's working now
20:34 paulderscheid[m] 👍️
20:34 cait[m] thx for listening, that helped :)

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