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00:34 cait I think probably me, ashimema, Joubu at least
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02:52 tuxayo Ah great, so documenting how to unblock might be enough to not fear breaking permissions.
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06:48 ashimema morning koha
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07:12 fridolin yollow
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07:33 reiveune hello
07:36 magnuse \o/
07:41 Joubu cait: do you know if tcohen will push bug 32147 for 22.11?
07:41 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32147 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Signed Off , Capitalization: E-Resource management should be E-resource management
07:42 Joubu it's a string patch so I guess he won't?
07:47 Joubu @later tell tcohen could you take care of ktd #313?
07:47 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
07:49 Joubu @later tell tcohen can you tell on 32131 if you are going to push 32147 or not please?
07:49 huginn` Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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08:05 ashimema Morning
08:06 ashimema I'm at a company conference today so won't be around all that much.  Wow, there were lots of pushed again last night.. cool beans
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08:49 thibaut Hi, first I apologise for my bad English but I don't practice enough...
08:57 thibaut I'm new in Koha (technical administrator) and we have a problem. When we try to change an authority in a record, we can use the authority search but after we click on the choose button, the page 'authorities/' stay blank with a loading message.
09:06 Joubu Do you have something in koha logs?
09:21 thibaut Just this : var/log/plack-intranet-access.log: - - [15/Nov/2022:10:12:29 +0100] "GET /intranet/authorities/blinddetail-bib​​606_subfield_a_244507_232855&repet= HTTP/1.1" 200 61687 "https://pro-koha.bu.univ-renne[…]excluding=&operat
09:21 thibaut or=contains&value_mainstr=Peintres+fran%C3%A7a​is&marclist=mainentry&and_or=and&excluding=&op​erator=contains&value_main=&marclist=match&and​_or=and&excluding=&operator=contains&value_mat​ch=&marclist=all&and_or=and&excluding=&operato​r=contains&value_any=&orderby=HeadingAsc" "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:102.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/102.0"
09:21 davewood there is /etc/koha/koha_conf.xml and /etc/koha/sites/<instancename>/koha-conf.xml ... is the first one the template for the latter one and after installation only the site-specific one is used? or are they merged everytime?
09:24 thibaut How can I know that ?
09:28 thibaut We don't have any koha_conf.xml just the koha-conf.xml
09:31 davewood thibaut: that wasnt a response to your issue :)
09:31 davewood sorry for causing confusion
09:35 thibaut it's OK :)
09:44 Joubu thibaut: open a JS console in your browser, do you see an error there? Which versiobn of Koha are you using?
09:52 thibaut No error in JS console, just two warnings. We have Koha version 20.11
09:56 thibaut The warnings are for the usage of non standard property "zoom" instade of "transform" and no "samesite" attribute in the "CGISESSID" cookie
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10:22 * cait waves
10:25 cait Joubu: are you around?
11:20 Joubu cait: sometimes
11:34 oleonard o/
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11:52 tcohen hola
12:09 tcohen hola #koha
12:10 tcohen Joubu: I'll push it
12:18 davewood sorry for repeating this question but I would really like to know: there is /etc/koha/koha_conf.xml and /etc/koha/sites/<instancename>/koha-conf.xml ... is the first one the template for the latter one and after installation only the site-specific one is used? or are they merged everytime?
12:19 cait I believe only the site specific is used
12:20 cait the other looks like the template with all the placeholders
12:20 cait what are you trying to do?
12:22 davewood our ansible setup is creating the /etc/koha-conf.xml file using a hardcoded j2 template. I think the way to go would be to use the koha-create script to create /etc/koha/sites/<instance>/koha-conf.xml and afterwards change all the config options that cannot be set using params to koha-create.
12:25 cait I believe that is probably what we do
12:25 cait changing it afterwards
12:26 cait but let Koha do it's thing
12:31 davewood cait++
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12:39 marcelr o/
12:49 tcohen \o
12:50 tcohen davewood: another option is to maintain your <instance>/koha-conf.xml in sync with the distribution one, and deliver it with Ansible
12:50 cait tcohen: can you explain that a bit mroe?
12:52 tcohen The Koha source code contains templates that are used to generate the instance's koha-conf.xml file
12:53 tcohen it is picked by koha-create to generate it
12:53 tcohen if you are deploying things using ansible, you 'could' use koha-create initially, but you eventually want to be able to patch your koha-conf.xml files
12:54 tcohen e.g. moved to 21.11 and want to hardcode an SMTP config on your Koha instances, you most likely want to configure it in a centralized place, and deploy the updated files with ansiebl
12:59 cait do we recreate the okha-conf.xml on update? i thought they stayed the same
13:00 cait hm i might be missing something too :)
13:00 marcelr no they are not updated?
13:00 marcelr unless containerized solution etc
13:08 cait ok, that was what I thought too
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13:12 schnydszch Hi again! Regrding koha docker, do I need to install koha beforehand to be able to install koha docker successfully?
13:15 cait no
13:16 cait or well, koha-testing-docker?
13:27 cait oleonard++
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13:50 schnydszch this is what I'm getting from my koha testing docker:
13:57 Joubu schnydszch: shutdown the container!
13:59 Joubu docker-compose -p koha down; export LOCAL_USER_ID=$(id -u); export KOHA_IMAGE=master; docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.mariadb_d11.yml -f docker-compose.es6.yml -p koha up --force-recreate
14:00 schnydszch Joubu: I tried doing another one with a non-root user
14:00 Joubu and if you can an error about ES, then read the manual and search for map_count
14:00 Joubu docker commands should be run using a normal user
14:00 schnydszch
14:01 Joubu here you go, it's working
14:01 schnydszch it stops with this: koha-koha-1       | Starting RabbitMQ Messaging Server: rabbitmq-server.
14:02 schnydszch is that normal? I read from previous chats that the last line should be rabbitmq-server
14:05 oleonard That's what mine ends with. You can tell by trying to access Koha!
14:06 cait and you can run it in the background with -d I think
14:09 schnydszch hhmmm. was ablt to access. thanks!
14:41 cait
14:42 cait never realized it had that name
14:44 cait oleonard-away: some of the date fields are huge (again?) - like when you checkout with date in the pasat
14:45 cait bug 32210
14:45 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32210 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , When checking out with a date in the past, the due date input is too wide
15:40 oleonard Joubu around?
15:55 cait oleonard: bug 32126 might also be one for you...
15:55 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32126 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Adding item search fields is broken - can't add more than one field
15:55 cait javascript confusion again
15:56 cait the form is invisible/hidden...
15:58 oleonard Bug 32212 is an unwelcome surprise
15:58 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=32212 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Add separate Bootstrap 4 node module for the OPAC
15:58 cait oh yes, just saw :(
16:00 cait i might see the issue
16:00 cait missing /div
16:03 cait yep, that was it!
16:03 reiveune bye
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16:28 thibaut bye
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16:47 tcohen oleonard-away: can you explain? sorry, I arrived llate
16:49 tcohen #koha latest KTD images have the node-related deps pre-built in /kohadevbox/node_modules
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18:00 oleonard tcohen: Yes but the version of Bootstrap which is now installed is 5.2.x
18:01 tcohen wherE?
18:02 tcohen isn't the bootstrap version fixed in the yarn.lock file?
18:02 oleonard The ERM patch updated package.json to specify 5.2.x
18:04 oleonard We can install two versions, though
18:04 oleonard I'm working on a patch.
18:05 tcohen ok
18:05 tcohen oleonard++
18:06 caroline I don't know if this is known, but I just discovered that if patrons have one of the following birth dates: 1947-04-27, 1948-04-25, 1949-04-24, Koha crashes saying the date doesn't exist. At least here in Canada, it's due to midnight not existing on those three dates because of DST (they changed the time at midnight rather than 2am)
18:06 caroline Just thought I'd put it out there in case someone else stumbles on this
18:07 caroline fun right? :)
18:08 oleonard :O
18:09 oleonard tcohen: Should my patch include the change to yarn.lock? Or just package.json?
18:09 tcohen I'm not sure :-D
18:10 tcohen I think we should do yarn add <thing>
18:12 tcohen right?
18:14 tcohen do what you need and we will figure later how to integrate it properly
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19:50 oleonard davidnind++
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22:27 dcook @later tell caroline I love DST problems! Feel free to email or CC me into any issues you're having with Koha crashing due to impossible datetimes!
22:27 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.
22:28 caroline dcook hi! So you love DST issues? I wish we would do away with it entirely! hehe
22:29 dcook Haha. I just find the concept of time not existing to be fascinating
22:29 dcook We think that we know what time is, but then a big part of our experience of it is totally artificial
22:30 dcook Time that can't exist, and then time that happens twice on the other half of the year!
22:31 dcook I'm actually more intrigued with time that happens twice.
22:31 caroline when you think about it that way, it is interesting! And only because we measure it. I can tell you my cat meow like there's no tomorrow at the dinner time, whatever it is on our human clocks
22:31 dcook Haha. Someone else mentioned that to me the other day as well
22:32 dcook So what's the full story with this birthday thing?
22:32 dcook What's the action taking place where the crash happens?
22:33 dcook I guess midnight existing is quite the problem...
22:35 caroline it's that midnight doesn't exist
22:36 caroline Just going to the patron's file when they have that particular birthday, in Koha 22.05, I guess it has to be on a server with canadian eastern time zone
22:36 caroline Canada decided in 1947, 1948 and 1949 to change the time at midnight rather than 2am
22:37 caroline So at midnight, it's actually 1am, therefore midnight doesn't exist
22:38 caroline In the db, dateofbirth is a date (no time) so I'm guessing it just appends 00:00:00 for some reason
22:39 caroline[…]vert-timezone-bug
22:39 caroline I manually changed the dateofbirth of those patrons in the db and the 500 error disappeared
22:42 caroline Anyway, I was just leaving, but let me know if you discover anything interesting :)
23:48 dcook @later tell caroline It'll be an issue with the datetime handling in the Perl. Just need to identify the parts of Koha with the problem so that a fix could be done.
23:48 huginn` dcook: The operation succeeded.

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