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00:01 tuxayo Thanks for the confirmation about the site, I'll ask if there have a communication channel.
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06:08 reiveune hello
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07:03 alex_ Bonjour
07:38 cait lukeg++
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10:31 cait1 @later tell davidnind[m] it oculd be an issue with translations. if they translated using    - happens in French sometimes - that breaks the XSLT
10:31 huginn` cait1: The operation succeeded.
10:48 oleonard Hi all
10:57 * cait1 waves
10:57 ashimema morning cait1
10:57 ashimema morning oleonard
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11:26 oleonard davidnind[m]++
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11:38 marcelr o/
11:41 oleonard Hi marcelr
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13:18 ashimema oleonard.. just the man
13:18 ashimema is there an easy way to know which font-awesome icons one can use?
13:19 Joubu
13:19 * ashimema is looking at Bug 31477 - Switch icon for inventory
13:19 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31477 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Switch icon for inventory
13:19 Joubu and we should switch to v5, there are many more icons!
13:20 ashimema thanks Joubu
13:20 ashimema yes.. it would be great to switch
13:21 ashimema so we're using FA4..[…]s=solid&f=classic claims the icon was added in version 2.. I'm confused
13:21 ashimema but still.. i can find another easily enough
13:26 cait ashimema: i had the same issue :( i tried to patch it and then got very confused
13:27 cait I think it would be a really nice one for inventory still
13:27 ashimema agreed
13:27 ashimema check-ul works as an interim btw
13:28 cait hm can't find it?
13:28 ashimema fa-check-ul
13:28 ashimema check list unordered
13:28 ashimema there's also check list ordered (which adds numbers instead of bullets)
13:29 cait not finding it using the FA search on their website still
13:30 ashimema use the link Joubu posted above
13:30 ashimema for v4
13:30 ashimema it comes up in that search
13:30 ashimema it doesn't appear to in the v5 search
13:30 ashimema I'm baffled by FA's versioning honestly..
13:41 cait oleonard running away is maybe not a good sign either ;)
13:41 ashimema lol
13:55 ashimema Anyone got any ideas of how I might display multi-line text in a datatable column.. as in its stored as a plain string in the database without html markup
13:56 ashimema My brain is stuck
13:57 ashimema School run, brb
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13:58 * ashimema is also tempted by minimal markdown support, but that's scope creeping
14:00 cait TT can convert new line to Br and vice versa using filters
14:00 cait does that help?
14:01 cait I think we already use it in some places where we have multi line comments
14:01 cait http://www.template-toolkit.or[…]n_html_line_break
14:02 ashimema An example of where it doesn't work but would be nice it the opac problem reporte
14:02 cait serial comment i think, you could just grep for the filter name
14:02 cait html_line_break
14:02 ashimema End users can enter whatever they like into the text area.. but it gets flattened when displayed to staff in the table in the staff client
14:02 cait yeah that fixes that
14:03 cait html doesn't display the \n from the database, so the filter converts those to <br>for display
14:03 ashimema Wonder if there's a is equivalent
14:03 ashimema Js
14:03 * ashimema is in phone texting
14:03 cait that I don't know - the notice display uses it
14:03 cait[…]
14:04 cait and member results
14:04 cait[…]
14:04 ashimema Coolios, thanks
14:04 ashimema So I just need to find a js function equivalent now . As this data comes in via Ajax and goes through a datatables render function
14:05 cait it matters a bit which sequence you do - you'd want to do html before html_line_break, because if you do it the other way around html will make the <br> visible )
14:05 cait doesn't the patron search too?
14:15 ashimema Interesting.. looks like you can also add a white-space: pre-wrap CSS rule to achieve it .
14:16 ashimema Patron search has all sorts of complications in it.. I was hoping not to delve too deep into that one..
14:17 ashimema[…]e-in-string/17763 looks like an a some little review of options.. will read more when I get back and have a go
14:27 cait someone any luck with sorting SRU result sets using CQL?
14:30 tcohen morning, power outage here
14:30 tcohen please use email if urgent
14:31 tcohen can someone tell me if the failure in master (xt/find-missing-filters.t) needs a fir on the tests?
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14:32 lukeg hi
14:33 cait fir?
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14:36 tcohen s/fir/fix/
14:37 tcohen it is complaining about a missing filter, but it has a filter and/or shouldn't have one
14:38 tcohen it is actually an ugly trick...
14:38 tcohen i.e. have a template return a newline, then trim it and evaluate the result as a bool
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15:39 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Error when checking in" (5 lines) at
15:39 oleonard Anyone around who might know something about that?
15:43 tcohen can look in about an hour
15:44 tcohen oleonard: have you restarted plack ?
15:45 tcohen git grep get_return_branch_policy shows the method is defined, in master
15:45 oleonard Works fine after I reset_all... some kind of problem with my data?
15:48 cait get_return_branch_policy is new - maybe a dbic run?
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15:56 paulderscheid[m] Hi, quick question: How can I access uploaded files, that were uploaded via tools/
15:57 paulderscheid[m] I need to access them on the OPAC (public and permanent was set).
15:57 caroline paulderscheid[m], when you upload, there is a link Public "Yes"
15:57 paulderscheid[m] ```<img src="/LMSEventManagement/097e222e0​8167fb7577238d6dba63eba_austin-dis​tel-wD1LRb9OeEo-unsplash.jpg">```
15:57 paulderscheid[m] doesn't seem to work
15:58 paulderscheid[m] The uploading part is all done caroline. It happens inside a plugin
15:59 paulderscheid[m] I just don't get with which path I have to access those resources
15:59 paulderscheid[m] category was LMSEventManagement btw
16:00 caroline Go to Uploads, find the file using the search, right-click the "Yes" link, Copy link location (or whatever is the equivalent in your browser)
16:00 caroline use that link in your img src
16:01 caroline e.g. mine looks like this http://master/cgi-bin/koha/opa[…]9c8b31b14aec606f3
16:01 caroline it's your opacbaseurl + cgi-bin/koha/ + a hash that was assigned to your file
16:03 caroline If you don't want to go through the interface, I think the hash is also stored in the db, so you can extrapolate the url from that if you need
16:07 caroline did you manage to get it?
16:07 paulderscheid[m] Thanks so much for the pointers caroline o/ It works! But unfortunately it's very slow if I load 200 images client-side that way.
16:09 paulderscheid[m] The thing is.. I already got the filenames and the images live here:
16:09 paulderscheid[m] /var/lib/koha/kohadev/uploads/LMSEventMa​nagement/097e222e08167fb7577238d6dba63eb​a_austin-distel-wD1LRb9OeEo-unsplash.jpg
16:09 paulderscheid[m] I just need some way to access that.
16:10 caroline I'm sure you can automate it, search for the filename in the db in uploaded_files to get the hash
16:10 paulderscheid[m] No, I mean the loading time is slow.
16:12 caroline Oh ok... that I don't know how to fix... is it a large file?
16:14 paulderscheid[m] Yes
16:14 paulderscheid[m] I'm trying it now with 20 50kb files
16:24 cait caroline++ :)
16:26 cait bye all
16:26 cait left #koha
16:26 paulderscheid[m] bye cait
16:30 paulderscheid[m] But I tested it with 20, 50 and a hundred 50kb files and the execution time of is always ~1s which is too slow for my use case :/
16:30 paulderscheid[m] caroline++
16:42 paulderscheid[m] For the record: I got it working with an apache alias. Just thought there was a nicer system already inplace. Anyway, bye y'all o/
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16:59 caroline davidnind[m], are you around?
17:00 caroline @later tell davidnind[m] what do we do for screenshots in the manual with the new staff interface? I'm documenting something that went into Koha in 21.11, but my staff interface is now the green one
17:00 huginn` caroline: The operation succeeded.
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17:33 oleonard caroline: You can check out the old version
17:40 davidnind[m] thanks oleonard!
17:41 davidnind[m] caroline: I think with koha-testing-docker (KTD) it would be git checkout 22.05.x and for .env change KOHA_IMAGE=22.05 - but I'm not sure whether you are using KTD
17:45 davidnind[m] caroline: alternative I think is to checkout the commit before the staff interface change was made: git checkout 6d29372a9b
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17:53 davidnind[m] argh... wrong commit! Trying to find the correct one now...
17:57 davidnind[m] caroline: steps 1) on master, git checkout 42dd6ec342 2) flush_memcached, restart_all == > should have "old" staff interface 3) git checkout master (to get back to the latest)
17:57 davidnind[m] I hope that is correct - it seemed to work for me!
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18:04 caroline I have several installations on my computer so it's not a problem of getting the screenshots in blue or green, I was mostly wondering if you do cherrypicks or if I should do two merge requests or what
18:04 caroline I'm lazy so I don't really want to do two merge requests with different screenshots
18:05 oleonard Alright who broke Bugzilla :(
18:07 davidnind[m] caroline: I have a backlog of manual changes to cherry pick for older versions of the manual, so just one merge request should be fine
18:07 caroline davidnind[m], ok thanks!
18:08 caroline I know I didn't cherry pick when I was DM, but I wasn't sure if you did
18:08 ashimema hola
18:08 davidnind[m] trying to figure out the best way to get screenshots updated for 22.11 - still a lot of changes going on at the moment
18:08 caroline true... Do you prefer I do the screenshots in the blue interface still?
18:08 ashimema I was going to ask about this.. do you guys have any sort of plan for this?
18:09 caroline ashimema, not really, as you can see :)
18:09 ashimema I imagine it'll be a huge task..  we talked about trying to automate screenshot updates at some point (for translated manuals).. did we ever get anywhere with that?
18:09 davidnind[m] might brush off my previous attempt at automating screen captures, now that we have better divs and ids for page sections
18:10 ashimema probably a good idea davidnind.. but may not help right now as those id's and classes really get much better as part of the work rather than before it
18:10 caroline I know Joubu showed me something he did too, but that was many years ago... And from what I understood we'd still have to "program" the screenshots, so a lot of work in the beginning
18:10 * ashimema contemplates
18:10 ashimema indeed
18:12 ashimema We're on a bit of a hiring mission at the moment at ptfs-e.. so I'm not sure I'll be able to commit as much next cycle... but I was contemplating trying to be rmaint for stable or offering to do the technical side of docs manager to try and help make some strides there...
18:12 ashimema there's never enough time though it there ☹️
18:12 caroline Do you really think people will be lost if the interface in the screenshots isn't exactly the same? I mean, we still have old screenshots in the manual
18:12 davidnind[m] I'll have a look at it this week - might also check to see if there are any better tools around (was using  Selenium + Robot Framework https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ed_Screencapture)
18:13 caroline definitely not enough time to do everything...
18:14 caroline by the by, ashimema I just entered a couple of string bugs if Isobel is looking for more to do :) Although, she might be a programmer by now so string bugs are too easy for her lol
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18:14 ashimema hehe..
18:14 ashimema string bugs are still perfect for her
18:15 ashimema though she's been a bit overwhelmed with homework the last few weeks 😜
18:15 ashimema I best dangle some more pocket money her way to temp her back
18:15 caroline it's nothing serious at all, it can wait until the holidays :)
18:15 caroline bug 31877 and the ones around that
18:15 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31877 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Capitalization: Delete this Tag
18:16 ashimema holidays next week 😜
18:16 caroline what already?
18:17 caroline I was talking about end of year holidays
18:18 oleonard I'm confused about why we needed Bug 31762
18:18 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31762 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to master , Flat vs 3D or mixed
18:18 oleonard Is that an aspect of the redesign spec that people disagreed with?
18:21 ashimema it came from a github issue
18:22 ashimema and was subsequently commented on in a few other bugs by tomas, lucas and someone else from memory
18:22 oleonard Okay, I wasn't aware of that
18:24 ashimema however.. I'm not wed to it.. what did bug me was inconsistencies..
18:24 ashimema so I took the easy route of going  'all flat' as it appeared to be the direction of travel..
18:25 ashimema do fee free to propose alternatives.. the challenge I faced was things like the 'News' which is in card but positioned on the left where the nav bars generally go..
18:26 ashimema so, to me at least, it felt really disjointed having flat and 3d mixed throughout the page.. some flat mixed with some 3d in the left aside.. some flat ("buttons") mixed with some 3d in the center.. and then flat buttons
18:26 ashimema * then flat action buttons, * buttons too
18:27 ashimema it all felt a bit mixed without direction.. give it some clear direction and I could be swayed back 😜
18:29 oleonard Alright, I'll think about that
18:29 ashimema 🙂
18:35 tcohen hola oleonard ashimema
18:37 ashimema hi tcohen
18:44 tcohen anyone has any clue on the question I made earlier
18:45 tcohen I'm sorry I've been offline
18:45 tcohen and I missed any answers
18:45 ashimema none from me I'm afraid
18:46 tcohen jajm: the failure is related to a fragile construct you added
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19:26 tuxayo hi #koha :)
19:36 lukeg hi tuxayo!
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19:57 emlam Hello! Newbie question - I think I found a bug in one of the SQL statements from the SQL Reports Library. Should I submit a Bugzilla entry for that?
19:57 emlam I see the wiki's disclaimer that the statements haven't all been tested, but I don't want to notice something that seems off and then not say anything
19:59 tuxayo emlam: if you see what's wrong in the query and were able to run a working one, you can fix the wiki right away :)
20:02 emlam tuxayo: Cool, thanks! Should I edit the listed developer credit?
20:04 tuxayo emlam: yes, there can be several people listed
20:04 tuxayo Thanks for the fix :)
20:04 emlam :)
20:10 tuxayo 677 000 page loads for the SQL library wiki page! :o
20:11 tuxayo I would have never guessed before working on Koha that libraries would need so much to do SQL
20:24 tcohen emlam++
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21:45 wajasu thanks for fixing  bug 31564  i applied to my 22.05.03 release to get by until 22.11 is released
21:45 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31564 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Pushed to master , Pass start label when exporting single label as PDF
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23:40 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "xt_find_missing_filters_t.Template variables should be correctly escaped (113)" (13 lines) at
23:41 mtj hi tcohen, i think the failed jenkins test is fixed by that patch ^
23:41 mtj https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_D10/873/
23:41 mtj re: your previosu question
23:48 mtj it looks like the following is a typo...
23:48 mtj messages = INCLUDE ''

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