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05:58 reiveune hello
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07:32 paulderscheid[m] morning #koha
07:38 cait1 good morning #koha
09:16 ashimema mrning
09:43 cait1 morning
09:43 cait1 just the 2 people I need... can I add IRC to a locally installed element client?
09:44 ashimema yes
09:44 cait1 i am not seeing how to add anything... yet
09:44 ashimema
09:44 ashimema that's the Koha 'space'
09:45 ashimema it includes all the koha irc channels
09:45 ashimema should be as simple as clicking the link and letting it open in your desktop element
09:46 cait1 hm maybe it doesn't work with the matrix server we are using
09:47 cait1 it says cannot access
09:47 ashimema ah, what server are you on..
09:47 cait1 it's hosted by a partner institution
09:47 ashimema I only ever really looked at the main public one
09:48 cait1 but was worth trying
09:48 cait1 thx!
09:49 ashimema I'm haven't entirely groked how federation works in Matrix land as yet.
09:51 ashimema do they have an irc bridge on their synapse server?
09:51 ashimema if they do, you could bridge yourself I think
09:52 cait1 I don't know
09:54 ashimema or the synapse's need to be federated
09:54 ashimema[…]est/federate.html
09:54 ashimema seems element can't do multiple homeservers... which is sorta annoying.
09:55 cait1 agreed
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10:33 tcohen hola #koha
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10:53 cait1 does omeone know if you can add patron attributes as search options to the patron search?
10:56 oleonard Hi cait1
10:56 cait1 hi oleonard :)
10:56 oleonard "Check to make this attribute staff_searchable in the staff patron search" certainly seems to imply you can
10:56 oleonard Also that is not a good sentence.
10:57 oleonard "make it staff_searchable?"
10:57 cait1 yeah, you can search it within Standard then
10:57 cait1 I was wondering if it could be added to the pull down as well
10:59 cait1 I see DefaultPatronSearchFields but thought we had one for the pull down too hm
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11:00 marcelr o/
11:01 marcelr oleonard: please check bug 31842
11:01 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31842 normal, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , admin/branches: DT search generates js error on
11:01 oleonard Yes, it's on my list marcelr. Thanks for working on it.
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11:41 marcelr tcohen++
11:56 cait1 what did he do? tcohen++ :D
12:28 marcelr what doesnt he do?
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14:15 lukeg hi
14:16 caroline hi lukeg!
14:29 * cait1 waves
14:36 oleonard @seen liliputech
14:36 huginn` oleonard: liliputech was last seen in #koha 3 weeks, 0 days, 5 hours, 34 minutes, and 38 seconds ago: <liliputech> thx ashimema
14:36 oleonard Hm.
14:36 ashimema hi
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15:48 oleonard Hi schnydszch
15:55 ashimema what do you think about my thoughts on Pills vs Tabs.. about embedding the tabs in a card-header along the lines of bootstrap?
15:56 ashimema it it achievable.. I had a go but wasn't sure how best to approach it in the end.. more markup or altering css..
15:56 ashimema oleonard ^
15:56 oleonard Are you referring to a comment you made on the bug? I haven't seen it if so
15:57 ashimema I think it would also fit along with how our accordion UI works for table settings
15:57 ashimema yeah..
15:57 ashimema ok, no worries.. you've not seen the comment yet.. lol
15:58 ashimema the tl:dr is.. can we achieve tabs like:[…]/card/#navigation
15:58 oleonard Haha that Bootstrap 4 tab design is very much like jQueryUI's default tab design :D
15:59 oleonard
15:59 oleonard ...which has looked more or less the same for years
16:00 ashimema lol
16:00 ashimema I hadn't noticed
16:01 oleonard I noticed because I never cared for the tabs inside a colored box, so I made sure they were styled differently in Koha when I implemented them.
16:02 oleonard By the way we should be looked at v5 if we're talking about Bootstrap components:[…]/card/#navigation
16:03 * ashimema is all for a bootstrap upgrade.. but wasn't sure what the state of affairs was there..
16:03 ashimema we're bootstrap 3 ish aren't we
16:03 ashimema I get lost with our bootstrap versions
16:03 schnydszch Hi oleonard! Just checking out Element Chanserv in my browser
16:03 oleonard ashimema: 4.x in the OPAC, 3.x in the staff client
16:04 oleonard ashimema: I'd like to look at upgrading both to 5 soon
16:04 ashimema is there a vague plan to pull the staff into 5.x?
16:04 ashimema cool
16:05 ashimema so you don't like the boxed tabs then...  hmm..
16:06 oleonard I'm not in charge though, it's worth experimenting
16:06 ashimema with everything else moving towards being in cards I find the tabs the odd case
16:06 ashimema yeah.. worth playing with.. maybe just squaring off the tabs and tab-content and removing borders might work...
16:09 oleonard my brain is going in circles now that the redesign has been pushed. Can't decide where to look
16:10 ashimema ha, sorry dude
16:10 ashimema we need more hands to the mill.. I'm trying to help
16:10 ashimema but also working on a few other things in parallel which is hard
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16:37 lukeg Im wondering about non-dataTable tables, should they be given the Bootstrap class of table? See Bug 31766
16:37 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31766 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lucas, Pushed to master , Add 'page-section' to notices and slips page
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16:38 lukeg oops, I meant Bug 31773
16:38 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31773 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, lucas, Pushed to master , Add 'page-section' to manage MARC import page
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18:36 cait oleonard: I am just catching up with today's mails - so no idea what happened yet today, but if you need someone helping to work thorugh something, let me know :)
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18:37 oleonard Thanks! I'm trying to get DataTables controls looking better... seems like a lot of unnecessary changes were made which were unrelated to the redesign
18:37 cait fingers crossed then
18:38 cait I'll be around for a bit
18:43 cait hm should we create the roles page for 23.05?
18:43 cait I could do it
18:45 kidclamp cait++
18:45 cait ok, on it already :)
18:47 cait the empty page looks a little scary: wiki
18:48 cait https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]i/Roles_for_23.05
18:48 cait tcohen: can you please run the meeting script? Wiki hasn't updated for next dev yet
19:31 tuxayo hi #koha :)
19:31 cait hi tuxayo
19:34 tuxayo cait: about your case of joining IRC via the matrix instance hosted by a partner institution, does it federates at all with other instances? You can try to click on the room search field and paste "" to see if it lets you join the room.
19:34 tuxayo A large matrix instance by the french government isn't federated I think. Maybe it's the same with the instance you use.
19:34 cait I think that might be the case - but I'll give that a try tomorrow (on wrong computer now)
19:34 cait thx tuxayo
19:45 cait oleonard-away: are there some guidelines on how to place the page-section div?
19:45 cait i filed a ton of those bugs :)
20:12 cait hmm
20:12 cait I am trying to fix up the new catalouging start page
20:13 cait i noticed it's missing the help link and now ... I think i found a hole to fall in
20:13 cait help?
20:13 wahanui well, help is appreciated for bugs and keeping jenkins happy
20:13 cait trying to understand the new includes
20:16 cait hah, I got it working :)
21:37 ashimema Fix the help on cataloguing start page.m my bug?
21:38 ashimema I thought I'd fixed that
21:40 ashimema Oh.. when did the wrapper stuff happen.. did I totally miss that somehow
22:26 cait check the follow-up - I hope you agree :)
22:27 cait gnight
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