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05:32 saa Warning The patron used for the self checkout module at the OPAC does not have the self_check => self_checkout_module permission. where to set this permission
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05:41 davidnind[m] saa: staff interface > patrons > view the details for the account setup for self checkout > More button > Set permissions
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06:06 davewood mtj: didnt mean to rub you the wrong way, what im saying is that the docs do mention non-local-DB setups and even have some instructions but they are not very clear and can use some improvement.
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06:16 marcelr hi #koha
06:23 mtj davewood: no problem... i now see the doco has info for remote install too
06:24 mtj "If you are running MySQL on another server:"
06:30 mtj the doc needs some example config files hey
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06:30 reiveune hello
06:42 marcelr o/
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06:53 alex_ Bonjour
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07:04 davewood mtj: I can update the docs once I have all the pieces together
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07:17 cait good morning #koha!
07:19 marcelr hi cait
07:21 cait hi marcelr :)
07:29 davewood fridolin: you said you dont use koha-create. Whats your alternative way?
07:32 cait davidnind[m]: I think Biblibre is not using packages
07:33 cait there are other installation methods, that don't use the package commands but the (standard, dev)
07:33 cait (not sure if frido is around, given time difference)
07:34 davewood biblibre is where fridolin works I guess?
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07:35 Vinod hello
07:36 Guest1835 ok
07:37 Guest1835 one of my customer is interested to see Demo of Koha Library Management Software
07:40 davewood cait: which installation method is recommended?
07:40 cait packages
07:40 wahanui packages are done
07:42 cait but should maybe let frido or someone else explain their setup, just wanted to say there are other ways you can install Koha too
07:42 davewood bad question ... which koha instance creation method is recommended. koha-create or Makefile.PL ... especially when it comes to non-local DB setup
07:44 fridolin davewood: yep i work for Biblibre (France)
07:45 cait I have never done non-local - I woudl guess it's possible with all installation methods
07:45 fridolin we have an home-made intall script using dev install mode
07:45 cait fridolin: sorry if I said something wrong
07:45 fridolin one Koha per OS
07:45 fridolin cait: your totally correct
07:46 fridolin our install mean upgrades are done manually
07:46 fridolin packages are great
07:48 cait we roll our own packages including some changes, having a mix of one instance and multi-instance servers
07:51 davewood fridolin: we are currently working on a ansible/lxc setup where all containers running koha share one mariadb, ES server.
07:52 davewood after peeking into Makefile.PL it looks like --install_mode=standard could be the right thing for us
07:53 cait I am not sure if you will not lose all the package commands if you do that
07:53 cait what speaks against a package install in that setup?
07:53 davewood the koha-create --request-db/--populate-db didnt work so far.
07:53 cait you can always adapt the koha-conf.xml - but maybe it's possible to set the koha-site-defaults too (I haven't checked yet)
07:54 davewood it tells me to edit the *-request.txt file and add the DB credentials but after that nothing ever seems to use that file.
07:55 cait maybe worth chatting to soem about this issue first
07:55 cait someone might be running separate db and be able to tell you
07:55 davewood thats what i started doing yesterday. also wrote an email to koha devel mailinglist.
07:55 cait ah, didn't see that one yet
07:56 fridolin we sometimes use remote DB but we configure that manually
07:57 cait davewood: when did you send the email? https://lists.koha-community.o[…]ptember/date.html
07:58 davewood to: subject: koha-create with remote mariadb server
07:58 davewood https://lists.koha-community.o[…]ember/047322.html
08:18 cait thanks I had missed that
08:19 cait maybe try asking here a bit later today - crowds change with the timezones
08:38 davewood cait: will do, thanks
08:46 davewood found a bit more info here:[…]mon.README.Debian
08:53 davewood wow, i made a mistake myself here, I am not supposed to change the data in the txt file genereated by `koha-create --request-db` but rather take the autogenerated credentials from that file and create mysql database/user with it
09:11 davewood whats supposed to be passed to `koha-create --defaultsql`?
09:17 davewood on a fresh debian installation. there has got to be a database template for a fresh koha instance. /usr/share/koha/defaults.sql.gz does not exist.
09:28 mtj davewood: i think it it will use  /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/i​nstaller/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
09:34 mtj if you think
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09:38 mtj hmm, it does not use any defaultsql fiel by default
09:39 mtj davewood: so try using  /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/i​nstaller/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql
09:43 mtj koha-create --populate-db   --defaultsql ./xxx/kohastructure.sql  lib1
09:44 mtj ^ you will need to manually add the db stuff to the remote database, before running that
09:46 cait mtj: could you also run the web installer?
09:46 mtj yes, i think so
09:46 cait I am wondering how you get the superlibrarian etc. if you do it that wy, missing the onboarding
09:48 mtj i think the web-install expects an empty db, with a correct db user/passwd
09:49 mtj superlibrarian user gets created at webinstall stage
09:50 mtj hmm, i wonder why the populate step is needed then?
09:53 mtj sudo koha-create --request-db  lib1
09:53 mtj sudo koha-create --use         lib1
09:53 mtj that should work...
09:54 mtj manually adding db and user to remote, after request-db step
10:09 ashimema morning
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10:30 oleonard Hi #koha
10:46 davewood mtj: pretty sure kohastructure.sql doesnt work because koha-create.sql does a search and replace for the string '__KOHASITE__' and that doesnt exist in kohastructure.sql
10:47 davewood s/koha-create.sql/koha-create/
10:59 mtj davewood: so where do you think you are stuck?
10:59 ashimema marcelr++
11:14 davewood mtj: i think im stuck at the fact that there is no easy+clean way to automate a koha installation + instance creation with remote database. looks like I have to use the web installer. right now im doing some try&error stuff to figure out how it can be done.
11:17 mtj yeah, the current workflow expects a sysadmin to manually create a db/user on the remote database
11:20 davewood that I think I can automate but the database table creation seems to be invoked by the web installer only
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11:32 davewood and the fact that `koha-create --populate-db` cant possibly work without passing --defaultsql but its unlclear what the value should be.
11:32 davewood if you dont use --defaultsql you probably have to run the web installer
11:56 domm[m] Is there a way to get bugzilla to not jump to another ticket after an edit/update?
11:56 domm[m] I find that mighty confusing..
11:57 oleonard-away domm[m]: Yes, it's an option in Preferences
11:58 oleonard Under Preferences -> General Preferences -> After changing a bug...
11:58 domm[m] oleonard: thanks, got it!
12:02 cait lol
12:02 cait i just had the same bugzilla support question by phone .)
12:20 oleonard :|
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13:20 davewood i advanced a few steps and now im stuck at http://koha-demo-intra.myDNSna[…]taller/ ... the credentials in /etc/koha/sites/koha-demo/koha-conf.xml dont work (Error: Invalid username or password). the remote DB still has no tables.
13:24 cait you can't get in?
13:24 cait into the web installer?
13:24 davewood nope
13:24 cait the tables are created aftr the login has happened, so that it's still empty would be right
13:24 davewood i hoped so
13:24 davewood Please log in with the username and password given to you by your systems administrator and located in your koha-conf.xml configuration file.
13:24 cait you are using the mysql credentials from the koha-conf.xml?
13:25 davewood it doesnt say which credentials to use, i tried what I thought made sense
13:25 cait there is a package command to get these
13:25 cait then you don't need to look in the file
13:26 davewood I didnt think of using the database credentials. they work! thanks cait.
13:27 cait there is also some koha-... command that prints them for you
13:27 cait but I am not sure what it's called right now
13:28 cait is it green? connection to db alright? (second page or so)
13:28 davewood koha-passwd?
13:28 cait sounds very likely
13:29 domm davewood: I'm also often confused by the fact that you need the DB-credentials when running an update/install, even though it's the web interface. But it makes sort-of-sense, because the update script uses the DB credentials to connect to the DB and install the schema
13:31 davewood can the stuff the web installer does be run from commandline isntead of my browser?
13:34 davewood alright ... koha instance up and running.
13:34 cait there is a script for adding superlibrarians
13:35 cait but it needs a category type before you can run that...
13:35 cait mybe if you create an sql file that has all those first steps done and populate your db with that instead of running the installer?
13:41 davewood that might work but it doesnt seem like a good idea somehow. im happy for now and will send the info I gather as a reply to my own request on the devel koha mailinglist
13:58 cait davewood: we usually run the web installer here too, not that many that it gets tedious really
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14:04 AndrewFH Hello! I kinda remember seeing a bug recently to make it possible to check a patron's messaging preferences via Template Toolkit in notices. I haven't been able to find it again, though. Sound familiar to anyone?
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14:13 AndrewFH it was https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30076 . thankful to find I did not make it up
14:13 huginn` Bug 30076: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, kyle, RESOLVED FIXED, Add ability to check patron messaging preferences from a notice
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15:02 reiveune bye
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16:03 lukeg hi
16:03 wahanui bonjour, lukeg
16:06 oleonard Hi lukeg
17:13 oleonard Bye lukeg
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20:49 caroline cait++
21:02 cait :)
21:02 cait i tihnk the c will be even better, a needs a follow-up
21:03 cait just running the make command to see if I now finally fixed all warns there
21:03 caroline I followed your lead and started with w :)
21:04 cait ah, I am using a regex to find and fix - still reviewing each one, but it speeds up
21:04 cait do you want that?
21:04 caroline ooh, yes! So far there were only like 6-10 in both w files
21:06 cait search for: :ref:`(\w+)`
21:06 cait replace with: :ref:`\1 <\1-label>`
21:06 cait that owrks in geany, maybe some editors want $1 instead of \1
21:12 cait caroline: patch for c is attached, going back now to fix some remaining issues in a
21:23 cait I've also changed the python.conf entry, so I can see the warns for any missing labels after changes
21:31 cait moving to e and f :)
21:31 davidnind[m] cait++
21:32 davidnind[m] caroline++
21:32 cait davidnind++
21:32 cait :)
21:45 cait G-I are next
21:58 cait tackling l-o next
22:01 caroline you're so fast!
22:01 caroline I just puched my merge request for T and W
22:01 caroline I have to go, birthday party tonight!
22:02 cait ooh have fun!
22:02 cait your birthday party?
22:02 caroline no, my partner's cousin
22:03 caroline cait++ davidnind++ docsteam++
22:03 cait ah good, didn't miss it then :) have a great evening and weekend
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