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00:16 dcook paulderscheid: I didn't realize you were a librarian by education and software engineer by profession
00:17 dcook Just like me :D
00:35 dcook Didn't realize it's only early evening at Kohacon..
01:18 paulderscheid[m] dcook: Yeah, that’s life, I guess ^^
01:20 dcook Well I wanted to go into computers when I was a kid, so I just took a roundabout trip to get there..
01:20 dcook Did you go to Kansas from Germany?
01:21 dcook I briefly thought about coming from Australia but it's not a great time atm..
01:34 tuxayo paulderscheid: «Yeah, we bought the CO2 certs but you‘re still right»
01:34 tuxayo Most CO2 compensations are fishy so it's quite the work to know if it's reliable but there is definitely a chance that it was something that work. Since they aren't much costly it's worth a try.
01:35 tuxayo dcook: «librarian by education and software engineer by profession»
01:35 tuxayo That looks like and often case in Koha :D
01:35 tuxayo And hi ^^
01:35 tuxayo *an often
01:37 dcook Really? I think we're still fairly rare
01:37 dcook Lots of programmers who have never worked in libraries heh
01:37 * dcook worked his first library job back in 2006 O_O
01:37 dcook and this koha-z3950-responder is driving me crazy..
01:37 dcook Got it working on one server but not the other..
01:39 paulderscheid[m] dcook: yeah, with a transfer in Washington Dulles
01:40 tuxayo dcook: Nick for sure and Andrew FH I think started librarians
01:41 dcook I think Andrew might still be in a librarian type role at BWS
01:42 dcook I do recall Nick's transformation though heh
01:47 tuxayo dcook: Andrew went back to work in a library. I don't know what kind of work though$
01:47 tuxayo *though.
01:51 dcook This koha-z3959-responder is doing my head in..
01:51 dcook I remember it was tough to get working the first time but this time is much worse..
01:51 dcook Nothing inthe logs of course..
01:58 tuxayo dcook: So it doesn't crash. But it doesn't do what is should?
01:58 dcook Exactement
01:59 dcook Looks like it's probably an issue with Net::Z3950::SimpleServer though..
01:59 tuxayo Good luck with digging in a lib...
01:59 dcook ikr
01:59 dcook A lot of the server libraries on CPAN are awful in a lot of ways..
02:01 tuxayo Just add some warns in the lib files in /usr/share/perl5 😵‍💫
02:02 dcook Not so bad when you're in koha-testing-docker, but trying to troubleshoot a prod server.. :|
02:02 dcook Cool when I run the script by hand, it just crashes silently
02:06 dcook And now when I use koha-z3950-responder it fails to start too
02:06 dcook Coooool
02:06 dcook Because apparently it can't handle its own pid file..
02:06 dcook Well I don't have time for this garbage. No z3950 today I geuss
02:15 dcook I am stubborn though... and I think I might know why it wasn't logging..
02:21 dcook bug 28364
02:21 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28364 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, CLOSED FIXED, koha-z3950-responder breaks because of log4perl.conf permissions
02:22 dcook Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh​hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh haha
02:22 wajasu wooo
02:24 wajasu i was hitting some of this a month ago.  one time i was deleting my log files for my image but one of the servers didn't create it's log file, so no i just 'truncate the log files'
02:25 dcook wajasu: I bet you must've run into a lot of frustrations. We don't take good enough care of the upgrade path...
02:25 dcook While I'm on a version where bug 28364 is "fixed", it's only fixed for new instances. Not upgraded ones.. :/
02:27 wajasu i had to dig through some needles in a haystack, but getting to 22.05 from 3.10 and fixing the mysql seqno stuff was the time consuming part.
02:27 wajasu i'l just work signoffs, but it's hard to tell what direction you guys are going in.
02:28 wajasu i was going to work LDAP stuff, but I am not sure if the effort will be accepted.
02:33 dcook wajasu: Hehe "direction"
02:33 dcook I don't think there is a direction
02:34 dcook Unless it's a small patch, it's really hard to get things accepted
02:34 dcook I'm wishing luck to BibLibre at the moment with the staff interface redesign
02:35 dcook I think they're arguably the second biggest Koha company, and if they're struggling to make changes, I don't know what hope an individual has
02:35 dcook But... the collective effort is still worthwhile
02:35 dcook No way that one or two people could handle as many bug fixes as the community does together
02:36 wajasu yea.  i did a bunch a bunch of years ago, and even though i wasn't around, i still got all the bugzilla updates via email when they got push through over the years.
02:36 dcook Yeah, I recall you from years ago heh
02:36 dcook It used to be easier
02:36 wajasu not a two week dev cycle for sure.
02:36 dcook I've given up on quite a few things over the years
02:37 dcook These days, I'm more interested in making it easier to customize Koha without upstreaming, which is unfortunate really...
02:37 wajasu i see the workflow with QA, RM, etc now.  I didn't know that it exsited years ago and expected things to go out.
02:37 dcook Yeah, we still had it years ago, but the overall process was less rigid
02:37 dcook That said, there was a lot of bad code back in the day too
02:37 dcook But bugs still get through anyway
02:38 dcook At the end of the day, it's all about time
02:38 dcook I know I also have less time now than I used to as I have more projects..
02:38 dcook More clients, more projects, and less time
02:39 wajasu i had one bug work, but it didn't pass perltidy formatting.  I would expect a QA person could run that and test.  Because by the time I go the fail, it was a year or so later.
02:40 wajasu i did a bunch of XSLT for my library, but this new version was sufficient with template toolkit.
02:41 dcook Yeah, I just had one fail in part due to perltidy formatting apparently, although it had passed the QA tools so I don't know why it wasn't good enough...
02:42 * dcook is just a big grump these days
02:42 dcook When I do QAing, I'll usually fix the small issues I find, as it just seems more efficient than sending it back
02:42 dcook But yeah unfortunately no direction for Koha
02:43 dcook I've suggested for many years that we choose one, but no go
02:43 wajasu i'm glad they got the KTD.   I have my packer/virtlib working now with all your pieces (mounted koha, etc)
02:43 dcook I admire the DSpace and Fedora Commons teams which are able to choose a direction and collectively work towards it
02:43 dcook Yeah KTD is pretty sweet
02:44 wajasu i made my koha kvm image cloud-init friendly, because I was pushing to linode.
02:45 wajasu i think someone should write a  kohactl  (for all those separate scripts).
02:45 wajasu kohactl create ...
02:47 wajasu i also used selenium-ide to create a script to walk through the isntaller/onboarding, etc with my defaults.
02:48 wajasu then i just run it on new ktd  or my images  to save time.
02:49 wajasu if something like that could be in the dev or maintenance scripts directory, one could run a consistent environment for tests.
02:49 wajasu from the commandline.
02:52 wajasu also the misc4dev magic that loads the superlibrarian, and test data, could use that.  but you guys would have to agree to provide those scripts to pass tests when someone changes the installer.
02:53 wajasu with ktd we should be able to have 3 libraries/branches and standard patrons, and such to test complex ILL scenarios.
02:54 dcook You can talk to Joubu and tcohen about that
02:54 wajasu i was going to doit in one image, but maybe a docker compose with multiple branhces running in the "docker" network would be useful.
02:54 dcook Not sure what you mean in regards to kohactl
02:56 wajasu well i didn't know about koha-common starting up and shutting down all the services, so i edited koha-create to do that, adding in the SIP, and z3950.
02:56 wajasu if they were configured.
02:56 dcook O_o
02:56 dcook koha-create?
02:57 dcook Maybe kohactl would be better than the hodgepodge of scripts that we have currently..
02:57 wajasu yes
02:58 wajasu thats the trend
02:58 wajasu plus i go in a fix because multiple scripts need to share code.  i.e. the shell functions
03:01 wajasu i got confused becaue i needed to run cp_debian_files after every script edit.
03:07 wajasu well, it was nice to see the kohacon this week.
03:09 wajasu i don't know what the atomic update stuff is about?  maybe when they get the new wiki going i can get up to speed.
03:10 tuxayo dcook: «But yeah unfortunately no direction for Koha»
03:10 tuxayo What do you mean? Like people throw patches and hope for them to be accepted? Without real planning like we see with ERM or staff redesign
03:11 tuxayo Or even that doesn't show direction?
03:11 dcook The ERM and staff redesign are the efforts of just one person/company
03:12 dcook It's not like we all sat down, had a vote, and decided where we wanted Koha to be in the next 1-5 years
03:12 dcook And then worked together to get there
03:12 dcook The argument is that everyone has their own interests, so they pursue them, and that's that
03:12 dcook And that does make a certain amount of sense..
03:13 dcook If everyone voted that they wanted to spend the next year changing every colour to a different shade of pink, I probably wouldn't invest time in helping
03:13 wajasu you guys are privy with the day to day.  i guess i could go read old meetings over the year.  so i will just do signoffs to speed up the workflow.
03:14 dcook Well, I'm not in the most ideal timezone heh
03:14 dcook Signoffs are good :D
03:14 tuxayo It looks rare that a company has moments where we can invest in some change in a given direction. So if we we all sat down, had a vote, and decided where we wanted Koha to be in the next 1-5 years then several companies need to have at the same time the free ressources to make happen the decisions.
03:14 tuxayo That's very theorical ↑
03:15 tuxayo > The argument is that everyone has their own interests, so they pursue them, and that's that
03:15 tuxayo Very organic and doesn't require much hierarchy and coordinated ressources.
03:16 dcook It's true and it's gotten us this far
03:16 dcook And really there are a few companies that do operate behind the scenes to coordinate their resources/time
03:16 tuxayo > you guys are privy with the day to day.
03:16 tuxayo What do you mean wajasu ? That's out of my english knowledge
03:16 dcook tuxayo: We're au courant heh
03:17 wajasu have knowledge of the day to day discussions/efforts
03:17 tuxayo Ok, thanks ^^
03:17 tuxayo Merci beaucoup.
03:18 tuxayo wajasu: «so i will just do signoffs to speed up the workflow.» That's the biggest bottleneck with QA. And if it wasn't so much a bottleneck, there would be more care of the less obvious proposals that get stuck.
03:19 wajasu that's what i thought.
03:19 dcook Btw if you're not familiar with it already...
03:20 wajasu yes. i got into that.  love the build section.
03:20 dcook At the moment, it looks like the biggest count is Failed QA heh
03:20 dcook Yeah the build section is cool
03:20 dcook bug 31614
03:20 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31614 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add configurable timeout for Zebra connections
03:20 dcook Search may be slow but this at least lets it finish..
03:20 wajasu once you get LTS in there, people can work backports with that one in mind.
03:21 tuxayo What do you mean?
03:22 wajasu well, if you have somone backporting a fix to a prior version, they would prioritize the LTS version.
03:23 tuxayo Backports work in cascade. When it's merged in main, the RMaints of stable picks it and only then the RMaint of oldstable. And than oldoldstable. And then LTS
03:23 wajasu i see.
03:24 tuxayo The introduction of LTS won't change that. And it make the work easier since you don't get 2 years of conflicts. Each backporting step get part of the changes?
03:24 tuxayo *changes.
03:25 tuxayo > And really there are a few companies that do operate behind the scenes to coordinate their resources/time
03:25 tuxayo dcook, About that, since two months I'm being paid for my time on QA and Signoff by some of the support companies here. ^^
03:25 dcook tuxayo: Oh nice! I was wondering about that!
03:26 dcook Glad to hear you're part of the cabal!
03:26 dcook Hehe. But seriously. Good to hear that you're getting paid for your efforts.
03:27 wajasu if work a signoff, and really get into the bug, but it fails.  can i supply the patch to help fix.  then let someone else sign it off?
03:28 wajasu since you have QA as followup, could i signoff if i contributed a patch?
03:28 wajasu don't want to step on any ones toes that worked a patch though.
03:29 dcook wajasu: Yeah, typically you can sign off the first patch, you supply your patch, then someone else (including the original author) can sign off your patch
03:29 dcook It's a good way of moving things along
03:29 wajasu great
03:30 tuxayo > Oh nice! I was wondering about that!
03:30 tuxayo RMaint of oldoldstable + bringing back from the dead the hold rules checker (bug 23732) and the trainings I'm getting for managing my company and fact that i'm working part time causes that I'm not putting much work on QA&SO though :(
03:30 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=23732 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, victor, Patch doesn't apply , Hold rules checker: show matched rules and syspref values to help understand why a hold is possible or not
03:30 tuxayo Maybe one of the KohaCon talk is about this funding.
03:30 tuxayo «Funding QA and Joint Development»
03:30 tuxayo «Brendan Gallagher (ByWater Solutions), Paul Poulain (BibLibre), Andrew Auld (PTFS Europe Limited), Jonathan Field (PTFS Europe Limited), and Nate Curulla (ByWater Solutions)»
03:30 tuxayo These people are very suspect :)
03:30 dcook hehe
03:31 dcook I'll have to watch any recordings they do
03:31 tuxayo KohaCon day 2 timestamp 7:27:00
03:31 tuxayo Yet to watch it.
03:33 dcook Hmm I"m at that timestamp but don't see anything..
03:33 dcook Ah there we are
03:33 dcook
03:34 dcook Time for me to go do other tings though I think..
03:35 tuxayo > Hehe. But seriously. Good to hear that you're getting paid for your efforts.
03:35 tuxayo Thanks ^^ Even with not enough time to work on that, that's still the minimum to be able not need to use savings anymore. So I can work forever on Koha now ♾️ :D (until the end of abundant oil that will screw things up ^^")
03:37 tuxayo > don't want to step on any ones toes that worked a patch though.
03:37 tuxayo Don't worry about that. Adding follow-up is very welcome. That's a very nice thing of our workflow with bugzilla, anyone can add patches to any submission. With merge requests, that would be a barrier.
03:38 dcook (good point about the merge requests)
03:38 dcook And I hear you on working on Koha until the apocalypse
03:39 tuxayo 🔥💃🔥
03:41 wajasu in my case i still use mt ancient email account for bugzilla.  but gitlab won't accept my email to signup. the admin for gitlab for koha could allow my email domain. so i can't do merge requests until i get a new email one day.
03:42 tuxayo > the admin for gitlab for koha could allow my email domain
03:42 tuxayo That's a global issue. Only they can allow your domain.
03:46 tuxayo Going to bed finally, tomorrow patch testing session with french speaking librarians :)
03:46 tuxayo And Monday with English speaking ones.
03:46 tuxayo I say librarians but anyone can come, it's just that I try to get new workforce in the community, not converting existing one to testing.
03:47 tuxayo Even though if for every patch submitted, the dev would signoff two other patches, that would solves the bottlenecks but slow new patch submissions rates. But time not wasted in not doing endless rebases should balance that of almost. But anyway, getting a lot of librarians to test would be great also.
03:54 wajasu[…]fic-email-domains
03:57 wajasu say goodnight gracie
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06:03 marcelr hi #koha
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06:54 reiveune hello
06:54 wahanui hi, reiveune
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07:02 alex_ Bonjour
07:02 wahanui que tal, alex_
07:16 dcook hola Europeans
07:16 dcook time for me to go hooooome
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07:44 magnuse_ kia ora dcook
07:47 magnuse_ i have a tt file of 1300++ lines and suspect a problem with the nesting of the tt "tags". is there a good way to debug tt? like syntax checking/highlighting or similar?
07:49 magnuse_ logs say: Template process failed: file error - parse error - /usr/share/koha/opac/htdocs/opac-tmpl/b​ootstrap/en/modules/ line 1372: unexpected end of input at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 122.
08:51 mtj hi magnuse_, try the debug option http://www.template-toolkit.or[…]tml#section_DEBUG
08:53 magnuse_ mtj: thanks, i have missed that!
09:01 mtj magnuse_: tpage could be useful for debugging syntax errors
09:01 mtj http://www.template-toolkit.or[…]/tools/tpage.html
09:08 magnuse_ interesting!
09:09 magnuse_ i did get lucky though, and found some improperly nested tt tags quite fast
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11:29 tcohen hola #koha!
11:48 tcohen happy friday
11:51 tcohen can anyone reproduce the t/Auth_with_shibboleth.t failure locally? (I cannot)
11:59 paulderscheid[m] I think I‘m going to write a new tt extension for VSCode this year.
12:07 tuxayo hi #koha :)
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12:11 tcohen paulderscheid[m]: \o/
12:14 * tcohen needs coffee, typed a bug number in 3 different ways on each patch
12:14 tcohen paulderscheid[m]: what do you want to change from the current TT extension?
12:15 magnuse_ happy equinox, #koha!
12:15 tcohen <3
12:47 mtj hi tcohen, i did make a little progress on the failing sele patrons.t test
12:48 mtj sele seems to have a general problem with the 'processing' alert box, when updating a table
12:57 tcohen oh
12:57 tcohen we need a sleep
12:57 tcohen ?
12:58 tcohen I really need help with Auth_with_shibboleth.t
12:58 tcohen seems like a really easy fix, but I cannot reproduce
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12:59 tcohen please: try locally, if it fails, call me :-D
13:09 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "Auth_with_shibboleth.t" (16 lines) at
13:11 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "Auth_with_shibboleth.t 2" (84 lines) at
13:12 mtj hi tcohen: i get that failure ^
13:12 mtj hmm, but i havent pulled recently
13:12 tcohen can you share that dump?
13:12 tcohen on pm
13:13 tcohen and also, where are you running it?
13:15 paulderscheid[m] tcohen: I feel like the autocompletions and suggestions could be better
13:16 tcohen right, it could offer closing things, etc
13:19 mtj tcohen: the dump was made just after 'ku' finished booting...
13:19 mtj $ mysqldump  --host=db --user=koha_kohadev --password=password koha_kohadev > back.sql
13:20 mtj then...
13:20 mtj mysql  --host=db --user=koha_kohadev --password=password koha_kohadev < back.sql ; perl ./t/db/sele/patrons.t
13:20 tcohen ok, running as root makes it fail
13:20 tcohen thanks!
13:21 mtj loading the db before starting a test, was a good method for debugging the sele/patrons.t tests
13:22 mtj 85030fc38a (HEAD -> z11, origin/master) Bug 7021: DBRev
13:22 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=7021 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, emmi.takkinen, Pushed to master , Add patron category to the statistics table
13:23 mtj ^ ive been testing on that older commit
13:24 tcohen @later tell marcelr you owe me a beer
13:24 huginn` tcohen: The operation succeeded.
13:25 tcohen 097b2afb17da42878c8fffaf7ebdab1ad0cb49fa is the first bad commit
13:25 tcohen commit 097b2afb17da42878c8fffaf7ebdab1ad0cb49fa
13:25 tcohen Author: Marcel de Rooy <>
13:25 tcohen Date:   Fri Sep 16 07:07:00 2022 +0000
13:25 tcohen git_bisect++
13:25 ashimema lol
13:26 tcohen mtj++
13:33 tcohen regression_tests++
13:34 tcohen a minor refactoring broke a feature, and we detected it
13:34 tcohen that's great :-D
13:35 tuxayo Ah great
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13:43 mtj ill paste a bit more info about the failing sele/patrons.t soon
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13:50 oleonard o/
13:52 paulderscheid[m] I just had a fun thought: Why don't we put animated clocks of the different timezones on the dashboard?
13:53 oleonard That would be fun
14:05 * tcohen likes
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14:27 wizzyrea hi friends - i have a question and I've been going around and around and it's probably very easy and i just can't find how to do it - how does one set up the password protection on the zebra z3950 service? Not the incoming records - the z3950 access from outside the library
14:34 tcohen you need to have the relevant authentication section on the publicserver definition
14:35 tcohen for reference, for Koha's internal use we generate /etc/koha/sites/<instance>/zebra.passwd and that info can also be found in koha-conf.xml for authorityserver and biblioserver
14:35 mtj hi wizzyrea
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14:41 mtj i pmed you
14:42 tcohen rmaints: please take a careful look at your rel_<version>_candidate keywords on bugzilla. It seems there are lots of bugfixes that never get backported
14:42 tcohen ^^ tuxayo lukeg liliputech
14:42 tcohen example: bug 30730
14:42 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30730 major, P5 - low, ---,, Pushed to master , Holds to Pull should not list items with a notforloan status
14:43 milktoast_ morning all...
14:43 milktoast_ I've exported the data from our "handy library manager" and it has it's own names for areas...
14:44 milktoast_ can someone look at these names and see what MARC21 catalog number they match so I can change them before importing into Koha?
14:45 milktoast_ each one is at the top of a column in libreoffice calc
14:46 tcohen you need to talk to a librarian or a migrations expert
14:46 milktoast_ :-)
14:46 oleonard MARC21 documentation should help too:
14:47 oleonard milktoast_ : IDNO be not be relevant if it was an internal identifier in your previous software
14:48 oleonard milktoast_ And category may be something you want to convert to an itemtype or authorized value...I'm guessing
14:48 milktoast_ Thanks, I found that .. like <tcohen> said,  I need to  talk to a librarian...
14:50 milktoast_ ok, I'll print a paper and take toa Library and ask them what they think each one should be
14:50 milktoast_ it is 14K books in that system
14:53 tcohen IDNO is usually put on 001
14:53 tuxayo tcohen: I never had in my workflow to check rel_<version>_candidate 😱
14:53 tcohen OMFG
14:53 tcohen haha
14:53 mtj tcohen, wizzyrea: i updated bz17035 regarding the public z3950 question
14:54 tuxayo tcohen: to be fair, every patch should be examined by RMaint. And have a comment left if skipped.
14:54 reiveune bye
14:54 reiveune left #koha
14:55 tuxayo And I check every BZ notification for if someone request a backport that I skipped
14:55 tuxayo So that should be fool proof.
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14:57 tuxayo However I wouldn't bet the RMaints for stable and oldstable can stay on top of all there BZ notifications. Because they touch more tickets than me with oldoldstable. And the time to spend backporting and testing is much more. So less time left to stay on top of more notifications.
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15:11 tcohen tuxayo: yeah, we should team up for lowering the weight on our shuoldrs
15:11 tcohen I try to add the keyword myself when I'm pretty sure things should be backported
15:15 tuxayo Good, I have nothing in  rel_21_05_candidate :)
15:17 tuxayo > we should team up for lowering the weight on our shuoldrs
15:17 tuxayo There can totally be multiple people RMainting a given branch a split the backport & test load. Once or twice stable or oldstable had two people from bywater.
15:17 tuxayo *and split
15:18 wizzyrea hi mtj :)
15:19 wizzyrea tcohen - thank you I was hoping it was literally that easy but didn't dream it actually was
15:21 mtj hiya wizzyrea
15:23 mtj tcohen: perhaps we allow a bit of time for support people to update systems, before pushing bz17035
15:36 ashimema splitting does mean maintaining a queue very carefully though..
15:36 ashimema but it is doable
15:37 ashimema I think one of the biggest issues is really just that rmaints aren't always given the time that the job requires
15:38 ashimema when I was an rmaint I checked my queue every morning and worked through it doing backports.. I made sure that on a friday my queue was always empty.. that can take a significant time
15:38 ashimema especially for stable
15:45 mtj hi ashimema
15:46 ashimema hi
15:46 ashimema I had a question for you....
15:46 * ashimema digs through notes
15:46 mtj tcohen: git-bisect says bug 31565 broke the sele/patrons.t test
15:46 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31565 normal, P5 - low, ---, lari.taskula, Pushed to master , Patron search filter by category code with special character returns no results
15:46 mtj ... i havent click why yet tho :)
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15:48 ashimema found it.. do you think it's viable to add a simple option in the packages to set up letsencrypt certs for koha instances
15:49 ashimema Our infra team here are suggesting it's a bit of a pain getting Certbot to play nicely with the koha vhosts we ship with packages out of the box...
15:49 ashimema honestly.. I've not looked into it at all myself
15:50 ashimema there's money in the pot if it's something you think as packaging guru you could chomp through?
15:50 mtj hmm, yes and yes
15:51 ashimema excellent
15:51 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
15:51 mtj i have a bit of experience setting up lets-encrypt stuff with koha
15:52 ashimema had a feeling you might have
15:52 ashimema feel free to punt me a suggestion of what it would entail and a quote when you have a moment..
15:53 mtj ok, ill have a little look to refresh my memory
15:55 mtj i recall an annoying gotcha was the cert renewal process, it wanted to run a webserver on port 80 to do the update
15:55 mtj that was the easy/default option
15:56 tcohen school drop
15:56 mtj ..but to do that would require apache to be shutdown :/
15:57 mtj good news is that there are a bunch of other ways to do the renewal
15:58 ashimema excellent
15:58 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
15:58 ashimema I know Mojo has support for it these days.. though I've not looked into the details..
15:59 ashimema we may be able to do renewals inside our koha code..
16:01 ashimema ho.. when going to add a bug I just found https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15303
16:01 huginn` Bug 15303: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mirko, CLOSED FIXED, Letsencrypt option for Debian package installations
16:04 mtj ok, that looks like a great start
16:04 ashimema I'm confused now.. I have no idea what that does or how my colleagues missed it
16:04 ashimema lol
16:04 milktoast joined #koha
16:09 oleonard joined #koha
16:10 mtj well, its been committed
16:12 caroline joined #koha
16:13 mtj i confess to setting up my koha/certbot stuff manually, (bofh sysadmin)
18:11 tcohen mtj[m]: could you please upgrade libmojolicious-plugin-oauth2-perl to 2.02? thanks!
18:22 mtj tcohen: try the 'koha-staging dev' repo
18:54 caroline joined #koha
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19:37 mtj tcohen: i fixed the sele/patrons.t bug, ill send a patch later
19:37 mtj its a silly bug :/
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