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01:31 nugged @later tell cait that was "moved carefully by ... one person who I can't blame publicly" to another confluence space. I fixed for a moment: . ALSO: I am launching now draft on to stay on a stage for current KohaCon2022 presentation and call to join. Will update.
01:31 huginn` nugged: The operation succeeded.
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06:31 reiveune hello
06:31 wahanui bidet, reiveune
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06:52 alex_ Bonjour
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07:26 ashimema morning'
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07:33 cait hellooo #koha
07:58 cait hm from logs on master: Can't call method "process" on an undefined value at /kohadevbox/koha/misc/ line 124. ?
08:00 ashimema Pass
08:00 ashimema But I can say we're generally finding the background job stuff incredibly unreliable
08:01 cait Hm i think the UX is not great atm- addings lots of extra clicks/steps
08:38 ashimema For me it's the actual reliability of tasks getting processed..
08:38 ashimema I'm constantly having to kick them
08:38 cait we are still on an older version, so not seeing this yet, although I think we have been hit by the 'staff name cannot have diacritics' bug
08:54 cait hm no kidclamp
08:56 cait @later tell kidclamp coudl you help me to figure out the right syntax for Elasticsearch in bug 31471?
08:56 huginn` cait: The operation succeeded.
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10:27 cait hm even quieter today...
10:42 ashimema I'm here still 🙂
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11:24 marcelr o/
11:27 marcelr cait: Did you report that warn: Can't call method "process" ?
11:28 marcelr if you look in the script, it should be a job in the message broker part of the loop
11:28 marcelr there is no check if the Koha find returned something
11:29 marcelr there should be more checks in this worker thing to get a more reliable experience
11:44 marcelr ashimema: still willing to check bug 22678 ?
11:44 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22678 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, Signed Off , Set 'Koha::Logger' as the default mojo logger for the REST API
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12:17 ashimema doh.. I thought I had
12:35 tcohen hola #koha
12:35 tcohen ashimema around?
12:35 ashimema hi
12:36 tcohen do you think you have bandwidth this week so we tackle some background jobs-related stuffs?
12:36 ashimema sure
12:36 tcohen yay
12:37 tcohen marcelr: have you looked at the 'use the API to displya background jobs' bug?
12:37 tcohen we were waiting for some more eyes
12:37 tcohen I'd like us to build that component for 'the return of the progress bar'
12:37 marcelr ok i read somehting that you did push a report but i did not see it
12:37 tcohen (using the API)
12:38 marcelr a comment on 27421?
12:38 marcelr maybe i misread
12:38 marcelr diagonally
12:38 tcohen https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=30982
12:38 huginn` Bug 30982: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Signed Off , Use the REST API for background job list view
12:38 marcelr ah ok you didnt push yet
12:38 tcohen I'd like to push it, would love you to review it
12:39 marcelr sure
12:39 marcelr at least qa on friday maybe earlier
12:40 marcelr depends on other stuff
12:41 tcohen just let me know if you hate it
12:42 marcelr i would not expect that
12:42 marcelr even when i see ternaries
12:42 tcohen haha
12:42 marcelr written awfully
12:43 * tcohen hates nested ternaries
12:45 * marcelr looks for testers of bug 31503
12:45 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31503 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Allow several consent types on the consents tab of OPAC account page
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12:46 ashimema nice
12:46 tcohen nice
12:46 tcohen count me in
12:49 cait marcelr: sorry, was stuck on soemthing else, didn't report
12:53 cait still a little distracted
12:53 cait preparing for a workshop tomorrow
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12:56 tcohen good luck cait!
12:56 tcohen you will rock it for sure
12:56 tcohen where is that workshop taking place?
12:57 cait ah online
12:57 cait it's a series of workshops, we are doing a bit of acq and serials tomorrow... which brings me to
12:58 cait coudl someone maybe ping khall for me? :)
12:58 cait hm that was the wrong direction
12:58 cait (khall just left)
12:58 tcohen computer suspended, afk
12:59 cait wanted to reask yesterday's question about the ACQORDER mails
12:59 cait if there is a way we coudl display the budget_name
12:59 cait using TT
13:01 tcohen wait for it
13:04 cait I wait :)
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13:14 ashimema as far as I can see.. there's a shed load of custom code around that particular notice
13:14 ashimema so I don't think so cait
13:14 ashimema unless.. you can get it from 'branches', 'aqbooksellers', 'aqcontacts' or possibly 'aqbasket'
13:14 ashimema the actual orderdetails are a customer 'repeat' sql section
13:15 ashimema is budget set at basket level, or per order line..
13:15 * ashimema can't remember
13:16 cait order line
13:16 ashimema so you'd want budget per order line
13:17 ashimema so.. in theory you could just ignore the 'repeat' section entirely I reckon.. and instead iterate using TT based on the aqbasket
13:17 ashimema [% FOREACH order IN basket.orders %]..
13:17 ashimema something like that
13:18 ashimema then [% %]
13:18 ashimema that should probably work
13:18 ashimema but yeah.. you may well need to re-write half the template to actually get it.
13:19 cait i tried several veriation with basket...
13:19 cait i didn't get it to output anything
13:19 cait so i don't need like that... i need the exact by now
13:20 tcohen khall: around?
13:20 KotH es, and fish are plants... in japan
13:20 KotH oops
13:20 khall yep!
13:20 KotH sorry.. wrong window ^^'
13:20 tcohen khall: cait (and all of us) is struggling with the ACQORDER notice TT
13:21 tcohen which is one of a kind with all that custom stuff
13:21 tcohen but we cannot seem to proide her a way to get the budget name
13:21 cait heh khall is already helping me
13:21 tcohen ah
13:21 cait we can move here too - or share results
13:22 cait conclusion.... new bug whatever we end up with
13:22 ashimema do it 🙂
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13:23 * ashimema would like to kill off SendAlerts
13:23 ashimema it's a weird set of cases
13:23 cait it shoudl be moved to be different methods
13:23 cait split up
13:23 cait acq orders and claims are almost the same, but otherwise it's a lot of very different things
13:25 ashimema as far as I'm concerned.. the majority of the custom handling could just go away if we rewrite the default notice templates to use TT
13:25 ashimema we really don't need this custom 'repeat' chuff any more
13:25 ashimema I did start working through these things but never really got much support.. so I gave up
13:25 ashimema it was yet another up hill struggle
13:29 tcohen with TT and Koha::Object(s) we should be able to provide a better (and more generic) approach
13:30 tcohen we are still missing a nice doc on what info you can get from object to generate good notices/slips, though
13:31 cait i'd be interested, but for a long time I couldn't test email well
13:31 ashimema that was right up high on my list tcohen
13:31 cait I can now :) witht he SMTP stuff I got it working
13:31 ashimema better documentation and a much clearer picker thing
13:32 ashimema email is now testable on sandboxes cait 🙂
13:32 ashimema I had it enabled by default, which was the last missing step, for sandboxes last week
13:32 tcohen andrewfh once showed me you could dump all the template vars on the notice
13:32 ashimema so now.. the message queue processing stuff happens every 5 minutes and will output emails to the mail log in the sandboxes
13:32 cait oh nice, didn't know that
13:33 cait ptfs sandboxes for now?
13:33 tcohen marcelr: are the deps for 31503 correct?
13:33 marcelr no they are wrong
13:34 marcelr will move the omnibus
13:38 cait khall++
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13:39 oleonard Hi from KohaCon
13:40 tcohen o/
13:40 tcohen conffetti
13:40 marcelr hi kohacon
13:40 tcohen confetti?
13:40 wahanui o/`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`'`
13:41 cait oleonard: please do all the things we'd do and all the other stuff as well :)
13:41 oleonard
13:42 ashimema question..
13:42 wahanui hmmm... question is a bit general
13:42 cait wahanui botsnack cookie
13:42 wahanui :)
13:42 ashimema do we have a clear guideline as to what should be a tab at the side of the page on catalog details pages.. and what should be a tab at the bottom?
13:43 oleonard Not really :/
13:43 ashimema haha
13:43 ashimema had a feeling that might be the case..
13:43 ashimema I'm stuck wondering where I should put something now..
13:44 ashimema I wanted to add my concerns stuff to actually appear with the bib
13:44 ashimema but should it be a side tab or a bottom tab.. haha
13:44 cait hm as it's part of the MARC... i feel like maybe below?
13:44 oleonard That feels like a bottom tab to me if you're taking votes
13:44 ashimema or perhaps a 'message' card like we have for messages on patron accounts
13:45 cait I am utterly confused by this card terminology
13:46 tcohen kohacon++
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14:05 ashimema Thanks 👍
14:27 cait khall++
14:28 cait bug 31587
14:28 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31587 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Needs Signoff , Basket not accessible from ACQORDER notice
14:36 tcohen khall++
14:36 tcohen cait++ # in advance for that documentation hehe
14:37 cait I'll add the new notice template, once we have this gone through - makes more sense then, so we can make a nice one
14:38 cait i have nother puzzling bug: Bug 31585
14:38 cait i have no idea why not all of the listed ations show up in our form right now
14:38 cait i thinkt he bug is in the template, but there's a lot of magic there
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14:52 cait tcohen++
14:53 cait small errors... big consequences
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15:08 tcohen can we standardize on 'extended_attributes' for attributes outside of the table?
15:09 ashimema ?
15:11 tcohen patron extended_attributes, then items (more_xml_subfields)
15:11 tcohen and then we have Koha::AdditionalFieldValues
15:11 ashimema lol
15:11 ashimema crazy huh
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15:38 reiveune bye
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15:42 oleonard I did not anticipate that Koha testing would be so difficult on a new Mac laptop
15:42 oleonard koha-testing-docker not working, VirtualBox doesn't work
15:56 tuxayo oleonard: You have an ARM Mac with MacOS?
15:56 oleonard Yes
15:56 tuxayo I think paulderscheid has that and is running KTD
15:57 oleonard Hm, okay. All I've found so far is this:[…]cker/-/issues/277
16:02 tuxayo great, you are 3 people at least trying to run that!
16:06 tcohen the problem is ES
16:06 tcohen the rest of it should work?
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16:17 tcohen hi kidclamp
16:17 tcohen !!
16:17 * kidclamp waves
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16:21 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "docker-compose -f docker-compose-light.yml -p koha up --force-recreate" (7 lines) at
16:23 oleonard tcohen does that give you any insight?
16:25 tcohen nope
16:25 tcohen aren't you using the 'ktd' command?
16:25 oleonard I'm having trouble with my aliases
16:25 tcohen I haven't had the chance to play with an M1 mac
16:25 tcohen ktd is a symlink
16:25 tcohen not an alias
16:26 tcohen something new we added
16:26 oleonard Oh. I'll have to try more after lunch :)
16:26 tcohen[…]ting-docker#setup
16:28 tuxayo Should the ktd command yield a different result than docker-compose-light.yml ?
16:29 tuxayo weird apache error
16:43 tcohen ktd up => docker-compose-light.yml
16:43 tcohen ktd --es7 up => you get it
16:45 tcohen[…]ster/bin/ktd#L139
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17:49 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "Using "ktd up"" (16 lines) at
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17:50 oleonard_ If you're still around, tcohen ^^
17:50 oleonard_ Or other smart people
17:51 tcohen echo $KOHA_IMAGE
17:51 tcohen ?
17:52 tcohen ktd down
17:52 tcohen KOHA_IMAGE=master-bullseye ktd up
17:52 tcohen that's what I'm using
17:52 * oleonard_ trying
18:00 mtj hi oleonard_, tcohen
18:01 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted "KOHA_IMAGE=master-bullseye ktd up" (14 lines) at
18:01 oleonard Hi mtj!
18:02 mtj hi oleonard, ill try to sort a master image for your m1
18:03 oleonard Thanks mtj
18:04 mtj oleonard:  perhaps try getting a 22.05-bullseye thing running 1st
18:05 mtj oleonard:  clone this
18:06 mtj change to 22.05 branch
18:06 wahanui mtj: that doesn't look right
18:06 wahanui joined #koha
18:07 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "ka-arm64-22.05" (25 lines) at
18:07 mtj oleonard:  then run that ^
18:08 oleonard 🙏
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18:20 oleonard mtj: koha-koha-1 exited after "Cannnot open file No such file or directory at /kohadevbox/misc4dev/ line 35."
18:22 mtj export SYNC_REPO="/home/mason/g/k/ktd_koha"
18:22 mtj oleonard: you might need to set your export SYNC_REPO var?
18:22 tcohen just in case (happened to me recently on the mac)
18:22 tcohen unset PERL5LIB
18:23 tcohen on the shell you're running things
18:23 mtj cp ./env/defaults.env .env
18:23 mtj ^ oleonard: and get a sane default .env file
18:25 oleonard sane doesn't fit my mood
18:26 tcohen ROTFL
18:27 tuxayo We need insane-defaults.env
18:30 * tcohen loves randomly failing settings
18:31 tcohen as in selenium tests in Koha_Master
18:31 oleonard mtj looks like I'm up and running, thank you so much!
18:34 mtj no probs, the elastic stuff does work on arm64/m1
18:37 tuxayo mtj++
18:37 tuxayo welcome back oleonard ^^ Is ES running also ?
18:38 oleonard I don't know, I didn't check!
18:38 oleonard I usually don't test ES because it makes things more difficult
18:39 tuxayo Currently live from KohaCon, «Koha Implementation in GHQ central Library» by Sher Afzal Khan (Koha Pakistan)
18:39 tuxayo
18:39 mtj oleonard: there is a master-bullseye image now
18:40 mtj git checkout master
18:40 mtj git fetch; git pull
18:41 mtj hmm, its untested tho... ill start a test on it
18:59 mtj oleonard: master-bullseye image seems to work, if that helps...
19:01 oleonard mtj++
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19:20 thd oleonard: Are you in Kansas now?
19:20 oleonard Yes
19:22 thd I do not have access to the KohaCon22 Google Group.  I did not use a gmail address to register for the virtual conference.
19:24 davidnind[m] thd: link for live stream
19:28 thd davidnind[m]:  Thanks, I have been attending the YouTube stream more or less but am missing some other information from the KohaCon22 Google Group to which I am not subscribed.
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19:31 thd kidclamp:  You should be testing performance against at least hundreds of thousands of records if not millions.
19:33 kidclamp I do that sometimes, but when I hear my CPU fan kick on, I throttle back :-D
19:44 thd That keeps your CPU fan well tested :)
19:52 tuxayo thd: if the KohaCon22 Google Group is like the Koha US "mailing list" (it's a Google Group) then you need a Google account. If more people report that they can't read or take part due to that then hopefully future choices or tool will be more respectable.
19:52 tuxayo Hostile digital tools are everywhere :(
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19:55 thd tuxayo: I gave oleonard a googlemail address which I have but never use in hopes that he might be able to reach someone in person to add that address to the Google Group.
19:56 tuxayo you can reach "info AT " also
19:57 tuxayo Careful, it's Gmail address, so risk of ending up in spam
19:59 thd tuxayo: Running a mail server or group messaging requires some effort particularly at spam prevention.  Even with the specially created email address through which I registered for virtual conference attendance half of the four or so messages I have are spam.
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20:17 tuxayo Currently live from KohaCon, «Twilio – Enhancing Patron Communication» by Christopher Brannon (Coeur d’Alene Public Library / Cooperative Information Network)
20:18 tuxayo Just starting
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