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00:35 wajasu FYI. I was building images today with packer in my libvirt environment.  Since I had 24G of ram, I tried:  mount -t tmpfs -o size=1.6,nr_inodes=40k,mode=1777,uid=1000,gid=1000 tmpfs /path/to/output
00:36 wajasu i configured packer to force using that directory with:  packer build --force koha.pkr.chl
00:37 wajasu sped things up quite a bit.  deb11 install, koha deps, koha-common, etc.  12min on my 2010 i7 920 box.
00:38 wajasu now i create overlay in a minute or so, which has the ktd setup.   for testing/signoffs.
00:39 wajasu put my virt-install overlay setup in tmpfs mount as well.
00:40 wajasu another thing.
00:41 wajasu i got tired of using the webinstaller/onboarding with fresh environment.
00:42 wajasu i installed selenium IDE in forefox.  started a recording session and stepped through login...with all my default settings.  saved the .side file.
00:42 wajasu now i just run that test to get started.
00:44 wajasu i also, just used virtiofs in libvirt overlay, and mount the koha, gitify, git-bz, qa-test-tools, with automount /etc/fstab entries.
00:47 wajasu i've been running all the docker and images, install dvds, from the 2T drive.
00:49 wajasu we'll see if this give me time to do some testing :)
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01:35 wajasu i see one can use --tmpfs option on docker run  as well since i have the extra ram available on my box.
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04:45 saa after upgrading to koha i am unable to see my library name under branches and here is my intranet log [Thu Sep 15 10:13:47.489756 2022] [cgi:error] [pid 9844] [client] AH01215: [2022-09-15 10:13:47.48905] [9847] [error] [LLMdBcHKsFvE] Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/​Mojolicious/Plugin/ line 296.: /usr/share/koha/api/v1/, referer:
04:45 wahanui Hmm.  No matches for that, saa.
04:45 saa how to sort out this error
04:46 saa would there be any solution
04:46 saa or alternative way
04:47 saa AH01215: Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference at /usr/local/share/perl/5.26.1/​Mojolicious/Plugin/ line 296.: /usr/share/koha/api/v1/, referer:[…]admin/ [Thu Sep 15 10:13:51.279728 2022] [cgi:error] [pid 9852] [client] End of script output before headers:, referer:[…]admin/ [Thu Sep 15 10:13:53.033479 2022]
04:49 mtj hi saa, it looks like you have your package installed with CPAN
04:50 saa yes
04:50 mtj koha only works with openapi version 2.x
04:50 saa you mean Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI this right
04:51 saa i did install it with cpan
04:51 mtj correct
04:51 saa so now how to correct this issue
04:51 mtj you probably have the lastest version
04:51 mtj[…]::Plugin::OpenAPI
04:51 saa i have Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI (2.16) 5.07
04:51 mtj Mojolicious-Plugin-OpenAPI version: 5.07
04:52 saa how to uninstall and get correct openapi for koha pl. suggest steps
04:52 mtj saa, do you need to have any CPANed packages on your system?
04:52 saa no no
04:53 saa i only tried for koha
04:53 saa no other requirement
04:53 mtj ok, so fix is easy...
04:53 mtj $ sudo rm -rf  /usr/local/share/perl
04:54 saa ok did
04:54 saa thats it is it
04:54 mtj then restart koha and memcache
04:55 saa yessss
04:55 saa great
04:55 saa its showing now
04:56 saa i hope there wont be any other issue
04:56 saa let me check my log once
04:56 saa AH01215: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /usr/share/koha/lib/C4/ line 784.: /usr/share/koha/api/v1/, referer:[…]admin/
04:56 saa last line of log is above
04:56 saa is this any error
04:57 mtj no, i think its just a common warning msg
04:58 saa ok ok
04:58 saa thank you very much
04:58 mtj no problem
04:58 saa really appreciate
04:58 mtj saa, its a good idea to not install packages from CPAN on production kohas
04:58 saa so for koha perl modules which are not installed can then be installed with cpan or not
04:59 saa exactly i wanted to ask same question
04:59 saa how to then install 'not installed' perl modules
05:01 mtj most modules that show as 'not installed' are only used for development
05:02 saa ok so no need to install them
05:02 saa tx
05:02 mtj i think they should be hidden in production, so sysadmins are not confused and attempt to install them via cpan
05:02 mtj saa, i will make a patch to hide them ^
05:04 saa i think i have always installed them whereever i found 'not installed' it would be a great help to community not to try installing them if they are not listed on admin page under perl modules
05:04 mtj yes agree :)
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05:53 liliputech hi koha
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06:10 marcelr hi #koha
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06:25 alex_ Bonjour
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06:32 reiveune hello
06:32 wahanui que tal, reiveune
06:35 marcelr hi alex_a and reiveune
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07:06 cait good morning #koha
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07:06 ashimema morning cait
07:06 ashimema morning #koha
07:07 magnuse huh, i'm stuck in the onboarding part of the webinstaller, with this error message: "The patron has not been created! Cardnumber or Userid may already exist." but the cardnumber and the userid do not exist in the db
07:07 magnuse ...and good morning #koha
07:07 cait hi magnuse
07:07 cait that doesn't sound good
07:07 cait and nothing in borrowers yet?
07:08 marcelr hi ashimema cait and magnuse
07:08 magnuse cait: i have the sample patrons in borrowers
07:09 marcelr ashimema: did you get stuck in the 2fa patches ?
07:09 ashimema I was discussing the API's with Tomas
07:09 marcelr yeah one of the paths looked a bit funny to me too
07:10 ashimema still working on it.. in general it all works, but I have some queries about the API'.. they look weird and actually it somehow feels a bit wrong for them to be on an API at all...
07:10 marcelr yeah i had that also with the otp token already
07:10 ashimema My gut is telling me this is a case where a traditional controller is actually the preferred thing
07:10 ashimema indeed.. I'm wondering whther to do a quick refactor now before push or whether to quickly follow on..
07:11 marcelr he is building now on what we already pushed
07:11 ashimema will catch tcohen again today
07:11 ashimema indeed
07:12 ashimema I wanted to read a few more examples in the wider world first.. like see how github or google do it including their endpoint names..
07:12 magnuse ashimema++ marcelr++ 2fa will be a great thing to have
07:12 marcelr it is nice to extend the API but not everything is REST
07:12 ashimema it's a today task 😜
07:12 ashimema agreed
07:12 marcelr but even outside Koha there is a lot of discussion on these things
07:12 magnuse cait: looks like the actual problem was ownership of some log files...
07:13 ashimema 2FA feels like one of the things that isn't appropriate
07:13 marcelr and you will see many flavors
07:13 ashimema indeed
07:14 marcelr magnuse: the logfile thing sounds familiar; isnt that a bug to report ?
07:14 magnuse marcelr: i'm checking if it has been reported
07:14 ashimema for me, having it on an API risks opening to abuse more... part of the point is 'prove both parties'.. so for the end user they're expecting a particular domain and display.. if we allow it over the api then the third party could well embed the 2FA varification under their own domain.. for me that would raise alarm bells.
07:15 ashimema anywho.. I will move it today.
07:15 ashimema I also need to get back on to bookings.. been putting it off for a little too long.
07:15 marcelr checking that is very appropriate
07:16 cait magnuse: I would have never guessed that, good job!
07:16 ashimema bookings and trusted self checkout.. those two are priorities at ptfs-e for 22.11 and we're getting close now
07:16 marcelr yeah this is the season to get your enhancements moving
07:16 cait almost a little late in season
07:16 cait but catch me on Friday if I can help
07:16 marcelr o no cait
07:17 cait i mean time is really runnign too fast - no new problem really :)
07:17 ashimema indeed.. problem is going back to working on our enhancements also pulls me away from helping others with QA.. it's a lose, lose in the short term
07:18 magnuse cait: the logs pointed in that direction
07:18 ashimema I've been concentrating on helping get the staff client stuff through the last couple of weeks.. that's a huge monster of code.. really worthwhile, but incredibly time consuming testing EVERYTHING
07:18 marcelr sure
07:18 ashimema I like the team effort that's going on there though... it's awesome
07:24 cait Call to all: please fill in Assignee on your bugs!
07:25 ashimema bet that was aimed at me...
07:25 cait nope
07:25 cait but i have been filling it in for different people  for weeks and needed to let that out :)
07:25 * ashimema is trying to switch from the grips of chrome to firefox-de today..
07:25 ashimema hugs cait
07:26 marcelr cait put it on the ml too?
07:26 marcelr cait and another more harsh approach is move to FQA ??
07:27 marcelr use discernment there
07:27 paulderscheid[m] morning
07:27 marcelr p/
07:28 marcelr o/
07:28 magnuse bug 31567 if anyone wants the details
07:28 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31567 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Onboarding stuck at "Cardnumber or Userid may already exist"
07:28 marcelr magnuse++
07:32 cait marcelr: i'll give a nudge to people on the bugs for now - but will keep more severe measures i mind
07:32 cait usually it's nto work losing time in a bugs life over setting one field I think (which the FQA does)
07:33 marcelr sure
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09:23 ashimema @later tell lilliputech Hows the queue's going?  Is bug 29325 close to being pushed?
09:23 huginn` ashimema: The operation succeeded.
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10:36 oleonard jajm++
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11:32 cait mtj++
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12:17 tcohen good morning everyone
12:19 tcohen is anyone familiar with selenium tests?
12:19 tcohen I'm trying to figure how to fix the failure in Koha_Master
12:51 mtj hi tcohen
12:52 mtj the test seems to pass for me :/
12:55 mtj ok 18 - Filtering on library works in combination with main search
12:57 mtj we should sort a selenium only jenkins build, would be useful for this type of problem
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12:57 mtj the ES only builds have proven useful
13:02 mtj ..seems painful to wait 75 mins for 6 mins of tests
13:04 tcohen good point
13:05 tcohen when I try to reproduce it, I get lots of other errors
13:05 tcohen the catch is, those selenium tests need an empty database as a start
13:05 tcohen and then run 01-installation.t first
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13:06 tundunf hi all!
13:07 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "mtj: like this" (60 lines) at
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13:09 mtj hi tundunf
13:10 mtj tcohen: im testing master-bullseye docker image, with master branch - commit c4b37e9113
13:12 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "prove -r ./t/db_dependent/selenium" (33 lines) at
13:15 tcohen mtj:[…]s/
13:19 mtj tcohen: sorry,  whats the relevance of those lines? ^^
13:20 tcohen the context in which the tests are run on jenkins, is peculiar
13:20 mtj aahh, the shuffle?
13:20 tcohen 00-onboarding.t, for instance, skips if the DB is not empty
13:21 tcohen and so 01-installation.t
13:22 tcohen I'm pulling the latest images just in case... 15 more minutes to go
13:22 mtj hmm, we skip 00-onboarding.t, and randomize the others
13:23 tcohen we sort selenium* alphabetically, and skip onboarding, and the add the rest of the tests, shuffled
13:23 mtj aah, ok
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14:03 ashimema I've worked out why the meetings script is stuffed ☹️
14:03 ashimema
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15:41 oleonard Can you not attach a patch to a GitHub issue?
16:05 ashimema different workflow oleonard
16:05 ashimema it doesn't use patches it uses commits
16:05 * ashimema prefers it in fact
16:05 oleonard Yeah, I did all the pull request legwork.
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16:06 ashimema oh.. I was 20 mins late in responding.. sorry
16:08 ashimema funny.. i always thought the split button spacing was weird for search.. kinda assumed it was a bug
16:08 ashimema now you've explained it in your issue I see what a bit more..
16:10 oleonard Yeah it could be no one cares. If so you can comment on the issue :D
16:11 ashimema is that what you just opened a PR for though?
16:11 ashimema I'm interested to see what you came up with..
16:11 ashimema my reading of CSS isn't good enough to imagine it.. haha
16:11 oleonard Yeah I don't know how to associate the pull request with the issue
16:11 ashimema done
16:12 ashimema you just 'mention' is
16:12 ashimema in a comment or the description.. if you stick 'issue #46' in it'll magically link the too
16:12 ashimema same for the git commit message I believe.. stick that magic text in and it'll magically link them
16:12 ashimema possibly branch names too..
16:13 ashimema right.. I best go help with dinner now
16:13 ashimema have a good evening #koha
16:14 oleonard ashimema: Added a comment with a GIF of the updated interaction
16:14 ashimema 🙂
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17:00 reiveune bye
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22:26 tcohen back

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