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05:11 tuxayo mtj «we could add some ES info, like ES/OS version, and if ES is running/active or not»
05:11 tuxayo There is actually! (but I don't get why I didn't see it last time)
05:12 tuxayo In I have
05:12 tuxayo Elasticsearch:  Version: 1.3.0 | Nodes: | Status: running | Indices: koha_kohadev_biblios (count: 436), koha_kohadev_authorities (count: 1706)
05:12 tuxayo The version number allows to deduce it's OpenSearch. Ugly but it's there
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06:12 marcelr hi #koha
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06:26 dcook allo
06:26 dcook Noticed that bug 15187 caused a regression...
06:26 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15187 normal, P1 - high, ---, dcook, Pushed to stable , Adding 880 Fields to index-list in order to Increase Search for ALL non-latin Scripts
06:26 dcook But I have a fix on the way hehe
06:26 dcook Or rather an alternative approach...
06:29 dcook Always nice to clean up one's own messes...
06:29 marcelr dcook you're doing good
06:29 * dcook waits for the second half of the punchline :p
06:30 drbone Good Morning! Still facing this "AH01215: no mapping found for [0xDF] at position 25 in Jakobs Zauberhut. Das gro\xdfe Geheimnis g0=ASCII_DEFAULT g1=EXTENDED_LATIN at /usr/share/perl5/MARC/ line 308.: /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-​bin/cataloguing/, referer" error. Any hint on how to fix it would be awesome
06:32 dcook drbone: That "g0=ASCII_DEFAULT g1=EXTENDED_LATIN" part is interesting
06:32 dcook What's the character that should be appearing there?
06:32 dcook Probably a data encoding issue
06:32 drbone ß
06:32 drbone yeah I assume so too
06:32 drbone it looks like to have issues at least with ß and ü
06:32 drbone those are german letters
06:33 drbone or at least used in the german language
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06:33 reiveune hello
06:33 drbone hello
06:33 wahanui hey, drbone
06:33 dcook drbone: Looks like ß is a "df" byte in Windows-1252 encoding
06:34 dcook Koha is expecting your data to be UTF-8 encoded
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06:35 dcook ß should be bytes c39f in UTF-8 encoding
06:35 dcook cait might be able to help a bit as our local german expert
06:35 dcook But ultimately that's the problem
06:35 cait not sure if loca is correct :)
06:35 cait local
06:35 dcook hehe
06:36 * cait might need tea first
06:36 cait wha's the problem/question?
06:36 drbone books containing ß or ü just are not saved
06:36 cait ah
06:36 cait LDR is missing
06:36 drbone and lead to the error posted above AH01215....
06:36 cait is my first guess
06:36 dcook It looks to me like the records are in Windows-1252 encoding and not UTF9
06:36 dcook UTF8*
06:36 cait did you change the frameworks in any way?
06:37 drbone hmmm tried to simplify it as we only need a tiny fraction. (its a small ground school (volksschule) library
06:37 drbone can very well be I messed that up
06:37 cait I have seen records with diacritics and umlauts not saving corrrectly and losing data every time the LDR was not set correctly
06:37 drbone sorry for the trouble
06:37 cait bring back 000 or LDR
06:37 cait with the default settings first
06:38 cait it contains the encoding setting
06:38 cait if it#s missing, strange things will happen
06:38 cait and never delete fields from frameworks, only hide them if possible
06:38 dcook ^
06:38 drbone ok, thank you I'll try to bring it back.
06:38 drbone well I ... thought I did that
06:38 dcook cait: In other news that might interest you, I realized bug 15187 seems to create more problems than it solves
06:38 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15187 normal, P1 - high, ---, dcook, Pushed to stable , Adding 880 Fields to index-list in order to Increase Search for ALL non-latin Scripts
06:39 drbone thanks I'll take a look and see what I can do
06:39 dcook But I have an alternative solution coming to bug 31532 soon
06:39 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=31532 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, dcook, NEW , Zebra search results incorrect because of Bug 15187
06:39 drbone thanks for you help guys
06:39 drbone your*
06:40 dcook drbone: No worries. I think the problem is probably with the bib data in your database but tough to know without more information
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06:42 dcook Hmm I thought that we had gotten rid of NORMARC..
06:43 cait1 it's posible you need to keep that one visible on a 'don't touch and ignore it' basis
06:43 cait1 sorry, I got disconnected (VPN)
06:43 cait1 what did Imiss?
06:43 dcook Not sure when you disconnected heh
06:44 cait1 I'll check the logs
06:44 cait1 ok, yes, NORMARC is dead
06:45 cait1 and waht issues witht he 880 patch?
06:47 dcook Basically, the 880 patch rewrites 880 as the linked field, and while that works great for indexing... it's not great for search results which use that same MARCXML
06:47 dcook it means the 880 handling in the display XSLTs don't work
06:48 dcook I didn't notice it for a long time, because the 880 data still appears... but in the wrong context. For instance a "880 $6 245" will appears as a second "245", which looks only slightly wrong
06:49 cait1 ah I see - you are changing the fields
06:49 dcook I have an alternative solution though which is pure-Zebra configuration which allows the 880 to be indexed as the linked field without touching the MARCXML returned to Koha via the Zebra search results
06:49 cait1 I didn't look at the solution or tested it :( maybe shoudl have as I know about the XSLT
06:49 cait1 that sounds good
06:49 dcook I wrote and tested it, but I think I didn't know enough about the 880
06:49 dcook It looked right, but noticed today that it's not quite right
06:50 dcook But yeah the new solution is good. I just rolled it out locally in prod a few minutes ago
06:50 drbone just to make sure I'm checking at the right place. I have 2 MARC Framworks. the default one and the "FA" (for "fast add" i guess). Both contain the 000 "tagfield"
06:51 drbone but I just got an idea, I'll try to add a book using the default framework and see if it works then
06:53 dcook drbone: I suspect if you enter a record from scratch it'll probably work (unless your database schema is wrong too)
06:54 drbone uh that would be bad..
07:01 dcook Yup
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07:04 drbone oh gosh I'm getting old. I set up this instance before the summer and I how to do it ... if I try to enter a record using the default framework the field for author is not editable... am I stupid?
07:04 drbone *forgot
07:05 alex_ Bonjour
07:07 dcook drbone: That's because of the authority system preferences
07:07 dcook I've been working on Koha for over 10.5 years and it still surprises me sometimes too ;)
07:07 dcook But on that note, I really must be going.
07:07 dcook Good morning, Europeans, and good night from this Aussie
07:07 drbone good night! have a good sleep and thanks for your help
07:12 marcelr bye dcook
07:30 drbone i just found out that it sometimes works. So I can find titles with
07:31 drbone ü and ß in the database
07:36 drbone there is this button "Normsätze automatisch verknüpfen" (german for something like "connect/link normdata/normentries automatically") when adding a new book to the lib. Is it possible that if thats pressed before entering a title containing special characters it leads to the observed error?
08:23 ashimema morning'
08:24 ashimema dang.. sorry I missed issues with bug 15187 dcook
08:24 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=15187 normal, P1 - high, ---, dcook, Pushed to stable , Adding 880 Fields to index-list in order to Increase Search for ALL non-latin Scripts
08:24 ashimema it looked so elegant and reasonable
08:26 marcelr those are the nicest, ashimema :)
08:26 marcelr and hi
08:27 ashimema morning marcelr
08:27 marcelr did you have a chance to glance at those api logging stuff?
08:27 ashimema afraid not.. it's been a crazy week..
08:27 marcelr ok
08:28 ashimema annual review season at ptfs-e and universities all going back at the moment so the support desk is busier than usual too
08:28 marcelr right
08:28 marcelr our queues are patient
08:29 marcelr if only the users.. :)
08:29 * ashimema doesn't like not even being on the leaderboards yet for this month ;P
08:29 marcelr you can adjust the template for that
08:30 ashimema ?
08:30 marcelr lol
08:30 ashimema hehe
08:30 marcelr default entry for ashimema
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08:33 marcelr wb cait
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08:36 cait1 thx marcelr
09:40 ashimema anyone know what the db passwords are for sandboxes?
09:41 ashimema jajm around?
09:43 cait1 I think they are listed somewhere
09:43 ashimema the normal logins are.. but I can't for the life of me work out the db ones
09:43 cait1 I always forget too
09:44 cait1 I remember asking the same int he past and being told it was written somewhere (just forgot where)
09:44 cait1 i think it's koha_nameofsandbox password?
09:45 ashimema mm
09:45 ashimema I think 'password' is set at the sandbox server level though.. I have no idea what it is on biblbire
09:45 cait1 shoudl be updated
09:46 ashimema ptfs-e one's are actually finally back up and running
09:46 ashimema I spend like two days digging this week
09:47 ashimema any biblibre here, paul_p, jajm,
09:47 ashimema liliputech
09:47 wahanui liliputech is not around - so I think we'll postpone that one again
09:51 marcelr bbl
09:52 jajm ashimema, hi, the default password for sandboxes is koha (it's written on the sandbox creation page)
09:53 cait1 you can#t get ther after making one, maybe we need to find a better spot
09:53 jajm oh, the db one ? why do you need it ?
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09:56 cait1 jajm: running web installer i guess
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10:05 jajm ashimema: db password is also written on the sandbox creation page, and the db username is as cait1 said: koha_<sandbox name>
10:13 cait1 jajm: but can you get this information after creating the sandbox?
10:13 cait1 or maybe I am missing something
10:14 jajm cait1: it looks like the password is the same for all created sandboxes, at least it worked for my sandbox
10:15 cait1 ok thx :)
10:19 oleonard o/
10:19 cait1 hi oleonard :)
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10:23 ashimema hi
10:23 ashimema sorry.. was in a meeting
10:24 ashimema tl:dr was I'm trying to get back up and running
10:24 ashimema I think it's been rebased behind the scenes and needs updatedatabase running
10:27 jajm ashimema: i tried running the webinstaller but it looks like the database is just... gone ? I got the "first-time" web installer, not the updatedatabase one
10:28 ashimema oh..
10:28 ashimema that's weird
10:28 ashimema I just assumed it was a rebase somewhere.
10:28 ashimema so looks like we may need to set it back up again
10:28 ashimema I can do that if you like.. ptfs-e intend to give it a good thrashing tomorrow 😜
10:29 ashimema try to help it get over the finish line for the cycle
10:30 jajm i will ask for a more permanent instance, sandboxes are not stable enough (not the first time it breaks)
10:30 ashimema yeah.. sandboxes are a pain for me here too.. been really struggling to get the ptfs-e's stable for a while now
10:31 ashimema the idea is great.. but for some reason they're just not entirely reliable
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11:19 drbone cait? Could you help me with configuring the DNB correctly as sru server? Tried to configure it, search for somthing but I don't get any results and there are also no visible errors within any log files...
11:20 cait1 not sure, but I could try
11:20 cait1 let me see if i still have notes about it somewhere - we don't use it - ours is K10plus :)
11:21 cait1 did bringing back 000/LDR solve your issue yesterday?
11:21 drbone i have 000 in the marc framework
11:21 cait1 is it visible?
11:21 drbone and I can find some entries with ü
11:22 drbone sec
11:22 drbone no not visible
11:22 cait1 try to make it visible - it will auto-fill
11:22 cait1 maybe this doesn't work when it's hidden
11:22 cait1 catalogers can ignore it
11:23 drbone ok, will try that! thanks
11:23 drbone strange thing is: sometimes it works, sometimes it does not
11:23 drbone so some titles it accepts (including titles with ü)
11:23 drbone and some titles it does not. I suspect it depends on when the entering user pushes the "normsätze automatisch verknüpfen" button but thats only a wild guess
11:26 cait1 hm that shoudl not be it... but stranger things have happened
11:27 cait1 maybe check if the records it works for have the LDR/000 in the MARC view or not
11:29 cait1 meeting bbl
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11:31 marcelr o/
12:05 tuxayo Hi #koha :)
12:28 marcelr hi tuxayo
12:29 tuxayo hi marcelr ^^
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13:13 ashimema hmmm
13:13 ashimema we seem to reference 'frameworkcode' in but I can't see where it's ever set.. anyone got any clues?
13:23 marcelr Auth ?
13:23 wahanui Auth is done with gitea
13:24 caroline_catlady what does 'mandatory' mean in mappings.yaml?
13:27 caroline_catlady (for example, issues is mandatory it seems, but I'm not sure what that entails)
13:28 caroline_catlady that flag was added as part of bug 18984
13:28 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=18984 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, RESOLVED FIXED, Remove support for NORMARC
13:30 caroline_catlady ok nvm, I found it :)
13:31 caroline_catlady it was part of bug 19482, the other one just changed the location of the line
13:31 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=19482 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Elasticsearch - prevent removal / editing of required indexes
13:34 ashimema nope.. not in Auth..
13:34 ashimema I'm baffled..
13:34 ashimema it's clearly getting passed to catalogue/detail somehow
13:34 ashimema but I'm damned if I can see where
13:39 ashimema can one add a new facet tag to ES from the UI?
13:40 caroline_catlady the frameworkcode is the in the db, in biblio, could that be where it comes from?
13:41 ashimema as in.. how is it sent as a variable to the template
13:42 ashimema I don't see where it's passed.. I was hopeing to find somewhere nice and central to pass something else I need for the
13:42 marcelr ashimema: cataloguing/    frameworkcode => $frameworkcode,
13:43 marcelr at the very end
13:43 ashimema indeed.. but how does it get passed to catalogue/ 😜
13:43 ashimema or am I missing something fundamental there?
13:44 ashimema In short.. I have no idea how I'm seeing 'Edit record' when I only have 'fast_cataloging' as me permission on the cat detail page
13:45 marcelr is it detail or moredetail etc ?
13:45 marcelr ISBD?
13:45 ashimema detail
13:45 marcelr i am seeing it for those other tabs
13:46 marcelr not on catalogue/detail
13:46 marcelr at least my regex
13:46 ashimema indeed
13:46 ashimema so it must be getting sent somewhere higher up the chain..
13:46 ashimema which has totally baffled me
13:46 marcelr i know you will find it :)
13:46 ashimema hehe
13:47 marcelr take a break of 10 mins first
13:47 ashimema it's a game now.. haha
13:47 ashimema 🍵
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14:42 cait1 there could just be a bug?
14:42 cait1 about the permissions on that button
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14:46 milktoast helloall, I've built a KOHA server using the KOHA Live DVD... once it is running, I can't log into the web page.  I've used the name/passwd in koha-conf.xml.... what am I missing?  what account can I log into KOHA the first time?
14:47 cait1 the Koha Live DVD is not recommended for production setups
14:47 cait1 we don't know how they work, so we usually can't help much with questions
14:47 milktoast right... testing it
14:47 cait1 have you considered setting up using the packages instead?
14:48 milktoast and showing my upper end workers
14:48 cait1 Official instructions are linked from the release notes:[…]2-05-04-released/
14:48 milktoast yes... that got the the main page and after trying to log in.. the page errored and never worked
14:48 milktoast tried that 5 times
14:49 milktoast that is why i found the live dvd
14:49 cait1 yeah, but better to stick with the official way always
14:49 tuxayo milktoast: does it says the login/password is wrong?
14:49 cait1 are you logging into web installer or staff interface?
14:49 cait1 different logins for those
14:49 tuxayo If you just need to see how Koha works there are the demos https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]emo_Installations
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14:51 milktoast it says invalid username or password
14:52 tuxayo milktoast: is that the web installer or staff interface? As cait says.
14:53 milktoast sorry , my chat dropped
14:54 milktoast the web to the local IP address
14:54 tuxayo How does the login patch look?
14:54 tuxayo *login page
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14:57 milktoast web page is
14:58 milktoast
14:58 oleonard milktoast: That is the public interface. You want the staff interface
14:59 milktoast ok... where is the staff interface page
15:00 milktoast I missed that
15:00 cait1 we don't know
15:00 milktoast :-)
15:00 cait1 it's eitehr a different port or a different URL
15:01 cait1 but I don't know how the DVD might have set it up
15:01 cait1 you could try adding :8080 to the URL you have for a start
15:01 milktoast ok, I'll llook for that URL
15:03 milktoast port 8080 didn't work
15:03 tuxayo The place where you found the live DVD should have the staff URL in instructions. Otherwise it's not possible to do anything with it
15:03 milktoast ok, I'll look up their docs...
15:10 tuxayo milktoast: Does the live DVD fullfils a need that the Koha demos? Or is it because you found the DVD first?
15:10 tuxayo *that the Koha demos don't?
15:20 milktoast I gues it is just a demo because I couldn't get an installed one to work either... I installed it following the instructions and when I get to the web page the page failed and it stopped working
15:21 milktoast I  must be mis-typing on the terminal
15:22 milktoast I used the Koha 21 complete implementation page and video to build them
15:23 cait1 which video?
15:23 cait1 there is no koha 21 actually
15:24 cait1 there is a koha 21.05 and a koha 21.11 and neither are the latest vesion
15:24 milktoast[…]DuHGQ20Eo&t=1313s
15:26 tuxayo > I gues it is just a demo
15:26 tuxayo The demo installations are right for this job: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]emo_Installations
15:27 tuxayo > I couldn't get an installed one to work either
15:27 tuxayo With we can help much more ^^ Here or the general mailing list
15:28 tuxayo milktoast The video might, but be sure to read at the same time this: https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ubuntu_-_packages
15:29 tuxayo Oups, the current instructions are https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian
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15:29 tuxayo Oups, the current instructions are https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]ki/Koha_on_Debian
15:29 tuxayo It's regularly updated
15:31 milktoast it is like that video... I followed both and failed.  I tried ubuntu and debian
15:31 tuxayo paulderscheid++ thanks your recent updates to the Debian install wikipage ^^
15:32 milktoast just looking for a demo to sell to the upper end and to learn it if they accept it and I am the admin on it
15:32 tuxayo milktoast: Good that you tried both way. We can help if at some point you retry.
15:33 tuxayo Do you remember what went wrong?
15:34 milktoast I got it running and went to the login page.. tried to log in using koha_library koha123 and then the page gave an apahe error
15:34 milktoast built new servers about 3 or 4 times
15:35 milktoast tried server and desktop  OS
15:36 milktoast all using virtualbox
15:40 cait1 hm been a while since i treid on virtualbox
15:40 cait1 did you check your OS versions are listed for the Koha version you tried?
15:40 tuxayo milktoast: if you retry and get the precise apache error, it's likely to ring a bell to someone
15:41 tcohen hola #koha!
15:41 tuxayo Ah yes, maybe the Ubuntu is too old and the Apache version too and it doesn't work
15:41 tuxayo hola :)
15:41 milktoast I  tried mysql and  meriadb
15:42 milktoast I used ubuntu 20.04
15:42 milktoast it has to be a user error... just can't find it
15:43 tuxayo > ubuntu 20.04
15:43 tuxayo It's fine
15:43 milktoast I'll build one more
15:44 tuxayo Getting the exact error message (maybe from the apache logs if the page doesn't say anything) might give away the issue
15:48 milktoast starting the ubuntu 20 server build
15:48 tcohen jajm: can u run the DB upgrade on the staff interface sandbox please?
15:51 cait1 milktoast: fingers crossed
15:51 milktoast :-)
15:52 milktoast server is in the building mode
15:56 tcohen hola cait1
15:56 tcohen hola ashimema
15:57 ashimema hi
15:58 cait1 hola tcohen :)
15:58 cait1 how's your trip?
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16:05 milktoast server built... rebooting
16:06 reiveune bye
16:06 reiveune left #koha
16:10 milktoast logged in and sudo su -    now root user
16:11 ashimema time to clock out..
16:12 ashimema have a good one #koha
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16:25 milktoast apt update  ...  apt upgrade
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17:09 tuxayo Results of today's patch testing session with french librarians:... (full message at[…]LLRIrWfLqHFuNrVd)
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19:48 milktoast started apt install koha-common
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22:31 milktoast ok, I'm home now and builing a ubuntu server from stock... then I'll get the KOHA installed.
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