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05:46 reiveune hello
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07:38 davewood[…]ster/bin/ktd#L159
07:38 davewood s/docker\ compose/docker-compose/
07:38 davewood is this a typo
07:42 davewood oh ...
08:30 Joubu tcohen: I've run the meeting script and it created everything successfully. For the agenda event, the browser opened a google oauth to login and it generated the ~/.gcalcli_oauth content
08:31 Joubu tcohen: I have gcalcli 4.2.0-1
08:42 davewood question regarding koha-testing-docker ... we forked the koha repo on github and everything works 'ktd up' and 'ktd --shell' and also the webinterfaces.
08:43 davewood now we want to run a different branch from master. so we set KOHA_IMAGE=mybranch in .env ... 'ktd up' throws this error ...
08:43 davewood RROR: manifest for koha/koha-testing:mybranch not found: manifest unknown: manifest unknown
08:44 Joubu the repo is on gitlab, not github
08:45 Joubu[…]its/branch/master
08:45 Joubu or there
08:45 davewood we forked the mirror from github because thats were our orgas repos live.
08:45 Joubu HEAD should be " Update Docker instructions "
08:57 davewood Joubu: i dont really know where to go to after reading your feedback.
08:57 davewood git show HEAD
08:57 davewood commit d78461a2aeb41d73712db2772ce2d5b8b4cf0482
08:57 davewood Author: Tomas Cohen Arazi <>
08:57 davewood Date:   Mon Jul 18 21:20:30 2022 -0300
08:57 davewood Update Docker instructions
09:09 domm[m] Joubu: Our problem is not which repo to use, but how to get koha-testing-docker to run on a local Koha branch
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11:25 mtj hi domm[m], davewood, you want to set your SYNC_REPO var to your local koha git repo
11:25 mtj $ export SYNC_REPO="/my/local/koha.git"
11:29 mtj more info here...[…]ha-testing-docker
11:29 domm[m] we've read that, and SYNC_REPO points to my local checkout
11:30 domm[m] in koha-testing-docker/.env I set KOHA_IMAGE=my-branch
11:30 domm[m] ktd up the says:... (full message at[…]LcwyAxGXhYMtZxHY)
11:36 mtj domm[m]: setting KOHA_IMAGE=my-branch is your problem
11:37 domm[m] ok, and how can we get kohat-testing-docker to use a specific Koha branch?
11:37 mtj domm[m]: what koha version is your local repo based on?
11:37 domm[m] master
11:38 mtj ok
11:39 mtj the KOHA_IMAGE values map to these image "tags".. ->
11:39 domm[m] yeah, I thought so.
11:39 mtj so... i would suggest you set  KOHA_IMAGE=master
11:39 domm[m] so what is the best way to develop a new Koha feature in a feature branch, and use koha-testing-docker to run it?
11:40 domm[m] or is koha-testing-docker the wrong tool for that?
11:40 mtj i would use a new branch, per feature - in your koha git repo
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11:41 marcelr hi #koha
11:41 domm[m] yes, that's the plan. But how do we get that branch into ktd, if that's always using master?
11:42 marcelr @later tell tcohen I am seeing slight discrepancies in the curbside tables running DBIx script
11:42 huginn` marcelr: The operation succeeded.
11:43 marcelr "enable_waiting_holds_only", and
11:44 mtj domm, its using a master image - but uses your local koha git repo
11:46 mtj domm[m]: ktd uses the koha-gitify tool, to map the koha dir to /kohadevbox/koha - not /usr/share/koha
11:46 domm[m] ok!
11:46 domm[m] great thanks, now I see our code!
11:48 mtj np :)
11:53 mtj KOHA_IMAGE=master is an alias to 'master-bullseye'
11:59 mtj davewood: domm[m], if you make a code change, but cant see any difference?! - make sure to restart memcache and koha-plack etc
11:59 domm[m] mtj: thanks!
12:03 marcelr bug 29144 is ready for testing !
12:03 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29144 enhancement, P5 - low, ---,, Needs Signoff , Move branches.opac_info to AdditionalContents allowing multi language
12:05 tcohen hola #koha
12:06 marcelr hi tcohen
12:07 tcohen davewood: you just need to run
12:07 tcohen KOHA_IMAGE=<version> SYNC_REPO=/path/to/clone ktd up
12:08 tcohen i do that for a 20.11-specific plugin I'm working on
12:11 domm[m] I now created a MR for the ktd README:[…]erge_requests/344
12:12 domm[m] (so I remember what's going on when I try again after the weekend...) :-)
12:12 tcohen LOL
12:13 tcohen marcelr++
12:19 tcohen marcelr: I didn't find discrepancies, and still don't
12:19 marcelr hmm interesting
12:20 marcelr my test db is quite recent
12:20 marcelr just running updates..
12:20 tcohen dbic doesn't use the updated DB, but a fresh one that is created on the fly
12:20 marcelr ok
12:21 tcohen so you might have found a discrepancy between kohastructure.sql and db_revs?
12:24 marcelr i guess
12:24 marcelr this is not uncommon :)
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12:33 tcohen I've been looking closer at this issue the last month as QA hasn't been catching those
12:33 tcohen but I'll try myself with a (say) 22.05.00 => master upgrade
12:38 marcelr not so hard to find: installer/data/mysql/db_revs/                ADD COLUMN enable_waiting_holds_only INT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 AFTER enabled installer/data/mysql/kohastructure.sql:  `enable_waiting_holds_only` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT 0,
12:38 tcohen oh, interesting
12:39 tcohen I found a few
12:39 tcohen a couple from curbside and another from search_fields (minor)
12:39 marcelr
12:39 tcohen will patch them
12:40 tcohen curbside_pickup_policy.enable_waiting_holds_only
12:41 tcohen and a comment on search_fields.type
12:49 tcohen marcelr++
12:54 Joubu is not a boolean
12:54 Joubu if it's what you are talking about
12:56 tcohen Joubu: not exactly about that, it is just that the db_rev set it to INT while kohastructure.sql made it a TINYINT
12:56 tcohen fixed
12:56 Joubu ha oops!
12:59 marcelr the usual syncing stuff Joubu
12:59 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 29632: (QA follow-up) Fix COMMENT discrepancy on upgrade <[…]fc7077b473870a74a>
12:59 huginn` News from kohagit: Bug 30650: (QA follow-up) Fix TINYINT fields discrepancy on upgrade <[…]aca2e4df19d25a02b>
13:01 Joubu we need a test...
13:05 tcohen we need a DB
13:07 tcohen on hte bright side...
13:07 tcohen Jenkins nodes cannot connect to Jenkins, so we have no way to run any test haha
13:15 Joubu the not light runs recreate the DB. We could insert an old DB schema, run the update DB script, compare with kohastructure.
13:15 Joubu "non-light runs"
13:17 tcohen yeap
13:17 * tcohen hates jenkins right now
13:34 * kidclamp sends cookies
13:35 tcohen it is not working, not sure why. I downgraded the SSH build plugin just in case
13:35 tcohen but I'm about to give up for now
13:36 marcelr Koha never gives up
13:36 marcelr well, if thats no quote ;)
13:41 tcohen I'm tempted to just... reinstall jenkins
13:41 tcohen not sure I can do it today
13:47 mtj hi tcohen, did a jenkins restart help?
13:48 * mtj guesses no :(
14:30 tcohen mtj: it didn't, I'm fighting it right now
14:30 tcohen the server has an old Java version and some plugins are failing
14:30 tcohen after getting upgraded
14:30 tcohen I just cannot find the exact culprit, as it is a dependency issue
14:49 reiveune bye
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15:20 caroline_crazycatlady cait or anyone who translates... I'm trying to find this sentence in pootle or the po files and I'm not sure if I'm just blind or if it's really not there
15:20 caroline_crazycatlady [% IF article_request.format == 'PHOTOCOPY' %]You may pick up your article at [% branch.branchname %].[% ELSIF article_request.format == 'SCAN' %]You can download the scanned materials via the following url(s): [% article_request.urls %].[% END %]"
15:20 caroline_crazycatlady I searched for "you may", "article", etc. and I can't find it
15:21 caroline_crazycatlady But the sentence right before "Format: [% IF article_request.format == 'PHOTOCOPY' %]Copy[% ELSIF article_request.format == 'SCAN' %]Scan[% END %]" is in the po files, I don't see the difference other than one begins with IF?
15:22 caroline_crazycatlady Does the translator tool not like when a sentence starts with IF?
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17:05 tcohen hi bagç
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17:55 fridolin yollow
18:05 tcohen fridolin: yellow
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18:20 fridolin ah someone follows ^^
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18:38 cait caroline_crazycatlady: looking at your translatoin quesiton
18:38 cait the if is not the issue, we have plenty of those
18:41 cait caroline_crazycatlady: I wonder if that fix from Bernardo fixes it, there was a recent one for a bug in sample notices parsing
18:42 cait bug 28707
18:42 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28707 normal, P5 - low, ---, bgkriegel, Pushed to master , Translate RECEIPT notice (fr-CA)
18:44 caroline_crazycatlady oh thanks, I'll try it
18:47 cait i just did, the string didn't show up in po
18:47 cait but maybe you could verify?
18:47 cait we might need another bug
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