IRC log for #koha, 2022-02-13

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01:28 dpk_ joined #koha
01:58 mtj tuxayo: the job to build new koha-staging packages runs every hour, when a branch updated
01:59 mtj is updated
02:34 mtj building docker images after each new package is pushed may be unrequired?, but there is no easy way to determine this - so we build news images, just to be safe
12:18 cait joined #koha
12:20 cait hm any ktd experts around?
12:21 cait my ktd keeps getting stuck at th eapache default site...
12:23 cait hm fixed for now
13:24 looking_for_fun joined #koha
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16:54 tuxayo @later tell cait I only get that when it's still starting.
16:54 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
16:55 tuxayo @later tell mtj thanks for the insight.
16:55 huginn tuxayo: The operation succeeded.
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