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08:01 cait good morning #koha
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08:45 magnuse kia ora cait1 and #koha
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09:29 cait1 hi magnuse :)
09:29 cait1 and thx Joubu++ # QA
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10:43 tcohen good morning!
11:01 tcohen is misc4dev broken?
11:02 Joubu what's happening?
11:02 tcohen AH00526: Syntax error on line 18 of /etc/apache2/ports.conf:
11:02 tcohen Cannot define multiple Listeners on the same IP:port
11:03 tcohen I'm pulling the latest image just in case
11:03 Joubu this is happening on koha-sandboxes-docker?
11:03 tcohen locally on my machine
11:03 Joubu IIRC it happens when the up has been trigered without the down
11:04 Joubu and we are trying to add twice the same lines to ports.conf
11:04 tcohen ok
11:04 Joubu it's a ktd bug actually :D
11:04 tcohen -.-
11:04 tcohen will try to fix it
11:05 thibaud hi all :)
11:06 Joubu tcohen: I found that in my IRC log (chat you with actually):
11:06 Joubu "Bad response received when submitting request to Elasticsearch]" this is actually the problem
11:07 Joubu the box was failing to boot and was restarting again and again
11:07 Joubu but adding the "Listen" lines to the apache's config
11:07 thibaud cait1 I replied on BZ 29173, and I made some changes, if you want to discuss or anything else I'm new here on IRC channel :) thx
11:07 Joubu Hi thibaud, welcome!
11:08 thibaud Hi Joubu :)
11:09 tcohen hi!
11:09 Joubu tcohen:
11:09 Joubu nothing is happening when I click "unsuspend"
11:09 Joubu Can you confirm? (master)
11:10 Joubu I am trying to trigger the modal #suspend-modal-until from holds.js
11:10 Joubu but I am failing to see how/when it's shown
11:11 tcohen its in the patron holds list
11:13 Joubu when you are trying to add a hold to a club that does not have patron
11:13 Joubu nothing happens when JS error is helpful: "Uncaught TypeError: err.responseJSON.error is undefined"
11:14 tcohen once the docker images finish to download, I will check heh
11:14 Joubu still no modal with clubs
11:14 Joubu this whole page seems broken right now, or it's Monday
11:14 tcohen but the modal is only displayed on in the holds tab
11:15 tcohen that was the only way I managed to trigger the modal
11:15 tcohen the rest of the pages just reload the page and have a date picker
11:15 Joubu ha! got it now
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11:18 vfernandes hi #koha
11:19 vfernandes I think that authorities merge isn't working correctly....
11:19 vfernandes[…]
11:20 vfernandes when we don't pass maxresults to the linked_biblionumbers method, there is a 100 records limit defined in ElasticSearch/
11:20 vfernandes can anyone validate this "bug"?
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11:25 tcohen Joubu: club holds are not marked (for the patron) as such, so they are just regular patron holds
11:26 Joubu tcohen: forget the club, there are 2 things
11:26 Joubu 1. /cgi-bin/koha/reserve/ search "edna", "place hold"
11:26 Joubu then play with "suspend"/"unsuspend"
11:27 Joubu 2. Create a club, without patron enrolled. Place a hold for this club => JS error
11:30 Joubu bug 29736
11:30 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29736 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Error when placing a hold for a club without members
11:31 tcohen 1. works for me, and it reloads the page all the time which is annoying
11:31 tcohen 2. that's an old bug then, worth fixing though
11:32 Joubu are you sure it's working? it is reloading the page but the button is stil the same
11:32 tcohen ah
11:32 tcohen I now noticed
11:32 Joubu I don't manage to unsuspend
11:32 tcohen if you don't set a date, it fails
11:33 Joubu it's not that for me, unsuspend is not doing anything
11:34 tcohen on Firefox, I see a NS_BINDING_ABORTED error in the network inspector
11:34 Joubu yes, just seen that as well
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11:35 tcohen tested on Microsoft Edge and works <.<
11:37 tcohen indefinite suspension also works
11:37 tcohen it is something about flatpickr?
11:38 Joubu I don't think so
11:39 tcohen it seems Firefox is actively blocking non-https requests?
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11:39 tcohen[…]yone_know_why_is/
11:40 Joubu I see 2 GETs and 1 POST when I click unsuspend..
11:46 tcohen yeah, this is asking for a rewrite using the API and the DT wrapper
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11:58 tcohen Joubu: so it is broken in Firefox
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11:59 tcohen also, the form shouldn't allow placing a hold for an empty club
12:07 cait1 jus got back from lunch - reading back - Joubu - could you maybe have a look at my comment on bug 29173 about fetching the authority twice?
12:07 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29173 normal, P5 - low, ---, thibaud.guillot, Needs Signoff , Button "replace authority record via Z39/50/SRU" doesn't pre-fill
12:19 Joubu cait1: yes, I replied
12:28 tcohen cait1: deleting a patron says it will 'cancel all their holds' but I don't see code doing that
12:30 Joubu it's on cascade
12:31 cait1 Joubu:  no I think it's in the code
12:31 cait1 we don't delete, we move
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12:31 cait1 tcohen: I think you need to look at the code used in the GUI - that's the most complete
12:32 Joubu indeed
12:32 Joubu Koha::Patron->delete
12:32 Joubu 380                 $hold->cancel;
12:32 cait1 yeah, i had looked it upw hen writing the bug report
12:32 cait1 there should also be some extra treatment for lists
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12:45 tcohen I added $patron->move_to_deleted; and tests
12:45 tcohen and I'm seeing a super weird behavior: Koha::Old::Patrons->search( borrowernumber => $patron->borrowernumber )
12:45 tcohen is returning two rows!
12:45 tcohen haha
12:49 pastebot "tcohen" at pasted "Joubu:" (37 lines) at
12:50 tcohen rangi++ # SSL for paste
12:51 Joubu tcohen: are you getting 2 there?
12:51 tcohen yes
12:51 tcohen they are both the same
12:53 Joubu it's like it has been moved from the previous tests, anonymouspatron
12:54 Joubu but not removed
12:54 tcohen ah
12:54 Joubu the try is not in a transaction
12:54 tcohen yes!
12:54 tcohen that's it!
12:54 Joubu so move, then delete, and it explodes
12:54 tcohen thanks!
12:56 tcohen cait1, Joubu do you think this is ok?
12:56 thibaud Joubu I saw your comment on bug 29173 but "$authority->record" doesn't return anything :/ maybe a parameter is missing in my case.. I'm looking for another shortcut :)
12:56 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29173 normal, P5 - low, ---, thibaud.guillot, Needs Signoff , Button "replace authority record via Z39/50/SRU" doesn't pre-fill
12:56 tcohen - block if outstanding debt
12:57 tcohen - block if outstanding checkouts
12:58 cait1 block if patron is a gurantee for someone
13:00 Joubu thibaud: yes correct, I misread GetAuthority
13:02 Joubu thibaud: sorry, your code is correct
13:02 Joubu at least it's what is done in authorities/
13:03 Joubu thibaud: which editor are you using?
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13:04 thibaud oh no problem, I don't know every detail in Koha code, it's new for me. I don't found another way to make my code works for this BZ.
13:04 thibaud vim joubu, there is a problem with something ?
13:04 Joubu thibaud: there is a shortcut to tidy your code using perltidy
13:05 Joubu for instance the 6 'my' lines in your patch, you could indent
13:05 Joubu edit .vimrc, add 'vmap <F8> :!perltidy -q<CR>'
13:05 Joubu install perltidy
13:05 thibaud oh nice, I'll try this, thx !
13:05 Joubu reload vim and then use visual mode to select the 6 lines, press F8, and tadaa
13:05 jzairo hello!
13:06 tcohen hi jzairo !
13:08 jzairo hi tcohen!
13:09 tcohen thanks, Joubu. It seems this monday is too monday-y
13:11 * Joubu hates Mondays
13:11 Joubu too many bugs found today
13:11 Joubu tcohen: bug 29737
13:11 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29737 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Needs Signoff , Cannot suspend holds
13:13 tcohen great!
13:13 tcohen Joubu++
13:19 thibaud thx for the tip Joubu I add this to my last commit :)
13:44 tcohen cait1: having a guarantee, or having a guarantee wit hdebts?
13:48 cait1 having a gaurantee
14:17 Joubu tcohen: bug 29736
14:17 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=29736 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Error when placing a hold for a club without members
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14:25 Brooke o/
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14:38 Brooke Kia Ora Marie Luce
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15:00 marion Hi AndrewFH ! On bug 9565 you asked me to rebase the patch. I'm going to look at it but I don't konw how to attach it to bugzilla. Should I create new attachments with the version number in the title ?
15:00 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9565 normal, P5 - low, ---, marion.durand, Pushed to stable , Deleting a record should alert or fail if there are current subscriptions
15:01 AndrewFH yes please marion, that's be great!
15:02 marion Ok I'll try. Thank for your answer :)
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15:45 pascal Hello 👋, I was wondering if there is a way to set a time when koha runs the "koha-run-backups" command. Unfortunately I didn't find anything in the documentation :(
15:58 cait1 i think you want to look in the cron job files
15:59 cait1 pascal: in git it's here[…]common.cron.daily
16:00 cait1 the paths on a dev installation should be alittle different, but the file shoul dbe there
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16:07 marion AndrewFH I have done the rebase of bug 9565 I hope it will be good.
16:07 huginn` Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]w_bug.cgi?id=9565 normal, P5 - low, ---, marion.durand, Pushed to stable , Deleting a record should alert or fail if there are current subscriptions
16:08 pascal thanks for the hint @cait1 :)
16:09 AndrewFH thanks marion!
16:28 cait1 hm no route for adding items? :(
16:43 cait1 for ktd - debian 10 or 11?
16:43 cait1 tcohen: ?
16:43 cait1 Joubu ? :)
16:46 tcohen ?
16:48 tcohen cait: export KOHA_IMAGE=master-buster
16:51 cait1 as host
16:51 cait1 :)
16:51 cait1 planning for a new dev environment
16:53 tcohen awesome, cait
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21:39 * cait waves
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