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12:35 dvadell Hi! Newbie here. I got an already-installed Koha and when I add a book, I can't find it later (not even at the end of the process of adding it). Is there any usual/typical reason for that, or should I keep digging?
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14:41 oleonard dvadell: Weekends aren't a great time to find someone online here
14:46 dvadell noted! Thanks oleonard
14:46 dvadell I'll be back
14:46 dvadell B)
14:47 oleonard dvadell: Can you find the newly-added book from the "Cataloging search" search box on the cataloging home page?
14:54 dvadell no
14:55 dvadell But they books are on the database (MySQL).
14:55 dvadell It's as if it were inserting the book somewhere, and then looking for it elsewhere.
14:56 dvadell I'm going to reinstall it, but maybe it was something super easy like "hey, check the markflavor, if it's not the same as the something-something, then you'd get that behavior"
14:56 dvadell Thanks!
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16:23 tuxayo dvadell: hi :)
16:23 tuxayo « I can't find it later (not even at the end of the process of adding it)»
16:23 dvadell hi
16:23 wahanui hello, dvadell
16:24 tuxayo That's ready odd, because on should land on the add item form
16:24 tuxayo *really
16:24 dvadell yes, I find it really odd. That's why I think I'll reinstall it myself
16:24 dvadell Thanks a lot :3
16:24 tuxayo What do you get after submitting the record cataloguing form?
16:25 dvadell The record cannot be found (or something like that)
16:25 dvadell I don't have it in front of me. Tomorrow I will
16:25 tuxayo > The record cannot be found
16:25 tuxayo :o
16:26 dvadell So I fill the for with all the Required records, submit, and when I guess I should see my shiny new record, it says that it's not there. The URL end with the record number. No matter how I change that number, to existing records, I can't get it to display any book
16:26 dvadell Must be broken
16:26 dvadell Don't worry and thanks
16:26 dvadell :)
16:26 tuxayo If you will have the occasion to retry, you should check the logs in /var/log/koha/NAME_OF_YOU_KOHA_INSTANCE/
16:27 tuxayo just go there and run `tail -f *`
16:27 tuxayo Good luck :)
16:27 tuxayo I hope reinstalling will help, though that means you identified things to do differently than you 1st install.
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18:20 dvadell idk if my messages went through or not, but thank you for the log location! I'll check, maybe it's simple. And I wasn't the one who installed this, someone else did and then they argued with managment... idk who's right but I have a Koha server to set up and a librarian to help :)
18:20 dvadell Thanks!
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