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05:01 reiveune hello
05:02 reiveune e
05:02 reiveune e
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09:14 paxed is it possible to search for a patron matching exact value of a borrower attribute?
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11:47 oleonard o/
11:50 oleonard tfw all your wip's are the hard ones...
11:54 ashimema know it well oleonard
11:59 ashimema any idea how to get the data function populated with a KohaTable oleonard?
11:59 oleonard Can you elaborate?
11:59 * ashimema is working with the holdings table but can't for the life of me get to return anything by undefined
12:00 oleonard on
12:00 ashimema yup
12:03 oleonard Sorry, no idea
12:04 oleonard Still working on bundles?
12:04 ashimema yup
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12:32 oleonard I wonder if it would be useful to make something like the reports dictionary for SQL reports so that people could define their own runtime parameters.
12:32 oleonard (thinking about the category_types email to the Koha list)
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13:19 magnuse oleonard: sounds like an awesome idea
13:20 * oleonard waves his magic wand
13:21 davidnind left #koha
13:49 * magnuse cheers oleonard on, then wanders off
14:04 oleonard I would like to add to hea statistics on how many libraries upload their cover images in XPM format.
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14:59 tuxayo
15:00 tuxayo :o
15:00 tuxayo oleonard: was there ever one such library know?
15:00 tuxayo *known
15:01 oleonard I'm 99.999% sure no one has ever used XPM images in Koha
15:02 oleonard That wiki page says GIMP supports it but it doesn't natively support saving images in that format.
15:04 tuxayo Is there specific code in Koha for this format?
15:04 tuxayo I see text «Only PNG, GIF, JPEG, XPM formats are supported.»
15:04 tuxayo And some stuff in xsl files
15:07 oleonard I made this very specific meme the last time I got annoyed by XPM support[…]s/f2KR4gEcXcAHeYq
15:07 tuxayo lol
15:08 tuxayo So how is xpm still getting in the way?
15:08 oleonard I just don't like seeing it in the text :D
15:09 * oleonard brb
15:18 tuxayo ^^"
15:39 * oleonard refuses to divulge how long it took for him to trace an error back to his misspelling of biblionumber
16:20 vfernandes joined #koha
16:36 oleonard Haha... I even found the xpm file I used the last time I tried to confirm xpm support worked.
17:20 Dyrcona joined #koha
17:32 tuxayo lol
17:35 tuxayo I suppose the support comes from a lib that supports tons of formats. So we could just drop XPM from the ui text since we don't want to list everything.
17:36 * oleonard is trying to revive his patch for Bug 25025
17:36 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25025 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Drag-and-drop cover image upload
17:45 reiveune bye
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18:54 oleonard Hi davidnind
18:59 davidnind hi oleonard
18:59 wahanui hi oleopard
20:00 oleonard joined #koha
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