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07:06 jase Hello
07:08 jase i used mapping files in solr under schema.xml (charFilter class="solr.MappingCharFilterFactory" mapping="mappings.txt") whcih is working fine on solr .
07:09 jase Let me know how to implement same scenario in elasticsearch
07:10 jase i want to map arabic letters
07:25 cait1 i am not sure, but i think you might need to look into ICU
07:26 cait1 there was a presentation on using elastic with all kinds of languages at one of the kohacons
07:26 cait1 well, the ICU part of elastic - i believe there was a dependency or something?
07:27 cait1 ... and also you might want to ask again later when the real expertes are around
09:08 cait1 Hm which is the notice that is printed using FinePaymentAutoPopup?
09:08 ashimema I always find that set of notices confusing
09:09 cait1 my problem is
09:09 cait1 i only get a blank page :(
09:09 cait1 in 20.05.06
09:09 cait1 which shoudl be... well... stable? :)
09:09 cait1 and not sure if it's bug or config
09:09 cait1 we do have ACCOUNT_WRITEOFF and ACCOUNT_PAYMENT
09:09 cait1 i get the same for writing off and paying - blank
09:10 cait1 hm same when using the print button
09:10 cait1 a missing template seems most likely
09:10 cait1 but which oneß
09:10 ashimema is it ACCOUNT_DEBIT, ACCOUNT_CREDIT
09:11 * ashimema hates those notice names.. but got told off for suggesting we merge them and clarify their use
09:11 ashimema or rename them
09:11 ashimema or whatever
09:11 ashimema I still have bugs open in that area but no-one is testing them ;)
09:11 * ashimema doesn't really have any time left to keep chasing any of that stuff now
09:14 cait1 ashimema: i just trid that, but still come up blank :(
09:14 ashimema print type?
09:14 cait1 i copied it into print and email to make sure
09:15 ashimema humm
09:15 cait1 yeah gr.
09:15 ashimema sorry cait.. I'm in meetings all day really so can't offer much help today
09:15 cait1 blocker for update
09:15 ashimema hugs
09:15 cait1 that's ok, brainstorming already is nice, quite stuck here
09:15 cait1 i'll ty on my dev env with that version to rule out another issue itht he older data there
09:15 ashimema anything in the logs
09:16 cait1 can't access the logs on that one, hence switching environments
09:26 cait1 I think i have a clue
09:26 cait1 it's realted to transalted notices
09:26 ashimema aha
09:26 ashimema interestgin
09:30 cait1 it doesn't fall back to default, but it doesn't appear to like my de-DE notice iether
09:31 ashimema weird
09:31 ashimema wonder why the fallback isn't working as it should
09:31 cait1 it picks the english one
09:32 cait1 ok.... i had preferred english
09:32 ashimema hope I didn't screw something up
09:32 cait1 so I think we are missing the default fallback
09:32 cait1 if the notice is not set for a language it shoudl fall back to the default one
09:32 cait1 i think we just fixed something similar for odues
09:32 ashimema we did indeed
09:32 cait1 i am jsut finising testing then will report
09:33 ashimema i did some clever stuff with language in notices recently.. so we could use includes
09:33 ashimema but I think that's only in the latest release
09:34 cait1 i am checking that next
09:34 ashimema :)
09:34 cait1 but confirmed: if you user is set to any language that has no notice, you come up blank
09:34 ashimema dang
09:35 cait1 confiremd in .07 now
09:35 cait1 latest released, checking where the overdues bug went
09:35 cait1 20.11.07... so that is a similar but new bu
09:35 cait1 g
09:35 cait1 filing away
09:46 cait1 bug 28712
09:46 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28712 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Printed slips for fees come up empty if no notice is defined for the user's preferred language
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11:07 marcelr hi #koha
11:21 oleonard hi #koha
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11:30 koha-jenkins Project Koha_20.11_D10-Full build #37: STILL UNSTABLE in 51 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]0.11_D10-Full/37/
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11:49 jase hello
11:50 jase i have updated my koha from 3.14 to 20.05
11:51 jase I have 150000 records under my biblio so want to migrate with same biblionumber with new koha
11:53 jase I used  for updating but creating new biblionumber instead of old biblionumber in my marc file.
11:54 jase Please help how to update same biblio number with new sysytem
11:55 oleonard jase why not import your old database to the new system?
11:57 jase Because DB structure is diffrent from old version
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11:58 jase Hello
12:02 oleonard jase: A couple of links to check out:
12:02 oleonard http://koha.1045719.n5.nabble.[…]11-td5929273.html
12:02 oleonard[…]abase-to-new.html
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12:17 jase ok
12:17 jase I have 20GB data on old databases so it will take more time to import
12:18 jase have you any option in ?
12:19 oleonard I'm not experienced in this process, I'm just trying to help
12:20 jase Ok.
12:21 jase Also i am using elasticsearch instead of zebra
12:21 jase ./ -b -k=999cd -commit=1000 -file=/tmp/biblios.mrc -v -v
12:22 jase I used above command for importing but it will create new biblionumber.
12:23 oleonard If you want to have the same biblionumber you have to import the old database and upgrade it
12:25 jase Ok.
12:26 jase exit
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13:22 * oleonard bbl
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17:11 oleonard tcohen around?
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18:57 oleonard I wonder if there's really a case where tag is mandatory in that at least one of multiple subfields should be populated
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