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03:04 aleisha hello
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03:05 aleisha Wainui is ready to take on release maintenance now! but it seems the wiki might be a bit out of date and we're waiting on a handover :) https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]lease_maintenance
03:07 aleisha Joubu khall_ tuxayo ^
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06:18 dcook @later tell cait1 let me know what you think about bug 12620
06:18 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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06:25 fridolin hi
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06:38 reiveune hello
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06:42 cait1 good morning #koha
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06:46 alex_a Bonjour
06:49 * dcook waves
06:49 dcook cait1: It looks like Dan has disappeared from bug 12620
06:49 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=12620 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Proxy Add-on for Koha z39.50/SRU servers
06:49 dcook But if you are having an issue there, I'd be keen to hear your thoughts
06:49 dcook I was able to get yaz-client and ZOOM working with a Squid HTTP forward proxy..
06:50 dcook Mostly just because I love networking stuff. I don't think any of my clients have a use for it at this time.
06:55 cait1 dcook: yep, it was an old bug, i just had the issue with another student project - that's why I commented
06:55 cait1 look at the dates :)
06:55 kohaputti ashimema, does the hold transfer fix idea look okay in general to you? If so I will work on the unit tests and better commit message
06:56 cait1 dcook: thx for looking into it... i sent the bug to the admin their, but at the momen tI thinkw e won't be able to use SRU targets there, which is a pity because german national library only offers SRU
06:56 ashimema kohaputti.. as we've gone through the codebase now and pretty much added the 'replace' call to all calls to request_transfer.. I think we should probably just outright drop the reverse transfer logic that adds those in the first place.. as we're not never calling it ;)
06:56 cait1 but there are other sources
06:56 ashimema yes.. I think it looks good.. it's a lighter touch than what I was doing bug achieves the exact same thing..
06:57 magnuse \o/
06:58 ashimema though.. I still think we aught to cancel the transfer.. just not add the reversal
06:58 kohaputti ashimema, I think there was the commit "Bug 12362: (QA follow-up) Fix ModItemTransfer cancellation handling" which calls it then
06:58 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=12362 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to master , Branch transfer records orphaned on cancelled holds
06:58 kohaputti so I think we cannot just revert it now, or can we?
06:59 dcook cait1: I thought that you were saying you ran into the issue on 2021-06-03?
06:59 dcook Anyway I better run
06:59 ashimema in my tree, we also add the replace call into that cancel ;)
07:00 ashimema for another bugfix
07:00 ashimema all related to the same thing really
07:00 ashimema adding that reverse transfer in at all was a mistake
07:00 kohaputti so we revert bug 12362 totally except for the database update?
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07:00 kohaputti i.e. the 3 last patches
07:01 kohaputti I'd like to get rid of the reverse transfer too because it made the code look complicated
07:01 ashimema almost
07:02 ashimema I think we still want the bit in Koha::Hold
07:02 ashimema the `if ($self->is_in_transit)` block
07:03 kohaputti why would we want to cancel it?
07:03 ashimema so that we can cancel the transfer.. then the first patch I add here makes sure we don't exclude cancelled in transit transfers
07:03 ashimema because otherwise it's left orphaned
07:03 ashimema like the bug says.
07:04 ashimema hte hold has been cancelled.. as such the transfer it created should too..
07:04 kohaputti why should the transfer be cancelled? Wasn't the original bug report a statement also from others we should not touch the transfer but leave it and wait for it to finish
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07:05 kohaputti wasn't in the*
07:05 kohaputti "If a transfer has been initiated because of a hold I would expect the transfer to remain in effect until completed by a check-in:"
07:05 kohaputti from Owen
07:05 kohaputti I would expect it to stay in effect also
07:06 kohaputti ashimema, also you commented like that :D
07:06 kohaputti "I agree with Owen.. simply cancelling the hold shouldn't mark an in-progress transfer as completed.. we need to perform a check-in to know where the item actually is."
07:06 ashimema it would be.. it's still there.. just marked as cancelled
07:06 kohaputti cancelled hold means a non-active hold, and it doesn't show anywhere
07:06 kohaputti cancelled transfer*
07:07 ashimema with the first patch on 28520 it does
07:07 kohaputti But... why cancel the transfer, because I don't see how we are cancelling it
07:08 kohaputti we clearly are not cancelling it if it is still intended to go to the holds pickup location
07:08 ashimema but it's not.. we don't want it at the pickup location
07:08 ashimema it just happens to already by in the van on the way there
07:09 kohaputti but what's the problem letting the transfer finish because it will come back home when checked-in the next time?
07:09 ashimema van arrives at library b, librarian checks items in and is immediately prompted to put it back on the van without a reason.. it's the 'without a reason' that grates on me.. at that point we should be able to say 'The hold was cancelled, so send it back'
07:09 ashimema that's the 'transfer cancelled'
07:10 kohaputti well, we could add the message via the AddReturn code
07:10 ashimema so we use the 'reason' + 'cancellation_reason' to build that message
07:10 ashimema yes.. exactly
07:10 kohaputti we know we had a transfer for a 'Reserve' and if there is no reserve then display that error
07:11 ashimema true
07:11 ashimema we could in this case
07:11 ashimema but I'm also thinking for audit
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07:12 ashimema I suppose it doesn't really matter
07:12 kohaputti I'd like us to fix fix the regression and think new features later, like that better tracking
07:14 ashimema ok
07:15 ashimema revert 12362 in it's entirety then
07:16 kohaputti well, except the db part
07:16 ashimema including the db update
07:16 kohaputti why?
07:16 ashimema because it will never be used
07:16 kohaputti well, people are already using it :P
07:16 ashimema how
07:16 ashimema it only came in in 21.05
07:16 kohaputti yes, the ones using 21.05
07:17 ashimema so delete those transfer lines as a db update
07:18 kohaputti I'm not sure it is a good idea to delete, we are then left without any active transfer/transfer request
07:19 ashimema personally.. I see bug 24434 as a much bigger deal
07:19 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24434 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Failed QA , C4::Circulation::updateWrongTransfer is never called but should be
07:19 ashimema and 28382 for that matter
07:20 kohaputti bug 28382
07:20 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28382 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , 'Reserve' should be passed through as transfer reason appropriately in branchtransfers
07:25 kohaputti ashimema, hmm, maybe keep the TransferCancellation around for few releases?
07:26 kohaputti I mean just the DB enum
07:26 ashimema it'll likely never go away...
07:27 ashimema I still feel like we should leave the cancellation call in Koha::Hold personally.
07:27 ashimema just drop the creation of the reverse transfer
07:28 kohaputti ashimema, but then it is weird that we have those rotating collection transfer using cancellation to mean they are not in transit anymore, right? Wouldn't there be double meaning to cancellation then
07:29 kohaputti but if for hold transfer it means that it is still in-transit but we just don't want it, it is very confusing then
07:29 ashimema I don't see where in rotating collections your looking
07:31 kohaputti C4/ there is a call
07:32 kohaputti my $transfer = $item_object->request_transfer(
07:32 kohaputti with replace = 1
07:32 kohaputti which cancels the transfer without finishing it
07:33 ashimema it sets the cancellation_date..
07:33 kohaputti also I think we had the lost item code which uses the cancellationdate to mark that it is fully cancelled and not in-transit
07:33 ashimema it doesn't set the datearrived
07:34 ashimema so if it's in transit.. it's still in transit
07:35 kohaputti currently in our code being in transit is something that doesn't have cancelleddate or datearrive and has datesent
07:35 kohaputti so in our current code that line of code marks the transfer to be totally finished
07:35 ashimema not with the first patch on 25820..
07:36 ashimema the intention was lost when the in_transit code had 'datecancelled => undef' added..
07:36 ashimema that is the bug in my opinion
07:39 * ashimema needs more coffee.. already struggling to juggle everything today :(
07:41 kohaputti ashimema, hmm, it is not gonna be easy to take the first patch from 25820 anymore in since we have those transfers already created that are cancelled and really finished, so after the upgrade those would pop-up again
07:42 kohaputti or if we take, then probably the datereceived needs to be populated with the cancelleddate
07:42 ashimema I'll fix all that on another bug.. go ahead with your minimal approach here kohaputti
07:43 ashimema I really need to move on to other things.. I have a weeks catchup of customer calls and things to do
07:43 kohaputti ok, yeah, I think it is possible to fix it later because we can do for example that aforementioned db upgrade
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08:41 kohaputti ashimema, the patches are now ready to review
08:41 ashimema K, will take a look after my call
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09:29 cait1 I am no longer receiving bugzilla list emails to my qam inbox :(
09:29 cait1 just to let you know... as my workflow is based mostly on it, I need to figure out something but might not be responsive until then
09:31 cait1 it stopped sometime yesterday
09:31 cait1 if anyone is aware of any changes, Joubu maybe?
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09:38 fribeiro Hello guys. Is it normal to a librarian be able to renew a loan for a borrowers with fines? That borrower can not renew on his OPAC page. However, a librarian can renew it ignoring all fines
09:43 kohaputti fribeiro, maybe  AllowFineOverride needs to be changed if you want it to behave different
09:43 kohaputti or maybe AllowRenewalLimitOverride also
09:44 kohaputti if you search with "override" in sysprefs there is quite many settings you can tweak
09:44 kohaputti or maybe  AllFinesNeedOverride
09:46 fribeiro thank you for your help. In fact, the librarian can not create a loan if a fine was not paid. However, if a loan was made before the fine, it can be renewed
09:47 fribeiro I will check those settings
09:48 kohaputti fribeiro, there is also  RestrictionBlockRenewing :D
09:48 kohaputti so many settings :D
09:50 fribeiro All of those  seems to be ok. Btw, I'm in Koha 16.11
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10:37 oleonard cait: I knew there was a reason my email looked empty... no Bugzilla mails!
10:38 cait oh you too then
10:38 cait so it will make no sense to email my provider
10:38 cait fridolin: any chance youc ould ask lds of there is something going on with the mailserver?
10:39 cait koha-bugs especially it looks like - other seem to go through?
10:39 oleonard Yes I have email from the koha list this morning
10:39 cait hm or maybe not, I only see koha . this is the katipo server
10:40 cait koha main mailing list is a different mail server, the topic ones like koha-devel and koha-bugs are all on biblibre's server
10:40 cait i think there is an issue with the latter
10:41 cait no koha-devel ones for example
10:47 tcohen morning
10:47 cait morning tcohen
10:47 cait oleonard: i am sending an email to lds cc Joubu
10:48 tcohen :-D
10:53 cait oleonard: can you confirm you didn't get ths one here? https://lists.koha-community.o[…]-June/046534.html
10:53 oleonard I did not get it
10:54 cait thx
10:54 cait including it as an example
10:55 fridolin cait yep dont hesitate to mail
10:55 cait fridolin: just did - thx :)
10:56 cait now i got to finish my slides for tomorrow :)
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10:57 cait German speaking Koha users meeting
10:57 cait brb as cait1 or so
11:21 tcohen @later tell cait you need a bouncer
11:21 huginn tcohen: The operation succeeded.
11:21 cait1 tcohen: nah
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11:56 ashimema I've told her a few time tcohen ;)
12:17 mtj hi tcohen, about now
12:25 mtj Joubu: re 17427, i cant see a problem making a Data::Session pkg
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12:48 tcohen @seen Joubu
12:48 huginn tcohen: Joubu was last seen in #koha 1 day, 5 hours, 25 minutes, and 55 seconds ago: <Joubu> thx dcook for bug 28519
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13:18 oleonard Anyone around who has experience troubleshooting OverDrive login in the OPAC?
13:19 oleonard I'm getting the message 'OverDrive Library ID not provided' but I do have  OverDriveLibraryID populated
13:19 oleonard Oh wait, it's actually looking for OverDriveWebsiteID isn't it...
13:25 oleonard Oh wow the OverDrive account information in the OPAC needs work...
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15:39 reiveune bye
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18:07 oleonard-away GRR
18:15 tuxayo grumpy oleonard-away
18:16 oleonard I had to give a cleansing growl to clarify my mind
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20:58 caroline_timelady I need easy bugs to sign off for a new intern
20:58 caroline_timelady I only found 3 Academy in Need Signoff
20:58 caroline_timelady https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]y_format=advanced
20:58 caroline_timelady can that be right?
21:14 aleisha good morning from nz!
21:15 caroline_timelady good morning aleisha!
21:31 aleisha how are you going caroline_timelady ?
21:31 caroline_timelady keeping busy for sure!
21:31 caroline_timelady how about you?
22:05 aleisha oops sorry yes same!
23:17 tuxayo caroline_timelady: hi :)
23:17 tuxayo That seems about right. Academy bug tend to get signed off with priority during the Academy to make them go into master, not staying in that state for too long.
23:17 tuxayo Most are new or are in the various ~blocked states due to issues.
23:18 tuxayo Maybe before the academy we could find need SO bugs that have been flagged?
23:32 aleisha yeah normally in the months leading up to the academy we do a big push for academy bugs

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