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03:22 dcook @later tell oleonard with bug 27497 is that the one that cait screenshotted?
03:22 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
03:23 dcook @later tell oleonard lol or was it that one from comment 21? haha
03:23 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
03:55 dcook @later tell oleonard figured out bug 27565 but it's more a question of time/effort commitment than smartness at this point
03:55 huginn dcook: The operation succeeded.
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05:56 reiveune hello
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06:27 fridolin hi tehre
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06:50 alex_a Bonjour
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06:59 sophie_m bonjour
06:59 wahanui kia ora, sophie_m
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08:45 swebshet Hello Guys, I just installed koha 20.11  version on ubuntu 20.04 which looks fine and I just added an electronic file(pdf) by setting plugin to 856$u subfield and I was able to see Online resources: Click here to access online . How ever when I try to open the file I was looking this error We can’t connect to the server at cgi-bin.
08:49 cait1 hm sorry, not sure what that could be
08:50 cait1 is it a complete url with http etc?
08:55 swebshet http://cgi-bin/koha/opac-retri[…]e3be31c8313986147
08:55 swebshet Here is the link
09:00 Joubu check the opacbaseurl system preference
09:07 swebshet I just updates the OPACBaseURL ->
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09:14 swebshet Still I coudn't solve the problem.Is there something that needs to be done on the ownership of the uploads folder chown -R  www-data:www-data /var/lib/koha/..../uploads/
09:17 Joubu it should be owned by the koha user
09:33 fridolin wahanui: i'm i online ?
09:33 wahanui fridolin: no idea
09:33 fridolin thanks
09:36 magnuse shouldn't it be possible to update the attribute/value of a patron attribute, without first deleting and then adding a new attribute with the same code?
09:36 pastebot "magnuse" at pasted "examples of trying to update a patron attribute" (77 lines) at
09:37 magnuse what am i doing wrong?
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09:43 magnuse kia ora cait
09:43 Joubu magnuse: your script looks ok
09:43 Joubu did you try on master?
09:43 Joubu I've created a patron attribute X (non repeatable), then run your script twice
09:43 Joubu and the patron's attribute got created then updated
09:44 Joubu (the first version)
09:48 magnuse Joubu: i'm on 20.05.06 - maybe that is too old?
09:49 magnuse thanks for testing!
09:49 Joubu there have been some changes in master recently, maybe it's a bug that got fixed
10:22 oleonard Hi all
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10:24 henryb Hi everyone
10:25 oleonard Hi henryb
10:26 henryb Hi oleonard!
10:26 wahanui hi oleopard
10:26 henryb How do we create coding guidelines and qa tests? I think it would be a good idea to add some more accessibility guidelines to make sure new features are accessible
10:27 henryb Is the process: propose a guideline at the dev meeting and then .... someone magically creates a test?
10:27 henryb Can anyone create a test or just joubu, ashimema etc?
10:27 henryb I have no idea how to make tests but would be happy to learn
10:29 oleonard Guidelines are generally voted on in meetings
10:29 oleonard ...and then QA tests are created if possible (usually by Joubu)
10:29 henryb I'm thinking something similar to the ones used by Deque's Axe browser extension: (obviously we'll need to chose our own relevant rules)
10:30 henryb Thanks oleonard. So the guidelines come first and then we worry about the tests later
10:30 henryb Makes sense
10:31 henryb I haven't looked at the existing tests yet, so some of the stuff I'm thinking of (Requiring labels, alt-text etc.) might already be covered
10:31 henryb *tests and guidelines
10:36 oleonard henryb: Accessibility issues are the kind of thing that I would say doesn't need to be in the rules before it can trigger a failed QA. The problem is catching them during testing.
10:38 henryb Ok that's good. I thought it might make it easier for people to meet accessibility if there were guidelines (assuming devs read the coding guidelines?)
10:38 henryb And automating the tests might make it easier to catch the issues
10:39 henryb (although automated tests apparently only catch X% of accessibility issues)
10:39 oleonard I get the impression the coding guidelines are more often used after the fact, to point people to in response to a failed patch.
10:39 oleonard But I don't really know.
10:41 henryb So do you think it's worth me proposing some guidelines or not? e.g. on semantically ordered headings since we've had a few bugs on that recently?
10:42 henryb I suppose I can propose them and everyone can vote them down if they're unnecessary/wrong! :D
10:43 oleonard Definitely worth proposing guidelines
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10:45 ashimema They're here henryb
10:45 ashimema I even started an Accessibility section recently
10:45 ashimema Yeah, they've generally used as something the QA person can point the finger at when we fail someone's patch.. though they're not a hard requirement for us to fail things
10:46 ashimema Devs are encouraged to look at them and adding new one's, as oleonard said, requires a vote at a dev meeting and so it gets minuted and publicised minimally when we do.. which is nice.
10:46 oleonard Yeah the publicity aspect is good
10:46 ashimema I'd suggest adding directly to that page with 'DRAFT' in the title for the guideline you're writing..
10:47 ashimema then draw attention to it at a dev meeting by adding it to the agenda and we'll all agree it I'm sure. :)
10:47 ashimema then Joubu or I will attempt to write a test so QA people catch them automatically..
10:47 henryb Ok thanks ashimema and oleonard!
10:47 ashimema :)
10:47 * ashimema is happy to see things getting added there..
10:48 * ashimema should probably read all the guidelines again.. I bet some are outdated
10:48 henryb Oh and of course the next dev meeting is TOMORROW... :O
10:48 ashimema hehe
10:48 ashimema they're regular.. ;)
10:48 ashimema so don't strees :P
10:49 swebshet I can't  view a file that was uploaded ->http://cgi-bin/koha/opac-retri[…]e3be31c8313986147
10:49 oleonard henryb: Also, everyone will approve anything you suggest :D
10:49 swebshet We can’t connect to the server at cgi-bin.
10:49 swebshet an error message
10:50 ashimema oh.. also worth mentioning.. just adding a guidelines doesn't mean it'll get retrospectively applied..  if it's a change rather than just a clarification.. we'll need to draw up a bug tree to get it all fixed.. and try and find some motivation to get someone to take it on ;)
10:50 ashimema hehe.. yeah.. the approval thing is a bit of a formality really.. I can't see I've ever seen anything get voted against.. sometimes discussed and improved a little.. but never outright kicked back
10:51 ashimema running for accessibility advocate again next cycle henryb ?..
10:51 ashimema might be nice to reach out and see if Wainui wants to join you ;)
10:51 * ashimema bets he just spelt her name wrong
10:52 henryb I think Wainui has already signed up!
10:52 ashimema Oh nice one!
10:52 henryb I'd like to but I need to have an 'internal discussion' before I can commit
10:52 ashimema understood
10:53 henryb Although I'd like to be involved either way so it would probably just mean I did more in my own time
10:53 ashimema if you're anything like me there's two.. one with the boss boss.. and one with the other boss (if you get my meaning) ;)
10:53 ashimema hehe
10:53 ashimema I have a very understanding other half :P
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11:57 * oleonard wonders if we have an established way to format file size information
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12:55 oleonard So some file uploads are added with some kind of default internal category...
12:55 oleonard ...or is that my old data... These files look very old...
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13:24 oleonard khall here?
13:26 oleonard khall: Bug 28064
13:26 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=28064 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Passed QA , Transits are not created at check in despite user responding 'Yes, print slip' to the prompt
13:26 cait1 fridolin++
13:26 khall thanks oleonard! I thought that we'd found that before!
13:40 caroline hi all!
13:40 caroline back from many days of training!
13:41 cait1 online or on site?
13:41 cait1 and welcome back caroline :)
13:41 caroline online
13:41 cait1 i figured out it's at elast equally exhausting for me
13:42 caroline I find it's harder to gauge the rections and make sure eveybody understands
13:43 caroline on-site, I can usually tell someone doesn't understand when I see their face
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14:01 ashimema silly question..
14:01 wahanui silly question.. is there anywhere in the UI where you can 'forgive' a charge?
14:01 cait1 caroline: very true
14:01 ashimema can you cancel a biblio level hold
14:01 cait1 and you can stand behind them and help, i miss that
14:02 ashimema ah yes.. they handle it
14:04 cait1 ashimema: yes?
14:04 cait1 would be bad if you ocudln't, but it might depend on status, you can't in the opac once waiting etc.
14:08 ashimema mm
14:09 ashimema I'm digging through bug 25711
14:09 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25711 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, stalkernoid, Needs Signoff , Add ability to define expiredpickup charge for patron category and item type
14:10 ashimema somehow, I feel like logically we shouldn't end up with an ExpireReservesMaxPickupDelayCharge if the item isn't waiting already..
14:10 ashimema and.. if the item is waiting.. we've selected an item
14:10 ashimema so we can reduce down some of the logic in that bug somewhat..
14:10 ashimema I think
14:16 oleonard-away wahanui: forget silly question..
14:16 wahanui oleonard-away, I didn't have anything matching silly question
14:16 oleonard-away wahanui: forget silly question..
14:16 wahanui oleonard-away: I forgot silly question..
14:16 oleonard sneaky space
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15:33 reiveune bye
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15:34 ashimema anyone out there fancy helping me to update https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]rt_Bibliographics at some point.. and perhaps porting that info to the manual?
15:35 henryb Sorry, my head hurts just thinking about it!
15:35 ashimema hehe
15:35 ashimema it needs a pretty hard core cataloguer ;)
15:36 ashimema I wrote allot of it in a deep dive
15:36 ashimema back in 2015  apparently.. lol
15:36 ashimema I think things have improved since then.. but I'm not entirely sure.. lol
15:45 cait1 i always link to your desriptions when asked about it :)
15:45 cait1 no change since then i think
15:53 caroline I think you should ask Heather
15:53 caroline she's a hardocre cataloguer and actually likes that
15:54 caroline kind of stuff
15:54 cait1 good idea
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16:16 ashimema hehe
16:16 ashimema cool
16:17 ashimema any thoughts on my final comment on bug 24023 cait?
16:17 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=24023 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, ASSIGNED , Add ability to create bundles of items
16:18 * ashimema isn't sure how he ended up back in this land.. suddenly appears to be a few bugs around this stuff moving along.. stuff for 003 handling.. stuff for 'collections' as another type of multi-part resource.. and stuff for displaying component parts more nicely.. cool
16:21 ashimema right.. I'm offski.. time for a cycle whilst the sun is still shining :)
16:21 ashimema have a good one #koha
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23:22 ccordova hi,
23:22 ccordova Can't call method "get_effective_marcorgcode" on an undefined value at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/catal​oguing/value_builder/ line 31.
23:23 ccordova any idea of ​​this error when trying to edit this record
23:26 ccordova koha
23:32 ccordova this error occurred when editing and importing a record by z.3950

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