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07:20 severine_q Hi koha !
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07:31 alex_a Bonjour
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07:34 magnuse \o/
07:34 reiveune hello
07:34 wahanui what's up, reiveune
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07:43 fridolin hi there
07:44 fridolin good morning
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08:12 nlegrand Bonjour !
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09:32 ashimema Morning
09:50 magnuse kia ora ashimema
09:50 ashimema just the man I was looking for magnuse..
09:50 ashimema might catch you in a few mins once my meeting it done
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10:44 oleonard-away Hi all
10:44 magnuse kia ora oleonard
10:44 magnuse ashimema++ for fixing bug 26847
10:44 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=26847 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to stable , Make borrower category code accessible in all pages of the OPAC
10:48 * ashimema doesn't remember writing that.. but it clearly has my name all over it..
10:48 ashimema lol
10:53 oleonard I know that feeling ashimema
10:53 ashimema hehe
10:53 ashimema at least it wasn't a case of "What muppet wrote this.. it's terrible.. of course it doesn't work... oh.. hang on.. I wrote that.. oops"
10:54 ashimema and.. god morning oleonard :)
10:54 ashimema s/god/good/
10:54 oleonard o/
10:56 magnuse o/
10:56 magnuse ashimema: lulz
10:56 oleonard magnuse: How's your sunlight situation these days?
10:57 magnuse we passed the equinox, so now we have more sunlight than those to the south of us ;-)
10:57 oleonard Excellent
10:57 wahanui darn tootin' it is.
10:57 magnuse today is really sunny and nice! and we have the sun on our balcony, so things are starting to look good
10:59 magnuse the forecast says +8C today, but it's too early to believe in spring...
10:59 oleonard If huginn were feeling cooperative he might say that here we have mostly cloudy skies. Windy this morning. High 63F. Winds W at 20 to 30 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.
11:00 magnuse ooh, windy!
11:00 oleonard Wunderground's web site now also shows number of dead from COVID, so maybe we *don't* want huginn to cooperate. :(
11:00 magnuse :(
11:02 magnuse the interwebs says 40 mph = 17 ms. we had the forecast saying gusts of 37 ms the other day. luckily, our house was sheltered from most of it
11:02 magnuse ooh, i hear my lunch calling to me
11:02 * oleonard hears it too!
11:02 oleonard Oh wait that's my breakfast...
11:03 ashimema enjoy
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11:32 ashimema oleonard.. all ready for me to look at those title-string bugs again?
11:32 * ashimema was holding off as they appeared to still be moving targets yesterday :)
11:33 oleonard Yes... I hope!
11:33 ashimema brill
11:59 cait1 oleonard++ ashimema++
12:00 ashimema missed on on cataloging.. hehe
12:00 ashimema i'll qa follow on it
12:05 cait1 just a question: did we update the instructions in the wiki yet?
12:05 cait1 i know htere is a page epxlaining about the sort i usually refer to
12:06 oleonard I haven't changed it yet
12:06 oleonard But I will
12:06 cait1 https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/DataTables_HowTo
12:06 cait1 thx!
12:06 ashimema :)
12:06 ashimema nice one
12:07 ashimema anyone ever used 'value_builder/macles' ?
12:07 ashimema it's a new one on me
12:07 cait1 yep definitely one i'd migrate to a new wiki :)
12:07 ashimema but contains a <span title="fluff">
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12:07 ashimema not sure if it needs updating.. it doesn't have the corresponing title- in the header
12:07 oleonard ashimema: I did notice many <span title> instances which didn't seem to be related to sorting
12:08 ashimema looks french
12:08 ashimema yeah
12:08 ashimema there are a few
12:09 cait1 it's here: Sorting dates regardless of date format preference
12:09 cait1 oh
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12:09 cait1 ok, i misunderstood
12:09 cait1 going back to my todo
12:10 cait1 hm translate down for somene else?
12:11 magnuse down for me
12:12 magnuse or maybe just veeeery slow
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12:13 oleonard Wow speaking of not remembering writing something... That wiki page!
12:14 ashimema hehe
12:18 ashimema woop, woop.. QAing those again just pushed my past the 50 mark for this month
12:22 magnuse ashimema++
12:23 * magnuse wonders if cait1 will ever catch up?!?
12:23 cait1 wait for it :)
12:24 ashimema oop
12:24 * ashimema feels cait1 breathing down his kneck.. bet get a shifty on if I want to stay ahead
12:24 cait1 i might need  atranslation for that phrase :)
12:25 ashimema as in.. running in a race.. if you're at the front you might feel the breath of your competitors as they catch up behind you.
12:25 ashimema 'get a shifty on'.. => 'run faster'
12:27 oleonard cait1: I needed a translation for that phrase too!
12:27 oleonard (the shifty one)
12:27 cait1 yeash the shifty one :)
12:27 cait1 someon looking shifty ... i would have translated that as looking suspicious maybe?
12:28 oleonard Yes
12:29 cait1 ok :)
12:29 cait1 love this community
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12:40 ashimema hehe
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13:15 magnuse @quote add cait1> love this community
13:15 huginn magnuse: The operation succeeded.  Quote #351 added.
13:16 cait1 I stand for that :)
13:20 magnuse yay!
13:20 * magnuse too
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13:52 ashimema anyone out there fancy testing bug 22531.. it's just passed it's 2 year anniversary
13:52 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22531 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, andrew.isherwood, Needs Signoff , Allow for multiple requests to partners and display partners in audit log
13:59 cait1 i would love to, just missing time right now :(
14:04 oleonard I'll bet kidclamp wants to
14:06 oleonard Unless he's too CHICKEN 乁[ᓀ˵▾˵ᓂ]ㄏ
14:08 magnuse tee hee
14:09 * oleonard worth a try
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14:15 ashimema lol
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15:25 caroline hey all, anyone else have had this problem? Whenever I click on a syspref where I have to choose db columns (e.g. BorrowerUnwantedFields), I get no choices
15:26 caroline I'm on Firefox, Ubuntu 18.04 with a git install of my master, if it helps...
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15:28 caroline it's been like this since the sysprefs were changed to this method of selection
15:28 cait1 I haven't seen that problem so far :(
15:29 cait1 it's always been working ok for me in testing
15:29 cait1 is this master or a released version?
15:29 caroline master
15:29 cait1 hm not sure if it could be osmething on your box missing
15:29 cait1 still using a git installation?
15:30 caroline yup
15:30 caroline I'm not sure why the installation method would change this
15:31 caroline is something missing from updatedatabase maybe?
15:31 cait1 I was thinking that maybe it does an api call or something
15:31 cait1 no, there was no database change for this
15:31 cait1 oleonard: maybe you know what it could be?
15:31 oleonard It's an AJAX call to a json file
15:32 oleonard caroline do you know how to look at the "Network" tab in the browser's developer tools?
15:32 caroline yes let me check
15:32 caroline status 403?
15:34 caroline I looked in the directory and I only have .pref files in there
15:34 caroline no .json
15:35 oleonard Weird... I don't know what would cause that
15:35 caroline are json supposed to be dynamically created or they should be there?
15:35 oleonard[…]admin/preferences
15:36 caroline oh no I see them now
15:37 caroline
15:37 caroline my eyes were deceiving me
15:37 oleonard Have you tried clearing the browse cache?
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15:38 caroline If I do it from a private window will that do?
15:38 oleonard Worth a try
15:39 caroline same
15:39 oleonard "git log" shows the last commit as "Bug 27835: DBRev" ?
15:39 huginn Bug https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27835 critical, P5 - low, ---, nick, RESOLVED FIXED, Closed days offsets with one day
15:42 caroline let me git pull... last time I did it must be two weeks ago
15:44 caroline Ok, git pull, updatedatabase, CTRL+F5, still nothing
15:44 caroline last commit in my gitlog is 4e17726829 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) - Jonathan Druart : Bug 27835: DBRev (8 days ago)
15:47 caroline I'm asking blou, he's the one who set up our installs...
15:47 caroline we'll see
15:48 reiveune bye
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15:48 oleonard I wonder if it could be a file permissions problem but looking at your screenshot I can't see anything
15:49 caroline my colleague alexis tried to give more permissions to the file but it didn't change anything
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16:07 caroline blou thinks maybe a permission in httpd
16:08 caroline but that's just his hunch, he still has to look into it
16:08 caroline ...when he has time...
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16:19 ashimema which cait, cati1, cait2 was around most recently
16:19 ashimema cait1 by the looks
16:22 cait1 this one was out for a walk - just got back
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17:18 tuxayo Hi  :)
17:20 tuxayo Does anyone know was is supposed to happen when clicking the "claim returned" button on a checkout, filling a note and clicking "make claim" ?
17:30 cait1 it should be set to a lost status
17:30 cait1 in appear in the claims tab
17:30 cait1 make sure you have configured which lost status in prefs
17:30 cait1 at least that's what I did wrong in the past .)
17:31 caroline tuxayo: since I know you understand french, maybe this can help?[…]ration-de-retour/
17:32 caroline[…]ocument-retourne/
17:41 cait1 :)
17:41 cait1 have a nice weekend all!
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17:41 caroline you too!
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18:01 tuxayo thanks cait  and caroline :)
18:04 tuxayo caroline: ok, I was putting a random value in the syspref ^^"
18:04 tuxayo It's like the syspref didn't tell me.
18:04 tuxayo "Use the LOST authorised value"
18:05 caroline hehe!
18:40 ashimema +
18:41 ashimema lol
18:41 tuxayo cat?
18:42 tuxayo hummm, I can't get it to work, I set the syspref to one of the numbers of LOST auth value.
18:42 tuxayo Then went to a checkout and click the claim returned button and confirmed but it wasn't marked as such.
18:43 tuxayo suspicious log:
18:43 tuxayo "POST /api/v1/ HTTP/1.1" 404
18:45 tuxayo It works on a sandbox!
19:10 tuxayo Solved! My koha-testing-docker wasn't up to date (last time was a month ago)
19:11 tuxayo It's very subtle that I can cause something like this
19:11 tuxayo *it
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23:20 Topic for #koha is now Welcome to #koha this channel is for discussion of the Koha project and software
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