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07:38 reiveune hello
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08:07 cait1 good morning #koha!
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08:16 tcohen hi
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08:19 cait1 oh hi tcohen
08:19 cait1 early for you!
08:19 tcohen thunderstorm woke me up
08:19 tcohen will go back to bed hehe
08:20 cait1 sounds like a good idea
08:23 Joubu @later tell AndrewFH 27108 needs to be reverted from 20.05.x
08:23 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
08:29 magnuse bug 27108
08:29 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=27108 normal, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Pushed to oldstable , Update team for 21.05 cycle
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09:09 ashimema not sure it does Joubu?
09:11 Joubu ashimema: hum, why not?
09:11 ashimema it'll be the 21.06 stuff it gets the 'Current maintenance team' from
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09:12 ashimema so.. the column on the right of the 'Koha team' page changes every six months now to reflect the new team ;)
09:12 ashimema we don't remove anything.. we just add to that teams yaml file
09:12 ashimema so backporting for the three support releases is the right thing to do.. I think
09:13 ashimema that way.. if people are actually updating each month, they'll have the correct information available should that want to know who the current maintenance team is. :)
09:14 Joubu you are right, it will only add the "21.05" roles next to the names
09:14 Joubu @later tell AndrewFH disclaimer, don't revert 27108! :)
09:14 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
09:14 Joubu thx ashimema
09:14 ashimema :)
09:14 ashimema no worries
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11:46 cait2 quiet Friday
11:50 tcohen hi all
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12:20 magnuse kia ora
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13:17 nlegrand good afternoon
13:37 magnuse bonjour nlegrand
13:43 nlegrand Hei magnuse!
13:44 magnuse wie geht's?
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14:19 nlegrand magnuse: ausgezeichnet!
14:20 nlegrand bald die Ferien!
14:28 * cait2 screatches her head
14:28 cait2 waht happened?
14:28 cait2 someone switched #koha to German?
14:28 ashimema Ich spreche kein Deutsch
14:28 ashimema ;)
14:34 caroline I was just watching a video in which a French man said all French know one sentence in German : Ich bin ein Kartoffel
14:35 cait2 interesting
14:35 cait2 i am a potato
14:35 cait2 i should havenot said that
14:35 caroline For me the only one I learned was Ich liebe Dich, which my dad said to me before going to bed
14:36 cait2 :)
14:39 caroline Is there more than one type of love in German? In English there is like and love, in french there is just love
14:40 cait2 ther is like and love in German
14:41 cait2 mögen und lieben
14:41 cait2 hm even some other terms for like that come to mind
14:42 domm sorry for a short more-on-topic question regarding, which I'm converting to a BackgroundJob: I think the a better name than BackgroundJob::StageMARCImport is just BackgroundJob::MARCImport (as the actual staging is done in the form, which will then start (stage) the actual import
14:42 domm )
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14:52 jim hello
14:56 Joubu Yes, domm!
14:58 domm Or ImportMARC, so the acronym does not clash with the CamelCase?
14:58 domm sorry.. naming things :-)
15:01 Joubu MARCImport is clearer for Koha people I think, for ears
15:01 Joubu but I am bad at naming things :D
15:03 Joubu domm: don't hesitate to release early, even if not finished yet!
15:09 nlegrand caroline: to say like in French, it's very weird, you say love good. I like that -> I love that good. Which is a bit weird.
15:10 caroline j'aime bien, right
15:11 nlegrand It's not weirder any than when we say in French “without a doubt” which means “maybe”.
15:11 nlegrand Language is weird. :D
15:12 nlegrand mhmm...
15:12 caroline language is fun :D
15:12 nlegrand my writing is a bit inconsistent today...
15:12 nlegrand caroline: yup ^^
15:13 caroline Should Datedue in the case be translated?
15:13 caroline *this case
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15:13 caroline I'm always suspicious when words are together without a space like this
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15:15 Joubu note the CASE, but the other one can be translated
15:15 Joubu do you see where it's displayed? it's the circ rules
15:16 nlegrand anywaaaaay.... Time to stop working, I wish you all a nice end of year! See you all in 2021 (which maybe will be a little bit less crappy than 2020). I hope very much we could have a hackfest.
15:16 Joubu The stored value of the new rule 'daysmode' is Calendar, Datedue, Days, etc.
15:16 jim Can anybody tell me how to put autocomplete search for publisher in 260 b
15:16 Joubu the title of the span element is a "tooltip" to explain what does the value
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15:17 Joubu The string displayed is what you have inside the span (so the second "Calendar", etc.)
15:17 caroline this?
15:17 Joubu so you can translate it, but not sure you will find something meaningful
15:17 Joubu yes!
15:18 caroline But Datedue is not anywhere
15:18 Joubu are you comparing the same code and UI?
15:18 Joubu https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=27026
15:18 huginn Bug 27026: normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to master , New circulation rule "Days mode" values are not explained anywhere
15:19 caroline I think the drop-down menu is this code
15:19 Joubu ha
15:19 Joubu erk
15:19 Joubu both should have been updated on 27026 I'd say
15:20 caroline oh I think I get it
15:20 caroline one is the result of the selection and the other is the selection itself
15:21 Joubu yes
15:21 Joubu one is the dropdown, the other is what is displayed in the table
15:21 Joubu both should be identical
15:21 caroline ok I'll just translate it to Next open day
15:23 domm Joubu: ok, than I'll stick with MARCImport (also saves me renaming files :-)
15:25 caroline thanks for the help Joubu!
15:25 Joubu caroline: bug 27280
15:25 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=27280 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Explanation for "Days mode" is not consistent
15:25 caroline lol did you just do it right now?
15:26 Joubu yes
15:26 caroline Joubu++
15:31 caroline signed off ;)
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15:56 magnuse have fun #koha!
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16:19 reiveune bye
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16:34 cait2 have a nice weekend everyone!
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16:47 kohaputti I noticed the holdingbranch is updated only after checking out the item, meaning the circulation rules will be taken from the where it is actually physically not in
16:47 kohaputti I'm guessing we should update it before
16:48 caroline how did the item get to the holding branch?
16:48 caroline transfer?
16:48 kohaputti no, the transfer was skipped because they are in same building
16:48 caroline the transfer should update the holding branch
16:49 kohaputti yeah, it would work like that
16:49 caroline ah maybe that's why, the step of changing the holding branch is missing
16:49 kohaputti just thinking if this is done, I think one would want to use the correct holding branch (like where it is at the moment of checkout) and not where it used to be
16:50 kohaputti in case there was no transfer done and the book magically appeared to the other branch
16:50 caroline isn't there a syspref that let's yu specify the branch where the transaction is done
16:51 caroline trying to find the name
16:51 kohaputti There is HomeOrHoldingBranch
16:51 kohaputti and then there is CircControl
16:51 caroline CircControl
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16:52 caroline CircControl is the one I was thinking of
16:52 caroline Use the checkout and fines rules of the library your are logged in at
16:52 kohaputti if you use circontrol you can use the "library you are logged in" at but it has more bugs than "the library the item is"  from option :D
16:53 caroline ah... no clients have reported bugs to me :/ it's either good or not good
16:53 kohaputti the renewals and fines don't use the same rules with library you are logged in at
16:53 kohaputti we have branch specific rules that cause the problems
16:53 kohaputti with only default rules it would be fine
16:54 kohaputti and I guess some subset of branch specific rules there is no issues either
16:54 kohaputti anyway, I'm thinking of submitting a patch for updating the holdingbranch before checkout
16:55 caroline I guess that would make sense too
16:55 ashimema humm.. checkin should update holding branch in all cases I thought
16:55 ashimema so I'm wondering how you end up doing a checkout form a library the item isn't already at
16:55 caroline we're talking about checkout
16:56 ashimema indeed..
16:56 kohaputti ashimema, checkin updates, but this is checkout I'm talking about
16:56 caroline they just walked to the "other" library
16:56 ashimema but how is the items holdingbranch not the branch you're performing the checkout from?
16:56 kohaputti ashimema, because the places are nearby so there is no koha transfer made
16:56 ashimema as in.. they stole the book from one library, then walked into the second to check it out?
16:56 kohaputti or... maybe somebody finds a book on the ground and takes it to wrong library
16:57 ashimema shouldn't you 'checkin' in that case.. rather than check out??
16:57 ashimema oop.. keyboard is silly today.. seems to be repeating characters
16:57 caroline both libraries are in the same building, so I think the staff just went and got the book
16:58 caroline I think there is definitely a step missing here, like a transfer or something
16:58 kohaputti ashimema, you probably should but you could also checkout the book to the person who just brought it back to the library without checkin it first
16:58 kohaputti ashimema, just thinking the corner cases here
16:58 ashimema interesting
16:58 caroline but it would make sens to update theholding  library before checkout
16:58 ashimema I actually thought in that case we automagically called AddReturn
16:58 kohaputti if there is no downsides why not
16:59 ashimema there are soooooo many darn routes through that code
16:59 ashimema enough to send anyone crazy ;P
16:59 caroline trying to think of a case where we wouldn't want that
16:59 ashimema there's a bunch of stuff around WrongTransfer you might want to think about?
17:00 kohaputti ashimema, yup, will read through the code to see if there are any blockers before submitting patch
17:01 kohaputti the current code just calls CanBookBeIssued and then AddIssue
17:02 ashimema fun
17:02 ashimema thanks kohaputti
17:02 ashimema I do trust you. :)
17:02 ashimema late on a friday.. my brain is mush
17:03 kohaputti should go probably enjoy weekend soon :)
17:03 ashimema :)
17:03 * kohaputti thinks AddIssue is scary
17:04 kohaputti there is loots of fine and transfer code
17:04 kohaputti the fine code is because of renewals
17:05 kohaputti somewhere somebody should have probs called AddRenewal instead of AddIssue
17:07 ashimema lol
17:07 ashimema yup
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18:00 kohaputti ashimema, hmm, I guess I need gitlab account to do the code review for transfers, but I noticed in the toggle_indemand function already a problem so before I forget and get around it here it is: the code inside the if block is another function so if you can take it it would be easier to understand because it has then a name attached to it, and the tests will be easier to make because you can focus on smaller amount of cases
18:03 kohaputti ashimema, hmm, if you could send the patches via email I could do inline review
18:04 kohaputti I guess I can send them to myself and the comments then to you... or just sign-up on gitlab
18:05 ashimema I'm open to any form of feedback.. so what ever works easiest for you really
18:05 ashimema Just cooking and bits at the minute.
18:06 ashimema GitHub, gitlab.. and branch anywhere... Or just sticking to bugzilla and I'll attempt to maintain it there..
18:06 ashimema I tend to find it hard to see full context on bz
18:09 kohaputti ok, will come up with something. I'm going now, have a nice weekend, and holidays too :) I will get around probably in January for in-depth review given it looks like this will take min 4 hours to review
18:11 kohaputti is missing license text
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