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10:31 tuxayo jtmlis: hi o/
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15:49 jtmlis Morning
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16:20 tuxayo jtmlis: where are you from? I'm from France
16:21 jtmlis tuxayo: im from Canada, Quebec.
16:22 jtmlis ,w
16:22 jtmlis we need some bots
16:22 tuxayo bots?
16:22 wahanui bots are listed on this page:
16:25 tuxayo jtmlis: what brings you here, are you from a library using Koha? ^^
16:41 jtmlis thanks wahanui
16:42 jtmlis tuxayo: Library student, looking to learn systems, right now I am just using koha locally, to catalog my personal collection.
16:43 jtmlis tuxayo: you helped me when I arrived so I just kinda stuck around and hang out here. I don't read the chat much, but yeah. Feeling emotional today, I just wonder when this covid-19 stuff will end.
16:44 jtmlis anyway I ran into some issues on the local install, but it went well on a server. I have to try again but school has me writing 4 essays this week.
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17:01 tuxayo >  I just wonder when this covid-19 stuff will end.
17:01 tuxayo indeed :(
17:02 tuxayo > Library student, looking to learn systems
17:02 tuxayo Great! :D
17:03 tuxayo > ran into some issues on the local install, but it went well on a server.
17:03 tuxayo yay, two intalls :)
17:03 tuxayo > I have to try again but school has me writing 4 essays this week.
17:03 tuxayo good luck!
17:04 jtmlis thanks tuxayo a plus tard
17:04 tuxayo À++
17:05 ashimema Students playing with Koha.. that always makes me really happy
17:06 tuxayo ^^
17:06 ashimema If you want to show off with your name on the Koha about page in a future version jtmlis feel free to ask for a bit of mentoring on a first patch .. I'm always happy to help
17:07 tuxayo Same offer from me :)
17:07 ashimema Beware though.. once you've got on in, it's rather addictive
17:07 ashimema :D
17:09 tuxayo > Students playing with Koha
17:09 tuxayo It's nice to see that it's doable to install&configure such a complete software without being an expert. And that it can be an educational tool.
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17:25 jtmlis thank you ashimema , yes well koha has been so well packaged that I was so suprised when I could install from a ppa.
17:25 jtmlis it was so easy, only hick up was my fault with my dns a records, pointing to subdomains.
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