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00:21 cait oleonard: around?
00:30 cait does someone know which schema these callnumbers are?
00:30 cait https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25897
00:30 huginn Bug 25897: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Inventory table call number sort should use cn_sort value
00:31 cait is that LOC?
00:42 dcook I can take a peek
00:43 dcook It's been a while since I classified or shelved anything, but yeah I'd say LOC/LC
00:44 dcook LOC/LCC*
00:46 dcook Ahh and I see Nick's point..
00:46 dcook I mean... "B 29" seems like an error in any case..
00:47 dcook Although... boy you can tell I haven't done this in a while
00:47 dcook I guess not..
00:47 dcook As we used to print labels where we just have the letters on top..
00:49 dcook Looks like a college so yeah LCC for sure
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01:04 cait thx dcook - the tests seem to go that direction too
01:04 dcook cool
01:05 cait I've uploaded a possible solution by now :)
01:05 dcook Really intrigued by bug 23823
01:05 dcook Nice one
01:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23823 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, helix84, Passed QA , Allow system preferences to be bookmarked
01:05 dcook I was looking at the thread, and recognized the name Ivan Masar and helix84
01:05 dcook He's been a DSpace contributor for quite a few years
01:05 dcook Cool to see him contributing to Koha now too
01:05 cait i think this was his first patch
01:05 dcook I think so too
01:06 cait hope we didn't scare him off
01:06 dcook Heh
01:06 dcook I wondered that a bit
01:06 dcook DSpace is quite a different model to ours
01:06 dcook Although we have many more contributors I think
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01:17 caroline davidnind++
01:17 cait starting again :)
01:18 dcook Audio is a bit spotty with this session :(
01:18 dcook But go davidnind :D
01:19 caroline audio is fine for me but the visual is pixelated
01:20 cait still ok here
01:20 cait davidnind++
01:21 dcook Hmm visual is great for me
01:21 dcook I think the audio may have been a little browser glitch for me
01:21 dcook Well youtube glitch
01:21 dcook Got the audio slider stuck to my mouse. Anyway doesn't matter heh
01:23 caroline marieluce helped me with the visual, much better now!
01:25 lisettelatah where are logs in the devbox?
01:27 cait hm which ines are you looking for?
01:28 hayley_kohacon caroline glad it's better now! I'm monitoring the stream the whole day so I will hopefully catch any issues on our end pretty quickly :)
01:28 lisettelatah intranet error
01:28 cait
01:28 cait ?
01:28 cait the newer ones have this button
01:29 lisettelatah not on sandboxes, on devbox on my machine
01:29 cait oh
01:29 cait first try koha-plack-err
01:29 cait kohadevbox or docker?
01:30 lisettelatah kohadevbox
01:30 cait ok
01:30 cait usually they end up in the plack error log then
01:31 cait there are some alias commands that you can use:
01:31 cait koha-intra-err:    tail the intranet error log
01:31 cait koha-opac-err:     tail the OPAC error log
01:31 cait koha-plack-log:    tail the Plack access log
01:31 cait koha-plack-err:    tail de Plack error log
01:33 lisettelatah cait++
01:33 dcook interesting
01:33 dcook Ultimately it'll be /var/log/koha/kohadev/<filename>
01:34 dcook Really intrigued by davidnind's talk
01:34 dcook I like this topic-based approach idea
01:36 caroline That's where we'd like to be going... It's just hard to switch and we're so behind
01:37 caroline What's missing is the how to go from 1.0 to 4.0
01:37 lisettelatah caroline when is the next community education meeting?
01:37 caroline we didn't set a date last time :(
01:38 caroline I should write to the liste see if anyoe is interested in doing another one
01:38 rangi i think have to go to 2.0 first
01:38 caroline I think we're already at 2.0
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01:40 caroline I feel like shouting WE ACCEPT EVERYONE! NO KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!
01:40 cait heh
01:40 caroline Send us a word document and we'll be dancing!
01:40 marie-luce davidnind++
01:41 hayley_kohacon davidnind++ wonderful talk!
01:41 caroline davidnind++
01:41 lisettelatah davidnind++
01:41 hayley_kohacon I'm excited to get involved with documentation where I can, thank you for being welcoming caroline!
01:41 hayley_kohacon caroline++
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01:44 lisettelatah caroline what about trying to do a meeting during Koha DIY later this week?
01:45 caroline good idea!
01:45 dcook I feel like it was just a couple years ago that you were starting out caroline, and now you're the pro
01:45 caroline After all, that idea started at kohacon last year
01:45 caroline dcook: lol!
01:46 caroline diving in and making mistakes is the best way to learn
01:46 marie-luce I'm taking notes!
01:49 dcook caroline: That's how I've done it too heh
01:49 dcook And since you put it that way... that's not a bad philosophy to have about life heh
01:50 caroline yeah, if only you could git reset in life though
01:50 dcook It's a shame we're virtual this year. Otherwise I'd cheers a beer to that
01:51 caroline git revert that-time-I-said-something-really-stupid
01:51 dcook heh
01:53 dcook I'm so not used to hearing North American accents.. heh
01:53 dcook Having flashbacks to Kohacon2018 too
01:54 hayley_kohacon It's really cool hearing all the different accents of people in the community, it's one thing to say 'more than 15,000 libraries world wide' and another to hear it and see it for real!
01:54 carlos question about the live feed- a couple of us have had to refresh the youtube page for the afternoon session - any idea why that might be?
01:55 rangi hmm youtube being weird is all i can think of carlos
01:56 dcook Yeah the live feed has been going all right over here in Australia
01:56 dcook so true hayley_kohacon
01:56 hayley_kohacon hm carlos it's been pretty stable for me, every so often it buffers a little bit but I don't think that's happened this afternoon yet
01:56 dcook Yeah it's been so smooth for me so far
01:56 hayley_kohacon probably a bit different me being in the room and all!
01:57 georgewilliams I've had the feed going on my computer in the USA for 6 hours with no problem
01:57 dcook Loving this bit about the myth vs reality
01:57 dcook So true
01:57 hayley_kohacon absolutely
01:59 dcook So glad we had that fun run in Portland..
01:59 dcook I don't think I'd ever talked to Jessie before
01:59 dcook But then I think we ended up having friends of friends in common or something
01:59 dcook The world is so small O_O
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01:59 dcook Like non-Koha friends of friends heh
02:06 jzairo :)
02:07 caroline great presentation jzairo :)
02:07 carlos oh well - thanks rangi and hayley - we'll just have to keep an eye on it
02:08 jzairo thanks @caroline
02:08 dcook Yeah that was really interesting jzairo
02:08 jzairo always happy to share ideas!
02:09 marie-luce jzairo++
02:09 rangi jzairo: there was lots of nodding in the auditorium
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02:09 jzairo :) we want to get the word out to everyone !
02:09 dcook Are these talks going to be posted for later too?
02:09 dcook I feel like that's one I could really re-visit multiple times
02:09 rangi yep
02:09 cait tea break again i think
02:09 dcook :D
02:10 rangi the streams will be up as recorded ones as soon as we finish today
02:10 dcook That's great
02:10 rangi but then over the next 2 weeks we will cut them up and upload them as individual talks too
02:10 cait 4:10 am and still awake... my week long training pays off :D
02:10 dcook Great
02:10 rangi heheh
02:10 caroline definitely will be forwarding that one to my boss hehe!
02:10 dcook I was a bit skeptical about participating virtually, but it's so nice being able to interact here on IRC and other electronic media
02:10 rangi its afternoon tea here now, then joy
02:10 dcook cait: Glad to have you :D
02:10 rangi you're missing some good food
02:11 dcook Speaking of food, I need to have a late lunch >_>
02:11 rangi[…]17973077590863872
02:11 dcook So Joy in about 39 minutes?
02:11 rangi the cinammon scrolls are vegan
02:11 marie-luce wow
02:11 dcook Ohhh
02:11 dcook I haven't had a good cinnamon scroll in years..
02:11 marie-luce who bake those?
02:11 dcook There was a vegan cafe back in Saskatchewan that had the best ones of my life (other than grandma's of course)
02:12 rangi marie-luce: did you ever meet sol at catalyst when you were here?
02:12 rangi scrummy scrolls is her side business
02:12 dcook Catch everyone in a bit
02:12 marie-luce when did she start at Catalyst?
02:15 caroline cait did you make much progress on your knitting for this first day of conference?
02:15 cait ah actually a little bit
02:16 cait 4 rows on the two colored scard - i am at the last pattern repeat so the rows are getting quite long
02:16 caroline is it a triangle shawl?
02:26 cait yep
02:26 cait but a row is the 2 sides together
02:27 cait so not the long side.. but the 2 equal sided sides
02:27 cait ... does that make any sense?
02:27 cait it's long!
02:31 caroline yes, I've made triagles before... it starts ok and at the end one row is ugh!
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02:44 cait1 :)
02:48 rangi sorry got distracted by food
02:48 rangi marie-luce: she was there before I started
02:50 marie-luce we've probably met then
02:51 rangi I think you would have :) small world eh
02:53 cait1 it's still the starting slide, right?
02:53 caroline are the slides rolling?
02:53 cait1 ok, not only me then :)
02:54 georgewilliams I was about to ask if there were supposed to be other slides
02:54 cait1 now they moved
02:54 marie-luce me too
02:54 rangi heh yeah
02:54 rangi i was just wondering that myself :)
02:55 rangi (we are watching the same stream as you in the auditorium at the moment, we flick between watching people in person, and hten watching the youtube stream)
02:56 rangi our great colleague and friend rebecca is back at catalyst mixing the video frm here, plus the pre recorded talks, into one stream out
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03:01 caroline is it legal, lol!
03:02 georgewilliams The best ideas usually are not.
03:10 dcook Hmm did I miss Joy's talk all together?
03:11 davidnind no, still running
03:11 dcook Oh Youtube says standby?
03:11 dcook "Stay tuned for our next speaker"?
03:11 dcook Oh weird
03:11 dcook Refreshed and all good
03:11 dcook So people bash open source
03:12 dcook But you can be a multibillion dollar company and have proprietary software that still needs a good ol' Shift+F5
03:12 rangi heh
03:12 rangi kathryn is gonna do an end of day wrap up now
03:13 dcook She's coming through loud and clear :D
03:13 rangi hopefully you are all hearing her
03:13 rangi sweet
03:15 dcook "Chris Cormack probably tweeted it because it was food"
03:15 dcook heh
03:15 rangi its funny cos its true
03:15 dcook That lunch photo of yours did make me extra hungry
03:17 dcook Ahh kathryn is too funny
03:17 rangi shes a pretty good boss to have :)
03:22 marie-luce o for awesome!
03:23 dcook Well that was great
03:23 carlos yeah nice - more tomorrow!
03:23 caroline cool!
03:23 cait1 kind of went quick today!
03:23 dcook So quick!
03:23 caroline good night and talk tomorrow! :)
03:23 cait1 what's the plan for dinner? heh
03:23 dcook Of course, every work day for me goes quickly... heh
03:23 lisettelatah good night everyone! See you tomorrow
03:23 dcook Ooh yeah what's on for dinner?
03:23 dcook night lisette
03:24 dcook I've only been to Wellington once and I did not get to sample enough food last time..
03:24 dcook #futuregoals
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03:25 cait1 rangi: I think you actually misssed tweeting the food from tea breaks...
03:25 cait1 more food pics :)
03:28 marie-luce good night everyone
03:39 aleisha_kohacon tomorrow's livestream link:
03:48 dcook Just got the email :D
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06:15 magnuse \o/
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06:18 simon_ hi
06:19 simon_ i get "Invalid marclist field provided: lc-card-number" for my authority matching rule on 010$a after switching to elastic search
06:21 simon_ lc-card-number is already added in the default search engine configuration
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06:36 simon_ ok, so i added the field name in /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/SearchEng​ine/Elasticsearch/ to $koha_to_index_name and now the matching rule works
06:41 ashimema Dang.. so one still needs to modify a hard coded list somewhere for this stuff do they... I thought that had been fixed for ES
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06:46 magnuse simon_: which version are you on?
06:48 simon_ no we are not on the newest version
06:48 simon_ i just saw you guys/girls fixed some stuff 19.11
06:48 simon_ we are still 19.05
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06:51 alex_a Bonjour
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08:17 magnuse huh? branchcode can't be included in PatronSelfRegistrationBorrowerUnwantedField?
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08:47 simon_ is it possible to create a report with a "where in <list of values>"?
08:48 simon_ i mean <<list of values>>
08:48 simon_ i currently get Can't use an undefined value as an ARRAY reference
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09:40 severine_q morning #koha !
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10:25 oleonard Hi #koha
10:31 severine_q hi oleonard !
10:32 severine_q not very crowdy today :/
10:33 oleonard Everyone hung over from KohaCon day 1? :)
10:33 oleonard I know folks stayed up late for it (not me)
10:35 severine_q me neather :)
10:36 severine_q replay is nice !
10:42 * magnuse neither
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11:30 oleonard Is there going to be a bug-squashing session during KohaCon? I don't see it in the schedule
11:30 * oleonard asks this question to the empty void
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11:49 severine_q oleonard, I think there is on day 6 and 7
11:49 severine_q well, that's how I understood from description :)
11:50 severine_q *the description ! but my english is bad since a few weeks :)
11:58 oleonard Ah right, I was looking here, https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]haCon20/Programme, which is only for live stream stuff
11:58 davidnind Days 6 and 7 - They've called it working together
11:59 oleonard Hi davidnind, how did your talk go?
11:59 davidnind okay I think...
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12:05 ashimema did I imagine a timestamped version of the recorded stream?
12:06 ashimema aha.. it's in the description but not actually highlighted in the video location bar
12:30 magnuse davidnind++
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12:53 cait oleonard++
12:53 cait :)
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12:54 magnuse "The method Koha::Patron->add_extended_attribute is not covered by tests!" isn't that the modern way to add an attribute to a patron?
12:54 cait restart_all?
12:58 magnuse not running under plack this time
12:59 cait so... what are you trying to do and where? maybe we can spot the mistake
13:00 magnuse trying to adapt opac/svc/auth/googleopenidconnect to talk to another OpenID provider
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13:02 magnuse on line 221 i change the categorycode, whcich works fine: $borrower->categorycode( 'BRUKER' );
13:02 magnuse then i try to set an attribute: $borrower->add_extended_attribute({ 'code' => 'PNR', 'attribute' => $pnr });
13:03 ashimema sounds about right to me
13:03 ashimema weird
13:08 magnuse gah, pebkac! i was looking up add_extended_attribute on a newer version of the code than the one i was actually working on...
13:10 cait oh so it doesn't exist yet?
13:17 magnuse exactly...
13:17 cait I have to admit, th eerror is not very helpful
13:18 cait at least it always leaves me slightly puzzled too
13:35 severine_q cait you're so quick !! you're welcome :)
13:36 cait :)
13:51 tuxayo lukeG around?
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14:15 lukeG Hi tuxayo
14:15 henryb Does anyone use koha-testing-docker with their own dummy data? Is it easy to do?
14:18 cait henryb: sorry, still on kohadevbox with sample data
14:19 cait i think i shoudl not be too hard to load a database you prepared with the standard tools, but no sure how to make that happen automatically
14:19 ashimema erm
14:19 ashimema there is a way to do that..
14:19 * ashimema tries to find the docs for it.
14:20 severine_q cait : i did a bad thing on bz 6819...
14:20 severine_q :(
14:20 cait bug 6819
14:20 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=6819 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Signed Off , Don't offer cancel order links for received order lines on basket summary
14:20 cait did you fail it? :)
14:21 cait ah, one patch too many?
14:21 severine_q i failed attaching patch, there is one coming form another bug but I don't know what happened ...
14:21 severine_q i am sorry :/
14:21 cait no problem :)
14:21 cait do you know how many times i typo or similr?
14:22 cait do you want me to help you fix it?
14:22 tuxayo lukeGhi :) if the release is the 27th, then the string freeze should be around now right?
14:22 ashimema I've done that soooooo many times severine_q .. easily done
14:23 severine_q cait : oh yes, i'll be happy to un-mess this !
14:23 severine_q i now feel better :)
14:28 ashimema tcohen, kidclamp.. can you remind me (and henryb) how to get k-t-d to load with your own DB?
14:29 cait severine_q: sorry, i was a bit distracted
14:29 cait what you can do first is fix bugzilla
14:30 cait do a git bz edit 6819 and uncomment (remove the #) from the wrong patch
14:30 cait this will make it obsolete in bugzilla and all will be as before
14:31 ashimema or jsut go into Bugzilla itself, click to edit the attachemnt and select the obsolete box
14:31 cait yep
14:31 cait both work :)
14:33 cait General reminder: time this week to go wild with the Academy keyword (but only sandbox testable bugs with good test plans please!
14:33 severine_q cait, no problem
14:34 severine_q thanks ashimema cait, i need to remember that !
14:35 ashimema henryb kp (instead of ku) will give you database persistence between uses of koha-testing-docker
14:35 ashimema I'm still reminding myself how to load my own data into it..
14:35 ashimema Joubu is out this week.. but he's working on some improvements around this too I believe
14:36 cait severine_q: looks good now on the bug, you ok with the next steps repeating the sign-off?
14:36 severine_q cait ashimema : should I obsolete comment #10 too using a specific tag ?
14:37 cait trying to remember... i thin it's obsolete too but not sure
14:37 severine_q yes cait, i'm going to do a nice & clean sign off now !
14:37 cait you don#t have to, but you can if you want
14:37 severine_q thanks a lot !
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14:39 lukeG tuxayo: i think we decided on October 20 for the string freeze
14:40 henryb Thanks ashimema! Is kp the same as doing   $ docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.persistent.yml -p koha up ? I have no idea what that means but saw it on the KTD readme
14:40 ashimema yes
14:40 ashimema it's exactly the same
14:41 henryb docker is so amazing because you can do so much without knowing how anything works! On the other hand, I have no idea how anything works! :D
14:41 ashimema normally koha-testing-docker will throw away your database each time to restart it
14:41 ashimema with the 'persistent' thing above it'll let you keep the same one accross restarts
14:42 ashimema hehe..
14:42 ashimema we all lean on the shoulders of giants there.. I'm still learning docker and often have to defer to the pros
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15:28 cait wonder if we could get some opinionson bug 25532?
15:28 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25532 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, david.roberts, In Discussion , Add a wikipedia-style search suggestion feature to the OPAC
15:32 tuxayo lukeGthanks, I couldn't find it. I'm reminding this for tomorrow. As for the recipients, koha-translate, koha-devel and BCC to bernardo right?
15:32 tuxayo So we are more consistent in the announcements.
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16:04 severine_q cait, do you want Academy patchs to be kept for the squashing days at the end of week ?
16:05 cait i filed them with the DIY in mind, but i am going to just make more :)
16:05 henryb cait: bug 25532 looks interesting! I take your point about the lack of visibility if this doesn't go into Koha, especially given that we are a PTFS-E customer and I had still missed this feature (or possibly been told about it and forgotten)
16:05 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25532 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, david.roberts, In Discussion , Add a wikipedia-style search suggestion feature to the OPAC
16:05 cait work on anything you like severine_q
16:06 oleonard severine_q: I added system preference comparison to the log viewer because it seemed like the type of log entry which would benefit from it. I hadn't thought of using it for the reports log because my reports log is always turned off :)
16:07 cait henryb: please feel free to add a comment! i'd really love to unlock it one way or the other
16:07 henryb Will the 20.05 roles be voted on at the next general meeting on 4 November? Just wondering how long I have to add my name
16:07 cait and if you want to test, use the patch or jus add this to your OpacUserJs.
16:07 cait i tihnk we need to vote there
16:07 cait as november is already release date
16:07 cait adding it to the agenda right away
16:08 cait to explain - general are monthly so that's the last meeting before release
16:10 henryb Thanks cait
16:10 cait henryb: and you should totally sign up :)
16:10 ashimema I had intended to submit that wikipedia one as a plugin
16:10 ashimema but David beat me to it submitting it for core
16:11 ashimema henryb :)
16:12 severine_q ok oleonard ! I think the same kind of comparison will be quite useful for Catalog module too
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16:34 oleonard When I enter the "git bz attach" command I wish my computer would start playing an audible countdown clock because inevitably I get distracted and don't get back to it in time.
16:35 cait i feel you :)
16:40 ashimema Haha.. I do that too
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17:28 severine_q good bye #koha !
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17:47 tcohen hola
17:51 tuxayo o/
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18:51 tcohen anyone has the live stream channel ?
18:54 cait i's too early i tihnk?
18:54 cait or do you mean the link?
18:55 cait still an hour
18:55 tcohen the link
18:55 wahanui the link is strange, add / at the end
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19:56 carlos joined #koha
19:56 marie-luce Hi all
19:56 cait everyone on their seats and ready? :)
19:57 marie-luce :)
19:57 carlos yep - all set
19:57 caroline yas!
19:57 caroline still tweaking my presentation though... it's so me to do this last minute
19:57 oleonard I made it on time today!
19:59 cait not hearing kathryn, should I?
20:00 carlos not sure - i have no sound either
20:00 caroline oh there's a chat on youtube today
20:01 oleonard There we go
20:01 marie-luce Yeah!
20:02 inlibro joined #koha
20:07 davidnind joined #koha
20:13 oleonard I love seeing those old screenshots
20:13 * oleonard ages another 20 years
20:16 davidnind LOL!
20:17 caroline rangi looks like a gnagly teenager in that photo lol
20:18 lukeG1 joined #koha
20:21 cait oleonard: but you always look the same! :)
20:21 cait someone else had goosebumps for the "first downloads after hours"? :)
20:32 caroline librarians are important too :D
20:34 marie-luce clap clap clap
20:36 * oleonard runs off to cook
20:56 rangi everyone say hi to mark our tech person
20:56 marie-luce Hi Mark!
20:56 caroline hi mark! great job so far!
20:58 caroline aleisha++
20:59 caroline alexbuckley++
21:00 caroline rangi++
21:01 caroline hayley++
21:01 caroline fellow linguist!
21:02 caroline kathryn++
21:02 hayley caroline++
21:03 inlibro joined #koha
21:09 rangi the video play ok?
21:09 lisettelatah yeah, it looks great
21:11 caroline Koha good!
21:11 marie-luce Koha community!
21:11 caroline omg, this made me cry! so cute!
21:12 marie-luce love it!
21:13 cait koha good indeed :)
21:14 tosca joined #koha
21:14 tcohen it was great, rangi
21:14 tcohen recovering my breath
21:16 cait beautiful conf morning
21:16 marie-luce indeed
21:17 deb-CSPL joined #koha
21:30 alexbuckley joined #koha
21:30 tcohen anyone knows what does it mean that someone 'managed' a purchase suggestion? Is it just the last user that changed some status?
21:33 lisettelatah tcohen it seems (at least on 19.11) to be the last user that changed a status or edited the suggestion.
21:33 tcohen thanks :-D
21:33 tcohen how would you call it in english
21:34 tcohen in a way that tells that more precisely than managedby
21:34 tcohen or manageddate
21:34 lisettelatah probably updatedby
21:34 tcohen updated_by
21:34 cait hm not sure
21:34 cait you can also set a manager now
21:34 cait so you woudl be hte last one to update
21:35 cait but the manager would be someone else
21:35 cait and i think there is a last update date now
21:35 cait i tihnk it's the person to decide about it
21:35 cait if it gets accepted or rejected
21:35 tcohen yes, someone is in charge, but some others might change the status
21:35 cait What's the context of the question?
21:36 lisettelatah yeah it looks like 20.05 added bug 23590
21:36 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=23590 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Pushed to master , Add the ability to change the manager of a suggestion and notify the new manager
21:36 tcohen cait: the API, and consistency.
21:36 cait ah
21:36 tcohen I was reviewing the RFC because the implementation looks wrong
21:36 tcohen some fields like that one don't look correct
21:37 tcohen I want to propose a 'public' route to add suggestions
21:37 tcohen and trying to figure which subset of the current fields should be publicly available
21:37 tcohen managed doesn't look like important for a public route
21:37 tcohen we only display the manager name
21:38 cait hm why not important?
21:39 tcohen OpacSuggestionManagedBy allows to hide the manager
21:39 tcohen yet
21:39 cait in the opac
21:39 tcohen manageddate and <status>date
21:39 cait because you might not want to show staff names there
21:39 tcohen are ambiguous
21:40 cait hm a status change could also be setting to available or ordered
21:40 cait later in the process
21:40 tcohen so, some statuses would change manageddate and some others not?
21:40 tcohen I'll go test
21:42 tcohen ah, any action changes managedby and manageddate
21:43 cait hm there is definitely a bug there currently
21:43 cait i was just testing what andrew supported
21:43 cait i suppose some javascript issue
21:45 tcohen has an Init sub
21:45 cait bug 26738
21:45 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26738 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Unable to change manager of purchase suggestion
21:45 tcohen right
21:45 cait tcohen: i sugggest talking to Joubu and Severine
21:45 cait her library is behind the recent enh
21:46 tcohen I guess updated_* doesn't fit, because we want to split between the user updating his suggestion, and the staff member doing stuff with it
21:46 cait users can#t really update i think
21:47 cait only delete
21:48 georgewilliams joined #koha
21:49 lisettelatah correct, patrons can only delete, not edit suggestions.
22:00 tcohen right
22:01 tcohen would we, at some point want users to 'add' infrmation to existing suggestions?
22:01 tcohen somehow?
22:01 cait hm
22:01 cait maybe a feedback thing
22:01 cait like asking them to complete the information if it's not enough
22:01 cait but i haven't seen a request for that so far
22:02 tcohen I wouldn't implement that
22:02 tcohen but wouldn't like the API design to prevent such things if someone wants that
22:02 rangi caroline++
22:02 marie-luce go Caroline!
22:03 marie-luce caroline++
22:03 inlibro joined #koha
22:03 tcohen caroline++
22:04 lisettelatah caroline++
22:09 tosca joined #koha
22:10 cait caroline++ :)
22:12 davidnind caroline++
22:13 marie-luce great presentation!
22:13 caroline ugh,. I talk so fast when im nervous!
22:14 tosca it was great!
22:14 caroline sorry kathryn for making you imporvise lol!
22:15 cait you did great
22:15 davidnind any "weird" things libraries are cataloguing?
22:16 cait keys
22:16 cait table fans
22:16 caroline rangi's pokemon catalog?
22:16 lisettelatah At Latah County we have a curiosity collections which includes wireless hotspots, energy usage trackers, job hunting kit which includes a tie
22:16 cait calculators
22:16 cait cake pans
22:16 georgewilliams She mentioned that some of the NEKLS libraries have cake pans and bakeware.
22:16 rangi heh
22:16 cait oh and my favourite
22:16 georgewilliams We also have a library that just started checking out bicycles
22:16 lisettelatah birdwatching and stargazing kits
22:16 tosca i would love to see collections like that in NZ
22:16 cait https://prag.bibliothek.goethe[…]sort_by=relevance
22:16 cait oh sorry for the evil link
22:17 cait but it's just a koha, save to click :)
22:17 georgewilliams The library in Lewiston, Idaho (USA), checks out fishing poles.  They are about 3 blocks from the Clearwater River
22:17 davidnind that was great caroline!
22:20 lari season passes to botanical gardens, theaters, sports events and many more :)
22:20 marie-luce cait: I love the pétanque set and disco ball records
22:20 aleisha_ joined #koha
22:20 cait i htink i'd like to check out the home planetarium
22:21 cait no idea how that works, but sounds interesting everytime I look at it
22:21 thd joined #koha
22:21 georgewilliams I have a couple of libraries that have community rooms that community members can use when the library is closed.  I have 3 libraries where we've cataloged the keys to their community rooms so they can check those out when needed.
22:21 MiramarMike joined #koha
22:21 cait https://athen.bibliothek.goeth[…]sort_by=relevance
22:22 cait we have one that has everything you might forget for exams
22:22 cait and things that you need for presenting
22:22 davidnind thanks everyone for the weird and wonderful!
22:22 cait calculators, rulers, pens, whiteboard markers, etc.
22:22 cait I think putting fans in the system was kind of a protest against the new building missing AC..
22:23 davidnind 2010 blast from the past on the live stream!
22:25 Ibeardslee joined #koha
22:25 tcohen cya tomorrow! duty calls!
22:25 cait the first picture ther showed me tlaking to chris in person for the very first time, i was in awe heh
22:26 davidnind KohaCon2010 photos[…]2157625236896938/
22:26 cait and then i gave him chocolate
22:26 caroline always a great way of making friends, chocolate
22:26 cait that's what I thought too :)
22:26 cait and he had promised to teach me more git which he then did at the hackfest
22:29 davidnind ++ everyone
22:33 rangi heh
22:41 thd whaat was the padlet URI?
22:42 caroline
22:42 caroline It's fun to see the stuff appear!
22:46 JessicaM joined #koha
22:47 marie-luce nice way to interact with online people
22:49 rangi yeah, it's a cool little tool
23:02 oleonard o/
23:02 marie-luce excellent first half of the day!
23:03 cait hi oleonard
23:03 wahanui hi oleopard
23:03 inlibro joined #koha
23:03 thd Do you know of any FOSS alternative to service?
23:04 marie-luce oh, too fast! one more!
23:18 alexbuckley joined #koha
23:25 davidnind left #koha
23:26 cait caroline: cna you help outon bug 26340?
23:26 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26340 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, ivan.dziuba, Failed QA , When printing labels from a barcode range, keep zero padding
23:29 caroline I'll try
23:29 cait not sure if I am making sense there
23:29 cait I just think we need to keep the ability to print without 0 as this works right onw
23:30 caroline yes I understand, I'm just not sure how to logically go about it
23:30 cait so i'd be happy with other suggestions too that make both variations work
23:39 caroline cait, wouldn't ivan's suggestion work? If the first value starts with a 0, then the second value must have a 0
23:40 dcook Whoa looking at that flickr from 2010..
23:40 caroline dcook: was it you in one of the pictures?
23:40 dcook Nah, I wasn't in the Koha community in 2010
23:40 dcook I started working on Koha in 2012
23:40 * dcook does have many doppelgangers though
23:40 caroline ok I wasn't sure, one person with a beard kinda looked like you
23:40 dcook One time, I thought I saw a picture of myself online, and it wound up being someone else
23:41 dcook Like... I'm so generic looking that even I can't recognize myself 100% lol
23:43 dcook I love how Robin looks so Robin heh
23:43 dcook Oh wow Koha 3.4.x..
23:44 * dcook feels young until he realizes that he's been around for nearly half of Koha's life
23:46 dcook Ahh and this is my first time seeing a photo of mtj!
23:47 dcook I love Kohacon but it does certainly reduce one's anonymity
23:53 dcook Strangely I'm trying to spot someone in these photos but he's not in one of them
23:53 dcook Maybe just coincidence
23:54 thd dcook: Almost all the pictures which someone claimed to be me are actually someone else.
23:54 dcook :o
23:54 dcook I don't see you in any of these photos either
23:54 thd I am better at hiding.
23:54 dcook Ah maybe you behind a backpack there
23:54 dcook ?
23:54 dcook[…]2157625236896938/
23:55 dcook Maybe not
23:55 thd I was never in that room.
23:56 * thd goes to fetch laundry etc. and find a new disguise.
23:57 dcook_ joined #koha

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