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06:43 TimothyAlexis I ran and need to downgrade...
06:43 TimothyAlexis Can I do this?
06:46 cait there i sno way to downgrade
06:46 cait is this for development ?
06:48 cait hm i have to run, bbl
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06:54 alex_a Bonjour
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06:58 fridolin hi
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07:06 TimothyAlexis We are running 20.05.03 and I ran when on master, it upgraded the database to before I cancelled the upgrade.
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07:28 TimothyAlexis We'll restore it from backup, it was only a test server so it's fine.
07:33 cait1 backup would be safest then
07:33 cait1 ah... too late
07:37 ashimema[m] mornin'
07:37 cait1 guten morgen :)
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07:59 magnuse \o/
08:00 ashimema[m] /0\
08:02 TimothyAlexis Is this wrong?
08:02 TimothyAlexis https://wiki.koha-community.or[…]/Database_updates
08:03 TimothyAlexis Says: INSERT IGNORE INTO systempreferences (variable,value,explanation,options,type)
08:03 TimothyAlexis Example from an entry already in sysprefs.sql:
08:03 TimothyAlexis ('OpacMaintenance','0','','If ON, enables maintenance warning in OPAC','YesNo'),
08:04 magnuse no, they are different
08:04 TimothyAlexis Looks like it's (variable, value, options, explanation, type)
08:04 magnuse look at if you want examples
08:04 magnuse ah, i thought you meant the INSERT IGNORE bit, sorry
08:05 magnuse but yeah, the order there might be different for historical reasons or something :-)
08:05 TimothyAlexis So the order should be changed in the wiki?
08:06 magnuse but using the order from sysprefs.sql in should not be a problem
08:06 magnuse i don't think changing it in the wiki would hurt
08:11 TimothyAlexis Great
08:11 ashimema[m] the order doesn't really matter so long as the variables and values line up in the example ;)
08:12 ashimema[m] so yeah.. if they don't line up on the wiki.. that should certainly be fixed
08:12 ashimema[m] if you get it wrong in a patch I'm pretty sure that would be caught during SO/QA/RM checks though
08:13 TimothyAlexis OK, so I have an .sql file in the atomicupdate folder and I ran
08:13 TimothyAlexis Was it supposed to be implemented?
08:20 ashimema[m] hmm
08:20 ashimema[m] I think .sql should still work.. but .perl is recommended these days
08:21 ashimema[m] did you add any output into your .sql...
08:22 ashimema[m] I always literally copy this https://git-test.koha-communit[…]ate/skeleton.perl
08:22 ashimema[m] and then replace with the sql I need as neccessary
08:22 ashimema[m] P.S. That's a preview of the new git servers we're working on
08:23 TimothyAlexis Ok, I changed it to a .perl file, is this correcT then?
08:23 TimothyAlexis $dbh->do( "ALTER TABLE systempreferences ADD COLUMN OpacMetaDescription varchar(160)" );
08:23 TimothyAlexis NewVersion( $DBversion, XXXXX, "Add system preference to set meta description for the OPAC");
08:24 cait1 TimothyAlexis: i usually copy the skeleton.perl one - but it looks about right, i think you are missing the version chck if
08:25 TimothyAlexis the rest is like the skeleton :)
08:25 ashimema[m] er..
08:25 TimothyAlexis DBversion = 'XXX'; # will be replaced by the RM
08:25 TimothyAlexis etc
08:25 ashimema[m] what are you trying to achieve TimothyAlexis.. that looks like you're adding a column to the table.. which I'd be really surprised by?
08:26 TimothyAlexis indeed
08:26 cait1 oh righti missed that
08:26 TimothyAlexis That was incorrect
08:27 * ashimema[m] sent a long message:  <[…]TVNEK/message.txt >
08:27 ashimema[m] I'd expect something along those lines
08:27 ashimema[m] https://git-test.koha-communit[…].pl#L22752-L22760
08:27 ashimema[m] example from updatedatabase
08:28 ashimema[m] but of course.. in the atmomicupdate version you leave the XXX as is in the version
08:28 ashimema[m] hope that makes sense
08:28 TimothyAlexis $dbh->do( "INSERT IGNORE INTO systempreferences (variable, value, options, explanation, type) VALUES ('OpacMetaDescription','','','This description will show in search engine results (160 characters).','Textarea');" );
08:29 ashimema[m] so.. start with the skeliton.. then if you need a bit of help on how to achieve something perhaps take a look through updatedatabase for a simlar pattern to copy..
08:29 ashimema[m] that's a good general approach to start with.
08:29 ashimema[m] looks perfect now to me :)
08:29 ashimema[m] ooh.. I have a morning call to go to
08:29 ashimema[m] bbiab
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08:36 TimothyAlexis So, I have that .perl file in the atomicupdate folder, but when I'm running it only made the updates that were already in master
08:36 ashimema[m] odd
08:38 TimothyAlexis Is something supposed to add it to ? :/
08:39 ashimema[m] nope
08:39 ashimema[m] it should be found and run
08:39 ashimema[m] is the file executable?
08:40 TimothyAlexis Thank you
08:41 * ashimema[m] isn't actually sure the file needs to be executable.. I'm sure it's just read then executed inside updatedatabase rather than executed as it's own unit
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08:45 TimothyAlexis ^_^;
08:45 TimothyAlexis I got this: Cannot open /etc/koha/log4perl.conf (No such file or directory) at /usr/local/share/perl/5.28.1/Log/L​og4perl/Config/ line 51.
08:47 cait1 check your system information tab
08:47 cait1 i think you might have not set up lockdir
08:59 TimothyAlexis Hmm
09:01 nlegrand ohayou
09:02 ashimema[m] nlegrand
09:02 wahanui nlegrand are you following the trello board?
09:02 ashimema[m] nice to see oyu :)
09:02 ashimema[m] you're next desks patches are in my queue.. but it's a long queue I'm afraid
09:03 ashimema[m] wouldn't mind someone testing the cash registers at login level bug I have based atop your desks work though ;)
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10:10 TimothyAlexis I have lockdir set up but am still getting the same error when running
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10:25 kohaputti TimothyAlexis, how have you set log4perl_conf setting in koha-conf.xml?
10:25 kohaputti maybe it is pointing to that non-existent file
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10:38 TimothyAlexis kohaputti: thank you
10:38 TimothyAlexis kohaputti++
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10:44 TimothyAlexis It's surprising that this happens all of a sudden.
10:44 TimothyAlexis I corrected the location in koha-conf
10:44 TimothyAlexis Now the error is: Can't open __LOG_DIR__/z3950-error.log (No such file or directory) at /usr/local/share/perl/5.28.1/​Log/Log4perl/Appender/ line 151.
10:49 ashimema[m] permissions on that directory
10:49 ashimema[m] hang on LOG_DIR.. did you actually replace that placeholder with a real location?
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10:56 TimothyAlexis I don't understand why I have to do this all of a sudden? :\
10:57 ashimema[m] Did anything change?.. it's a systemd thing that made this an issue in the first place
10:58 TimothyAlexis I assumed __LOG_DIR__ is a global special constant like __FILE__
10:58 ashimema[m] what kind of install is this on and how are you running updatedatabase?
10:58 TimothyAlexis I did perl
10:59 ashimema[m] any THING type strings in koha-conf.xml are placeholders which should be replaced during make install/make upgrade or the install process of a package etc
10:59 ashimema[m] what install type are you using?
11:00 ashimema[m] so this could likely be that your running the update as an unauthorized user.. for example..
11:00 ashimema[m] koha-shell will get your the right environment if it's a pacakge install for example
11:01 TimothyAlexis We have a couple of options here...
11:01 TimothyAlexis Because we are working with different versions.
11:02 TimothyAlexis What is install type?
11:02 ashimema[m] as in... how was Koha installed
11:02 ashimema[m] you can use the debian packages
11:02 ashimema[m] you can use the source and build it..
11:03 TimothyAlexis I have a machine running debian 10 which I connect to.
11:03 TimothyAlexis Then a colleague has created some deployment script to do some stuff.
11:04 ashimema[m] if you build it you can use the 'standard' or 'development' options to have it install differently
11:04 ashimema[m] ah..
11:04 ashimema[m] ok.. is this InLibro.. I can't remember where you're from Timothy
11:04 ashimema[m] You may be best asking that colleague how the deployment works
11:04 TimothyAlexis I work at Lund University
11:04 ashimema[m] with the various options, various different sets of environmental features are required to be set for everything to play nicely.
11:05 ashimema[m] as devs here.. we're suggesting koha-testing-docker as the easiest way to get setup for testing and development and then the debian packages as the best way to do production deployments
11:05 ashimema[m] Cool.. Lund.. I'm sure I've worked with Lund before :)
11:06 TimothyAlexis I was running koha-testing-docker for a while
11:07 TimothyAlexis But it stopped working so I stopped using it :)
11:07 ashimema[m] :(.. that's a shame
11:09 TimothyAlexis Well, I think I should fix it and use that specifically for developing on master
11:10 kohaputti kohadevbox might be worth looking into also, it is not that hard to setup either, although it is probably 6 months now already when i used it the last time. The nice thing with kohadevbox was that I could use the ansible playbooks on any host I wanted, not just the vagrant vm that is the default suggestion
11:11 kohaputti ..but koha-testing-docker is probably the more widely used(?) so maybe better go with that
11:12 kohaputti you can also use the different database software with that
11:13 kohaputti in case you want to fix some bug that is only in MySQL and not in mariadb, etc.
11:14 TimothyAlexis Thank you for the input kohaputti
11:15 * ashimema[m] is really old fashioned and still has an old fashioned 'dev' type install he uses primarily for development.. but that's not the best idea.. I also use koha-testing-docker side by side with it and should really migrate my whole workflow in that direction
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11:20 TimothyAlexis I think it makes sense.
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11:29 oleonard Hi all
11:29 magnuse kia ora oleonard
11:42 TimothyAlexis Ok, so I've set up koha-testing-docker again
11:43 TimothyAlexis When I do ku I get this
11:43 TimothyAlexis WARNING: The COVERAGE variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.
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11:43 TimothyAlexis WARNING: The CPAN variable is not set. Defaulting to a blank string.
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11:44 TimothyAlexis and also this:
11:44 TimothyAlexis koha_1       | Cannnot open file No such file or directory at /kohadevbox/misc4dev/ line 35.
11:44 TimothyAlexis koha_koha_1 exited with code 2
11:45 oleonard TimothyAlexis the WARNINGs are safe to ignore I think... I'm pretty sure I see that too
11:45 TimothyAlexis OK
11:45 oleonard I'm not sure about the other thing. What platform are you installing on?
11:48 TimothyAlexis I think this is Ubuntu 18
11:48 TimothyAlexis Yeah Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
11:49 TimothyAlexis I just cloned koha-testing-docker and koha-community, I already had the settings in .bashrc from before
11:51 oleonard Do you have a misc4dev directory?
11:51 TimothyAlexis Is the /kohadevbox something which happens inside the docker?
11:51 oleonard Yes
11:52 oleonard I guess I don't know whether that error means you can or can't use "kshell" to get into the instance
11:54 TimothyAlexis Well, I had to start it to run kshell
11:54 TimothyAlexis and this time it did work :/
11:57 TimothyAlexis Well that's good :D
11:57 TimothyAlexis haha
12:01 TimothyAlexis OK one step closer
12:01 TimothyAlexis DEV atomic update: bug_26454-add_OpacMetaDescription_syspref.perl
12:01 TimothyAlexis Atomic update generated errors: Bareword "XXXXX" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (eval 1442) line 6.
12:02 TimothyAlexis Is XXXXX supposed to be the bug number?
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12:07 magnuse Sounds like XXXXX is not properly quoted?
12:10 magnuse TimothyAlexis: if you have  NewVersion( $DBversion, XXXXX, "Add system preference to set meta description for the OPAC"); you need to quote the literal XXXXX.
12:10 TimothyAlexis I'm thinking XXXXX needs to be replaced with the bug number.
12:11 TimothyAlexis I did it and it worked. :D
12:12 TimothyAlexis Aaah and I got a working koha-testing-docker in the process, that's great.
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12:45 ashimema[m] TimothyAlexis++
12:45 ashimema[m] Well done :)
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13:10 ashimema[m] nlegrand still around?
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13:54 marcelr hi #koha
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13:55 marcelr anyone able to reproduce the js error from bug 26471 on catalogue/detail in master ? sourcemap pdfmake etc
13:55 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=26471 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Datatables js error on missing
14:35 ashimema[m] @later tell cait I re-based bug 24381 for you
14:35 huginn ashimema[m]: The operation succeeded.
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14:42 oleonard marcelr I'm not seeing that
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14:44 marcelr oleonard: ok
14:47 marcelr not sure what is going on there; datatables is a disaster
14:47 oleonard What do you mean?
14:47 marcelr always trouble using it with all its parameters etc
14:48 marcelr i saw aleisha mentioning this error earlier on another report btw
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14:49 marcelr maybe it is triggered by some misconfiguration, but does not explain error on catalogue/detail
14:50 oleonard marcelr: DataTables isn't installed with PDF functionality so I don't know why you'd be getting an error unless you have an updated/different version
14:51 marcelr git grep on pdfmake
14:52 oleonard Oh I see the error is only in Chrome not Firefox
14:52 marcelr no i see it in firefox
14:53 oleonard Oh I see the error only in Chrome not Firefox
14:53 oleonard[…]to-load-sourcemap
14:54 marcelr what is your FF version ?
14:54 oleonard 80.0.1 on macOS
14:54 marcelr i have 80.0.1 on win
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14:56 cait ashimema++ :) thank you
14:57 oleonard I was wrong, DataTables in the staff client is compiled with pdfmake. Yet we don't use it.
14:58 marcelr oleonard: Seeing the error in Chrome too
14:58 marcelr didnt see the warn on older Koha version
14:58 oleonard To be fair it is only a warning and doesn't affect functionality as far as I can tell
14:59 marcelr yeah probably
14:59 marcelr ok thx
14:59 marcelr have to go
15:00 marcelr bye #koha
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15:17 * ashimema[m] is filling the qa queue today
15:29 ashimema[m] @marcelr I added a few xslt enhancement bugs to the qa queue.. should be fairly easy ones to work through qa if/when you have a moment.. and it would keep cait happy as they're hers ;)
15:29 huginn ashimema[m]: I'll give you the answer just as soon as RDA is ready
15:29 wahanui i already had it that way, huginn.
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16:30 lukeG hi
16:30 cait lukeG: now i feel a little guilty?
16:31 lukeG cait: i would say you are 100% correct, I forgot about the IP part
16:31 cait ok - we have some libraries use that featuere
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20:43 cait @seen dnind
20:43 huginn cait: I have not seen dnind.
20:43 cait @seen davidn
20:43 huginn cait: I have not seen davidn.
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21:09 mtj @seen davidnind
21:09 huginn mtj: davidnind was last seen in #koha 6 days, 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <davidnind> I will leave you to it, off to my day job...
21:09 mtj hi cait :0)
21:09 cait ah thx mtj :)
21:09 cait and hi!
21:09 cait davidnind++
21:20 mtj hi hi!
21:20 mtj @later tell joubu: i added a patch for bug 22417
21:20 huginn mtj: The operation succeeded.
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23:06 dcook_ @later tell cait no worries that's great!
23:06 huginn dcook_: The operation succeeded.
23:06 dcook_ oops..
23:06 dcook :D
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23:44 ashimema[m] Bug 22417
23:44 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22417 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Add a task queue
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23:55 koha-jenkins Project Koha_Master_U2010 build #1: SUCCESS in 44 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]a_Master_U2010/1/

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