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06:38 reiveune hello
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06:53 lds hello
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07:38 * dcook waves
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08:00 * magnuse waves
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08:17 dcook @later tell Joubu signing off 22417 as I write this
08:17 dcook bug 22417
08:18 dcook Poor huginn
08:22 magnuse Bug 22417 - Add a task queue https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=22417
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08:38 dcook Fibreoptic Internet connection but getting 4G speeds >_<
08:39 dcook Ok slow 4G..
08:40 magnuse dcook++
08:44 Joubu thanks dcook!
08:44 dcook No worries, Joubu.
08:44 dcook Probably going to log off in a minute as my internet connection is unusably slow atm...
08:45 dcook Glad I was able to get that sign off done while it was still working
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08:57 dcook Hopefully this works a little better >_>
09:08 dcook I forgot how painfully slow it was to run "git clone git://"...
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09:08 dcook I reckon a person could probably actually use the Github mirror and then reset the remotes...
09:09 dcook Hmm 14 KiB/s instead of 9 KiB/s :|
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09:24 kinroy_ hello quick question Is there a way to use as database source in koha
09:30 dcook I was thinking about writing some code to do an OAI-PMH harvester using the Koha task queue. I suppose I could create a table for OAI-PMH harvesting requests, then people could submit them to the queue, and if the task in the database is "active" I suppose I could reschedule it using that delayed message plugin...
09:30 dcook kinroy_ you'll have to be more specific than that
09:31 * dcook also goes off to eat dinner
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11:25 oleonard HI #koha
11:31 vfernandes hi oleonard
11:31 wahanui hi oleopard
11:32 * dcook waves and goes away again
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12:07 tcohen morning
12:08 oleonard HI tcohen
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12:45 magnuse huh, weird. i can log into the opac just fine, but another borrower can not. username and password are correct (i have tried changing both). no errors in the logs. no message that the username/password did not match. just the login screen again
12:46 magnuse borrowers.login_attempts is below FailedLoginAttempts
12:46 tcohen feliz cumpleaños
12:47 magnuse ¡hola tcohen!
12:47 magnuse ...and thanks!
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13:08 * ashimema cires at C4::Auth again...
13:08 ashimema happy birthday magnuse
13:08 magnuse thanks, ashimema
13:09 magnuse does ciresing help? maybe we ahould all do it? ;-)
13:09 ashimema lol
13:09 ashimema indeed
13:09 * ashimema is still getting used to a new keyboard
13:09 ashimema though.. I typo allot anyway :)
13:10 Joubu Check 'SessionStorage' and 'timeout' sysprefs?
13:11 Joubu You should also turn on the "happy birthday" one, but have to turn it off tomorrow
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13:13 magnuse there is a "happy birthday" syspref and noone told me?
13:14 magnuse sessionstorage was mysql, is now memcached. timeout is 1d.
13:17 ashimema we double set userenv in
13:17 ashimema whenever we check password.. then again just after
13:17 ashimema grr
13:17 Joubu maybe SessionRestrictionByIP and branches.branchip
13:19 magnuse branches.branchip is empty. i can log in as myself on my computer, but not as this other user
13:20 magnuse if i change the category i get the message about username/password not matching, but still no login
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14:30 reiveune bye
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18:17 oleonard tcohen still around?
18:17 tcohen about to leave
18:17 tcohen what's up?
18:18 oleonard Tell me if I'm missing something obvious about testing Bug 22343
18:18 oleonard Can't locate object method "header_set" via package "Koha::Email"
18:18 tcohen oh, did I miss some tweak? bummer!
18:19 oleonard I'll comment on the bug for you to look later
18:20 tcohen thanks!
18:20 tcohen you can skip the comment
18:20 tcohen I see I missed to tweak a bunch of .pl files
18:20 tcohen after I completely rewrote Koha::Email for
18:20 tcohen I will fix it tomorrow morning!
18:20 tcohen THANKS
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18:44 oleonard If a new permission is added does it always have to be added to before it will be available to a check in the template?
18:46 oleonard Oh never mind, I didn't do it right.
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21:41 oleonard Can you loop through all libraries in a T:T notice?
21:50 caroline is that a crying notice?
21:50 oleonard It might make me cry! But I mean a Template:Toolkit notice.
21:51 caroline what are you trying to achieve?
21:51 oleonard I'd like to have a notice that lists each library and their phone number (rather than, for instance, just the name and phone number of the patron's library)
21:53 caroline ooh... I don't know if all libraries are available when working with notices
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23:08 dcook @later tell oleonard I'm not 100% sure but the notices should be able to use the Template::Toolkit plugins and it looks like the Branches has an "all" method
23:09 dcook huginn still MIA..
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