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04:02 tuxayo In Bugzilla I just got the following two quotes in a row:
04:02 tuxayo > cait: hm it works now and I have no idea why :)
04:03 tuxayo > There is no innovation without failure.
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06:32 magnuse \o/
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06:33 reiveune hello
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06:56 alex_a Bonjour
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08:39 nsk1 hi
08:39 Joubu mtj: Are you around?
08:40 nsk1 i have installed the software...when i access the staff client, i get all the pages as cgi-bin/koha/ i have the library name or some other name instead of koha in the pathname?
08:45 cait1 the library name is usually in the first part
08:45 cait1 domain/subdoman
08:45 cait1 you can run multiple Koha instaces within one installation, so koha makes sense there I think
08:45 nsk1 i see
08:46 nsk1 i do understand that it makes sense but members of the library are very inquisitive and they would want to know what koha refers to
08:52 Joubu @later tell rangi I created a koha-dashboard PR yesterday. Can you merge it please? Thanks! :)
08:52 huginn Joubu: The operation succeeded.
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09:41 mtj hi Joubu, about now..
09:46 mtj aah, i see your email :)
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09:48 mtj ..i'll make a patch to add libcpan-meta-perl to deb/, thanks!
09:50 Joubu Thanks mtj, let me know when the package are updated and I will retest
09:53 mtj nsk1: i think changing 'koha' the the urls may be difficult. it has been mentioned before, but i think no functionality currently exists
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09:56 mtj Joubu: ta, will do now
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09:59 nsk1 oh ok...thanks mtj
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10:15 Joubu Thanks rangi, it's fixed!
10:21 oleonard Hi #koha
10:41 oleonard Joubu: Do you find that breaks with strict_sql_modes turned on?
10:42 Joubu yes
10:42 Joubu bug 22431
10:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22431 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Incorrect group by in circ/
10:42 Joubu btw there is a try from aleisha on bug 24488
10:42 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=24488 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, ASSIGNED , Holds to Pull sometimes shows the wrong 'first patron' details
10:45 oleonard Are strict mode bugs considered low priority?
10:45 oleonard I assume strict mode isn't standard in live installations?
10:46 Joubu oleonard: sql strict mode is only set for devs and jenkins. Packages have them off.
10:46 Joubu It's not a low priority, it's quite high for me actually. But we cover a lot of area already
10:46 Joubu this query is just crazy...
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10:55 mtj hiya Joubu, pkg is built
10:56 Joubu thanks
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11:31 magnuse mtj++
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11:46 tcohen morning
11:48 magnuse hiya tcohen
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11:49 magnuse hiya andreashm
11:49 andreashm hej magnuse!
11:50 magnuse hey everyone, andreashm thinks there are bugs in koha!
11:50 cait1 tar and feather him!
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11:51 cait1 not really :)
11:52 andreashm haha
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12:00 * oleonard wonders what he missed
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12:03 magnuse oleonard: everything ;-)
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12:09 oleonard I'm also missing something here:
12:09 oleonard I followed these directions but still get an error, Can't locate Koha/Illbackends/FreeForm/ in @INC
12:10 magnuse oleonard: did you add the backend path to koha-conf.xml?
12:11 magnuse <interlibrary_loans><backend_directory>
12:11 oleonard koha-conf just points to Illbackends, correct? Not a particular backend?
12:12 oleonard The path is correct if so
12:13 Joubu restarted memcached?
12:13 Joubu just in case ;)
12:13 oleonard Yes
12:14 Joubu the path should be in PERL5LIB I guess
12:15 Joubu oleonard: IIRC when I tested it I put Illbackends in my Koha directory (the one from my git repo), and added it to git ignore list
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12:16 liliputech_asu hi #koha :)
12:16 liliputech_asu (long time no see)
12:17 magnuse oleonard: the template is <backend_directory>__PERL_MODULE_DIR__​/Koha/Illbackends</backend_directory>, so just to that dir, and everything below is seen as a backend
12:18 magnuse hiya liliputech_asu
12:18 liliputech_asu Hi magnuse :)
12:19 oleonard I know I've gotten this working before...
12:21 liliputech_asu I've got a zebra issue... I'm trying to sort authorities on alpha order based on several fields. any clues?
12:22 liliputech_asu (like, authorities are only sorted based on 200$a values, but many other fields are actually displayed, partners saying sorting don't work, meh...)
12:23 magnuse ooh nice, bug 4461 - 10 years in the making :-)
12:23 huginn Bug[…]w_bug.cgi?id=4461 new feature, P5 - low, ---, aleisha, Pushed to master , Add a context-sensitive report a problem process
12:24 magnuse oleonard: restart plack?
12:24 liliputech_asu magnuse: 10 years, pretty good for a whiskey, reminds me dublin =)
12:24 magnuse hehe
12:25 oleonard Okay, the error shown on is gone, but the page reports a configuration problem. Going to gives me a brand new error: Template process failed: undef error - Validation failed for type named Hour declared in package DateTime::Types
12:29 oleonard Joubu: putting Illbackends in my git repo's Koha directory got rid of the error I was seeing initially, by the way
12:29 oleonard ...don't know if it's actually fixed...
12:30 magnuse huh, trying to add "Okänd" to an authority, it is saved correctly in the iso2709 format, but incorrectly as "Okñd" in the MARCXML?
12:31 oleonard That's weird magnuse I clearly remember you implying earlier that there are no bugs
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12:37 oleonard So, uh... Anyone else get that error from
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12:42 oleonard So, uh... Anyone else like kittens?
12:42 liliputech_asu yeay, I do (who doesn't)
12:43 oleonard Cool liliputech_asu, just checking to make sure someone was out there :)
12:44 liliputech_asu oleonard: starting up my koha-docker to check the you mention
12:45 Joubu mtj: still getting the wrong version number
12:45 Joubu pmvers CPAN::Meta::Prereqs
12:45 Joubu 2.150010
12:45 Joubu for D9
12:46 Joubu oleonard: nope, it's "working" for me
12:46 Joubu oleonard: maybe you have a meaningful stacktrace in the logs?
12:47 kohaputti mtj, or anyone, is koha-nightly where the latest packaging work happens nowadays?
12:47 liliputech_asu oleonard: same same
12:47 pastebot "oleonard" at pasted " error screen" (515 lines) at
12:49 Joubu you have timeformat=12?
12:49 Joubu I recreate with timeformat=12
12:49 mtj hi kohaputti, yes thats the plan
12:50 oleonard Joubu: Yes. And you're right, no error with timeformat=24
12:50 Joubu oleonard: 118     current_date_and_time  => output_pref({ dt => dt_from_string(), dateformat => 'iso' })
12:50 kohaputti mtj, why not use the unstable ones for that?
12:50 kohaputti in "koha"
12:50 Joubu the output_pref should pass the timeformat
12:51 Joubu -    current_date_and_time  => output_pref({ dt => dt_from_string(), dateformat => 'iso' })
12:51 Joubu +    current_date_and_time  => output_pref({ dt => dt_from_string(), dateformat => 'iso', timeformat => '24hr' })
12:51 Joubu oleonard: ^ Could open fix that please? :)
12:52 Joubu and mark it 20.05
12:53 mtj kohaputti: mostly because i dont want to accidentaly break the koha repo, so its safer to me to push dev stuff to another repo
12:53 Joubu mtj: I confirm that the package has not been installed
12:53 mtj but yes, koha/unstable would be the best place for it
12:54 kohaputti ok! I will give the nightly one a spin, thanks for the work.
12:54 Joubu (talkinga about libcpan-meta-perl)
12:54 Joubu kohaputti: do you plan to test it now?
12:54 kohaputti yup
12:55 Joubu D9 is not working, D10 is working great. Could you test Ubuntu?
12:55 Joubu 20.04 and/or 24.04
12:55 Joubu hum... 24.04?
12:55 kohaputti hmm, I have 18.04 installed
12:55 Joubu perfect
12:56 oleonard Joubu: Add that fix to a bug? I can do that
12:56 kohaputti Joubu, I need koha+unstable together with koha-nightly+unstable?
12:57 kohaputti or jsut koha-nightly+unstable
12:57 mtj Joubu, aah hmm, i think i see my mistake... 1 tic
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12:59 mtj kohaputti: you just need the following repo...
12:59 mtj 'deb [trusted=yes] dev main'
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13:08 oleonard Bug 25617
13:08 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25617 major, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, Needs Signoff , Error on about page when TimeFormat preference is set to 12hr
13:10 mtj Joubu: strange... there is no buster++ version of libcpan-meta-perl
13:10 mtj[…]libcpan-meta-perl
13:10 Joubu mtj: that's what I tried to explain in my email, it's shipped by perl-modules-5.28: /usr/share/perl/5.28.1/CPAN/
13:10 mtj i assumed libcpan-meta-perl was included in the perl pkg for buster.. but no
13:11 Joubu like it is for stretch: perl-modules-5.24: /usr/share/perl/5.24.1/CPAN/
13:11 Joubu the the one for stretch has the old version
13:11 Joubu but*
13:12 Joubu root@koha-debian9:/# pmvers CPAN::Meta
13:12 Joubu 2.150005
13:12 Joubu root@koha-debian9:/# sudo apt install libcpan-meta-perl
13:12 Joubu root@koha-debian9:/# pmvers CPAN::Meta
13:12 Joubu 2.150010
13:12 Joubu ^ on stretch
13:13 Joubu on buster:
13:13 Joubu root@koha-debian10:/# pmvers CPAN::Meta
13:13 Joubu 2.150010
13:13 Joubu root@koha-debian10:/# dpkg -l|grep libcpan-meta-perl
13:13 Joubu root@koha-debian10:/# apt install libcpan-meta-perl
13:13 Joubu Reading package lists... Done
13:13 Joubu Building dependency tree
13:13 Joubu Reading state information... Done
13:13 Joubu Note, selecting 'perl' instead of 'libcpan-meta-perl'
13:13 Joubu perl is already the newest version (5.28.1-6).
13:13 Joubu perl set to manually installed.
13:13 Joubu sorry for the flood
13:14 mtj both deb9 and deb10 have the same libcpan-meta-perl-2.150010 version
13:15 mtj, there should be no problem for deb9
13:15 Joubu mtj: if you install libcpan-meta-perl
13:15 Joubu but it's not
13:15 Joubu if you don't install it, you get the one from perl-modules-5.24, which is 2.150005
13:15 kohaputti Can't open perl script "/usr/share/koha/lib/misc/": No such file or I get this one, but I'm not totally sure if this is just my misconfiguration
13:16 Joubu it is in /usr/share/koha/bin/
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13:17 kohaputti I was just wondering if this is something that changed and would prevent upgrading the package
13:17 kohaputti (or if it was my mistake all along with the old installation I'm upgrading now as well)
13:17 Joubu kohaputti: can you open a bug report and link it with 13937?
13:18 kohaputti well if this is a bug, I don't know yet
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13:18 Joubu it is a bug, yes
13:19 Joubu kohaputti: I am on a fresh new D9 install and I get it
13:20 kohaputti ok, I will file, found also on DB upgrade issue
13:20 kohaputti DBD::mysql::db do failed: Table 'aqinvoices' already exists [for Statement "
13:20 kohaputti CREATE TABLE aqinvoices (
13:20 kohaputti ...
13:20 kohaputti is that known already too?
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13:20 kohaputti I used the same DB kohastructure.sql as in the nightly package and then reconfigured the debian package
13:21 kohaputti it should be probs CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS
13:21 Joubu from
13:21 pastebot "mtj" at pasted "ii libcpan-meta-perl 2.150010-1" (15 lines) at
13:22 kohaputti hmm... Let me see, I had something to do with that
13:22 kohaputti (3.09 version)
13:22 mtj Joubu: libcpan-meta-perl on deb9 seems to be ok? ^
13:22 Joubu please read carefully what I said before
13:23 Joubu I never said the version from the package libcpan-meta-perl was not correct
13:23 kohaputti ok, so I guess the problem is I cannot reconfigure debian package for empty databases, but that has been probably issue for a long time
13:23 Joubu I am saying that the perl module CPAN::Meta embed with perl-modules-5.24 is not correct
13:24 Joubu mtj: libcpan-meta-perl is NOT installed when I installed koha-common
13:26 Joubu kohaputti: I have a patch for koha-z3950-responder, let me know when you have opened the bug report
13:29 kohaputti Joubu, https://bugs.koha-community.or[…]_bug.cgi?id=25618
13:29 huginn Bug 25618: normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Upgrading Koha to packages made of latest master version breaks Z3950
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13:33 kohaputti I don't know if koha-create fails just for my setup or is a bug:
13:33 Joubu I usually pass --create-db
13:34 Joubu I do see the warnings, not the error
13:34 kohaputti ah
13:34 kohaputti yeah, doing that helps :D
13:35 Joubu you could let a comment on bug 10205
13:35 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=10205 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , koha-create error handling
13:37 kohaputti In installer I get Mojolicious::Plugin::OpenAPI Required
13:37 kohaputti so that dependency is not automatically fetched?
13:37 Joubu this one should
13:38 Joubu at least it does on D9 and D10
13:38 kohaputti libmojolicious-plugin-open​api-perl/unstable,unstable 2.12-1 all [upgradable from: 1.15-1~kohadev1]
13:38 kohaputti I have it like that when I do apt search openapi
13:39 kohaputti so some reason it was not upgraded
13:39 Joubu you should have upgrade before the koha-common install
13:39 Joubu try to upgrade everything with apt upgrade
13:40 kohaputti libmojolicious-plugin-openapi-perl : Depends: libyaml-libyaml-perl (>= 0.75) but 0.69+repack-1 is to be installed
13:40 kohaputti that's why it didn't upgrade
13:41 kohaputti and then
13:41 kohaputti libyaml-libyaml-perl : Depends: perlapi-5.24.1 but it is not installable
13:41 kohaputti I think you just discussed that, right?
13:41 * kohaputti reads the backlog
13:42 kohaputti ah no, that was perl-modules
13:43 Joubu kidclamp: did not you notice bug 25617 before? hit about page on an install with timeformat=12hr
13:43 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=25617 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Error on about page when TimeFormat preference is set to 12hr
13:43 kohaputti so that perlapi-5.24.1 is not in ubuntu
13:44 kohaputti in debian 9 it is
13:44 mtj Joubu: hmm, i confirm  libcpan-meta-perl on deb9 too :(
13:44 mtj i'll try to force a version in the control file
13:44 mtj libcpan-meta-perl (>= 2.150010-1),
13:45 Joubu yes that should do it
13:45 Joubu mtj: seen what kohaputti reported just before? perlapi-5.24.1 not installable in U18
13:45 wahanui I haven't seen 'what', Joubu
13:46 kohaputti In ubuntu 18.04 it is probably just perl-base?
13:46 kohaputti since that is how it is debian 9 too, just a link to perl-base
13:47 kohaputti oh, I found this
13:47 kohaputti slightly different version though
13:51 Joubu liliputech_asu: can you try again the about page with timeformat=12hr?
13:51 Joubu it now passes for me...??
13:52 kidclamp Joubu: I don't get that error
13:52 Joubu I don't longer get it, but I got it few minutes ago
13:52 Joubu (I swear)
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13:59 mtj Joubu: kohaputti.. i havent have a chance to test ubuntu versions since i updated the openapi/mojo8 packages on nightly
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14:04 kohaputti Joubu, hmm, the patch you pushed for z3950 doesn't work with dev install, does it? It is missing the misc part of the path, right?
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14:09 Joubu kohaputti: I only tried on the pkg install
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14:10 Joubu kohaputti: yes you are right, +        MISCDIR=$KOHA_HOME
14:10 Joubu must be +        MISCDIR=$KOHA_HOME/misc
14:10 Joubu I am attaching a patch
14:10 kohaputti great! :)
14:11 Joubu done
14:17 kohaputti I will continue testing later when the ubuntu dependency for perlapi-5.24.1 is resolved
14:34 mtj hi Joubu: libcpan-meta-perl is now fixed in the new pkg
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14:56 Joubu mtj: do you need the patch from 17084 to be pushed?
14:57 Joubu I mean, do you need it to confirm your package build process?
14:57 Joubu If not I will let it go through to SO/QA step, otherwise I can push it
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15:00 mtj ive built the packages with the patches applied already
15:01 mtj but, yes.. pushing sooner would be better
15:02 mtj teh patches are the important ones
15:07 reiveune bye
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15:31 tcohen Joubu mtj building focal KTD failed on the last build
15:32 tcohen[…]pelines/150528395
15:32 tcohen this build was triggered by the libsub-override-perl removal
15:32 tcohen but I think it is a sign the packages don't install in Ubuntu 20.04
15:45 mtj tcohen: i have discovered that the updated packages for mojo8/openapi2 cause problems with some ubuntu versions :/
15:45 mtj they work great for debian... not so great for ubuntu
15:49 mtj ...its basically the same problem before, just a different OS version
15:49 mtj https://lists.koha-community.o[…]March/045587.html
15:52 mtj koha depends on 2 problematic packages that are always fixed to a specific perl version
15:53 mtj[…]yaml-libyaml-perl
15:53 mtj[…]ts/libcryptx-perl
15:56 mtj Julian does suggest a repo redesign that would provide a fix...
15:56 mtj https://lists.koha-community.o[…]March/045588.html
15:56 mtj like ...'deb stretch/19.11'
15:59 mtj so... i guess thats good news, after some bad news
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16:01 mtj ..if we moved to Julian's repo design - we could continue to support jessie, too :)
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16:07 mtj i think we would only need to use the new repo style for newer releases, as all the current releases work ok as they are
16:25 cait mtj++
16:25 cait Packaing is not something I understand very well, but I appreciate the work you and others do on it a lot
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16:35 lukeG1 tuxayo++
16:35 lukeG1 Thanks for testing!
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16:42 tuxayo YW lukeG1 ^^
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18:00 tuxayo lukeG1: about bug 22672, is the following and issue?
18:00 huginn Bug[…]_bug.cgi?id=22672 major, P1 - high, ---, lucas, Needs Signoff , Replace <i> tags with <em> AND <b> tags with <strong> in the OPAC
18:00 tuxayo <h3 id="suspendModal[% HOLD.reserve_id | html %]Label">Resume your hold on <em>[% HOLD.biblio.title | html %]</em></h3>
18:19 magnuse <em> is ok, i think?
18:38 tuxayo Misread the thing. It's <i> => <em> and <b> => <strong>
18:38 tuxayo Not <i> and <em> => <b> and <strong>
18:38 tuxayo Thanks magnuse!
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19:01 lukeG1 tuxayo: <em> has more semantic meaning than <i>, visually they are the same but screen readers treat them differently. I think most cases we should use <em>
19:02 tuxayo lukeG1: it was a false positive on my side. I misunderstood what needed to be replaced by what. So, no issue with <em>
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23:23 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.05_U18 build #225: SUCCESS in 31 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]ha_19.05_U18/225/
23:35 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.05_D9 build #220: STILL UNSTABLE in 45 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_19.05_D9/220/
23:48 koha-jenkins Project Koha_19.05_D8 build #226: UNSTABLE in 24 min: https://jenkins.koha-community[…]oha_19.05_D8/226/

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